Thursday, September 29, 2011

end of sem 1.

books have knowledge,
knowledge is power,
power corrupts,
corruption is a crime,
& crime doesn't pay.
so if you keep reading, you'll go broke! :P

finally done with my exams for this semester. sales was horrible; hope i don't fail. *touchwood* F&B and theming were better. at least i think i can pass. =x so now i have 2.5 weeks before my next (and last) semester begins. in which i'll be alone. cos classmates i'm closer with have either graduated or are in another class. *sad face*

anyway, we spent our last day of this semester, partying! ^^ well...not exactly partying. but it kinda felt like that to me after being cooped up studying at home for the past...2.5 weeks? torture can?! finally free now!! 8)

bus-ed down to ikea for lunch after our paper. i didn't realize it was so near! too paiseh to take wall-e out so i used froggie instead. :| salmon is nice!

then headed to cineleisure for movie! reminds me of my poly days where we'll either skips lessons and go shopping or simply 'hang out' after classes. i likes!

hilarious! it's also kinda the first time i heard him speak so much in a movie. i never watched the first part and this is the sequel, but it wasn't hard to guess what happened.

[spoiler] so mr bean johnny is a secret agent who blotched up his security assignment and got suspended. he spent 5 years in tibet, learning from his eye-rolling master. mr bean + kungfu = funny! but then the agency recalled him for another mission to protect china's premier and take down the secret conspiracy - vortex. he and his sidekick tucker is so funny! mr bean + chinese = LOL. oh ya, do stay back after the credits; it shows how johnny cooked dinner for kate and himself. ;)

go watch it online if you haven't. don't think i've ever laughed this loud and madly in the cinema before. i realize it's pretty easy for me to go crazy with these gals as well. =)

after the show, they continued shopping at h&m while i headed off to summer sweet for mani/pedi session. a bit too early cos i think my mani will be off by next week. did their hydrating feet and arm treatment as well. shiokness!

likey my wine red nails! they're matt, if you can't see. i hope to find OPI and china glaze matt and crack nail polish in taiwan and i hope they'll be cheap cheap cheap! chose a pretty turquoise for pedi but too bad cindy is on leave wednesdays, so no nail art. *sad face*

it lasted more than 2 hours and SSD had to wait for me again. had dinner at noodle star. my 揚州炒飯 is nice~ so is SSD's soup. but prices a bit high (my bad). and there's this waitress who gave us this you-owe-me-money-so-i'm-not-gonna-smile-at-you face. super ruin atmosphere.

things to do before flying off next week: shopping at watsons, pack luggage, get screen protector for wall-e, trim eyebrows at hougang, use my free spa session at body contours, 浪漫 with SSD at marina bay, and shopping with him (while hoping he will use his voucher to buy me stuff). heex.



Tuesday, September 27, 2011

mind-mapping :)


Friday, September 23, 2011

i hate patrick. no, not the starfish.

random fact #1 - why is it that i toss and turn a couple of hours every night trying to find the most comfortable position, when in the morning afternoon, every awkward position imaginable feels so comfortable that i don't wanna get up? :|

... ...

random fact #2 - don't know since when, my perlini silver bracelet turned black and ugly and since i could only get the cleaning done at the store next week or so, i decided to try out this home remedy. if you already know it, good for you. if you don't, do try it. it really works! here's what i did:

step 1: fill soup bowl with hot water.
step 2: dissolve 2 teaspoons of baking soda in it.
step 3: place a sheet of aluminium foil inside.
step 4: put the bracelet on the foil.

and voila~! watch the dirt/grime/whatever start to disappear! give it a little nudge now and then to make sure every dirty part of the bracelet is touching the foil. within 10 seconds, my bracelet is nice and shiny again. :D i think it only works with 925 silver though.

... ...

how much information can you squeeze into a piece of a4 paper? all 10 chapters. :?

ultimate test of miniature handwriting! lmao at my mini diagram!

this is so unfair because my sales paper is an open book exam and since i (and majority of us) don't have the book, i have resigned to using the cheatsheet. which is obviously allowed since they allowed the entire textbook to be brought in already. but i still very 不爽 cos the lecturer (a.k.a patrick) didn't mention that the textbook was needed and only last minute he said it's an open book exam.


ok i recently found out kino is selling the book at $188! sighx. and so i am super demoralized. can only aim for a pass. *sad face* and guess what? my events lecturer sent me an email the other night.

(click to enlarge)

8O i seriously hope that he's just trying to scare me into pushing them by saying my grades are affected. why on earth should i be penalized when other people forget to submit assignments? FYI peer review is an individual assignment.

okay, perhaps i should have made the effort to remind them to submit. but would you remind someone who informed you about the deadline in the first place?

tell me, how am i supposed to feel? *face palm*

... ...

alrights. here's somemore random, useless stuff! gonna share what dramas i've watched! lol.

