Monday, June 29, 2009

rob? lolz.

i spent my entire weekend reading the twilight series and watching the movie again and again, gushing over edward cullen, or rather, the guy who played him, robert pattinson. he's totally hot, i admit. and the way he portrayed edward. just perfect.

and then i chanced upon a photo of rob pattinson smoking. reality check. he may be that handsome gentleman on screen, but off screen, he's just a man. a normal man. one of the male species whom i no longer had any trust in.

he's not perfect. edward cullen is. and edward cullen isn't human. :)


Saturday, June 27, 2009

tgif? ha-ha-ha.

so, michael jackson is dead. came as some sort of a shock to me i guess, since there's a couple of his songs i really like.

2 and a half hours ago, i was still hopping mad. ever since morning. seems like i'm taking the blame for everything gone wrong. i guess it's cooled down now.

. . .

had a lovely dinner at aquamarine, marina mandarin yesterday. courtesy of H, which i feel rather suspicious about. 无事献殷情嘛. was abit sian-ed cos the bosses would be there, but luckily they gave us a huge table, so me HL and JW could stick together.

the variety of food was rather limited, IMHO. although quality was not bad. felt really guilty for eating 2 slices of ham and a piece of chicken. lol. the herbal fish was nice; the herbs smelt sooooo goood. salad was fresh, and with yummy shredded cheese toppings. mushroom soup was rich, creamy and so....nice! they only had a few types of sushi, but they were all very fresh. i love the cha soba!

and the best of all?

you had to 'order' it over the counter, and they'll slice it right in front of you. fresh and no huge houseflies in between! i had 3 helpings, even though the servings were generous. =\

their desserts came in mini portions. cute! i had this tiramisu/chocolate truffle thingy, and the chocolate was so damn rich! sinful, but bloody nice. serious. add coffee/tea to that and there's a nice fulling buffet dinner.

it costs about $56 per person, so...yeah. =)


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

totally pissed (yet again)

first i was thoroughly scolded by the client because my boss doesn't understand simple english. then my boss scolds me when she herself made the wrong assumption. i'll take the punishments when it IS my fault. but this time...

...what the fuck. -_-


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

i is bored. WAS!

yes. so i played around with my cam last night. it's gonna bore people, but today i just feel like blogging about my tank. :)

full shot.

red tiger lotus growing (too) well.

mini pellia!

dying e.tenellus =(

and my fav, Crinum Calamistratum~

it makes my tank look messy and wild. and i totally love the feel!

too bad about my e.tenellus though. i'll have to take them out and try some other foreground plants. glosso perhaps. *shrugs*

my very pathetic DIY CO2

and here's my latest addition i just got today!






not very nice, right? WRONG~! or so i think.









love that tail! love the colors! :)

it's supposed to be a lavender butterfly HMPK, but it doesn't seem HM to me. oh wells, i hope it just acclimatisation.


totally beat. gonna bathe and watch land of the lost now. tata!


Saturday, June 20, 2009

f*** the piling works

today i CONFIRMED, that when piling works are going on outside, my whole building shakes!! no joke! can i complain to anyone? is this even safe?!

couple of weeks ago, i thought i saw my computer screen shake. this time, i not only saw it shake, i'm seeing it shake violently! i can feel the vibrations even! foooooook!

not very nice to feel that your house's gonna collapse any moment. zzz.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

i give up.

is my temper really that bad? or do people simply like pissing me off?

JQ: you need to submit the test report before i can approve.
me: what test report is that?
JQ: *sarcastic* huh?! you don't know ah? you need to submit a test report leh.
me: dunno. i thought we already agreed on a waiver. so donid any test reports.
JQ: oh. *silence*


that, and a whole truckload of shit she's trying to push to us, aka me, to do. and with her whole high-and-mighty attitude. i damn wish RT belonged to me. i'll gladly give her the finger and tell her to fuck off.

(okay i think my temper IS bad, but still!)

external parties not enough, internal people also must come gek me. my mood was already pissed to the max, that bloody su still had the cheek to come chase me for workers' OT. which is, supposedly, her bloody job.

which resulted in my face becoming probably blacker than 包公. so i dumped everything and left. (at bloody 6.45pm.)


they start calling my phone. which, i refuse to pick up. ho-ho-ho.

