Saturday, September 27, 2008

costa sand

super shag, but satisfied. *wink*

lol. RT had an official half-day today. all the office staff miraculously appeared at the office in the morning, double-checking the stuff and making sure we had everything. around 1plus, we set off for the chalet at pasir ris.

couldn't check-in yet, so we hung around and made fun of the poor lifeguard sitting there in the sun staring at the empty pool. (thanks guys for helping me 'check out' every lifeguard on duty.) almost an hour later, the rooms were finally ready.

after settling in and packing away the foods and stuff, it was 4 plus already. the guys started the fire, and it was the first time i'm seeing a big boss getting his hands dirty with charcoal. cool~

we had bbq meat, seafood, fingerfood etc; over 20 types of food available. (i sound like promotion for some buffet restaurant. lol.) din eat much at first, cos dowan to go near the fire ma. :P nearer the end, they started to bbq all the food regardless of whether anyone wanted them or not. that was when i started my dinner. tsk.

especially love those honey wings, bacon, and curry hotdogs. red wine was nice too, even though one bottle wasn't exactly enough to share among the 4 or 5 drinkers there.

enjoyed myself. had fun laughing and joking with everyone. i think it's kinda hard to find colleagues who suan each other, poke fun at each other, and make crude jokes together etc. it's so much easier to blend in when they treat you like family instead of some newcomer/stranger. for some strange reason, i'm glad i let anton talk me into coming for this interview.

we celebrated helen's birthday too. besides the chanel present we gave her, there was also a huge bouquet of flowers. helen loved it so much, she carried it around asking people to carry it so she can take photo. lolx. (p/s. for bouquets that size, it's considered pretty cheap. guys can contact me for that florist.)

another long day tml. *yawns* nitex.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


*falls in love with him his song*

Sunday, September 21, 2008


终于到家了。back. from genting. again.

every time like this, i ask myself why i bother to take a day off, spend a few hours that night trying to sleep on a bumpy and noisy bus ride, reach there half-dead and half-frozen, only to donate $ at the casino, sleep a couple of hours, and get back on the bumpy bus ride to SG the next day.

this time, i donated a whole RM200. may not be a lot as compared to my mum's, but i wished i had enough sense to spend it at the arcade. or on shopping, speaking of which, i spent another RM100 on. >_<

main purpose of going genting was to wear my high-heeled boots. (i hate those stares i get when i wear them in SG.) guess what? having not worn a single pair of high heels for 2 months, I ACTUALLY GOT BLISTERS! from those heels. haish.

besides wearing boots, i had another purpose of leaving SG for the weekend.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

RT is hiring!

anyone interested to work as a project co-ordinator alongside me? :P

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

random #854028

while running for the traffic light, i had this sudden urge to run home. so i did. it may be a mere few hundreds metres, but it sure felt good. thankfully that path is dark, or people would be freaked out by this mad woman running. lol.

i'm weird.

i can scrimp and save every cent from lunch and dinner, and yet blast a whole 50 buck in an instant. on a single ring. nice. the power of retail therapy. lalala~

it's monday. again. for the first time, i didn't have any monday blues. i'm starting to like meetings. and i'm also starting to find accounts interesting. hmm. is it good when your bosses pay alot of attention to you? on one hand, it means they think you can work. on the other hand, everybody will start talking when you make a mistake. hope that day don't come for me. =x

i think meaning is finally slowly creeping into my life. after i sort things out this weekend, i hope it's gonna be better.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

platonic sex

don't worry, it's not porn, though it is m18 and somewhat related to the porn industry.

This is based on the story of Ai Iijima. Ready to take her own life by jumping off the school roof, young Aoi Kadokura (Saki Kagami) receives an e-mail message on her cell phone. It was meant for someone else but the sentiment expressed gives Aoi enough solace that she steps down the ledge. Having been gang-raped by some "friends" on her 17th birthday, the girl finds that her parents are totally unsympathetic and concerned only about what the neighbors think. Aoi leaves home and tries to get by on the streets.

She finds more success as a club girl and is soon earning very handsome tips from middle-aged patrons. That does not come close to covering over 3 million yen in debts she has accumulated via designer brand shopping sprees, so Aoi reluctantly accepts the advice of her sleazy "manager" (Taishu Kase) and enters the adult video business on her 18th birthday.

