Wednesday, April 30, 2008

21st birthday party anyone?

dad just told me he wanted to throw a 21st birthday party for me. -.- i think he's under the pressure to do the same because my cousin's having one in 2 weeks' time. yeah i know there's still half a year to go, but it's already gotten me panicking.

i don't want a full-blown party. i don't mind a gathering at home for family, since it's my ah gong's bdae as well. but i definitely prefer separate dinners with whoever bothers to celebrate with me. and the worse thing is, if he insists, i'll have to forgo my spain trip, which i have already started planning and saving up for. bahx. i'll choose spain over ANY party. :(

only consolation is, i might be able to take this chance to invite him over. provided he hasn't forgotten me yet. but then again, i doubt i'll dare to. omigosh. panic panic! i wants my spain trip! boohoo~

Sunday, April 27, 2008

level 115 = half-dead me

yesssss! after one whole day of mapling with 2x, i finally leveled up to 115 just now. i somehow think it's a bit slow. hmmm. and i still can't hit 10% per hour. so sad! maybe it's cos i've had too much gobying that they've started to bore me. i'm beginning to dread training. >.<

oh wells. 5 more levels! thank god for the long weekend next week. ^^

Saturday, April 26, 2008

level 114

anyone kind enough to buy me the above cash set? i like those glasses. lolx. just kidding.

anyway, i just leveled up to 114. grats myself! 6 more levels!!

is it just me, or am i taking longer and longer to level up? i barely hit 10% per hour WITH 2X! i don't know how to stand 6 more levels of gobying. so bored!! ¬.¬

Friday, April 25, 2008

starving dog = art?

i was appalled to hear on the radio last night about this 'artist' Guillermo Vargas Habacuc, who apparantly took a stray dog off the streets, tied it to a short rope in an art gallery, and starved it to death. the dog's agony was supposed to be the 'masterpiece'. based on the pictures, i assume the words on the wall were made of dog kibbles? can you imagine how the dog feels, smelling all the dog food and yet it can't have them? torture!

this Vargas guy also told everyone not to feed the dog, and amazingly, everyone obliged! according to the email, "the 'artist' and the visitors of the exhibition have watched emotionlessly...until eventually he died."


and to make matters worse, the "prestigious Visual Arts Biennial of the Central American decided that the installation was actually art, so that Guillermo Vargas Habacuc has been invited to repeat his cruel action for the biennial of 2008."

prestigious my ass. are there not enough animal cruelty cases in the world?

animal cruelty is one thing. publicly displaying animal cruelty is another thing. thinking that publicly displaying animal cruelty is art, is yet another thing. and supporting this idiotic thinking is the worst thing of all.

i wish some terrorist-wannabe can bomb this vargas guy to pieces. "oh look, there's his arm! there's his leg. ooh there's his skull! eh, it's empty. no brains!"

THAT is art. :)

but anyways, there's this petition going on, and you can read some versions of the email here.


or please go haunt that fucker for life.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

accident+kaypo people=jam

would be late for work for the first time if mummy didn't fetch me all the way to school. i think she was late as a result. oops! reason being? heavy jam. =.=

there was a 5-car chain collision at one of the bends. the first car slowed down to kaypo, the one behind him has to as well, and there you go, MASSIVE JAM. morons, idiots, bakas! the cars weren't even on the road; they were moved to the road shoulder. there shouldn't be any obstructions for the other cars to go on. but nooo, these people had to slow down and look, and maybe get some numbers for 4d? well i bloody hope you LOSE! best you lose your car and perhaps there won't be any more jams caused by brainless people like you. zzz.

yes i'm evil, but this isn't the first time i'm stuck in a jam because people always slow down and kaypo. traffic news always advise people NOT to slow down and cock up the whole road. obviously nobody listens.

you may have guessed. after the accident area, all the cars speed up and zoom off and roads were practically clear all the way. darn these %*#&%)! =.=

and no, my parents aren't included, because like me, they curse and swear at the same dumbos each time they have to brake because the car in front wants to have a peek.

to all drivers who happen to stumble upon this, please do not slow down and kaypo, because you know somewhere out there, someone will be cursing you if you do. :D

level 113

whoots! level 113 last night! 7 more levels to grind till SOA! aiming to level up again by friday, and if i'm alone this weekend, maybe i'll get 24hr 2x and chiong 2 levels to 116. rofl. mapletard...

(notice anything else about the screenie? yesss! italics! how did i do that? it's not edited, not lag, not a bug, even more not a hack. it's not even related to maple. wanna know? pay me!! 10 million mesos would be nice. *evil laughs* just kidding. ask, and you shall be given.)

gobies are seriously boring. i dunno why everyone says gobies are the best for this level. i'm only getting 13% MAX per hour on 2x. only about 2.5m maybe? let's do some maths.

appx total exp needed to 120 = 200m
appx exp/hr = 2.5m
total hours needed = 80
2hr/day = 40 days

ignoring weekends where i chiong the whole 4 hours 2x, or chiong during non-2x timeslots, i need around 40 days to get to 120. madness! i guess i just have to chiong harder then. 8(

another sad thing are the bow prices. i bought my wa106 metus for 42m back then, and now, nobody wants a wa107 metus for 40m. when will i finally get my wa11x metus? haix.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

ghost of a scholar

felt really bored and tired, so i went to walk walk instead. since kft is the nearest, i went to have a look at the scholar ghost. he reminds me of some ancient person, but i can't seem to remember who. lol. if you don't already know, there are a few of these anti-bot mobs around, and this is only one of them. you can't hit them, or you'll get sent back to town. but there IS a way though.

