Wednesday, January 31, 2007

went town to celebrate jolin's birthday. sowie jolin, i had to trick you there. although u kinda guessed it in the end, i hope you liked the little surprise we had for you. =)

so hard to find a place for dinner. food republic first and then finally settled on pepper lunch. first time eating that. quite nice leh. i want go eat again! lols. had fun talking over dinner. eh ruilan, remember we say want 4 of us eat together? finally can le. hahas.

walked around abit after dinner. under the influence of ruilan, bought a cup of tiramisu. the choc on top looks so so yummy. hehes. but i haven't eat yet. it shall be my breakfast later on. lalala~

headed over to dunno what place for dou hua. lols. the shop's called rocher original beancurd. i got take notice leh! haha. the dou hua was pretty smooth, the you tiao nice nice also. got many many people lor. another pretty nice place for supper. =) da bao-ed 2 bowls back to humor my parents, cos i had this premonition i was gonna reach home after 12am. lols.

after that bus-ed down to little india to change buses home. ruilan and jolin say they want go toilet, so we walked all the way to the mrt station. on the way back, we stopped in the middle of the underpass and took pics. yay! lols. lucky is late at night, not much people walking past. i think we stayed there pretty long right? but sad lah, those pics i took..only a few nice enough to be published here. =\

went back home after that. true enough, i reached home around 12.30am. lols. dou hua saved the day! =D


i think i wanna chiong level up in maple today. so yep, bye guys. ^^

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

woots finally can sit down and blog. long day today. hmm. went school for trmk revision lecture. i was actually feeling rather skeptical going to school cos i dunno what kinda reactions i would get (btw i pinned up my fringe). happened to see huoleong and bingheng they all. huoleong asked me why i today put makeup. i stared at him. cos i've been doing that since goodness knows when. -_- hmm. weian said he nearly din recognize me. but luckily he also said i din look funny. blehz. the girls said now nicer than last time. i feel better. lols.

'begged' huoleong help me go buy fried wanton. when he came back, he passed it to caleb to pass to me. but i din see him. so poor caleb had to hold it dangling there while i dug for my money. lols. at revision lecture, kenneth tham gave us a lot of 'tips'. after copying whatever he said, i realized he meant need to study practically everything. zzZz.

after lecture, went for lunch. yean told me her friend's story. i really like what she said. "你不能否认他在追求你的时候是真的喜欢你, 但过阵子, 他不喜欢你时, 就是真的不喜欢你了." or something like that. which makes me wonder if i should ever take this risk. =\

while waiting for yean and ruilan, i went helpdesk, wanting to take the license key for fireworks. it was closed. so i went downstairs and surfed (the web) until their class ended. went upstairs to helpdesk again, still closed. this time worse, lights were even switched off. zzZz. wth lor. i bring laptop for nothing. haish.

went bugis with the gals after dinner in school. had some fun shopping. then we sat at this bubbletea shop and talked for some time. nice. but can be nicer if we were at coffee bean or something. lols. walked around somemore, then headed to bugis village. saw some real cheap diy acrylic nails on sale, so i bought a few to try. bought another dress as well. i really like it, but it's kinda puffy and makes me look fat. or so i think. haha. walked abit more, then went back home.

was in a good mood today but apparently my dad isn't. i reached home before 11.30pm, which i'm sure is considered early to many people, and tio scolding from him and my mum for coming back soooo late. -_- i so wanted to show them the dress and nails, but oh wells.

after doing my acrylic nails, i realized they were way tooooo long. it was so hard to type on the laptop and impossible to use my phone. zzZz. after much hard consideration, i removed them. haish. =( but i find them really pretty and i think i might still do them for chinese new year. hahas.

pics pics! ^^


mapled yesterday, and as i was recovering hp, along came this bathrobe guy who f2-ed me. so i f2-ed him back.