1. 潛行狙擊 (lives of omission)

surprisingly, it doesn't have a happy ending - jodie died and laughing was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing michael. (assuming you have watched, or started to watch, and know who they are.)

2. 醉後決定愛上你 (love you)

similar to FTLY, it's about two people getting together after getting drunk, people around trying to stop them blah blah blah. it was interesting at first, but then it got so draggy that i kept fast-forwarding.

3. 陽光天使 (sunny girl)

another draggy, fast-forward series. slightly more interesting than 醉後決定愛上你 due to its rather 'new' storyline. main attraction would probably be 吳尊. but his acting sucks. lol.

4. 惡魔在身邊 (devil beside you)

re-watched this (fast-forwarding through boring scenes) cos i like 楊丞琳. and how tough bad guys turn soft and sweet in front of their girl. and 賀軍翔 is super 帥 here! rofl.

the next series i'm gonna watch after my exams...

lols. battle starts tomorrow! gambatte!!


acnes medicated sealing jell

alrighty~ i drafted this some time ago and totally forgot about it! lol. it was until zhu asked me about pimple cream, then i suddenly remembered. tsk!

... ...

my not-so-recent hauls from samplestore:

most samples nowadays come in mini tubes instead of sachets and they're great for traveling! i'm stocking them for my taiwan trip. imagine the extra weight i can use for shopping! :P ok actually i've decided to try if i can stop using the expensive cleanser from 8-11 clinic so i'm getting lots of cleanser samples to try. =\

one of them is acnes. i've read many positive reviews around about the sealing jell and how it makes the pimple disappear within a few days. and so i decided to get the trial pack. before the day it arrived, i figured out i didn't want to wait any longer, so i bought the retail on my way to school. got the cleanser as well, on impulse.

this is insignificant but i was pretty unlucky that day, so let me rant! i alighted at chongpang since it was on the way and headed straight for guardian. they only had a few tubes of creamy wash left. i went to shop N save next but they didn't have any acnes products at all. so i went to CK last. thankfully they had the stuff. if you've been to chongpang, you'll know these 3 stores aren't exactly nearby.

then after that i went all the way back to the bus stop, and along came a bus that stated YISHUN INT. so i blindly hopped on. turned out that it was a LOOP service. i saw it turn the opposite direction from yishun interchange and went "ehh wtf?" but bo bian, alighted at the next stop and walked all the way back. by the time i reached the interchange, i was perspiring like mad. didn't help that i didn't get a inside seat, which meant, NO AIR CON! 

so yeah. end of rant. fml right? lol.

anyway, i reached home that night and opened the tube of jell, and to my surprise, it was sealed!

maybe it's just me, but i really seldom come across products nowadays that are sealed like that. +1 for acnes! lol. then itchy-hand me went to open the mini sample tube, and guess what?

sample also sealed leh! +2 for acnes! :D

this is how the jell looks like. it turns clear upon application. i experienced pretty bad stinging on my first try; think my pimples too toxic. *face palm*

some complained about the strong sulfur smell but i couldn't smell anything! practically have to shove the tube into my nose to catch a whiff of it, which wasn't that bad as well.

anyway, during the next few days, my smaller pimples miraculously 'disappeared', while the bigger ones very slowly gradually improved (or so i think). but after a while, i suppose the bacteria got immuned to it so i still keep having major breakouts. *sad face*

anyway, i realized it works as a pretty good makeup primer cos it's drying. oh wells, please let breakouts stop before taiwan trip! *reminds herself to drink more water*


Sunday, September 18, 2011

my pet 小強

i should be studying, but...i played with wall-e again! lols. though i've run out of stuff to practise with in my room. here's my first attempt at multiple exposure! poor wall-e look so 可憐. :D

long nails + 美腿. whahaha 不要臉~ :P

i'm starting to like this effect...

then met SSD for dinner and he brought my wall-e's pet 小強 out!

his guilty weird expression when trying to 偷拍. tsk!

we always end up near the esplanade. so we always shoot MBS...

...and the CBD. how boring!

actually, i think sotongball could possibly have achieved these photos too.

yes yes, not very professional. night scenes hard leh! lols. you know, i was playing with 小強 and wondering why the photos turn out so clear as opposed to wall-e. only when i downloaded the shots did i realize why. :?

i need to change my freaking screen protector. -_-"'

anyway, SSD's tempting me by buying a nikon DSLR! the evil copycat! but thankfully i'm still pretty put off by it's weight and size and how everyone's carrying one. i think i saw nearly 20 canon/nikon DSLRs just now! so not original can?! rofl.


