Tuesday, December 29, 2009

genting trip

probably a short post cos there's really nothing much to blog about.
xmas eve - lucky us got a brand new coach with front seats. plenty of leg room!

see i can stretch all the way out! lols. (we got the same coach with the same seats for the journey back. shiok!)

xmas day - reached at 3plus. freaking cold! shivered all the way from bus interchange to lobby. must be the raining season. and guess what? lobby was packed. in the middle of the night. yayness.

dumped our luggage at the bell counter and went casino to pass time. had vegetarian tomyum for lunch. not bads. lol.

checked in the room around 1plus, and fell asleep till 6plus. dilly dallied to freshen up to meet parents at 10 for 'dinner' after their francis yip concert. tried standing outside starbucks and coffee bean to connect to their wireless internet, but it was soo slow! pekchek ah!

then had chicken chop for dinner. actually, more like had potato wedges and salad for dinner. hais. after that casino-ed for a while, before going back to sleep.

and that's how i spent xmas this year. -_-

day 2 - woke up nearing noon, and had sushi for lunch!

black pepper fried dory set.

yums! 3 of us had 3 sets and 11 plates of sushi from the conveyor. total bill was less than 50sgd! stupid sakae should learn from them. =P

after which, i went shopping alone while parents headed back into casino. super boring. the whole place was so packed (yes cher, i learnt my lesson.), i so lost my shopping mood. the stuff also weren't exactly cheap. =(

wanted to go outside for fresh air, but it was raining heavily. wanted to go arcade to grab at least a toy to pei me, but it was even more freaking packed. and they changed the machines, so i can't use my trick. hais.

so i ended up back in the casino to watch my parents play. don't understand what's so interesting about that place. the noise gave me a headache while the cigarette smoke made my eyes so uncomfortable.

and i went back early to sleep. >.<

last day - had a little time before checking in.

i think we played like, 5 rounds. and i lost all of them. hrmph.

yep, so that sums up this trip. hopefully my last. lols.

should i also say that i missed SSD terribly. *paiseh* it's amusing how my parents kept telling me it's okay to call him,  and i refused. you know how expensive anot?! even one sms cost like, 60 cents? -_- and i came back home to see all his e-postcards. so 感動! lols. :P


managed to satisfy my pasta craving at bugis today. lovely creamy, cheesy, mushroomy pasta. i super loves! =D


Monday, December 28, 2009

xmas party 2009

i'm back from genting trip!! and i'm here blogging while my hair is taking its time to dry. let me start with the party post first, before i forget everything.

anyways, had our xmas party on xmas eve. it was supposed to start at lunch, but apparently none of us had the mood to work in the morning. especially when the PL starting bringing out the presents for gift exchange. so exciting!!

our xmas tree, complete with presents underneath!

i admit it looks kinda botak, but i don't care. it's the prettiest one around, cos 5 of us decorated it with lurve. hahs. =\

we even more couldn't concentrate when the food arrived. even the bosses' bad mood didn't get us down.

PL was like, "open open (the cover)! michelle want to take photo!" haha! and i realize she ordered mostly seafood, so i can eat. except maybe the chicken wings. so sweet of her. muacks PL!

we started the games after lunch. pretty looking forward cos PL revealed that the prizes were not bad.

first game was this weird pair game. my partner was 親愛的. all of us were blindfolded, standing in 2 rows opposite each other. the organizers would have the 'feel-ers' put their hands into a box and feel what the item is inside. then they would have to find us 'write-ers' and whisper what item it is. then we'll write it down. both me and 親愛的 weren't too comfortable with being blindfolded, so we weren't really into the game. got alot of mistakes. hahas.

second game was an individual game, where the organizers had a list of items which they had hidden around the office. i super like these kind of treasure hunt games (which was why i organized one last year). when time was up, only D and i had managed to find 2 items. the rest all had one. and the last item to be found was in the meeting room. so me and D went in. i was like, "不要這樣啦。讓我啦!"

and he totally ignored me. but in the end is yours truly won lor! smart bo? =X and got this tigger thingy. lols.

