Monday, May 21, 2012

men, for the sake of getting a living, forget to live.

i felt something familiar this morning. the same sense of reluctance like back then when i first started working at HSBC. it was my first job and i hated it so much that i was taking at least 1-2 days off every week. either that, or i'll leave home for work but bail out at raffles place and head back. i didn't feel remorse for doing so then (nor now) because i was just SO UNHAPPY there! for example:

i was a contract staff for six months but i don't even have a table. my desktop was placed on top of a metal cabinet, which meant - no leg space. imagine the discomfort.
main job was to chase for reference checks, but how to chase when i got no telephone?!
whenever big boss drops in from HK, i gotta get out of the HR room. with nothing to do and in full view of everyone outside, how to spend the whole day?

i guess it's better now at GBA, since i have a table and phone and even my own namecards. but the feeling hasn't changed. looking at my job-hopping records, i should have known that normal admin jobs aren't really for me. i really miss working at RT. that has got to be the best place with the best colleagues but WHYYY did she have to move me to sales? i could probably give up events or a higher pay just to stay there in projects. >_<

in conclusion, i am not at work today. i wonder how long i can last here. sigh.

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