Sunday, May 27, 2012

MIB + sushi date with SSD

can't remember when was the last time we went out on a date. so we dressed up! likey my new dress, although it makes me look fat and weird. lols. lesson learnt - always always try your clothes before you buy them. =X
caught men in black 3, one of the rare times we actually watch a movie soon after it's released. so excited! although it's on impulse actually, cos i watched MIB 1 last week and it grew on me. no regrets though!

will smith is so funny!! =D his partner (both of them) though, were pretty expressionless. not sure if they were meant to be like that.

anyway, let's see...boris the animal's hand was pretty disgusting, the rocket part was exciting, the last part was touching, and i wonder how lewis hamilton is gonna react to nicole's ewww kiss in the beginning. lols. oh, and there's no more scenes after the credits. we stayed to watch. =P

i wish time travel was real though. then i could go back and redo stuff i had always regretted (not) doing. like...not studying harder, not enjoying myself more, and most importantly, stop taking on jobs which i know i won't enjoy. LOL. monday blues already~

dinner at nihon mura! everything besides the cha soba and mushroom tempura sucks. i know i sound biased but it's true! ok to be fair, nihon has a lot more variety of other dishes than sushi express. just try not to take the sushi. =S
off to watch MIB 2~

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

[sponsored review] play longer in the sun with sunplay!

DID YOU KNOW? skin cancer is one of the most common cancers, and it's a growing problem. the unfortunate thing is, it's caused by something we cannot live without - the sun. these UV rays from the sun penetrate deep into the skin and damage the cells, which are then at risk of becoming cancerous. everyone is at risk, but sunburn during childhood can greatly increase the risk of skin cancer later in life. that's why it's important to use protection as soon as possible. (ok this last sentence sounds weird lol.)

sunplay, the no.1 sunscreen brand in japan, has launched its new range with a patented, improved sun care technology, SOLAREX-3. it helps to fight 3 signs of sun damage:

♥ highest UVC and UVA protection
♥ UV reflectant technology - acts like a mirror to reflect the UV rays from your skin

skin aging
♥ ronacare ectoin and antileukine 6 - advanced anti-aging ingredients to protect from aging, wrinkles, and brown spots

♥ hyaluronic acid - lock up to 1000 times its weight in water
♥ reduce water loss and ensure continual skin moisture
i was given a retail-sized sunplay super block spf 130 pa+++ to try out. if you don't know, pa+++ is the 3rd and highest level of UVA protection, while spf means sun protection factor. it represents a time factor that delays the appearance of sunburn. for example, if i get sunburn in 15 mins without sunblock, spf 130 allows me to go up to 1950 mins (15x130)!! that's more than 24 hours!! O_O

unfortunately, now i only use sunblock on my face because my past experiences with body sunblock have been sticky and troublesome to apply, especially when i don't have much time in the morning. with sunplay, i didn't have this problem.
the unique japan watery liquid formulation gives it an ultra-light, water-like texture without the greasiness. it's absorbed easily into the skin, doesn't leave an annoying white cast, and is safe to use on the face as well. oh, did i also mention it's super waterproof?

great for lazy busy people like me - apply once in the morning and i'm safe for the whole day! ^^ you jelly much yet? don't be. you can redeem your free sample --> HERE! they're also having this contest on their facebook page. 20 lucky readers to post "I love Sunplay because..." on their wall stand a chance to win prizes sponsored by sunplay!

the contest ends on 10 June, 2359hrs and winners will be announced the following day at 1500hrs. get moving!! =)

Monday, May 21, 2012

men, for the sake of getting a living, forget to live.

i felt something familiar this morning. the same sense of reluctance like back then when i first started working at HSBC. it was my first job and i hated it so much that i was taking at least 1-2 days off every week. either that, or i'll leave home for work but bail out at raffles place and head back. i didn't feel remorse for doing so then (nor now) because i was just SO UNHAPPY there! for example:

i was a contract staff for six months but i don't even have a table. my desktop was placed on top of a metal cabinet, which meant - no leg space. imagine the discomfort.
main job was to chase for reference checks, but how to chase when i got no telephone?!
whenever big boss drops in from HK, i gotta get out of the HR room. with nothing to do and in full view of everyone outside, how to spend the whole day?