SouLSearch3R : i also bowman
SouLSearch3R : xbowman
SouLSearch3R : train hard ah
SouLSearch3R : +U+U

if this happened when maple first started, i wouldn't pay second thoughts to it. but in current maple, where i see rude kids and ks-ers everywhere, i find it pretty rare to have strangers encouraging strangers of the same job. those few simple words kinda made my day and i feel more motivated to continue training. =) sad that he left the map before i could fame him. but SouLSearch3R, i remember you! arigato~!


there are many things which
i never knew how
to do or say .

would you still want me..?

Sunday, January 28, 2007

went down jb giant this afternoon to do my hair. reached there around 2.30pm, and finished at 7.30pm. during this 5 hours, i changed seats 3 times, and washed my hair 4 times. lalala~ other than that, i just sat there. sit until butt pain. seriously. hmmm.. my mum also did the same as me, but maybe cos her hair shorter, she finished an hour earlier. -_-

my poor dad and bro. 5 hours do nothing. LOL. they went arcade to play, and actually managed to get a toy. blehz. walked inside giant after that. and i forgot to buy my vodka. zzZz.

anyways, back to my hair. haha. though they say i look nice, i think i look weird. really. it wasn't what i wanted lor. i don't look like me at all. sad. =\

pictures! don't puke ah.

how how? weird rite? lols. i think i should pin up my fringe. hor? haha. oh ya, i finally got a dress! lols. cheap, nice and sexy. yay. =D

no more liao. i want go bathe liao. lols. buaiz~
(i sound so act cute. ^^)

Saturday, January 27, 2007

"it only takes

a minute to have a crush on someone ,
an hour to like someone ,
and a day to love someone ,

but it takes..

a lifetime to forget someone."

Friday, January 26, 2007

went to the new shanghai map in maple just now, just to kill the centipede boss. wasted my time doing all those collecting quests and the stupid centipede took me less than 15 seconds to kill. and it merely gave me power elixirs and 15k. wtf? blehz. =X

slept around 5am, but was awakened at 5.45am by weian, asking me to help him finish the report conclusion. poor him, no need sleep i think. hmmm.. i think i should have a couple of hours left to sleep ba. i'm blogging while waiting for the conclusion to be accepted. after that, i really wanna see zhou gong. =X

Thursday, January 25, 2007

just to clarify something. you know that small little window that pops up when someone in your msn list logs in? I HAVE DISABLED IT! lols. apparently some people in my list like to play log in/log out. that thing keeps popping up and it's damn irritating can?! but unfortunately, it also means that i don't know who logs in. so to whoever's reading this, if you need to find me for anything, DO PM ME! don't wait for me to do so, cos i don't stare at the list the whole time waiting for you. =P

finally finished my part of the report. as in, officially, completely finished. yep. me and jolin managed to hit 4.5k words. like, WOW! thanks gal! =)

back to maple. everytime i log in my priest, i'd feel soooo tempted to continue training it. the pweety hairstyle, the nice nice equips, and the lovely amount of mesos in the bank. but the mere thought of training alone sianz me out. haiz. what should i do man? =(

p.s. to gary, sorry if i keep saying har on the phone. cos, can't hear properly + slow reaction = HAR. lols.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

did you know?

did you know that those who appear to be very strong in heart, are real weak and most susceptible?
did you know that those who spend their time protecting others, are the ones that really need someone to protect?
did you know that those who dress in black, are those who wants to be unnoticed and need your help and understanding?

got this in my email. thought i'd share it. =p

nth much to update, just that i forgot to set my alarm clock yesterday and missed the couple of tutorials. got an email asking why i was absent again. should i reply? lols. heck care her lah.

starting to maple again. but just to accompany gary. tks for all the equips. muacks dear. ^^ hope i don't get addicted again. lols.

suddenly feel like going up genting. maybe it's cos the weather here turning hot le. imagine if i still have to go to school everyday. wa can pengz man. zzZz.

i really like 'why are we still friends' by 98 degrees. hehe. tks nas for intro-ing it to me. =)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


i wonder..
if i'm really the self-centered bitch like what some people said just now.

when my friends have problems,
i only know how to listen and nod my head.
yet when i have problems,
i expect my friends to provide advice which i probably won't heed.

when i'm feeling vexed, i take it out on people who care,
because i know they won't retaliate.
yet when these people disappoint me sometimes,
i leave them no chance.

