Friday, September 9, 2011

i think a lot.

was playing emergency 4 last night. luckily i don't have the ambition to become police/doctor/firefighter. otherwise i think i'll burn a lot of buildings and kill a lot of people. rofl. :?

then, i had this crazy thought last night this morning if we were gonna see dandelions in taiwan. and this last verse of a particular song kept playing in my head, so i decided to search for it. (at 5am lol!) and i found it! :P

知識的門有你開啟  走向光明的路是你指引
莘莘學子幼苗長在大地里 師恩是春雨
每天用愛將智慧灌溉 培育我至誠至恿胸懷
教導我堅強 鼓勵從不間斷 開創美好的明天
我們是高飛的蒲公英 您的叮嚀祝福是和風
陪伴我自信翱翔 不怕迷失方向 飛向陽光絢麗的遠方

nice right? it's from 1995's 陽光列車II. (i used to like 陳漢偉 because of his 關懷方式 song. lol.) i remember our class, or a group of us, sang it for a teachers' day celebration in primary school. we sang another song too. :|

黑黑的天空低垂 亮亮的繁星相随
虫儿飞 虫儿飞 你在思念谁
天上的星星流泪 地上的玫瑰枯萎
冷风吹 冷风吹 只要有你陪
虫儿飞 花儿睡
不怕天黑 只怕心碎
不管累不累 也不管东南西北

i miss those times.


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