i guess it's better now at GBA, since i have a table and phone and even my own namecards. but the feeling hasn't changed. looking at my job-hopping records, i should have known that normal admin jobs aren't really for me. i really miss working at RT. that has got to be the best place with the best colleagues but WHYYY did she have to move me to sales? i could probably give up events or a higher pay just to stay there in projects. >_<

in conclusion, i am not at work today. i wonder how long i can last here. sigh.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

dogs and cats

what is a cat?

cats do what they want. they rarely listen to you. they’re totally unpredictable. when you want to play, they want to be alone. when you want to be alone, they want to play. they expect you to cater to their every whim. they’re moody. they leave hair everywhere.

conclusion: they’re tiny women in little fur coats.

what is a dog?

dogs spend all day sprawled on the most comfortable piece of furniture in the house. they can hear a package of food opening half a block away, but don’t hear you when you’re in the next room. they can look dumb and lovable at the same time. they growl when they are not happy. when you want to play, they want to play. when you want to be alone, they want to play. they leave their toys everywhere. they do disgusting things with their mouths and then try to give you a kiss.

conclusion: they’re tiny men in little fur coats.

(credit: jokediary)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

happy mothers' day!

it's today but we had an early celebration yesterday. dropped by SSD's place in the morning afternoon, and then to my grandma's place for dinner. bought a bouquet of carnations for mum and a stalk for my grandma as well!
SSD got me one too! roses, not carnations. -_- he say he seldom see roses in this color. (it's actually lilac, not pink.)
and since i had wall-e with me, food pics!! love ah gong's mei cai. aunt also came back with yummy horlicks ice cream cake. hate the cream though.
... ...

had our monthly buffet dinner at amara hotel's element restaurant. totally not worth it!! i could probably count the number of dishes off my fingers and toes. only stuff that were okay were the salmon sashimi, smoked salmon, scallops, and lobster? but unless you're gonna eat $39++ worth of sashimi, i'd definitely not recommend this place.
 ... ...

just for SSD. ^^V

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

what i've been doing

last weekend passed so fast! long one for me, cos we had monday off for the vesak holiday. guess what i've been doing?
say hello to faeriedox! ^^ this little girl can definitely rival maplestory for cuteness.

so 2 weeks ago (i think), i created a new academic character on dragon nest sea. i've heard it was pretty overpowered but i never expected it to be THIS imba! running abyss mode dungeons was a breeze with my trusty bodyguard alfredo and machine-gun towers and useless duckies (which i later reset-ed away).

within 2 weeks, she's already at level 32, whereas my bowmaster took like, 8 weeks to hit 35.

and the best part?
i love the big combo numbers. can't wait to practise more so it'll go even higher! =D

short and useless post today. work tomorrow. boo.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

genting strawberry farm

my main purpose for this genting trip - the strawberry farm! you can read about the rest of the trip here. before i begin on what's inside the farm, let me start with my horrible experience in getting there.

based on my previous research online, some said there was free shuttle bus, while some said we had to call them for the free pick-up. upon reaching the cable car station downhill, we saw this.
correct me if i'm wrong, but i understand this as free shuttle bus service between 930am to 6pm, leaving every 20 minutes. when we asked at the strawberry shop at first world the night before, the lady told us the same - free shuttle bus every 30 mins. so we waited.

after some time, aunt asked the staff nearby, and he said we had to call for the pick-up, and it was rm2 per pax. we asked another security, and he said there was NO strawberry farm pick-up at all! we tried to look for a public phone, but all were out of order. then we saw another strawberry shop upstairs, and she also said that we had to call and ask for the pick-up. 

what happened next pissed me off super much! we tried to ask her to call for us, and she said her phone was spoilt. we approached another shop to borrow the phone, and she said it was for business use only. come on bitches, wtf is wrong with making a local call? thanks for being so unhelpful. it says a lot about the way you guys welcome your tourists. 

