Monday, September 12, 2011

we're a happy family


and so, 7 months after i had sotongball (omigosh sound like mother right?!), guess who joined our family yesterday?




my new baby! :P with the external flash (and looking horribly like wall-e)...

...and without!

it's the olympus e-p2 in limited edition all-black! i wish mine came with the viewfinder though. i don't like to use flash anyway. sotongball is great so far, but it doesn't have the manual settings that i need to play with if i wanna go further in photography. i wanted something with DSLR functions, but without the weight and bulkiness of canon or nikon. furthermore, everyone's using them and if you know me, i'd prefer to be different.

so i aimed for hybrids. and ever since SSD tempted me with the ep2 offer, this baby has been on my mind. =\

it was a totally impulse buy though - was heading towards suntec when SSD pycho-ed me into funan to see cameras, and just-nice it was the one i wanted. just-nice this was on sale ($300 reduction!). just-nice it was limited edition. just-nice it was the last piece! and the salesman offered a 8gb card, a tripod, an extra battery, and a camera bag for free! how not to get tempted you tell me?!

so......we did not go to suntec. cos the tripod alone is 1.15kg. -__-

the bad news is, it doesn't have zoom. gua gua gua~~ the macro sucks too, but i shall assume it's due to my sucky photography skills. lol. it's like, sitting there, so begging for me to play with it. but oh wells, i guess i have to start mugging soon. *sad face*

oh ya, initially i wanted to call it 媽媽 sotongball (yes laugh), but now, i shall officially name it...





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