in relationships, i don't dare to give,
because i'm afraid of being hurt.
yet whilst doing so,
i hurt those people instead.

just because i want their lives to revolve around me,
doesn't mean they want and have to do so too.
i have much to learn,
much much more.


to you-know-who, i told myself i was gonna ignore you the whole week. but because of the reflection, i decided to talk to you again. you deserved it today. (if you cared) i was damn angry and upset just now. i really wanted to cry when you 'abandoned' me there like that, for the second time in a row. seriously, if not for all those times i vented my anger on you, it would take more than a week for me to talk to you again. you can try again if you don't believe. =X

(kindly DO NOT ask me anything about the above paragraph, unless i offer to tell you myself.)

and as i was hoping to cheer myself up in audition, met a trio of sorelosers who so 'nicely' commented on my style of clothings, finishing off with a very polite 'BITCH'. =D but they did some good too. at least it helped inspire the reflection above.

on a lighter note, passed the whole report to jolin to continue. hopefully she can manage without me and i can finally take a break from lam. ^^

oh ya, i met xia at bus stop today. she took leave for napfa. lols. so long nv gathering liao. grad le muz muz hor~!

no more report and lesser tutorials make me feel pretty relaxed. time for some gaming before exams. =P

Sunday, January 21, 2007

lalala~ taking a break from writing the report. was feeling extremely stressed and pissed off earlier cos i was wondering why yean's group can discuss part 2 of the project together, and yet i'm doing this major part alone. but as i was flipping through my trmk notes (lam project go read trmk notes -_-), i suddenly saw this particular slide with the points i was thinking of, or supposed to think of. so...voila~! erm, but hor, leader ah, sorry if it's wrong lor, cos i dunno how to do le. lols.

anyway, i just managed to hit 3,000 words and left with only one part. woohoo~ is that an achievement? haiz. i din see myself working so hard for my individual assignment previously, and yet i managed to scrape a grade A for it. dear tutor, you are the nicest tutor i've had so far. please let us score this time. let my panda eyes be worth the sacrifice. =P

it's a pity blogger wun let me post pictures. cos as i was surfing the net for pictures for the report, i chanced upon the sexiest butt i've ever seen. will post it up when blogger lets me, and if i remember. in the meantime, off to bed. bye ppl~! ^^

[edit] here's the pic!
tada~! sexy hor..?
p.s. thx gary for the sweet sweet testimonials. =)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

i think there's something wrong with me. slept around 5 this morning and woke up at 6.30 for school. yet i didn't sleep at all on the way there. maybe it's because my mp3 cocked up and i panicked cos no more warranty. -_-

yean told me it would be som revision lecture today, that's why i went. but he didn't revise at all, merely went through a new topic. i tried to listen attentively, until someone asked him whether it was tested in final exam, and he said no. then i fell asleep. haiz.

lecture finished at 10. was supposed to meet someone, who apparently fell asleep. i didn't know what to do, where to go, so i sat and waited for his reply while yean had their group discussion. saw how their group had their open war. first time i saw bingheng lose his temper. was thankful for my peaceful group. =p

after waiting for around an hour or so, huoleong kelian-ed me and lent me his psp to pop some bubbles. lissa walked past a couple of times, took pity on me, and offered to accompany me go walk walk. lols. thx dear sasa.

went marina. saw this cute dress which sa said probably would look good on me. 70+ bucks. haiz. then went fox, and saw this lovely skirt, 50 bucks. HAIZ. why all so ex de. zzZz. but i sure had fun trying on all those clothes. ^^

was walking aimlessly around when sa spied something she wanted. seeeeeeee~

hahas. we sat on the bench and licked our ice creams, giggling like little schoolgirls. =D haven't felt so relaxed in a long long time.

finally reached home at 6. i wonder if i should go to bed or continue to work on the report (deadline nearer liao). haiz. =X

you wanted me to trust you .
it was hard ,
but i did .
i thought you were different ,
i should have known you weren't .
you did exactly what i told you not to do .

should i believe you again ?
can i trust you again ?
will you hurt me again ?

i will take the risk.. more .

suddenly i lost everything overnight..

