Saturday, February 23, 2008

yay it's friday again! hahax. i hate to say this, but it seems like only yesterday i was having monday blues and today it's TGIF already! nicee..

been pretty busy (and shag) these few days, but today is by far the worst. i know i used to complain about work, but hey, guess what? what i'm, or will be, ranting about in this post, is what happens AFTER work.

pretty happy at work actually, even though the free time i had today was my 20mins lunch time. had a couple of meetings and a lunch buffet to prepare for. popped down SBS and sat there playing with my phone for an hour cos i had to wait for the meeting to end. how nice. lol. lots of work to do after that, running here and there. it's pretty good exercise i guess.

i finished my work at exactly 5.15pm, and reached the bus interchange at 5.45pm. simply walking to the bus stop and waiting for the bus took 30mins. the stupid bus was so freaking hot and stuffy that it made my temper start to rise.

no place to sit + another freaking hot ride = kinda pissed off. upon reaching cwp and walking home, i don't understand why people walk soooo bloody slow. i feel like stepping on their feet or pushing them to hurry up. grrr. there should be lanes for pedestrians so all the slowcoaches can take the left lane. zzZz.

everyone's out today, so i was very much looking forward to eating my mac and having a little time alone before the house gets noisy again. guess wad? right after dinner, just as i was preparing to enjoy a nice little session of audition, some smart alec-s decided to call me. SIX CONTINUOUS PHONE CALLS, from both the house phone and my handphone. work longer in HR and you guys will hate phone calls as much as i do. if 100% was the maximum temper limit, i'm guessing mine shot to 150% then.

after switching off my phone and lifting the home phone off the hook, my mum came back. -.- &*$#%$^*#! more to come. upon reaching home, she asked if my dad and bro was home yet. not once, not twice, not even thrice. i had to repeat that they weren't home for like, 5 times? which part, or letter, of N-O does she not understand? hmmmms.

then she proceeded to call my bro. since her phone has some problem, she went hello? heLLO? HELLO? for countless times! common sense says that if obviously the other party can't hear you, you hang up and try again! fooook! then she called my dad and nagged for another 15mins, asking him where he is, what he's doing, who's he with and stuff like that. it may not concern me, but it certainly does NOT contribute to the peace i was dying for at the moment. hais.

pissed off level is probably 200% when i started writing this post. although it has since dropped to...150%, i would appreciate it if no one pisses me off tonight. it's not quite likely i suppose. =[ i would most probably have the peace i desire if i had stayed in the office, but then...oh wells.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

updates on my boring life!

lol. work has been alright so far. getting used to it day by day. in fact, i'm kinda enjoying it, cos i can msn and read fanfics when i have nothing to do, which is like, pretty often. hehehe. provost is back from his trip, though not in a very nice mood. extra reason to steer clear of his room. tony's wonderful to work for. everytime he asks me to do something, he uses 'please' and 'thank you', words i hardly hear from bosses nowadays.

loving the 'events management' aspect of this job. arranging logistics, coordinating meetings, overseeing buffet lunches, doing stuff like that...i like! maybe i'm suited for events management jobs. hahax. but unfortunately, as i was talking to esther this afternoon, professional events management jobs require experience. and that sucks.

anyways, looking forward to gift-wrapping and pubbing tml, cny lunch celebration on thurs, and lunch buffet on fri. fun fun fun! xD

another thing is, in case i don't blog in the next few days, happy 东方情人节!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

pics as promised!
[ chocs & love letter from lin. super sweet! ^^ ]

[ roses from gary ]

thanks for them! muacks. xD
i'm considering whether or not to leave them like this in a bouquet, or separate them and twine the stalks around my bed frame. hmmms.

anyways, super tired today! maybe i used too much brain cells trying to decipher one of my boss' handwriting. bloody messy and cursive. tsk. but he's a nice guy. very pleasant to work for. esther's lucky to be his secretary. lol.

went settler's cafe @ clarke quay. steak is nice! hahax. we played blink, taboo, and another one called saboteur. that one's fun; tests you for strategies and your observation skills. after dinner, 5 of us stood near the riverside trying to find places to go, cos apparently, 'the night is still young'. muhahaha~ we NEARLY decided on the airport. =p

in the end, went back woodlands for mac. tsk. but i had fun laughing and relaxing today. mind's cafe anyone?

Friday, February 15, 2008

happy v-day! lol.

me got flowers and choc!! yesterday. =.=
shall post pics when i'm not that tired, which will probably be a few days later. IF i remember.

it's friday tml! settler's cafe! yay. xD

Thursday, February 14, 2008


one of the deadliest diseases that occur in majority of women worldwide. i think i've got it, which would conveniently explain my grouchy mood swings recently. word of advice - best to leave me alone this time. i snap.

perhaps the lack of sleep and trying to adapt to a new working environment has also further aggravated it. i wish this monthly blood donation would hurry up; get it over and done with. i hate periods, period.

on the other hand, first day at NTU was not bad. 'orientation' was until 11, and there was another newjoiner, so basically we just stood around until then. so far i only had labellings and filings to do, but loretta wants me to join esther in finance training. i dunno why. hmmm. it doesn't look like i'm staying for a mere 2 weeks, and i hope so. perm at NTU looks pretty fun too.

alas! have heeded lin's advice and applied for NTU. *crosses fingers* but i doubt i'll be accepted. sighx.

watched kung fu dunk with lin just now. storyline was not too bad. lin's aim was to watch jay chou i guess, but we both ended up agreeing that baron chen looks hotter. lol.

pia 2 more days and then it's the weekend again! settler's cafe anyone? xD

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

lemme rant!

went for an interview today at the airport. place was quite hard to find, cos i thought since the unit was #36-26, the building had to be pretty tall. then i found it funny to have such a high building at the airport. zzZz. turned out the building was only 3 storeys. weird.

all went well until the interviewer came. can't stand that guy man! first, he was walking all over the room while talking to me. even after he sat down, he would suddenly say 'oh the printer ran out of paper' while I WAS STILL TALKING TO HIM! rude. if you're busy, i can always wait outside de right?!

i can't stand his sarcasm too.

him: *sees email* "oh so you like puppies?"
me: "yeah"
him: "do you have any dogs?"
me: "nope"
him: *sniggers* "you like puppies and yet you have no dogs?"