[ ghost of a scholar ]

place an offering (samiho tail in this case) at the altar. it will demolish itself.

there you have it. it's ohko for me, giving a mere 480exp. but i was on 2x, so....240? lol. he dropped scholar hat, which unfortunately, is an etc. -.-

oh wells. back to training tomorrow. 50% more!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

breeks, posb & long john

a form came for me yesterday. seeeeee. my name! lolx. it was nothing much actually, but it's been a long time since i received something at the office. it makes me feel wanted. =X

it was breeks for dinner. 4 of us ordered 5 main dishes that came with soup of the day and dessert. yummy! the bbq chicken wasn't as nice as i had expected, neither was the steak nor my cajun chop. i still like their dory spaghetti best. hahx.

went posb this morning with mummy. updated my bankbook and realized how little i was earning each month. >.< guess i should learn to control the number ppcs i buy, as well as my spending habits. no more breeks, no more new york, no more fancy restaurants, no more movies, no more shopping. i'll eat maggi mee everyday.

lol just kidding.

had long john silver after that. got the feeling of being cheated. we bought 2 breakfast sets, one turkey bacon, one fish. the turkey came in the form of one thin strip of bacon, while the fish was a mere nugget cut in half. toast wasn't buttered enough, egg and cheese were sooo thin. coffee sucks. overall, we paid $11 for crap. avoid long john silver!!

level 112

leveled up to 112 last night. yays! ^_^

took me approximately 3-4 days to up one level, playing 2.5 hours a day on 2x. at this rate, i should be able to reach 4th job by end may. whoots. but as my level increases, the exp i need to gain gets much higher. i need around 19m now, and i know 29m is needed at level 119. shucks!!

gobies are freaking me out now. 8 more levels of these fishes. can i take it? o_0

saw aphro do 5.3k with rain on a goby. theoretically, that's...32k in total on 6 gobies!! it's not much as compared to other jobs, but it's still like, GODLY if compared to my noob priest. :P

f3 aphro.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

back to wordpress after all

the main thing that made me go back to blogger back then, was the fact that the wp themes were ugly, and i had no control over the html/css. but recently, while creating a mapleblog, i discovered this theme which looked pretty alright to me. i still don't have access to html/css editing (unless i pay for it), but i suppose the changes i would want to make, are still quite bearable. since i blog often in the office, and for some reason, blogger doesn't let me post there, and wp/wretched/other blog hosts worked fine, i decided to come back to wordpress.

lol.  apologies for the constant moving of blog addresses, and thanks to whoever still follows my blog. i'll try to stick with this one for as long as possible. ^_^

and becomes rather slack when provost is overseas. i'm gonna miss it if they don't want me perm. T_T zhuzhu got her acceptance letter already. grats gurl! i doubt i'll be getting mine. more likely a rejection letter. sobz. but neverminds. work's better. i've got debts to return, ppcs to buy, maple to chiong, shopping to go, movies to watch, dinners to treat, and PUBBING! so yeah. self-consolation. hahx.

i realise i'm getting fatter. no, seriously! i daren't weigh myself for fear i'll get a nightmare when i see my weight. i should exercise. but i'm lazy. tsk tsk. to make matters worse, breeks tml! -_-

- - -

esther and i went to the new foodcourt that just opened today. it wasn't as crowded as i thought it would be. first stall - my fave! chicken teriyaki don. yummilicious! hahax. when you're cold, tired and starving, THAT can work miracles. xD

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

maple diary?

got inspired by angelia and her maple blog, so i've decided to create one for myself, rather than flood my main blog with maple stuff. so yep, from now on, i'll be posting screenshots of daily trainings (maybe) and some interesting events that i may happen to come across. not likely though. lolx. it'll just be for record purposes, so that someday i can look back and reminisce about my noob archer days. xD

don't be surprised if you find ALL the screenshots are of my solo training. i don't party cos i don't like it. maybe it's due to my bad experience of partying as a cleric/priest. i only party buddies for fun or when they need help, and strangers when it's absolutely necessary (completing quests or FOG etc). i seldom participate in gpqs or guild events, mainly cos i guild-hop. normally i would prefer to remain guildless, but xiong was the one who got me in my current one, and it's not bad, so let's see how long i'll last in it.

for starters, i levelled to smexy 111 last night. no screenshots for that. shall remember to take more next time. hahx.

