Wednesday, August 29, 2007

headache headache. =(
took mc yesterday and leave today. jialat lah. zzZz.
reached raffles place this morning. was abit blur blur.
tripped and stumbled while walking up the stairs.
SO FREAKING PAISEH!! lucky never fall.
my colleague saw me and asked me to go back home rest instead.
cos she say i look very bad, and got abit fever.
haish. went back office for awhile to settle some stuff.
the rest also asked me go back rest.
i wonder if i will have any salary this month, with all those leaves i've taken. >.<
i hate raining days. i think me becoming sick is also because i walked in the rain yesterday.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

work is boring. me hates work. =\

went out with lin after work. had dinner at ang mo kio hub's newyork.
nice nice! ^^
i don't know about lin, but i sure had fun chatting with her.
i miss those kcs times. seriously. *muacks lin*
hope you like the prezzie. =)
shall wait till wed first. hehe.

me is tired. me needs sleep.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

lovely day today. dunno why too.
finished ALOT of work today.
stuff which i had dragged on for a few weeks, i finally finished them today! ^^
also liaised with people and arranged interviews.
dunno why i like arranging interviews nowadays. lols.
helped karen to set up the presentation for HR meeting in the afternoon.
she hor, tsk tsk.
everything also dunno how to do one lor.
then i also dunno how to do. haish. must slowly go figure out.
lucky managed to do it. could see she was kinda pleased.
maybe that's why she asked me to join them for the movie next month.
din want to go at first, but agreed out of politeness. hope she forgets. hahas.
then jean came back in for the meeting.
she looked darn happy to see me lor. dunno why. =P
managed to make some reference check calls as well.
they promised me results. hope they really got give.

enough of boring work stuff.
supposed to meet cher and jo for kenny.
but jo not feeling well. TAKE CARE DEAR!
next time k? =D

2 more days before work starts again.

Friday, August 24, 2007

finally back at work!
the rest were abit silent when they saw me today. lols.
which was good, cos it gave me time and peace to do my work.
finished 6 days of workload in less than 4 hours. -_-'''
oh wells.
today got one shuai ge report for work at trustee side. LOL! =\

looking forward to dinner tml with my darlings.
kenny kenny!! ^^

full of random points.
i'm better off sleeping.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

mee took leave again. thank god i did.
the cramps and headache were freaking unbearable. =(
dear was sick also. fever+sore throat.
haish haish. hope both of us get well soon ba. *prays*

i really really hate work.
wondering if the decision to stay was right or wrong.

p/s. roses are dying, but i can't bear to throw them out.
mee took leave again. thank god i did.
the cramps and headache were freaking unbearable. =(
dear was sick also. fever+sore throat.
haish haish. hope both of us get well soon ba. *prays*

i really really hate work.
wondering if the decision to stay was right or wrong.

p/s. roses are dying, but i can't bear to throw them out.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

i know the reason for my extreme mood recently liao.
just when i was prepared for work, my 'da yi ma' had to come. -_-'''
haish. super sianz. but suddenly i don't feel like taking leave tml.
maybe it's because i wanna try out my new heels.
or maybe i just wanna shut their mouths.
i guess more likely it's the receding bank balance that's compelling me to go work.
oh wells. 84 more days to go.

我要忍 !!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

bad bad day today.

woken up by my mum. at 8 plus. early this morning.
situations like this always put me in a very irritable and grouchy mood the whole day.

here's what happened today:
♥ 'quarreled' with dear about going to his place
♥ needed sleep but dunno why can't seem to fall asleep
♥ can't find any place to train in maple
♥ out of 6 traders (8 igns), NONE were online the whole afternoon. -_-
♥ rain + thunder + lightning = no peace
♥ spotted a couple of perfect betta glass tanks, but were out of stock.
♥ maple di had relationship problems, but i couldn't seem to help much.
♥ had to finish up one large fries....
♥ .....when i already told dear not to buy them.
♥ failed 60% overall dex. 1.5 million byebye.
NOT looking forward to work. at all.

