Saturday, May 28, 2011

today is a happy day!

as the title says. i'm halfway there, so i'm half happy now. lols. want to know what it's all about? i'll reveal it once it's officially confirmed. =)

on a lighter note, we had pizza hut yesterday! SSD tried the parchment seafood spaghetti but personally i felt it was weird. and so was my ice lemon tea. -_- i had the prawn aglio olio, and it was just pasta with 3 prawns. dumped heaps of cheese on it and surprisingly it tasted pretty good. despite being a tad too dry. i think i actually like it! lols.

what's up with all the spaghetti recently? hmmm...


Monday, May 23, 2011

the tarots guide. they are not our masters.

i guess i haven't been reading the tarots for too long. just did 3 readings for myself, none making enough sense. :(

king of pentacles

kings in a spread can indicate motivation, a beginning or start of something. king of pentacles indicate the drawing up of plans for a new business, new thoughts on how to make money or craft something.

while it's accurate in describing my latest decision, it doesn't seem to answer my question on the outcome.


justice insists that the querent make adjustments, doing whatever is necessary to bring things back into balance. the outcome of all these may not be exactly what the querant wants, but it will be a fair outcome. the message is to do what's necessary, no matter how hard, how disagreeable, in order to gain or regain equilibrium.

does it answer my question? adjustments can be interpreted as good, but what about the 'may not be what the querant wants'?

ten of pentacles

the pinnacle of prosperity, material goods that last instead of being temporary. the querent may find themselves the lucky recipients of something that can be relied on for a good, long while, or something to be passed on to the children, a family inheritance, or just a special, valuable item to pass on.

can knowledge be considered? if so, this is probably the closest answer i got to my question.

i guess i'm so desperate for good news that it's messing up my interpretation skills. bah! never wanted something so much before! i don't know what i'll do if i don't get it. sobs. :(


Saturday, May 21, 2011


have i ever mentioned that receiving samples in my mailbox make me happy? oh the joy and excitement of unwrapping and getting to try out new products! lols alright i'm lame. samplestore (where i usually get my samples) is getting a little slow on restocking lately, so other alternatives i find!

one of it is viccal. these 3 small bottles came in a huge envelope padded with bubblewrap. impressive~ (you can get your samples at the website too!)

have read good reviews (not advertorials!) and i certainly can't wait to try them out.

but only after i finish my laneige water sleeping pack ex sample. it's by far my favorite sleeping mask and i actually might get the retail. not only has it got 'aromatherapy' to relieve stress, it's also easily absorbed and my makeup glides on easier in the morning. i likes.

am expecting 2 more batches of samples anytime soon. how exciting! :D

... ...

19/05: justacia with SSD. the ebi spaghetti is nice!

20/05: manhattan's, with SSD again. they were having this promotion at $16 for spaghetti + soup + mocktail. we both got the same type of spaghetti, just that his is tomato-based and mine cream-based. SSD's calamansi mocktail tasted better but mine sounded cuter. GUMMY BEAR! :D

... ...

up to the last 3 episodes of 洪武三十二.

in case you didn't know, it sparked rage due to it's 'inappropriate content'. while it did made me think twice about watching it, i'm glad i did.

while rape scenes aren't exactly the best to show to young kids, you mustn't deny the fact that it's pretty much common in almost every drama nowadays. and i don't understand why people view it as S&M, when all i see is a scared young girl timidly waving the whip towards a man who has to pretend to enjoy it while faking insanity for a much bigger cause. the bath scene may seem a little gay, but after watching the master-slave relationship between them throughout the whole series, it becomes straight and normal. =\

i wish people could go deeper and understand the meaning/story rather than focusing on unimportant details. it's really a nice 30-episode show! grrr...


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2/3 of men say i love you first

according to this study by the journal of personality and social psychology, two thirds of men said i love you to their female partners first, often a full 6 weeks before her reciprocal.

but beware his intentions, as dr. laura berman mentions,

“…[the man] offers intimacy because he wants sex, and she offers sex because she wants intimacy… Men often require sex to feel intimate with their partner, while women require just the opposite.”

how true is it? =|


Monday, May 16, 2011

help, i'm turning fat!!

10/05: dinner with 亲爱的 at AMK hub MOF while shopping for LP's present. haven't eaten tomato pasta for a long time already and i must admit my salmon avocado tasted great! her tuna salad and sandwich was pretty normal. the bread had a faint hint of coffee. ice macha was below expectations.