third game was horrendous. they brought out the old xmas tree, decorated with lots of marshmallows and candy canes. and we all had a minute to rip off as many as possible. i only got 6. =( while the winner had like, 22? lols. the poor tree got ripped into 4 parts in the process though.

fourth game was fun too. we were divided into 2 groups and given 6 or 7 photos of places in singapore. we had to guess what place it was, and then spell it out using the cutout alphabets available. i was abit skeptical initially as our group consists of 2 malaysians, 1 sri lankan, and 1 from india. and me. panic ah! but luckily D was steady enough, and he practically knew all of the places lor! so we won again. :D and got some hand lotion thingy. lols.

fifth game was weird. pair game, and i partnered 親愛的 again. my right hand was tied to her left hand, and we had to roll plasticine into as many small balls as possible, without using the tied hands. well, as i'm not left handed, and i didn't quite like how the plasticine got into my nails, we didn't roll as many balls as we expected to. so yep, we didn't win this one. bleh.

and then gift exchange! i think D don't know his was from me. but i know who gave me mine! it was 親愛的! so 準 right?! actually i kinda suspected she got either me or HL, cos she die die also refuse to tell us, even when we said who we got.

nail polish from faceshop. loves! see, 親愛的 knows me so well. haha. muacks!

the end!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

merry xmas!

i should start packing, cos it's almost 1am already. but i'm not. obviously.

celebrated (is it a celebration?) an early xmas with SSD. had dinner at xin wang citylink. at first i thought xin wang only got HK, didn't know they had TW as well. abit disappointed since i thought can have my mushroom porridge and 鴛鴦. in the end don't have.

so settled for fish soup bee hoon while he had chicken chop rice.

i think it's dong fen instead of mee fen, and so much of it. the soup tastes abit like sharkfin soup, which was probably why they gave vinegar as well. yay. chicken chop tastes not too bad, but i didn't feel very good about taking meat. so...yeah. lols.

they use super cute illustrations for their deco and menu...

then went esplanade rooftop, but was full of people. so went esplanade park. i keep seeing these 3 buildings recently. hmmmm.

well i hope SSD likes his gift. don't like also cannot say don't like. hahs. :P

next post will probably be when i come back. but i'll be twittering if i manage to connect to the wireless internet up there. or i may just give in and use my usual sms method. lol.



Monday, December 21, 2009

mee had fun today.

quite fun luh. but would probably have been better if someone wasn't sick. =\

popped down suntec in the afternoon for SSD to do his xmas shopping. (he got lost cos his GPS wasn't working properly. lol.) i did some shopping of my own too. for the gals and for myself.

so cute right?!

there was this asiasoft event at suntec, and i spotted maple's orange mush! cute lor! tried to take photo but the gal took it away. sadded.

then went carrefour to buy food and headed for marina barrage. the GPS *ahem* still wasn't working too well, so we went around in circles before finally reaching.

was pretty anticipating as i've heard alot about it but haven't been there before. lots of people flying kites (got batman one!), wind was nice, view wasn't too bad. was enjoying until it started raining, like, 10 minutes later? -_-

so we went downstairs where we were sheltered and the view still wasn't too bad. and ate sushi. lols.

hmmm. why did it have to rain? =( don't like to see a rudolf SSD. even though it's nearing xmas. tsk. reached home. and had an impulse to wrap presents. lol. guess which one is yours?

looking for this song. can anyone send me? =x

rudolf probably fell asleep. lols.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

mushroomy goodness

had a little girly dinner at mushroom pot, since cher wanted steamboat. original plan was actually crystal jade at holland v. but honestly, it's so far and i have to cab there. pity the poor gal please!

and so. we decided to meet at 7. i managed to reach at 7.15, surprisingly, and was only a few seconds behind zhu. so technically, i'm not really late. lols. cher, on the other hand, said she was stuck in a jam and would be 45mins late. guess what time she arrived? almost 8.30! but she brought along my super-late-but-used-to-it birthday present, so i couldn't really stay mad at her. not that i really did. (present is pweety! will blog it if i ever manage to get it up.)