Thursday, January 18, 2007

so many people walking in and out of my life ,
yet none stays long enough for me to call them mine .
where were you when i needed you ?
i missed you so much .
you're coming back soon .
would we meet ?
would you want to see me again ?
i can't help but think back .
but don't worry ,
i'm not gonna expect anything more ,
so you don't have to say anything .
please don't .
although it hurts ,
just let me continue liking you silently .
you may have forgotten ,
but those memories mean the world to me .
they're enough .

in case i don't see you again ,
(which i guess i probably won't) ,
"take care of yourself in ns .
i wish you all the best in whatever you do .
and i hope you're happy ,
without me ."

i just wish you'll remember ,
this girl once fell for you .

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

"Apart from these, less conventional courses are also among the new offerings such as a diploma in psychology and community services at Ngee Ann Poly in Clementi and one in veterinary technology by Temasek Poly in Tampines."

like, fuck can?! psychology and veterinary, both i also want. and both also come out after i grad. haish. why didn't it come out 3 years ago? then i wouldn't have to waste my time and energy on a course i didn't like and wouldn't use. the more i look at the 'veterinary technology', the more i kick myself. why can't i be 3 years younger? wwhhhhyyyyy...? *sobs* really tempted to take that course. but then it also means i'll be in poly for a total of 6 years, and it'll only be a dip, not a degree. shucks. -_- but still, NOT FAIR! ='(
finally done with the fabm project presentation. i guess we didn't do so well after all. april ng's face was sianz throughout our presentation, and halfway through, she answered a call. -_- but oh wells, just don't fail me. got back trmk results also. not good, but a few marks better than what i had expected. can celebrate le. LOL.

last project liao. 2 more weeks to complete it. it's time i started on it. =S

took this pic after changing into formal wear this morning at school. i figured it's gonna be the last time i wear formal in school, so took it on impulse. but still, i wonder if i'm eligible to use the term 'cam-whore'. =X

here's something to share with you guys. don't understand the pic? try stretching the corner of your eyes. ;)

the person must be genius to have invented it. lols. so much for now. off to nap and then get started on lam. =)

[edit] blogger deleted my photos, dunno why tho. =p

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

woots i'm on a roll~ 3 posts in a day! lalala~

new blogskin YET AGAIN. actually, i merely tweaked the codings around abit, and changed the color and stuff. but most importantly, i made the top and side banner, from scratch! lols. no sticky fingers. *slaps hands of those who try to steal* is it nice? does it look okay? huh huh? lols. first time i'm attempting it, so, too bad if it's ugly. i like it can le. it's most prolly here to stay. ^^

and to gary, well, stay happy and strong. i'll be here if you need me. =)

Monday, January 15, 2007

wowee~ slept at 5plus and woke up at 8.30am. nice. gary+mingkai+johnson=lack of sleep. lols. and thanks to my 3 little darling piggies, i banged my head against the metal bedstand when i got up this morning, and knocked against the sharp edge of the coffee table. LOL. i must be having that blur blur look to make even blur yean notice me immediately. lols.

jk lah, no offence k? dun 'dun talk to me' liaos wor. haha. pretty fun last night, seeing everyone not asleep. too bad got lessons in the morning. i must be getting old liao. need more sleep. or find a time where there are no lessons. lols.

skipped som tutorial cos since i slept through trmk lecture, i might as well come back home and finish the nap. i also can't seem to concentrate with the headache going on. but i'm still up here blogging cos my maggi mee haven digest finish. (=

anyway, chanced upon a particular blog written by a 13 yr old gal. she was saying stuff like, 'miss my dear' and 'i love you dear'. i wonder if society's moving faster, or the people getting smarter. i also realized nowadays young people in relationships like to use 'i love you'. it's like, whether you've been together for 1 month or 1 year, it's all 'i love you, you love me'. maybe i'm a tad too conservative and weird, but i would still prefer to use this word sparingly and with caution. imagine if everyone starts saying 'love' to everyone, how do you know if he truly means it when he says it or it's just a pet phrase he says easily and freely? hmmm. after reading her blog, i feel older. =X

lastly, gary wants me to blog about him, so yeah, here's 'about him' i blogged. =P
can you pretend not to love someone when actually you do? can you do the opposite too?