All the while, she stays in e-mail contact with Toshi (Joe Odagiri), the young bartender/club DJ who mistakenly sent her that message a year earlier. When the two finally hook up, the loneliness they have felt is finally alleviated. Toshi is extremely conscious of what others think, so Aoi borrows money from a "professional benefactor" (Tokyo Raiders' Hiroshi Abe) in order to break her five picture AV contract. However, this quick fix ultimately does little to ease the troubles ahead.

the ending: toshi dies trying to save a young kid crossing the road. only before that, he realizes he still loves aoi, and sends a final email to her.

sad ending.

"what is precious to you? you'll know what is precious when you've lost it."

treasure what you have. don't wait till it's too late...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

freaky horoscope

"your mind is on business today and that could mean that you have to deal with work issues even after office hours. that is okay. your dedication should be greatly rewarded soon."

uh huh. first part true. cross fingers for the next.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


3 hours and $35 cabfare later, i finally settled that damn m1 bill.

honestly at first, i felt a little bad about scolding that gal who served me. i have to admit, it's not exactly her fault. it's just the fucked up m1 system. but then when i asked her why the address was not changed despite repeated clarifications from me, she said, "i'm not the one who called you. it's done by another department, so i don't know anything." i felt guilt-free. i wish i could do the same like m1.

"i'm not the one who used the broadband. it's done by another person, so i don't know anything."

it was so thoroughly shiok to tell her, "i've already terminated the line. after i pay this bill, i won't have anything to do with m1 anymore." i love that expression on her face. XD

i know i'm evil.

anyway, i'm okay now. no more pissed. thanks for all the concern. even though i ignored everyone on msn. =X extra big thanks to cher cos i think i kinda took it out on her last night. *muacks*

in fact, i'm kinda happy today. because both directors want to give me an early confirmation. after only 5 weeks! yay! no more unpaid leaves. more importantly, salary increase!! ^^ v

at last, i'm feeling appreciated.

Monday, September 8, 2008

fuck m1

very very pissed. pardon my use of language. need to vent.

m1 sucks.

they have lots of outlets where you can sign up, but yet only ONE f**king place to terminate. am already upset about going all the way to imm just to cancel the bloody line. fine.

one month, two months, no bill. then they realize address was wrong. okay maybe it's my fault for not remembering to change back the address, though should it be my responsibility or his? fine.

during sign up and termination, they took my IC to zap. yet when they called, i have to fax another copy of my IC over? cannot verbally tell them over the phone, must fax! -.- what they do with my previous 2 copies? if they're not gonna use them, don't photocopy lah! zzz. fine.

one month later, still no bill! call to ask, say will check back. where the bloody hell is that f**king bill? ran out of paper?

just today, received a letter from their credit company. credit company leh!!

the dumb letter stated "FINAL NOTICE", and so now i'm being threatened with legal action if i don't pay up within 3 f**king days. guess what? the letter was dated 5 sept, and today is 7 sept, which brings 3 days to 8 sept. which is, tomorrow!! i can't take leave or time off to pay the bloody bill. i can't guarantee the cash will reach them in time even if i mail it out tml. nobody's free to go down for me. and i have to keep all this under wraps. VERY NICE!

fuck m1. fuck credit innovate. and you. i hate to say this but, thanks for just yet another problem you've created for me.

lesson learnt: do not let any f**king tom dick harry use your name to sign up for any f**king plan. (yes i'm f**king dumb.) and if you do, make sure that f**king company can read f**king english!


Saturday, September 6, 2008

nihon mura

dinner last night at nihon mura. finally satisfied my sushi craving. ^^ had to wait over half an hour for a seat though. ordered a lot of food which i've never tried there before, like the white fish, sotong and mocha almond cake. yummy! tried hot sake too. it was horrible. the taste of fermentation was so strong. >.<'''

i think i'm getting old. i can no longer stay out past midnight without feeling energy-less. i hate work.

was telling dad yesterday morning that days like mother's day, father's day, valentine's day etc should all be made into public holidays. that way, more people will remember them. promote family/spouse bonding mah! =P

p/s. i think tml's grandparents' day. lol.

love love this song!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

black pepper 铁蛋

thanks for the 铁蛋~!

anyone know where i can find this in singapore? so troublesome to have to fly to taiwan for it. -.-

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