(this is after i changed my worldcard the day before and a freaking bitch with a super bad attitude served me. i am VERY particular about service standards and i've seen a lot of horrible service staff this trip. my impression of malaysia has just gone horribly downhill. tsk.) 

stranded, we had no choice but to cab there. luckily we met 2 singaporeans who shared the cab, so it boiled down to rm2 per pax too. sighx. (ps. the farm itself was alright. though they seriously need clearer instructions to their shops. i'm more pissed with all the other unhelpful people. tsk!)

anyway, we managed to reach the farm. 
  rows and rows of strawberries with a pretty walkway in between!

so many pretty strawberries!! only 1 basket was allocated to every 3 pax, and we had to pick a minimum of 100g (rm6).
the farm is designed in a way where visitors must go through the entire farm in order to exit. some don't like it, but i do. cos this way i won't miss anything.

there was a small bee / honey area. not very interesting though.
then stopped for a short break. read many good reviews about the strawberry coffee and was dying to try it. a little disappointing though, cos the strawberry taste is rather faint. they have the chocolate and tea versions as well. we ordered the choco strawberry ice blended, hot choco strawberry, and coffee strawberry. instant packs were available, so you can buy them back.
next section - strawberry retail shop. strawberry overload!!
then the fruit, vegetable and flower garden. we saw tomatoes, lettuce and passion fruit!
last section. mushrooms in all shapes and sizes!
they also have small shops in between the various 'farms'. kinda like the night markets in taiwan. then took the transport back to the cable car station.
it was a nice experience overall. i had fun going through the rows and rows of strawberries. there were much more than the tomatoes in taiwan. lols. quite sweet too i guess.*shrugs*

oh wells. time to plan my next trip! =)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

genting trip: day 1, 2 & 3

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... ...

i'm back from genting! brought wall-e along this time, so i have chio-er photos. and we headed down to the strawberry farm too! well, apart from these, we spent majority of our time sleeping in the room. LOL.

day 1

apparently they have this new check-in system where we managed to get our room before 10am. slept all the way and woke up for lunch. (had breakfast in the first world casino and the prawn noodle was YUCKY! just saying.) i was craving for fries, and thus, my second meal in genting was macs. something we learnt from this trip - their coke is refillable. just bring your cup back to the counter. =D
then shopped around, and SSD got his berms and glasses, i got my hairband, and we both got roll-on perfume oils. for rm6 each only! shopped around somemore, then met up with family for dinner at new orleans. had their fish and chips again. boring first day~

cup noodles (which sucked), chestnuts, and chips for supper! 

day 2

rise and shine! pretty clouds. nice weather for visiting farms. ^^
breakfast at this new nonya cafe. honestly, i was kinda pissed that the nasi lemak portion was super small. like, a few mouths only those kind. cos i love nasi lemak. >_< but the chee cheong fun was nice! so is the teh tarik. porridge so-so nia. pricing was average. still, it's better than having another starbucks occupying the space. =P
in the cable car on the way down to the strawberry farm. separate post on that here.
came back up the same way after that. there was a huge crowd of people queuing for the cable car. if ever you're stuck in the same situation as we were, note that there's an express lane for silver worldcard members! probably cut 100 people doing that. XD

lunch at the herbal restaurant near the cable car station. must must try their mushroom bak kut teh. super delish! they also have the vinegar trotters but it was a little too bland for my liking. pricing is pretty reasonable compared to the other restaurants. definitely will drop by again! (ps. why does SSD look so happy peeling my 茶葉蛋 for me? O_o)
i kinda forgot what we did after that. i think we went back up to the room to sleep? lols. anyway, we had buffet dinner at coffee terrace and stuffed myself silly with salmon sashimi, salad, and a whole lot of good food. was pretty satisfied. ^^ 

oh and i saw a bag just before dinner which i 一見鍾情-ed. but it was selling for rm69.90, a bit too expensive for me. so i keep telling myself it was too small and the quality isn't very good. the next day just before check-out, the rest kinda convinced me that i should get it, so we rushed all the way back. and you know what?! we paid rm49 for it only! *happy*

day 3

guess what we had for breakfast?! cheezels! lols. and the strawberries we picked from the day before. fresh and yums! 

then had 好味 for lunch. only the curry noodles is nice imho. oh well. freemealsobobian. =\
and then it's home sweet home.
this is by far my most fruitful trip ever, because of the strawberry farm. after this i don't see any more reason to come back, except probably for the cool weather, and how my skin feels better there. and...a horse-riding trip in future maybe?

alrights. majority of my photos are taken at the strawberry farm. gonna start on that post soon, so check back k?! =D
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