Friday, December 11, 2009

hits and misses

let's blog about work today, shall we? =P

actually not much in the morning, just that gavin took my cpu back yesterday to check on the hard disk. he came back with it only today after 6, so i was computer-less practically the whole day.

which, didn't quite help when i suddenly had to rush out the 'china issue'. and why is it even my problem in the first place? experience in dealing with china counterparts is no freaking excuse! at least in project matters, i still have my manager and engineers to cover me. but in such sensitive top management issues where i report straight to both directors......i just die even faster lor. -_-

and you know what's the best part? i had already given ALL the info to LM more than a month ago. each time i asked, he'll say no problem. but when Hel asked, he start to say this got problem that got problem. you say gek sim a not?! make me look like i never do my work lor.

and so she mutters that dreaded "get it by today". super angry lor! i think my face was totally black when we went for lunch. and i told 媽, "我的粗話已經到嘴邊了,他再惹我我就忍不住了。" abit bad la i know, but i know 媽 shares the same feelings most of the time. luckily i have those crazy gals to cheer me up. tsk.

became 'wandering spirit' after that, cos i had to 飄 from one comp to another. in the end, i settled for vict's since he was out. felt so weird sitting there. (our office is split into male and female sides. lame i know.) lucky D sit beside. lols.

by the time i finished the 'china issue', it was nearly time for the meeting. but i still had to rush out the safety report. i think i looked pretty stupid running and hopping around trying to multitask. hahs.

meeting was boring. don't like Hel's 那句 "michelle will be incharge of all the myanmar issues". seriously not fun de. -_-


and met SSD for dinner. n_n

p/s. post is set to publish at 630am, so SSD won't stay up. lols.

(0025) 0630

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