Saturday, October 31, 2009

Plaza Brasserie @ Park Royal

had international buffet dinner at plaza brasserie, park royal hotel. H's treat.

was kinda reluctant to go initially when i heard she was going, cos we were planning on steamboat, and i didn't quite like the idea of having steamboat with her around. thankfully she switched to buffet, so i could sit far far away. lol. sounds bad lah, but...that's the truth lor.

interior design of the hotel lobby was cool. it looked posh yet welcoming and comfortable. a far cry from its exterior, which looked ulu and old. the restaurant itself was pretty nice too. food variety was a little disappointing though. in the end i merely attacked the salads and salmon sashimi, which, i find, was not too bad. they'll slice it only when you order, so it tastes fresh. servings are generous too. only thing is that they cut it too thick.

they also have chocolate prata, cha soba and chocolate fondue! but price-wise - MUCH TOO EX. forty plus for a weekend dinner. and with the variety of food so limited, so not worth!!

yep. super shag now. down with a terrible bout of sore throat. it had better recover before my trip next week.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

king of pop

blogging at this hour cos my hair isn't dry yet. :)

pretty lovely day today (28-10). am surprised that CH actually remembers my birthday. lol. got another surprise during late lunch. muacks them. then scooted off at 6.

guess why?













yep. 2 special passes to the gala premiere of michael jackson's this is it.

it opens officially at local cinemas on 29 oct (today), and runs for 2 weeks only. i didn't want to go at first, but i'm glad i did.

it was absolutely wonderful. in case anyone doesn't know, this is it is actually a movie made using snippets of his concert rehearsals. it showed some backstage moments, the songs he was planning to perform, and basically, just his concert stuff. it wasn't hard to see the effort that went into this concert. especially the special videos he filmed just for this. AND how he's such a perfectionist when it comes to his music. each and every single note has to be in its correct place.

watching this movie is like being at his concert, and watching him perform 'live' was just amazing. he sang songs like billy jean, beat it, man in the mirror and smooth criminal. and i loved his videos for thriller and earth song. he also sang many more songs which i haven't heard before, but it was nice all the same. i had goosebumps most of the time, not from the aircon but from listening to him. earth song in particular. just....WOW!!

it's so much of a pity that he had to die so young. he would have otherwise put up many more magnificent concerts which even westlife cannot achieve. note this is coming from a die-hard westlife fan.

go watch it asap. i cannot guarantee that you'll have the same sentiments as me, but i know you WILL be touched by him.


went for late dinner after that at xin wang. 2 of us had seafood hor fun, black pepper chicken chop, mushroom porridge and yuanyang. i think the waiter looked kinda shocked.

2 days of stuffing, another 2 more to go. back to diet-time after that. lalallala.

muacks my dears.


Monday, October 26, 2009

how i spent sunday.

headed down mosque street for my free birthday spa/massage treat. opted for the 'lose weight' package. she started off by a nice warm chocolate scrub and massage, and then the heat blanket. around half an hour later, i had to rinse off the scrub and the real massage began.

she said that if i wanted to really break down the fats, she had to rub real hard. i said okay, and regretted it later. i totally felt my bone was about to break and my flesh was about to be pinched off. i was even expecting bruises all over. super duper pain lor! guess how i endured it? by chanting "愛美是要付出代價的" to myself. lols.

but i have to admit, overall experience was wonderful, despite the pain. she had also rubbed oil all over when she massaged, which smelt lovely. only drawback would be the oily-ness after that.  oh and the room was filled with fragrant lemony scent.

super indulgence. can anyone sponsor me more of these?


dropped by this dessert shop at chinatown. we tried the macha (green tea) with red beans and mango ice. the macha one only has a very faint hint of green tea, whereas the mango one is stronger and nicer. two people can share one cos it's quite big.

you can see (from the macha) that the shape of the ice is quite unique. haven't seen it before. it looks like they're in layers instead of the usual crushed ice.

not cheap though; at $5 per bowl. tsk.