while waiting for her, me and zhu ordered and started eating cos we were really hungry. =\ zhu recommended the yuan yang, which i didn't try previously cos i was afraid it might be too hot.

look at that layer of oil!!

the 麻辣 was quite nice initially - quite 香 and not very spicy. the wild mushroom seems bland in comparison. but in the later parts the 麻辣 became super salty. don't know why.

our 'appetizers' while waiting for cher:-

no more pics after that cos food is more important. hahas!

loads of fun and laughter tonight. even from zhu. she's usually the more serious, less xiaocharbor one amongst us. so gonna miss cher when she leaves for US. so gonna miss crazy times like this. and you know what? they both prepared xmas gifts lor! like, since when do we do xmas gift exchange in all those 10 years we've known? grrrrr! but we're meeting next week again! so i still have time. i hope.

last but not least,

munchkins says hi.


Friday, December 18, 2009


vict: i need scaffold leh.
me: when you need?
vict: friday.
me: tomorrow is friday.
vict: *stares*
me: so you need tomorrow?
vict: ya friday.
me: ... ...

glad that i finally managed to find it, at the very last minute. lols. i'm so gonna dislike tomorrow, even though it's tgif and i'm meeting the gals. >.<

... ...

i actually wanted to blog about human euthanasia: for or against? but having woke up at 530am, i am so totally sehhhed and can't think properly now. so yep, shall leave it till i remember. which i probably won't.

... ...

can't recall when was the last time i ate bentos.

lalala. totally random. hahs.



Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i so need to rant.

SSD says i should 發洩, so here i am, 發洩-ing.

1. if my budgeting report is gonna be the same as the accounts' GL report, what's the point of me doing it? is costing even in my job scope?

2. they keep saying i have the authority to question even my manager's decision. but are they gonna back me up if anything happens? i don't think so.

3. there's a limit to how much i'm willing to sacrifice for RT. flirting and acting cute to suppliers i can accept. showing more skin when they visit i still can accept. but lunch/dinner is out. and then she'll prolly ask us to sleep with suppliers so we can have dirt cheap prices. i don't care if she wants to be some freaking mamasan. i don't.

4. the same old thing. don't like last minute instructions. zzZz.

5. company trip is still not confirmed yet. so 不甘願, then don't suggest in the first place.

... ...

and so, i went for retail therapy (thanks 媽), buying sushi and random makeup items, and made myself 70 bucks poorer. this is so unhealthy. :(

can't wait for friday to see the gals again. can't wait for xmas party. can't wait to escape to genting.


Sunday, December 13, 2009


had high tea buffet @ olive tree.

ambience was okay. i like the natural sunlight. air con probably a little too cold. but the staff was pretty responsive and nice. though food variety wasn't a lot, i still managed a few rounds. *horror* not too bad. =)

garden salad, pomelo salad, olive pasta, sushi, cherry tomatoes, archar...

fried rice, fried udon, onion rings, fish cracker...

fish with yam sauce is new this time. it's super nice!

cute right?!?!

'sushi platter'!!

and then our desserts...

soooo full and soooooooo sinful. but so nice. hahas. i wish they had sashimi though. =\

then met SSD, bought yoghurt (lol.) and went esplanade rooftop. yays. :)

flyer's xmas tree changes color!

and here's xmas tree at UOB. i like it better at night. no wait, i like our office one better. lol.

the end. i loved tonight. =P


Friday, December 11, 2009

hits and misses

let's blog about work today, shall we? =P

actually not much in the morning, just that gavin took my cpu back yesterday to check on the hard disk. he came back with it only today after 6, so i was computer-less practically the whole day.

which, didn't quite help when i suddenly had to rush out the 'china issue'. and why is it even my problem in the first place? experience in dealing with china counterparts is no freaking excuse! at least in project matters, i still have my manager and engineers to cover me. but in such sensitive top management issues where i report straight to both directors......i just die even faster lor. -_-

and you know what's the best part? i had already given ALL the info to LM more than a month ago. each time i asked, he'll say no problem. but when Hel asked, he start to say this got problem that got problem. you say gek sim a not?! make me look like i never do my work lor.