LIKE PUPPY MUST HAVE DOG IZZIT? i also like to slap people. CAN I SLAP YOU THEN? grrr!

when it came to language proficiency, he remarked, "so you only know english and mandarin? any dialects?"
me: "abit of cantonese"
him: "no teochew, hokkien..?"
me: "nope"
him: *shakes head with despising look* "that's the problem with singaporeans. dunno how to speak any dialects"
(he's hongkonger)

like, hello? do they teach canto at school? teochew? hokkien? diaox.

you want hokkien? i have a string of hokkien vulgarities, euu waarn tuu hearr? kay ann ann bee see see beeeeee!

nb. -.=

he also asked, "why should i recruit you?" i was speechless. it's kinda hard to find a reason when in my heart i was thinking, 'i'd reject this damn job even if you pay me 2k!'

tsk. in the end i accepted the 2 weeks temp job at ntu. they said they always take in people as temp first, and if they do well, they'll be converted to perm. let's hope this one works out for me. and perhaps it'll be easier for me to enter ntu if i worked there. *crosses fingers* lol.

oh yeah, forgot to add this yesterday. me got another tattoo on my hip! see see.

i tried to pester my parents to let me get a real one, but apparently they're pretty adamant on not letting me have one. so i'll just have to satisfy myself with fake stick-on ones, which is like, bloody lame and childish. hais. anyone know where i can get cheap and nice stick-on tattoos?

tired tired. i hate it when i'll be tossing and turning the whole night before an interview. *falls asleep*


boycott fishes and sharks!

cos they killed me at least 5 times today. in maple terms, that is. and since i only had ONE pathetic choc with me, exp gain was a mere 10% after 3 hours. tsk. i need to quit maple!! *pause* hmmm. i think i'll go try sharkie one more time.

lol. this post is totally pointless. -.-v

Saturday, February 9, 2008


happy chinese new year~!

i wonder if anyone still reads my blog amidst all the new year goodies, games, fun, and red packets. lol. was too tired to blog yesterday, so shall blog now while i have some time before mahjong. went visiting early yesterday. then spent the rest of the afternoon at paternal ah gong's place. played cards, watched tv.....and slept. lol. seems like every year i go there to sleep only. but luckily this year i did join the rest in card games, and yeah..lucky i won abit. ^.^v
[ 我 ]

[ 妈 ]

[ 爸 ]

yes i look fat. in fact, i think i AM fat, and putting new year goodies in front of me is so NOT helping. bahs. anyways, went over to ah ma's place today. some relatives were here. more angbaos! lol. nothing to do, so camwhore abit. don't puke! >.<
[ 小姨 ]

[ 大姨 ]

[ 自恋 ]

shan't post too many, in case you puke out all your new year goodies. once again, GONG XI FA CAI! may you guys get more angbaos! XD

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

dinner at pariss

went for dinner at marina pariss today to celebrate ah ma's birthday. sho full! tsk. maybe due to too many people dining there, the food standard dropped so much. fruit punch tasted like water, honeydew was tasteless, salmon sashimi was full of bones, and oysters were pathetically small. 40 bucks per person. *bangs wall* and we surprised ah ma with mini cakes again. lolx.

dunno why i can't take nice pics of the candlelight. and recently i look bloody weird in pics. sadded.

chanced upon these old photos of bobby while cleaning mum's shelves. he looks soooo small and cute and innocent and sweet when he was a puppy. 不知不觉 it's been nearly 5 years since he was gone. gosh i miss him.

found this photo as well. this is how my bukit batok kitchen looked like 10+ years ago. now you know why i'm a crazy aquatic fanatic. =P

last day of cleaning tml. then it's eat, angbao, eat, angbao. lols. can't wait~ ^^

Sunday, February 3, 2008

happy 21st cher!

cher's 21st bdae party. mind's cafe @ bugis. nice cosy little place, although not exactly very convenient. lol. i think majority was her poly frenz, which i only knew pallavi. hahas. but saw some of our old classmates. abit weird, but it was nice i guess. XD

was seated with zhu, nurul, adeline, aloysius and ganesh. at first we played this weird fruit game. got sick of it and played taboo instead. that one was hysterical. the game wasn't as fun as laughing at the way we tried to describe the words. lol. after dinner and cake, ganesh and aloy left, and we tried another game which me and zhu has been aiming for ever since we saw it.

DOGVILLE! super cheem, and there was no freaking instruction manual. luckily they had people to explain games to us. once you got the hang of it, it's really fun! anyone wanna go back and play it? lols.

after that went down the deck for some long island. man i love the deck. mee likes sitting by the riverside too. =]

reached home 1.20am. i seem to be getting home later and later. beat beat. more cleaning tml. geez.

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