have been training at dsg/deep sea gorge/gobies for almost 20 levels! the exp rate there is considered quite reasonable - around 13-14% (or around 2.2m) per hour at lvl 111 on 2x exp. i don't know how on earth some people get 2m+ exp per hour without 2x. hais. tried vikings yesterday, for a change of environment and perhaps a chance to hunt ilbi, but they were too painful. and since i don't party, sotongs is pretty much out for me. i can't think of where else, so 9 more levels of gobying for me! >_<

since it's the first post and all, i'm gonna add this in as well. main source of motivation comes from SOA (storm of arrows), DP (dragon pulse), and SE (sharp eyes). browse through any bowmaster videos and i'm sure you'll be tempted to try it too! can't wait till i finally get my hands on SOA. gambatte aphro!


ok that didn't go too well. died twice during 2x. thank god for charms!


rofl. XD

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

friends forever??

heard this song last week. love the chorus part. so meaningful. XD
As we go on we remember
All the times we had together
And as our lives change
Come whatever
We will still be Friends Forever~

i realize i'm always blogging at work, and i'm mainly blogging about maple. geez. hello to no life me. T_T

4 guild members turned 4th job recently. /jealous. 10 freaking levels more for me. i'm contemplating to quit guild. these people chiong too darn fast. tsk. if i take leave and chiong 2x 24hrs, i lose a day's salary. if i don't chiong 2x at all, it'll probably be next year before i finally see soa. if i do both (like what i'm doing now), i pay for 4hrs 2x, chiong only 2hrs, and still wake up like a zombie the next day. zhuzhu teach me how you play till 5am and still manage to last the whole day at work. lol.

why does it always have to rain when i don't have my jacket with me? when it's raining so heavily and the sky turns dark, and it's nice & cool, and there's not much work to do, and you're in your own room, now isn't THAT the perfect environment to hibernate? la la la.

went to the library a couple of days ago and borrowed some books. like, wow?! how long haven't i been to the library already? hahx. have also watched the first few episodes of 鬥牛 · 要不要 and 強劍. should i continue? sighx. so much to do, yet so little time. why are there only 24hrs in a day? =x

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

maple maple maple

i thought today started out quite bad, cos mum was taking her own sweet time and making me late for work. i couldn't get my morning coffee from macs cos for some reason, it closed down. and my wedges were falling apart but i don't have super glue with me. tsk.

but luckily, loretta's on leave today! which means no filing, no kneeling on the ground with papers all around and no walking back and forth. pretty slack day today. and to top if off, yummy rich dark chocolate air-flown in straight from germany, courtesy of tony. ooh la la~

haha. yesterday was much worse though. map was raided right at the start of 2x timeslot. ppffftt! also had to eat maggi mee the whole day since it was raining and nobody would go out to buy dinner for me. so sad. then i got hooked to this jap horror movie (got eye candy!) and missed the second 2x timeslot. that's 4hrs wasted. i probably missed my chance to level up again.

and when i finally thought i could chiong in peace, lag came. i think i'm one of the pro-est mapler ever.

goby house bomb → lag → diuuu

back at town, repot, went back dsg2.

goby house bomb → lag → diuuu again ._.

raped by 2 batches of gobies ALL UNDER 2 MINUTES!! that's two charms wasted. grr! (ignore the pun.)
bahh. i'm crapping. been watching too much youtube vids on bowmasters. motivation arrives! funny how there's aplenty of vids on bowmasters solo-ing papu clock. is that the easiest boss to fight for bms? i wants my dp and soa and se!! chiiioooonnnnnggg~!

i should stop blogging about maple all the time. it's probably scaring slash boring off whatever non-mapling readers i have left. hur hur. =x

Thursday, April 3, 2008

romantic princess

haven't been mapling for the past 2 days. cos i've found yet another addiction - romantic princess! at first i thought it was just a typical taiwan drama, but angela zhang looked so pretty in it that i just had to try. thank god i did, cos i must say, that's one of the best dramas i've watched. it's only 13 episodes, so it won't take up too much of time.

the funny scenes are just so hilarious, while sad scenes make me feel like tearing. sometimes it looks so cute when the couple sneak little peeks at each other, while (nearing the end) you can't help feeling frustrated when they simply don't want to admit to grandad that they're in love. pretty interesting.

besides angela zhang, who looks really really cute, pretty and princess-y (did i already mention it?), there's also 4, yes FOUR, eye candies to ogle at. abit like meteor garden i guess, but this is cuter. ^_^ there's ying the anti-female one, lin the bubbly boyish one, cai the playboy, and jin the cool, mysterious, suave, handsome, smart, get the picture. lol.

guess who plays jin? WU ZUN!! i watched abit of hana kimi and tokyo juliet cos of him, but those were boring. i think he played jin pretty well. he can look cool and aloof, and under that exterior, he has his cute boyish grin. hard to take your eyes off him. :P

did i also mention angela has a few kissing scenes (plus a french one at the end) with him? *jealous. make that VERY jealous.* and he has tattoos. for real. /pouts.

i'm just spitting random information, and i don't know why. after-the-show-effect. i've finished it, so i can probably go back to chionging maple tonight. yay.

felt like emo-ing before lunch, but not anymore now after lunch. probably just hunger. don't you just hate office politics? they make your life so miserable. bahh.


all of the above was typed earlier on in the office in a seemingly good mood.

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