Thursday, January 31, 2008

up up & away~

cathay ups ticket prices. how nice. not that i watch movies often, but i don't exactly fancy wasting 10+ bucks for a movie when i can watch it for free online, in the comfort of my own home. more free online movies = less people going to the cinemas, and they still want to raise their already-high prices. nice move! boycott cinemas!! xD

and considering i'm taking cabs more frequently now, it's pissing me off that when oil prices go up by a little bit, the garment is so eager to double cab fares. yet when oil prices drop a fair bit, garment DOES NOT DO ANYTHING!

oh wait. they DID do something. they increased gas and electricity prices too! hawker centres and restaurants will probably up their prices soon, and if you're planning to cook at home, well, the same applies. =] when living expenses go up and salary goes down, let's all just move to india then.

okay i'm kidding. but seriously, having no income currently makes me super touchy on sensitive money issues. o heavens, let it rain moneh please!!

off-topic : why is the puppet called a puppet when it looks more like a scarecrow?

p/s. i just realized my blog looks horribly off in internet explorer. so please please please use firefox to view it. firefox ftw!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

triumph in the skies

nothing to do these few days, so i started watching triumph in the skies again. besides reminding me about SIA, it also brought up memories of the triangel. from the stories behind the triangel, to wanting one of my own, to how yean helped me find it. as much as i want to believe in it, reality proves otherwise. or perhaps what i thought happened didn't happen at all. maybe what they said was true, that it will bring you and your true love happily together. i don't know. i hope mine works this way. lol. xD

king of wands indicates i should take charge to overthrow old ideas with my own new, bold ones. what does it mean? should i take up the english/psychology degree? it is in fact a far cry from the tourism route i'm 'supposed' to take. or maybe i should take up zoology instead. is this idea new and bold enough? *sighx*

Thursday, January 24, 2008

movie + shopping = happy mee

LE GRAND CHEF. nice! watched it last night. at first i thought it was just one of those boring korean flicks, but it was pretty interesting and very touching. the movie is about 2 chefs competing for an old mouldy knife used by the royal chef dunno how many donkey years ago. it would represent that he is the true descendant of the royal chef. one uses unscrupulous methods to win; the other uses his heart. needless to say, the humane one wins.

it's touching because in the end, sung-chan (the good one), sacrifices his cow, which he kept since young, for the competition. his winning dish in the finals was also the last thing his grandfather taught him before he passed away. it makes you feel like tearing when you see sung-chan cry, cos he's able to do it so...nicely. lols. not to mention he's pretty good-looking as well. XD go watch it! hahas.

went shopping yesterday too. bought a pair of boots! yippee! i've waited for sooo long and now they finally come in my size! -_-''' they're on sale too. only 70 bucks for knee-high boots! worth it bo? although i know i won't be wearing it so often, but i really like boots. so, oh wells. hehe. went chinatown also. lucky i had the big boots box to 'open a path' for me, otherwise i'd prolly be squished. zzZz. got another top, on sale too! niceee.

another day of shrimp-shopping and clothes-hunting tml. =]

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

work or study??

despite trying to explain to my family how work experience is better than studying, i'm kinda tempted to apply for uni. tsk. SIM? NTU? business? english lit? geez.

the english & psychology course at SIM looks pretty interesting. but there aren't many editorial jobs around. NTU's tourism course is useful, but i'll most probably be taking it up just to escape working life for another few years. haish.

suddenly i'm not looking forward to working. but yet i know i have to get a job asap. haiz. heeelllppp!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

goodbye 2007

before i begin ranting about the past year, i would just like to say: i do not appreciate being woken up at 4am to listen to a bunch of crap. okay, maybe not all is crap, but 80% of it was just bullsh*t. =.=

okay, last post of 2007. i don’t know if this year should be eventful or not. though i’ve spent quite some time this year slacking/rotting at home, i guess many things did happen. end of poly life, new beginning, new job(s), new relationship, new and old acquaintances, new problems…sighx. i wonder if it’s right to say that my downs outweigh my ups.

but i guess i should be thankful for the ups.

  • end of poly life : no more rushing projects, no more pia-ing exams, no more sucky classmates, no more sucky lecturers and tutors, no more……fun.
  • meeting old friends : seeing shuhui, logas, bonson & yong he after so many years. nice!
  • new job(s) : working at hsbc wasn’t as good as i expected, but pay was good. new job at ecsf, pay sucks, but i can expect lots of new stuff to learn. either one, i think it helped me grow up. =]
  • treasured friendships : although end of poly life meant that we couldn’t meet everyday, it also meant that we would treasure our meetings more. special thanks to cher & zhu. yet another year gone; thanks for sticking by me all these years. muacks!

lol can’t think of anymore. tsk. pretty tempted to list my downs too, but nahs, better not ruin any moods. hehex. so i’ll list my new year resolutions instead.

  • lose weight (beri important!)
  • break free from being over-protected
  • don’t make any mistakes at work
  • meet up more often with friends
  • & most importantly, grow up

there are more, but i don’t suppose anyone would be interested to read everything. lol. let’s just hope 2008 will be more smooth-sailing for everyone!

not-so-heavy things now. watched underdog just now, and stardust yesterday. charlie cox looks hot and i find claire danes super chio. lols. yeah yeah, shoeshine rocks too. xD pretty tempted to just stay home and rot the last few hours of 2007, but it seems that i have a (company) dinner to go to. sads.

oh wells. HAPPY 2008 EVERYONE~!!

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