11/05: 1-for-1 pasta at nex swensens with SSD. my crayfish pasta was not too bad, but SSD's black pepper seafood pasta was kinda weird. he likes it though. got another mushroom pizza to share. full of yummy cheese and pasta!

12/05: restaurant introduced by SSD. my fish-and-chips were pretty normal, so is SSD's seafood pasta. and the fries. lol. but i love the mushroom soup! reminds me of manhattan's. ^^

14/05: SSD gave us a treat at seafood international. we got the set for 6 pax but it wasn't even enough for 5 of us! so we got an additional seafood fried rice. there were weird dishes like the flaming prawns, which the 'cook' cooked it in front of us. and the salt-baked fish. with the eggplant and super spicy sauces. weird but tasty! but i love the scallops most! yums! :D

hope my allergy reaction doesn't come back. *cross fingers* with so much good food, HOW NOT TO GET FAT YOU TELL ME!?!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?


nice song. even though i'm not a fan of 刘德华.

... ...

the hot weather plus headache plus cramp left me in a horribly moody mood the whole day. headed out for dinner without a proper destination: planning fail. we ended up at this seafood restaurant in the middle of nowhere.

number 1 fail - parking space was small and cramped, so we just parked at the side. number 2 fail - horrible service attitude. i do not appreciate being shouted at. nor sitting under the sun. number 3 fail - they only have dinner sets today. when we asked if we could order something else... "不可以! 我刚才都说了,只有套餐!" polite much?

number 4 fail - pickled veggies, chilli, ice box..all left in the open with flies buzzing around them. for the first time, i felt disgusted enough to actually clean the plates and bowls etc before using. we left the pickled veggies untouched because we saw something flying out of it. only to realize that small dish costs $2. -_- number 5 fail - the food.

fried onions or fried sotong? you decide. my mum commented to the waitress about the lack of sotong, and she replied with a "hrm." how polite.

we ordered the set meal for 4-6 pax. does this plate of veggies look like it was enough for 6 people?

this was probably the most edible dish - lobster porridge. oh i certainly enjoyed the as-big-as-prawns lobsters and watery porridge. so nice! *sarcasm* but i shall be fair and say that the 'soup' wasn't too bad.

this is classic. fried chicken bones. oh look, they left some meat for us. how thoughtful of them!

there was another steamed fish dish that i forgot to take a photo of. so it's up to you to believe. it was barely warm, and i think the poor fish was on a strict diet. even skinnier than SSD. -_-

and last dish, hello tomato-sauce crab! bland, not spicy, no chilli-crab taste at all. have never tasted crab this horribly un-fresh. need i say more?

number 6 fail - the price. the crab was additional order, and apparently they forgot to count it in. SERVE THEM RIGHT! but it also meant that the rest of the 5 dishes cost $168. add the drinks and gst/service charge (for such poor service?), it was $195.

do you think it was worth? if you think it is, read this: lunch for 6.5 pax yesterday at the jap restaurant, with all the fresh sashimi and stuff, costs $160.

MAD R-I-P O-F-F!! do yourself a favor and avoid this place.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

chris hemsworth! *drools*

never really paid attention to thor when it came out. but people started commenting about the lead actor, which got me interested. did a brief read up, and it was on norse mythology, which got me even more interested. so we watched it.

even though it was a 2-hour movie with a simple straightforward storyline, i still felt the pace was a little too rushed. but it still pretty much packed in the action, comedy, romance, and whatnot. just the kind of movie i like!

and of course, probably the main reason why i think the movie is too short? NOT ENOUGH OF THOR! lols. :D you know, the guy who plays him, chris hemsworth, is actually rather normal-looking, but add the blond hair and everything......oh my! *drools*

next movie: paul.

... ...

finally, the whole GE saga is over. have to admit i don't really care know what the fuss was about, but i certainly don't appreciate noisy lorries blasting incomprehensible rubbish, groups of PAP people distributing flyers at a already jam-packed underpass, PAP/opposition posters on practically every lamp post, GE news taking up SO MUCH space on yahoo news and straits times newspaper...

...and a lot more irritable stuff. yes, this GE shit freaking annoys me! i'm glad it isn't a yearly thing.

let's skip the waste-of-time voting part in the morning. headed to civic centre for lunch. jack's place and restaurant hoshigaoka newly opened!