and so she mutters that dreaded "get it by today". super angry lor! i think my face was totally black when we went for lunch. and i told 媽, "我的粗話已經到嘴邊了,他再惹我我就忍不住了。" abit bad la i know, but i know 媽 shares the same feelings most of the time. luckily i have those crazy gals to cheer me up. tsk.

became 'wandering spirit' after that, cos i had to 飄 from one comp to another. in the end, i settled for vict's since he was out. felt so weird sitting there. (our office is split into male and female sides. lame i know.) lucky D sit beside. lols.

by the time i finished the 'china issue', it was nearly time for the meeting. but i still had to rush out the safety report. i think i looked pretty stupid running and hopping around trying to multitask. hahs.

meeting was boring. don't like Hel's 那句 "michelle will be incharge of all the myanmar issues". seriously not fun de. -_-


and met SSD for dinner. n_n

p/s. post is set to publish at 630am, so SSD won't stay up. lols.

(0025) 0630

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

i want you to show me...


I gotta take a little time
A little time to think things over
I better read between the lines
In case I need it when Im colder

In my life there's been heartache and pain
I don't know if I can face it again
Cant stop now, Ive traveled so far
To change this lonely life

I wanna know what love is.....
I want you to show me......
I wanna feel what love is.....
I know you can show me......

I'm gonna take a little time
A little time to look around me....
Ive got nowhere left to hide
It looks like love has finally found me....

In my life! there's been heartache and pain
I don't know if I can face it again
I cant stop now, Ive traveled so far
To change this lonely life...

I wanna know what love is.....
I want you to show me......
I wanna feel what love is......
I know you can show me......

... ...

it's like, super 貼切 lor.


Monday, December 7, 2009

in summary...

time passes so fast i can barely keep track.

was happy on friday. cos i got my new paris hilton bag! was even happier to know that it was much nicer than the one MNK snatched on thurs. so yep. lol.

and surprisingly i actually managed to get out of office early that day. thanks to the director meeting. hahs. SSD was doing OT, so i popped down city hall to find him.

on the way i thought that since i had time, i could drop by fr3b to collect my stuff. but stamford house was so far, and i went 'shopping' at the fr3b concept store, that in the end SSD had to wait for me instead. lols.

went marina sq for dinner, and then to the esplanade rooftop. man i so love that place. brought back a lot of memories, and a lot more to add on.

p/s. when i finally unpacked my stuff, i realized i had bought so many masks!

but nevermind. i love masks! =)

... ...

went out shopping with aunt on sat at...suntec. again. lol. i don't know why, but she wanted to treat me fish & co. so okay lor. hahas.

ordered the phil fish and chips, and shared a garden salad.

i was trying to get a nice shot and aunt was saying, 'aiyah don't care la. eat liao la.' lols. cute.

so so so likee that fish! a little oily i find, but it has cheese inside. i think it's mozzarella. yums!! salad was okay only, cos veggies weren't fresh.

i think i am. =\

... ...

wandered around, bought some stuff, and became broke. so decided to retreat to the TCM exhibition where i won't spend any more. super boring place. but the smell of the herbs was pretty relaxing. lols.

got tired, so....


met SSD, after aunt went back, and we went marina. AGAIN. how many times this week already? and i don't work there or anywhere near. lols.

(pretty embarrassing at the roadshow. i don't know how it is for SSD, but it is for me. 進退兩難. tsk.)

after dinner, we walked down to clarke quay. 說遠不遠,說近不近. but weather was cool, so...yeah. i kinda like it. lol. original plan was actually to just sit by the riverside, but when we passed by the pubs and i smelt the alcohol, i kinda couldn't resist. so i told SSD, if there's space at the deck, we'll drink. if not, we'll go sit by the river. but i wanna confess. i know there'll be seats cos the place is almost always empty each time i came. =X

i miss the long island! abit diluted this time. and didn't have much of the effect i wanted it to give, but probably i hadn't had long island for some time, so still abit high and sot. lols. (long island and red wine don't give me the same effect. tried and tested. hahs.)

