Friday, June 29, 2012

happy belated birthday~!

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cannot remember when was the last time we met. must have been like, at least a year and a half? was supposed to meet last last week but somehow it ended up today (yesterday) instead. =)

she chose chiso zanmai for her belated birthday treat - a japanese buffet restaurant i never knew existed in clarke quay central. lol.

the variety of food available was pretty good; majority of it was edible to me (pescetarian remember?) and i was actually very eager to start making the rounds. they have the sushi section, salmon section, tempura section, cold and hot foods sections, and of cos, the drinks and dessert sections. more on that later.

it was rather crowded for a weekday dinner, so if you're going weekends, better make that reservation.

anyway, i think it was somewhat a waste for us to be having buffet cos we're both on a diet and have too much to talk about that we weren't really eating a lot. at least for me.

it was either eat or chat, and i chose the latter. i had a lovely evening. it was one of those rare times i could be myself and not worrying how the other person's gonna judge me. i can never understand how we can not talk for years and still not be awkward when we finally meet. we need to meet more often!! =\ cheers to a decade+ of friendship! ^^

and now for the food. didn't get to try all of them, but those that i took were pretty yummy.
especially the ebi tempura, cha soba, and salmon sashimi! lol i took so much of it i'm almost embarrassed to say. and i had dessert! i almost never have dessert at buffets, so that's saying something. lols. the bill added up to about $32 per pax. quite reasonable i must say, IF you have the time to eat your fill. =)

last but not least, haolian-ing pretty cherry blossoms again.
 head is spinning. good night!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

pasar malam and mee!

heard about the pasar malam (night market) at hougang from i-forgot-who, and since i had to drop by to fix my eyebrows, i we decided to have pasar malam food for dinner!

smelly tofu 臭豆腐
the one and only smelly tofu stall there. this is by far the only pasar malam i know that has a smelly tofu stall.  not as nice as the ones in shilin taiwan (obviously), but still, enough to curb my craving for now. i bought it twice; once when we arrived and once more before we left. would have bought more if it weren't so expensive. each box is $3! madness cann?! :(

ice popsicle
another ripper - ice popsicle! i took the sarsi-flavored one. each stick is a dollar. can you imagine how much they're earning?! oh wells. at least it was pretty welcoming in the stifling heat inside. boo.

kuey tutu
been such a long time since i ate this! they have coconut, peanut and chocolate fillings. we got the peanut one. would have preferred coconut but SSD wants peanut. BO BIAN! lol. this stall's kuey tutu isn't very nice i must say. =\

ramly burger
don't laugh, but this is my first time eating ramly's. i've always assumed they only have meat, and it was only until yesterday did i find out - THEY HAVE FISH TOO!! ^^

for those like me who have never eaten ramly's before, here's how they do it. crack an egg, put the meat on it, add mayo and bbq sauce, wrap it up, and place it between buns with chilli sauce. oh did i mention the buns are buttered too.

IT IS SO @)$&#! GOOD!!! though it's a bit too big to bite through so i had to eat it layer by layer. i love the buns and the bbq sauce! and everything else! why nobody tell me earlier that ramly is so yummilicious?! >.<

we tried the crab, prawn, sotong, and fish ones. all sucked. 'nuff said. lols.

we also had taiwan sausage, bandung, and sugarcane. that's a whopping 22 bucks spent on finger-food dinner alone. expensive? yes. fun? yes. regret? nope! i miss 臭豆腐 and ramly's already. =(

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

of harry potter, food and babies

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... ...

just thought i'd pen this down before i forgot.

celebrated bro's birthday last saturday at park royal's plaza brasserie. the place sounded super familiar but it wasn't until when we reached did i realize i was there before!  was there with the ex-kolics last time. it didn't really leave a good impression cos of the variety of dishes available. and not surprisingly, it failed to impress me, again. BUT! the others seemed to enjoy it, so i presume it's a pescetarian's problem. lol.
as you can see, they have normal stuff like salmon sashimi, prawns, scallops, chilli crabs, oysters etc etc. but they really have very little cooked dishes and they all looked darn unappetizing. so i had salad and prata and potato salad twice. lol. not cheap too; $55++ per pax. tsk.

sunday was movie-day. SSD had free tickets to the movie what to expect when you're expecting, complete with popcorn/hot dog and drinks! i would never have paid to watch these kind of shows (i kinda hate kids if you don't know), but since it was free, ok lor. =|
no regrets though! anna kendrick was a pleasant surprise. (she's in twilight and quite pretty! i like!) and there are lots many a few drool-worthy 帥哥s. i super like! ^^v


