Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i love interlagos!

not so much of the city, but more of the race track.

stayed up till 2 plus to watch the brazilian grand prix this morning. boy am i glad i did, though i did hesitate initially, especially after the heavy rain at qualifyings the day before made hamilton drop to start 17th on the grid.

the brazilian grand prix this year saw brawn's jenson button becoming world champion, even though there's still one more race to go. was kinda disappointed that the champion was determined at this race, cos otherwise there would certainly be more action at the next race between team-mates jenson and rubens.

nevertheless, it was one of the most exciting races i've seen so far, excluding the nail-biting race on the same track last year. i love the interlagos circuit because i find it more winding then the rest. there's also the uphills and downhills, and the extra winding pitlane exit, which make the race so much more exciting to watch.

this morning's race saw loads of action. i think heiki's the sway-est of all. first the spinning after vettel knocked into him, and then the fuel hose issue at the pitlanes (like what massa did in singapore last year). alonso's next. he crashed out barely seconds after the start when sutil and trulli collided. lols. and a couple more incidents that kept my eyes glued to the screen.

interlagos is also pretty famous (i should think) for its overtaking, proven by my hamilton, who rose 14 places to snatch a podium win. yay! the most exciting times were probably when he was chasing rubens, twice during the race. he managed to overtake on the 2nd attempt. way to go!

he may be out of the running for championship, but he's still as aggressive as before. hamilton isn't hamilton if he doesn't fight. that's what i like about him.

that's what i love about formula one. :D


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