only good thing was the song dear wrote for me.
couldn't hear it clearly over the phone, but it was nice. ^^

oh wells. guess i'll be taking another day's leave tml. *hates work*
was just thinking, no matter how hardworking i am, the most i can get is a good testimonial.
jean has already told me straight that there's no perm position for me at the end of 6 months.
therefore, i wonder if i should take jean's advice to go on 2 weeks' leave and go back in sept.
cos next month, there'll be two poly attachment students in our dept.
hopefully i'll be able to click with them.
den i won't have to lunch alone anymore! lols.
but until den...tata~

[ i din know latte was supposed to look like this ]

Saturday, August 18, 2007

21 + 30 + 31 + 17 = 99 days!

hehes. dear surprised me yesterday with cake and flowers, complete with teddy bear!
i just lubs those red roses. lols. mee ish one happii gurl. =D
muacks dear.

xie xie ni!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

2nd day of slacking at home. long long weekend. me likes. =P
abit bored, abit sianz, abit tired, VERY shiok! hahas.
i wish it could be like this always. oh wells.

loads of ups and downs recently. emotional rollercoaster this week.
looks like everything's going haywire.
breakouts, work, friends, family, relationship...the problems seem to come together.
trying to settle it one by one.
hopefully by the time i return to work next week, i'll feel better.

with the recent petshop job saga, i think...i need a pet. desperately.
a hamster, a betta, whatever. i just NEED a pet.
(if not, i may just catch a lizard and try to teach it to shake hands. -_-''')
my life feels so empty. lol.
it's like, there's nothing to look forward in life. tsk tsk.

back to the petshop thingy, i still feel that "all jobs are equal".
what's wrong with working in the petshop or the zoo?
i'm still earning money right? just abit lesser.
how come everyone think that office job must be very good?
if office job so good, there won't be such a high employee turnover rate.
not all people go for comfortable, high-paying office jobs can?! zzZz.

was browsing through MOP forums when i came across this old thread.
"Passion v Money"
many replies say that they don't really mind earning abit lesser for passion.
i felt so relieved lor.
at least now i know, i'm not the only weird one around.

but i also realized something.
i shouldn't be trying to convince people around me to accept my thinking.
it takes an animal lover to understand another.
i should be spending more time searching for other animal lovers to have fun with,
instead of wasting time/energy on those who can't seem to understand.
so, to those that are reading this, ignore me if you think i'm weird. hahas.

haish. can't seem to make up my mind about what to do next.
♥ get a diploma in hotel management at SHATEC
♥ continue working..and working..and working (I DON'T WANT!!! >.<)
♥ make up course!! (waiting for yean and her sis to start biz tog)
♥ nail art course
♥ animal grooming course
♥ save money for overseas vet course (doubt can get in though)
♥ find a rich ang mo and get married off to some nice countryside where i can have my farm! (jkjk.)

oh wells. why must life be full of decisions to make?
and why can't we make our own decisions?
why are there so many problems to face?
was reminded of a story i studied back then for literature. THE MACHINE STOPS.
i wish i could live in that kinda world. *dreams*

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

meeshell is not quitting her job after all. *sobs*

tendered in my resignation letter this morning.
jean asked me into her room after reading it.
i only expected her to ask me why i wanna quit. but not only that, she asked me to stay! -_-
she say until like dun have me very jialat lydat.
but i think hor, she's just trying to avoid the hassle that comes with hiring and training a new contract.
especially with melissa going on block leave end of this month.
oh wells. super sianz. stuck for another 3 months. 3 FREAKING LONG MONTHS!! haiz.

i hope no pet shops call to say they hire me. i'll cry lor. zzZz.

p/s. heard that kenneth tham had a heart attack and died in school yesterday. sad lor.
i was from his ATM and TRMK lecture, and attended a couple of his tutorials, i think.
he was a nice lecturer and good tutor.
may he RIP. :(

Monday, August 13, 2007

so many things to blog, don't know where to start.
might be putting blogging on hiatus for a while.
cos it seems to have defeated its purpose.
i started blogging merely for the fun of it, and for having a record of daily events.
so that in future when i read back, i can reminisce about the bittersweet memories.
this blog may be public; in fact, i'm trying to promote it because of the ads.
but whatever i put up here, i'm willing to share with everyone.
why do people have to ask about what i DON'T share?
if i wanted to say, i would have put it into the post isn't it? -_-'''

i thought of deleting this blog.
but then i realized, why blog in the first place then?
besides, after 1 year plus of blogging, i've grown attached to it.
it has become my outlet to pen my feelings, thoughts and events. to share with people.
i don't want to stop.