Friday, September 16, 2011

avalon japanese fish collagen

ladies, read this:

if you didn't know, i've been taking meiji's amino collagen for about 5 months now and getting my next 6 months supply soon. while i still get breakouts and not really noticing any difference in my skin, i do notice my nails don't chip/break as easily as before. that's certainly a sign that they're getting stronger isn't it? even though typing is getting annoying nowadays. :|

the problem with meiji's fish collagen is that they smell and taste super disgusting on their own. lols. therefore i mix it in my drink before i go to sleep. which is not the best idea cos drinking water before sleeping results in a puffy face in the morning, right?

so i was pretty excited to receive 3 sachets of avalon's collagen, in blueberry, lemon, and mango flavors!

and apparently...

you can just dump it in your mouth! without mixing it with water! how cool is that? :P

i tried the blueberry one first, since it had the most positive reviews. first, must open sachet. lol.

i wanted to taste the difference between eating it directly and mixing it in water. so i poured a little out.

i like it! tastes something like those fizzy popping powder that you can dip lollipops in. (quite popular when i was little, so if you don't know what it is, either you're too young, too old, or got no 童年. lol.) it melted pretty easily too. then i mixed the rest with cold water.

probably added too much water, cos it was bland. and when you mix it with water, the fishy smell is stronger. :?

tried the lemon and then the mango one next.

both tasted bland, even when i ate them directly. so overall verdict, the blueberry flavor's the yummiest!

but sadly, i'll probably stick to meiji even though they cost about the same for a month's supply. that's because meiji's come in a tin and i only take half a scoop everyday (i've read that overdose on collagen can result in a bloated face so i'm just gonna half my intake). which means a tin can last me 2 months instead! *sad face*

p/s. kinda regret doing this cos i should have kept these convenient sachets for my taiwan trip. =\


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

playing with wall-e

out of the 80 shots i had taken over the past 2 days, only 9 looked decent. :? wall-e's manual functions are freaking overwhelming and i'm proud to say, i don't know what the heck i'm doing. lol. i don't see how you can learn with auto nor why would anyone waste a DSLR on auto mode. so it looks like i have a long long way to go before i can get chio photos. *sad face*

so here's my 9 pathetically decent shots. champagne truffle mooncakes from raffles hotel, courtesy of SSD. sorry i don't know how to appreciate though. i'm a traditional girl! whahaha!

taken by SSD. the nicest part of this photo? my nails so long! and chio! rofl.

eeyore the big-nose donkey!

don't know what to say. i tried taking my angelfish with fast shutter, but i had to adjust the iso and f-stop too, which i obviously didn't know how to (yet). and they all ended up black. guess i'd better stick to shooting stuff that doesn't move.

and some random cutesy stuff:

i kinda like the bokeh in this shot:

can't wait to go taiwan. i think i prefer shooting outdoors than in.

p.s. froggie wants to haolian too.

by the way, bro adopted sotongball. so i have to stick with wall-e for all my shooting needs. lucky he's not that heavy. lucky i'm not into heavy and bulky DSLRs.


Monday, September 12, 2011

we're a happy family


and so, 7 months after i had sotongball (omigosh sound like mother right?!), guess who joined our family yesterday?




my new baby! :P with the external flash (and looking horribly like wall-e)...

...and without!

it's the olympus e-p2 in limited edition all-black! i wish mine came with the viewfinder though. i don't like to use flash anyway. sotongball is great so far, but it doesn't have the manual settings that i need to play with if i wanna go further in photography. i wanted something with DSLR functions, but without the weight and bulkiness of canon or nikon. furthermore, everyone's using them and if you know me, i'd prefer to be different.

so i aimed for hybrids. and ever since SSD tempted me with the ep2 offer, this baby has been on my mind. =\

it was a totally impulse buy though - was heading towards suntec when SSD pycho-ed me into funan to see cameras, and just-nice it was the one i wanted. just-nice this was on sale ($300 reduction!). just-nice it was limited edition. just-nice it was the last piece! and the salesman offered a 8gb card, a tripod, an extra battery, and a camera bag for free! how not to get tempted you tell me?!

so......we did not go to suntec. cos the tripod alone is 1.15kg. -__-

the bad news is, it doesn't have zoom. gua gua gua~~ the macro sucks too, but i shall assume it's due to my sucky photography skills. lol. it's like, sitting there, so begging for me to play with it. but oh wells, i guess i have to start mugging soon. *sad face*

oh ya, initially i wanted to call it 媽媽 sotongball (yes laugh), but now, i shall officially name it...





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