Friday, February 24, 2012

dragon nest sea

3rd day of playing dragon nest sea after bro intro-ed it to me. it's slightly different from the usual mmorp games that i play cos ... it's FIRST PERSON SHOOTER! lols. i usually don't play fps cos my aiming cmi one. but this one is fun. 

it's gender locked, but luckily my archer is a female. there are 3 other main classes - cleric (male), warrior (male) and sorceress (female). tell you something weird. the 2nd job of cleric can act as a tanker, and has higher defense and health than a warrior. now that's something different from usual rpgs right? lols.

since it's a fps, it means there's no target lock and it's a little less boring than just standing there and shooting. you get to jump and roll and dodge around! a little confusing and hard to play (cos my fingers are kinda stiff), but i'm getting the hang of it slowly. it makes me happy when i complete a dungeon run without using any pots and hp bar 90% full. ^^

the best part? when i leveled up, they gave me some cash clothes to wear for 7days, which are super pretty sexy! i likes!


the sad thing is, i have to press the keys to use the skills instead of clicking them on the bar. and considering how slow my hand-eye coordination is, i usually just spam-press the buttons without actually planning the skills. facepalm. lol.

oh wells. off to bed now. looking forward to meeting ex-kolics soon cos i miss them soooo much! =)

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