after we had bus-ed down taka, walked around and even experienced a blackout, we then walked further to ion. stupid shopping mall i find it. or maybe it just doesn't appeal to me. there was a huge crowd, but most of the shops were pretty empty. why would anyone wanna waste money on such high end retails that most singaporeans can't afford? there's already taka nearby.

nothing fascinating about the japanese food outlets downstairs either. tsk.

in the end, we walked back to taka and settled for this jap restaurant.

i don't know how to describe the katsu ramen (which looks like laksa). on one hand, it isn't spicy, cos i don't find my tongue burning. but yet i get all sweaty and red-faced. i think its the sesame oil which is so irritating on the throat.

and train-ed home exhausted.


totally loving my satio baby. :)


Sunday, October 25, 2009

the wait is over. this is it.

got woken up by dad at 9am this morning cos he saw the ad in the papers and knew i wanted to get it ASAP. so 4 hours and 700 bucks later, i got to bring my baby home at last.















mee is a happy girl. after 4 months of desperate pining, it's such a wonderful feeling to finally be able to hold it in my hands.

a short intro about it: probably the first 12 megapixel camera phone in the market. =) i can now take more and better pictures without the hassle of carrying another bulky dcam. the full screen qwerty keyboard (which i super love) makes me wanna keep on typing and typing and typing. i can twit more often when i'm outside! hahs.

it also runs on symbian, which according to singtel, is what nokia uses. i did find some similarities. love how i can change the message font size. no more worrying about people peeping over my shoulder. lol.

loudspeakers aren't too bad. haven't tried the earpiece yet. the 'filing system' isn't too good though. my songs and ringtones seem to get mixed up and i can't seem to create a new folder. or maybe i just have yet to play around more with it.

so overall, it's a phone + camera + mp3 all in one! full touch screen by the way. very very pleased with it.


and here's my coach baby.

p/s. gonna spend my birthday in a kinda special way. guess!


Saturday, October 24, 2009


feeling abit depressed at the moment, so i think i'll blog about some happier stuff and hopefully it'll be better. i'm not supposed to be home now. i'm supposed to be out there enjoying my dinner with them. don't even wanna talk about it. *pissed* tomorrow. tomorrow my baby will be here. it HAS to.

anyway, celebrated an early birthday with HL yesterday since our days are less than a week apart. was a tiny bit bitter about sharing the spotlight as i still wasn't in any birthday mood and the 女主角 that day was her. but i suppose it was kinda expected (last year also like that) and it was a good opportunity to do so.

we had our project meeting in the morning and everyone was around. since my sentosa projects were the main issue, i was rather stressed out and concentrating. after we finished with HL's projects and i started drawing on D's notes, CH suddenly went outside and called to JW. we all thought it was kinda strange, but didn't quite think much. he came back and started to talk again on another project.

then all of a sudden the lights went out. i was hoping for a blackout, which could mean stop work. but then i saw LP standing by the door laughing, and PL bringing the cake in. sadded.

lol. two plus points though. one, we both got a coach wristlet pouch, in different colors of cos. mine's a very sweet purple. my first authentic 'branded' item! =P second, he was there! *happy* i shall lie to myself that at least he celebrated my birthday for me. whether he liked it or not.

hrmmmm. i hope the bloody SE phone comes out before my birthday. or else this year's gonna be the most depressing birthday i'll ever have. for the past 4 months i've had nothing on my mind except this baby; it's driving me nuts!

hais. 失望之後還是失望。


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i love interlagos!

not so much of the city, but more of the race track.

stayed up till 2 plus to watch the brazilian grand prix this morning. boy am i glad i did, though i did hesitate initially, especially after the heavy rain at qualifyings the day before made hamilton drop to start 17th on the grid.

the brazilian grand prix this year saw brawn's jenson button becoming world champion, even though there's still one more race to go. was kinda disappointed that the champion was determined at this race, cos otherwise there would certainly be more action at the next race between team-mates jenson and rubens.

