Monday, August 31, 2009

a very meaningful song.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

i am very sad.


finally remembered to find this song.

and when D called at 7pm,
D: 哇,做麼你還在office!
me: 等你lor。
D: 哇~~
me: 等你帶我的兩個boyfriend回來。
D: 哈哈!慢慢等。下個禮拜。

yes you do not understand why it's funny. yes he made me laugh. but no it isn't enough to mask my disappointment in the 26 Sept event planners.

credit to the smart baby (yes, you girl!) who guessed correctly, i was invited to watch the singapore grand prix qualifying rounds. imagine this - bird's eye view of the entire circuit, good food and drinks, and probably some cute guys to look at...all no more! *wails*

if it's fcfs, say so in the invitation card! if you're not planning to have so many people there, don't invite so many people! how can you confirm our attendance and then later call to say it's full already? bloody hell. make me happy for nothing. 一場歡喜一場空。

F F F F F ~!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

sinful pleasures

7.30am - dry prawn mee + 1/3 plate fried carrot cake
12pm - 6 pcs chee kueh
3.30pm - 1 slice of fruit cake
6.30pm - 1 egg tart
8pm - 什菜飯

i used to think buffets were guilty, so i'll tend to eat extremely light for the meals before that. but now as i look (in horror!) at the list wonder my dad say i now then 發育! :( i'd better start drowning myself in slimming tea and hope to lose whatever fats i can lose before the 26th of next month.

and i'm still not saying! muacks.


Saturday, August 22, 2009


it's fridayyyy!! :D

everyone was in a nice 'relaxed' mood @ work today. all the bosses went out in the late morning and came back in the late afternoon. shiok! i actually managed to clear some backlog filing and paperwork, and even cleared out the junk documents in my drawer. my desk looks more like a desk now. previously it just looked like some waste paper dump. lols.

PL wasn't in the mood to work, and she kinda influenced us all to stop and gossip together. so fun! only at the end of the day, hel called LP for some urgent work. but that didn't stop us from reaching our destination. at 7.30pm.

the five of us had steamboat buffet at Jade Room Restaurant, Hotel Royal. not very nice in my opinion. =x

at first we had the chicken soup base. after PL requested to change one side of the pot to 麻辣, the guy came back with a bowl of chilli paste. turns out that to have 麻辣火鍋, you just have to add chilli paste to chicken stock. -.-

variety of food was normal. the usual greens, meat, mushrooms, blah blah blah. they have cooked food available there as well. i must mention the fried fish. they're really damn yummy lor! i think i had five or six pieces. tsk. yeah. that and the usual mushrooms. lols.

aftermath was just hilarious. we were yet again the noisiest table. it's so easy to lose my image and go crazy with these people. PL made fun of everyone. i think JW got the worst of it. hahs.

(kinda unbelievable and surprising that vict actually told su he wanted to send me home the other day but dunno why i didn't want to. lame excuse. obvious he didn't want to lor. i know you guys don't understand cos the whole story's in one of the protected posts, but i just wanted to vent.)

cabbed home after that. after a few cabs brushed me off because they didn't want to go to woodlands, i finally found one who was willing to. this malay uncle's quite nice and friendly. made me feel the journey was kinda quick. =)

so that sums up my lovely friday. 2 days to go before monday blues.

p.s. and will you guys please click the "HELP NOW" button at the side? what's wrong with helping our environment? zzZz. heartless people!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

heal the world

the tsunami, sichuan earthquake, and now typhoon morakot. we never learn our lessons do we?

i was watching the charity show by taiwan and hongkong artistes for the victims of typhoon morakot in taiwan. and my dad commented, "how come got so much water? where do all the water come from? blame the ice at the north pole lor."

... that's nice.

we people not taking care of the earth = hole in ozone layer getting bigger and bigger = temperature rises = ice melt = flood. full stop. i admit i'm guilty of not taking care of the earth as well, though i do try to 'go green' when i remember it (pathetic excuse yes?).

the point is, how can we keep taking from mother nature and expect her not to retaliate?

mother nature is beautiful in her own powerful way. why are we bent on destroying her?



Wednesday, August 12, 2009

simple things in life

"Hi michelle, xxx can fax the invitation letter only on thursday as the gal handling it is really stupid."


i don't know why, but it struck me as hilarious, and i couldn't stop laughing when i saw this. can you believe this sms came from the CEO of one of the fairly large corporations in singapore?

he brightened up my 12-hour workday. :)


Monday, August 10, 2009








Friday, August 7, 2009

4th day of OT.

i reach home at 9.15pm, after a bloody hectic 12-hour workday of project meetings, last-minute orders, sourcing for quotations, chasing for documents, visa applications, packing bolts/nuts, and a whole load of other shit that i don't have time to do.

feet hurting, gastric hurting, head throbbing, muscle aching, mood pissed. and i still have to cook my own pathetic plain maggi mee dinner. i just want to sit down and rest while my food goes down. yet all i get is you screaming for me to bathe? does it even concern you? i'm not asking for your understanding. i just want you to fucking leave me alone.

maybe coming home was a bad idea.


Thursday, August 6, 2009


it's 3 days into the week and i've cabbed home 3 times. i hate 12-hour workdays. i hate OT. :(



Sunday, August 2, 2009

back from ndp09 preview

as the title says.

no pics at all, even though i brought my cam along. reason being - it was so terribly hot and humid in the afternoon and i was perspiring like mad. which, obviously, gave me a horrible mood. besides, you guys can always watch it on television.

anyway, this year's ndp was way nicer than last year's. emcees mark lee and suhaimi yusof were hilarious! especially their rendition of how sang nila utama found singapore. "eh you never read your email meh?" LOL!

but actually my main purpose was to see the GOH and the other armed forces. men in uniform are attractive. and then there was this segment where they mimicked a bomb threat and terrorist attack, and with all the navy and air force and everything. men in uniform AND at work are so bloody attractive!! =x

ahem. other segments were all dance and songs. nothing special imho. oh there were pole dancers! and i saw 陳偉聯. haha. the finale fireworks was brilliant. fireworks always are.

yep. end of story.

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