(1) there were still many seats in the restaurant, but we were left waiting outside for like, 20 minutes? (2) prices are ridiculously high for some dishes. can you believe this plate of 10 sushi costs $17? told them NOT to order but they refused to heed my advice... :(

some other stuff we had...

didn't really eat much since i was meeting SSD for lunch/tea/dinner. nihon mura AS EXPECTED! =)

had yet another shopping 'spree', aka retail therapy. must be the recent spike in stress levels at work. debated for a long time before buying an osim uLuv for my mum. comes in a pretty heart shape. ^^ wished they had it in pink though. *really needs to stop spending so much*

maxi again! i likes. even though it makes me look fat and pregnant. hmmmmmm.

it's the middle of the night and everyone's up watching GE. zzZz. i'm off to bed.


Friday, May 6, 2011

latest craving: pasta?

after the spaghetti dinner at domani last week, i seemed to have pasta craving all the time. and so, when we went out for dinner at swenson's to celebrate PL's birthday, guess what i had?

salmon and mushroom pasta! covered the top with a thick layer of cheese and it was so yums! sauce was nice, mushrooms were aplenty, and i liked the salmon in particular. it looked like the normal cooked salmon but with a salty smoked salmon taste. too bad there were only a few pieces.

chilli crab pasta. according to LP, "i've never eaten such flavorful pasta before!" lols. it's soft shell crab by the way. i no likes.

chicken baked rice. 亲爱的 got no comments. =\

spicy grilled chicken burger. PL's an avid fan of swenson's and must have tried probably all the dishes already. so anything she chooses must be good! lol.

deep fried mushrooms. all time fav!

shared a mango lychee. not too bad.

and PL's firehouse happy birthday ice cream, with macadamia nut, black forest and butterscotch.

spent a good 2 hours there just laughing and bitching and complaining and gossiping. it's times like these that make me unwilling to leave. sad.

i wore my new dress out today. bought it at amk while shopping for PL's present. totally 一见钟情 with it. love the corset-like details at the top. belted it and overall it made me a happy girl today! ^^ i should probably dress up everyday. it makes me happier. hmmmm.

when i came home, guess what arrived?!

my samples from samplestore......

...and my funky charger! :D

previously i mentioned i wanted the pitter patter one but did a last minute switch to this hearts overload. pretty? =) quality looks so-so though and it's still recharging, so i sure hope it works well. *cross fingers*

haven't seen SSD for 5 days. miss him much. boo.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

food is an important part of a balanced diet.

went for japanese buffet dinner again, this time at senki, a little 2-storey shophouse restaurant at somerset.

this one has salmon on the top and some crispy thingy inside. nice!

complimentary salmon head.

cheese chawanmushi. it has a thick top layer of yummy sticky cheese. but the egg itself didn't have much taste.

handrolls. STILL riverview hotel temaki ftw. lol.

peach and mango salad. refreshing.

shiitake mushrooms. no idea how it was cooked. sprinkled the red pepper powder thing on it. absolutely delicious!

salmon skin inside. not too bad too.

and most importantly, sashimi! :D salmon was nice, while the octopus was surprisingly not too chewy. the rest were so-so only.

of course we ordered more than this, but no point posting ALL the photos right? best to make that trip yourself. it adds up to around $38 per pax. =)

... ...

more food again today. dimsum breakfast at 汕头. didn't eat alot but still felt so full. leftover from yesterday? lols.

popped down orchard for some shopping and bought a maxi. happy that i have 1 more set of clothes to wear. but sad that my expenses for april is gonna hit the reds soon. sighh. i realize the clothes now are so expensive! at least to me. and i think it's my problem. cos everyone else thinks its okay. tsk.

after SSD's haircut, we went for dinner at domani. it's this spaghetti cafe which i wanted to try ages ago. i think it was during like, poly days? -_-

SSD ate slipper lobster linguine again. it has more crayfish, but honestly, coffee club's was much better.

my creamy salmon/mushroom linguine. added lots of cheese. must-try!

our mocha frap. pretty much bland.

ambience was rather nice and they added a candlelight, probably because it was dinnertime. but unfortunately, the food isn't fantastic and prices are high for a cafe. breeks/coffee club anytime. tsk. (photos taken today are reason to bring sotongball everywhere i go, no matter how heavy my bag is.)

2 more days till workday. i need more sleep! =(


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