Tuesday, May 8, 2012

what i've been doing

last weekend passed so fast! long one for me, cos we had monday off for the vesak holiday. guess what i've been doing?
say hello to faeriedox! ^^ this little girl can definitely rival maplestory for cuteness.

so 2 weeks ago (i think), i created a new academic character on dragon nest sea. i've heard it was pretty overpowered but i never expected it to be THIS imba! running abyss mode dungeons was a breeze with my trusty bodyguard alfredo and machine-gun towers and useless duckies (which i later reset-ed away).

within 2 weeks, she's already at level 32, whereas my bowmaster took like, 8 weeks to hit 35.

and the best part?
i love the big combo numbers. can't wait to practise more so it'll go even higher! =D

short and useless post today. work tomorrow. boo.

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