sighx. it's monday. so fast. can't wait for xmas party. can't wait for genting trip. can't wait for KL trip. can't wait to see SSD again. *ps*


Friday, December 4, 2009

let it snow

ooh my blog is snowing! hahas.

meeshell is happy. cos SSD came to pick me up from work. =\ just to clarify, i'm happy not because SSD drove. i'm happy cos i never expected him to come. lol.

and it's all thanks to the silly last minute project cum brainstorming meeting Hel called for. felt so guilty cos i think it's kinda my fault. i guess if i knew how to handle this myanmar project better, everyone wouldn't have to stay back.

but i find it kinda stupid lor. if you send someone over to oversee the project, obviously you have to trust him, to a certain extent. how can you doubt him totally and expect me to check on him? he's there, the project's there, and i'm here. -_-

oh wells.

and after the 2-hour meeting, i was actually debating whether to follow HL to get sushi or to just go back and cook maggi, since SSD went home already. so yeah, kinda surprised. lols.

p/s. SSD = sot sot de. :D


Thursday, December 3, 2009


i was just reading zhu's 'love letter' that came with the super-belated-but-used-to-it birthday present. so so touched! i could kiss that gal lor!! here's to a very happy birthday, stay cute and....adorable, and may our friendship last a whole lot more 10 years. muacks~!!


rushed down great world for twilight marathon! lucky the cab uncle sped all the way there, or else i'll never reach in time. collected our popcorn and drinks and headed in. zhu managed to book the middle row or i surely wouldn't be able to survive those 5 hours.

having watched twilight for god knows how many times, i so nearly dozed off during the first couple of hours. lol. but new moon is nice! well, apart from fact that there's a LOT of buff and half-naked guys in there... =\

anyway, cg effect for the wolves' transformation is nice. especially for jake. mid-air transformation is cool. hahas.

and speaking of jake, i'm gonna switch from team edward to team jacob, even though bella's choice is edward. i think edward is the kind of boyfriend you'll bring out to show off cos he's rich, handsome and drives a car. but in the end, i think jacob is the kind i'll settle down for, cos he feels to be more dependable.

team jacob ftw!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

meeshell is happy.

yay!!! :D (ooooo i'm loving satio baby.)

i'm into the 5th song as i type this, and super enjoying! the songs are a little sad and melodramatic i find, and mark just makes it so much more soulful with his voice. omg i can fall over and over and over in love with them man! lols.

i so totally agree when they say this is probably their best album to date. songs like where we are, what about now, how to break a heart, love is my witness....basically every single song in there, can take your breathe away. so very f awesome.

i'm practically hyperventilating! =\ i wish i didn't have to work tomorrow so i can listen to them another 10 times. lol.

only bad point? TOO LITTLE SONGS!! we need more of westlife. hehx.

... ...

so......thanks for the gift. :) and uhm...我豁出去了。死就死吧!=X


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

sad sad sad!

not convinced? look at mark's twitter!

but cd stores in both j8 and cwp didn't have it!!! WAAAAAAAA~ super sad luh.

... ...

realized i didn't keep cafe doors last night, so i came back to see all my food gone. double sad lor.

... ...

HL went on half day. no one to hear my rants about the stupid machine. so i had to sms her. i think she's the only one who understands these frustrations. =(

part of me can't wait for my big projects to finish. yet another part of me fears what awaits after sentosa IR is done. hais.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

random sunday

random 1: dug out my half-eaten bottle of pasta sauce and made noodles to go with it.

looks all nice and healthy. which was why i bought it in the first place.

surprisingly, it doesn't smell very nice. smells like what i feed munchkins with. ewwww!

but okay lah, it tastes not too bad. :P

... ...

random 2: glow-in-the-dark nail polish does work! i saw my nails glowing last night and so very pretty!! lols.

random 3: my baby boy! muacks!

he kinda sleeps more and plays less nowadays. hais so worrying. =(

random 4: everyone's out fishing and i'm left home alone to do housework. what luck. -_-


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