nevertheless, it was one of the most exciting races i've seen so far, excluding the nail-biting race on the same track last year. i love the interlagos circuit because i find it more winding then the rest. there's also the uphills and downhills, and the extra winding pitlane exit, which make the race so much more exciting to watch.

this morning's race saw loads of action. i think heiki's the sway-est of all. first the spinning after vettel knocked into him, and then the fuel hose issue at the pitlanes (like what massa did in singapore last year). alonso's next. he crashed out barely seconds after the start when sutil and trulli collided. lols. and a couple more incidents that kept my eyes glued to the screen.

interlagos is also pretty famous (i should think) for its overtaking, proven by my hamilton, who rose 14 places to snatch a podium win. yay! the most exciting times were probably when he was chasing rubens, twice during the race. he managed to overtake on the 2nd attempt. way to go!

he may be out of the running for championship, but he's still as aggressive as before. hamilton isn't hamilton if he doesn't fight. that's what i like about him.

that's what i love about formula one. :D


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Laughing Gor 之變節

watched it over the weekend. wonderful movie IMHO. besides letting me relieve those E.U-laughing gor moments, it has quite a few artistes that i like - michael tse, fala chen, koni lui...and especially at the end when ron ng and sammul chan appeared.

i would never have the guts to become like him - a mole for the triads and an undercover for the police, all at the same time.

haven't enjoyed a movie like this for a long time. go watch! :)


Friday, October 16, 2009

dinner with dad

went back to the old coffee shop in amk where i once had claypot rice with sherry and the rest. miss those stress-less days. hais. i think my 'official' working hours has become 8am to 7pm. boo.

oh, and the rice still tastes wonderful. just that it's bloody expensive.

*grumbles* i bet dinner tml is cancelled as well. super sad! and why are people in UK enjoying their satio already? when is it actually coming out here?!?!

tgif tml. finally. =(


Saturday, October 10, 2009


super cute right?! :D

dinner and movie date was cancelled, so i went out with JW. went j8. since 親愛的 wanted sushi, we settled for my dreaded sakae. after the dinner, i realize i not only dread it, i bloody hate it. fooking daylight robbery la! can you imagine both of us paid 17 bucks each for just six plates of sushi and green tea? at cold storage the other day, i bought double the quantity at half the price. *#%&% boycott this bloody chain~!

but it was so nice to just sit there and talk and talk and talk, planning for dinner and cycling dates. at least i can have something to look forward to every week. lols.

and the phone that i'm waiting for is still not out yet. so sad.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

song in my head


一开始我以为 爱本来会很容易
所以没有 经过允许 就把你放心底
直到后来有一天 你和他走在一起
我才发现 原来爱情 不是真心就可以

我感动天 感动地 怎么感动不了你
明明知道 没有结局 却还死心塌地
我感动天 感动地 怎么感动不了你
总相信爱情会有奇迹 都是我骗自己





Wednesday, October 7, 2009

don't panic!

why do i have this feeling that D knows about this blog? *gasps in horror*


Sunday, October 4, 2009






Saturday, October 3, 2009

2 dates in a week

we had our annual ISO today. freaked me out totally because apart from the fact that this year's main project in question is again one of my sentosa ones, i have to sit in as purchaser to answer their queries. this is so much worse than presenting in front of the whole class, because i don't know what i can or cannot say in front of them. government body somemore! stress... >.<

but finally, it's over. and they didn't fail us. lol. one more year before i see that fat fat cute cute jaya again. :)

went for dinner with JW, this time at breeks. JW tried the cajun dory, while i settled for salmon and crab meat pasta. both were absolutely yummy! i totally love the smoked salmon and creamy pasta. i prolly can eat it every single day.

we then shared an espresso avocado cream-icecream thingy. a mixture of chocolate, coffee, vanilla and avocado. very sinful, but totally worth it. and only 27 bucks for everything. so value for money right!??!?! =P

sighx. tomorrow will probably pass very fast. popping down east coast! and then it's the very much dreaded gathering on sunday. then monday blues. why can't time stop at friday night?

p/s. happy birthday, you know who.


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