. . .

i think i'm gonna have some kind of depression if they don't stop soon. i better start re-evaluating my pros and cons of staying in this company. if someday i go mad, PLEASE CLAIM MY MEDICAL EXPENSES FROM RT!!


Sunday, June 14, 2009


一眨眼 不見了







Saturday, June 13, 2009

true bo?

got this numerology thingy from zhu.

quite true leh. *bhb* :)


Sunday, June 7, 2009

i think i'm a spendthrift.

it's only the first week of june and i've blasted almost a hundred bucks! *gasps in horror*

met colleagues in the late morning at liang court for kbox. oh wait, it's party world. everyone knows i don't sing. BUT! just to give face, i tried to sing 下一個天亮. apparantly nobody could hear my voice. so overall, i wasted 20 bucks to sing one bloody song that no one heard.

on the way back to the central, we passed by jessica liu and tay ping hui filming. JW was so excited cos both are her idols.  lols.

then met cher at suntec to watch alien vs monsters. she thinks it's stupid, but i found it pretty interesting. it's one of those shows that you don't really need a brain to watch. =)

was supposed to meet zhu for steamboat but she wasn't feeling well. take care zhu! anyway, we walked around and finally settled on ichiban boshi. i forgot what the name of my set meal was, but it was yummy!

the appetizer was some kind of seaweed with chopped beancurd skin. very nice! then for main course, i had 2 mini bowls of rice - one with fried egg and unagi, the other with salmon sashimi. the unagi was eeks. but then again, i never liked unagi. =x for sides, i had tempura and chawanmushi. tempura was a little not-so-crispy-anymore, but chawanmushi is niceeee! and then there's miso soup and fruits. all for less then 20 bucks. worth right?!

and i actually told myself not to buy treats for munchkins these couple of months when i'm gonna be broke. but yet i couldn't resist and bought one packet for him. sheesh.

and i cabbed back again. T_T

that marks the end of my very tiring day. tired of walking to and fro. tired of having to entertain people. and it's times like these i actually wish you were by my side.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

not another one...

today's meeting, he sat beside me again. JW sat across the table again. after the meeting, she came to me and smiled, "很配. 真的很配."

after that...

D: eh michelle, victor多高啊?
me: 不懂leh. 有比我高lor.
D: 比你高啊? 不是很配你lor?
me: 哎唷! 你又多一個!
D: 啊? 有很多個講了meh?
me: 對lor!

i do not appreciate that. thank you.

i feel like i'm back in secondary school again. all those crushes, and then you tell your friends, and then your friends tease you about it, and then you blush. just that this time it isn't!! it's gonna be soooo awkward if he hears and thinks that i like him for real.

and no, he 101% does NOT.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

nom nom nom


trying not to like anyone, cos the guys that i like usually don't like me back. but i can't seem to stop myself thinking about him. not the old him, the new him! it doesn't help that the others are always teasing me about us. sigh...

Monday, June 1, 2009

the ramen girl

just finish watching the ramen girl, and i'm glad i didn't spend the money to watch it at the cinema.

the movie was mainly about this american girl Abby who came to tokyo to find her boyfriend, who later dumps her (but leaves her the house). she happens to have supper at this ramen shop, realizes that ramen actually made her happier. so she decides to quit her lawfirm job and train uder the chef.

the chef starts by making her wash the dishes and clean the toilet. she wanted to quit, but didn't in the end. along the way, she gets to know this japanese guy who speaks english, and hooks up with him.

after he was transfered out of tokyo, she concentrates on mastering her ramen. after the grand master praised her ramen, she is deemed to have succeeded, and returns to her country. a year later, we see her open a small ramen shop. the jap guy walks in, they kiss, show finished.

errrrrrr. best part about the show is probably the food. the ramen looks good!! the chef is kinda cute. his acting is not bad too. but abby was just horrible. i think she spoilt the whole show. tsk.


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