ANNNNDDDD. quite recently i ran out of things to do, so i watched whatever harry potter movie i could find on ipad's funshion. which happened to be half-blood prince. which got me hooked on the next installment - deathly hallows. and so! i read the book. yes i had the brand new book for AGES and i didn't touch it until now. lols.

enjoyed the book a lot a lot, the movie not so much, and now i'm in the midst of watching all the movies right from the beginning. i'm also planning to force SSD to watch all 8 movies, hoping he'll catch the HP bug, so that he'll enjoy the HP exhibition. if we ever go.

wish me luck! =)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

[sponsored review] acnes medicated facial scrub

this is so apt.
this month, acnes will be launching their latest product - the acnes facial scrub! this 2-in-1 cooling and deep-cleansing scrub ensures that pimple-causing bacteria have nowhere to hide, by killing the acne bacteria, heals, and prevents pimples!

i was given a retail-sized bottle of this scrub.
the green beads thoroughly deep cleanses down the pores, unclogging blocked pores and does not make your skin dry nor oily. the blue menthol beads has aloe vera and cucumber that gives you an enjoyable soothing experience. it also has vitamins C and E to reduce blemishes and redness, as well as to lighten pimple scars. it comes in a refreshing fragrance and is gentle enough to use everyday, even for sensitive skin!

the texture is pretty creamy as compared to other scrubs or rubs that i've used. it's like facial cleanser plus scrub! and i like how i don't have to purposely dry my face before using this. so much more convenient for lazy people like me. lol. and that's not all! the kind peeps from metholatum has also given me a retail-sized bottle of acnes creamy wash!
it's a mild, non-irritating creamy wash that is:
♥ anti-bacterial - contains isopropyl methyphenol which penetrates deep to fight bacteria
♥ soothing - sooth redness and skin irritation
♥ deep cleansing - unclog pores and reduce blemishes
♥ moisture-retaining - contains vitamin C
♥ anti-oxidizing - contains vitamin E to keep skin elasticity

these came as a right time cos i was almost finishing my bottle of marshmallow (tried it due to the collagen but was contemplating to switch back to acnes). i'm also on the second tube of their medicated sealing jell, if you didn't know. i use it like some sort of medicated makeup primer. lols! but anyway, their range of products are cheap and good. what's more to ask for?!

the acnes 2-beads facial scrub retails at S$7.90 (only!) at watsons, guardian, pharmacies, and supermarkets. or, 'like' the acnes (sg) facebook page and redeem your 3-step kit sample now!! =)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

frozen grapes and whatnot - updates on my boring life

say hello to my latest supper obsession - frozen grapes! i swear this idea just popped into my head the other day. but i googled it after eating to see if there are any harmful side effects (to my teeth at least) but results turned out pretty positive! something to the extent of aiding weight loss? =| 

they're REALLY super duper easy to do as well. although the first time i tried them, i popped them in the freezer for only an hour or so, so they turned out more chilled than frozen. the second time i left them inside for almost a whole day and they taste so much better! they're like mini sorbet/ice cream bites that are sweet (naturally) and tasty and healthy! freezing them also reduces the rate of them spoiling. ;)

p/s. you can buy grapes with seeds if you want them a little more crunchy. (LOL!!)

SSD went to msia last week and got some stuff for me! including that darling rilakkuma soft toy which i hug to sleep every night now. they should stop inventing stuff like that. how can a BEAR look so effing cute? tsk! (i just googled 'japan bear cute' and rilakkuma popped up everywhere lol.) 

he also got me a stitch pluggy, and a dangling one. the latter wearing glasses is so cute can?! he said he bought it cos it looks like the girl pouch ex-kolics gave me last time. *arbish* but i can’t use them anymore. which brings us to the next point.

since singtel came up with the dumb 2gb data plan, i had to hurry up and re-contract before then. so i got myself a pink samsung note. which, i’m kinda regretting cos it’s SO MUCH HARDER to use as compared to the idiot-proof iphone. tsk. only good thing about it is that it’s pink and i can change the font to one that is prettier. lols. 

and the reason why i needed as much data as possible – i share it with my ipad. i realized i never blogged about it since SSD bought it n days ago. =) so yes! i is a proud owner of an ipad 2. i use it to…put on my table. LOL. someone intro me nice apple time management or strategy games please! paid one also can! =\

 wanted mac for dinner but super crowded. ended up with pastamania. -_- al fungi is yums though.


last but not least, i’m going on a short trip at the end of the month with SSD and ex-kolics! mad excited though i’m hoping the atmosphere won’t be too weird. *cross fingers*
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