so i removed the tagboard.
to prevent people from commenting on the way i live MY life.
read what i have to say, and figure out yourself what i don't say.
if you don't see your name, or i don't tell you myself,
it either does not concern you, or i don't wish to let you know.
if this really doesn't work, i'll have no choice but to make it private.
not that people care,
but i really really want the freedom to write what i want without worrying about how others may react.

if you think this post is directed at you, yes it is.
this post is for the general public, but you made me feel i had to do it.
many things have changed and happened since you came. good things and bad things.
sometimes i wish things were like before. in the beginning.
at least, sad to say, i was happier back then.
but i understand your situation. so i tried to accommodate and adapt to your way of life.
been debating for a very very long time whether or not to say this.
because i know it will affect us. alot.
now, it's either we try to solve it, or let it go.

i don't know. i'm tired. mentally.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

hey gal, i think you know who you are.
i know you read my blog de. hmmm.
it was meant as a joke. not that i approve it; i'm pissed as well.
but i don't think it meant any harm.
hope it doesn't affect our friendship.
dui bu qi~!!

p/s. i wish you could stop creating messes that i have to clear up after.

Friday, August 10, 2007

happy national day to all!
met dear to go watch fireworks today.
finally satisfied my pepper lunch craving, from a couple of months ago. -_-

then went outside marina square to wait for the fireworks.
freaking lot of people lor. haish.
we waited from 6plus to around 8.
the fireworks super nice leh!!
got one is like shooting stars somemore. chios!!
i din manage to snap much cos my phone cam too slow. only got a couple of 'nicer' ones.

on the way back, the mrt station/city link mall was swarming with people.
so we went tcc to sit for a while.
rose juliet ish nicee! :D
but sho ex. =\

oh wells. work tomorrow. gonna sleep soon. some random pics i found in my phone.
must have taken them some time ago when i was bored. enjoy!

3 months tomorrow! muacks. ^^

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

any job in the pet sector.
be it in the zoo, night safari, pet shop, vet clinic/hospital (i doubt got), or even pet sitter!
you got lobang, mee wants!!
cos mee is planning to quit liao. lols.

after deciding to quit, i suddenly feel so relieved and happy.
i'm even more glad that my dad is supportive of me quitting too.
he said that he didn't want to force me to do something i don't like.
so touched!! ^^
planning to tender next week, but still have to work 2 weeks notice period. oh wells.
i'm gonna miss the salary and bonus, but who cares.
so freaking elated at the mere thought of quitting. can you imagine how sad i am working there?
high pay + aircon ≠ happy.

p/s. finally reached ranger yesterday. happiies. :)

Monday, August 6, 2007

tired. more mentally, less physically.
realized i have been blogging lesser and lesser nowadays.
no time to blog? no mood to blog? nothing to say?
i don't know.

feeling grouchy and grumpy and sianz these couple of days.
maybe i just need some time alone? some personal time. for myself.
i'm sorry for acting that way.

on a lighter note, i finally see a double digit on that countdown timer.
99 days to november 13th! can't wait! :)

friday, august 3rd, 2007
met up with cher and jo for dinner. was looking forward to it the whole day.
went to this 'high-class' jap restaurant over at raffles city.
food was nice, but price not nice.
poor jo got some milky gruel-like thingy. lols.
we were paying for the quality instead of quantity;
when we could jolly well enjoy ourselves the same with sakae.
but neverminds. i had fun with them.
and thanks alot cher for that necklace. lubs it. lubs you too. ^^
popped down to esplanade. really like it there. nice scenery, nice breeze.
but too many people. zzZz.

oh wells. i'm tired. gonna sleep soon.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

2 more days to the weekend. unbearable.
had a little chat with jo this afternoon.
she applying for HR jobs also! >.<
i hope she likes it lah. i think she should find it fun.
but we both agree, work sucks. she/i want study!! *bang wall*
oh wells. looking forward to friday. cher quick quick confirm timing! lols.

me likes talking by the pool.
<3 euu.

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