i think all of us are professional actors/actresses at some point of time in life. no matter how we feel, how we think, there's always some situation where we have to conceal our true self and act the way others want us to. aren't you sick of it sometimes..?

there's no reason for me not to be happy. smiles can be put on no matter how i feel. it's only whether i want to do it or not. but when night falls and there's no one there for you, it's hard to pretend not to cry.

read kenneth's blog just now. (yes dear, that 'ms' is me.) =P anyways, that article you mentioned really helped me to understand what i'm going through abit better. still boils down to the old saying ' 期望越高, 失望越大'. maybe i should learn how not to expect anything. thanks kenneth~
new blogskin AGAIN. lols. i know it's a tad toooo simple and plain, but i really liked the words on top. maybe i'll revert back to the pink one when i'm sick of this. =)

[edit] i just realized i changed it only 4 days ago. omg. lols!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

went changi boardwalk just now. asked my dad to drive me there because apparently it's pretty inaccessible. it took the 4 of us 15mins to find the entrance, and somemore with me calling up my dear yean for help. i tink if not, we wouldn't be able to find it, cos we were at a totally different place. lols.

anyways, it reminded me of sungei buloh and pulau ubin - secluded and remote, with greenery everywhere. the scenery is indeed pretty nice, but the beach damn dirty lor. other than that, not much stuff to see. i wonder how am i gonna write the report. =.- saw a couple of groups doing survey, also from ngee ann. looked like yr2 de. haish.

we also picked, or tried to pick, seashells. only found 1 not too bad de. thank god the weather was nice. lalala~ pics!

i think it's a waste of time doing this project. lols.

Friday, January 12, 2007

why don't you open your umbrella if you're walking in the rain? why walk under the shelter if you wanna open up your umbrella? and why have shelters when they leak?

haish. =X raining days. -_-''

but anyway, i'm in a pretty happy mood today. i dunno why either. lols. the rain didn't get me down one bit. i even offered to buy macdonalds for my bro. like, wow! hahas. i wonder if it's because of the two cds i bought - westlife's the love album, and kim jeong hoon's 5 stella lights. lalala~ been hesitating for a long time already, cos i'm damn broke now. still, i got the westlife one for only $8! and with 5 stella lights, came a kjh tabletop calendar and his poster! see see?

*drools, wipe drool, and drools again*
LOL. i'm so gonna have sweet dreams from now on. ^^

Thursday, January 11, 2007

after the previous post, i flipped open the newspaper and turned to my daily horoscope read. tada~

'are there obstacles in your current relationships that you do not quite know how to handle? try opening your heart rather than resorting to a defensive position. trust the boundless potential in your soul.'

yeps! new blogskin. but actually, it's the same format and everything; i only changed the color. lols.

finally finished the ibs sales call. i flunked it horribly. prepared so much the night before and yet i completely freaked out in front of him. haiz. i think he was kinda nice to give me a c+/b- for my disastrous performance. lols.

got back som results. was quite surprised cos i was expecting a mere just-pass. haven't got back lam and trmk cos apparently the heads needed to moderate. thankfully lam she told us we did quite well, and trmk no one failed. that certainly put my mind at ease.

projects are not looking that good, unfortunately. april ng said our fabm sucked. i think she sucks more. -_- haiz. lam changi boardwalk. how to write 7,000 words on such an ulu ulu place wor.. zzZz.

back to the blogskin. a NEW beginning. it means, i don't wanna wait for him anymore. i'm sick and tired of it. i want to move on and let more people into my life. and i'm gonna do it. i shan't mope around and think of him, hoping that he'll come to me. i'm gonna try to put down whatever that's in the past and learn to trust. i just want to be happy. =)

every girl just wants to be protected.
don't say you miss me when you don't mean it.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

whoa sleepy day. could hardly crawl out of bed this morning, even though i slept quite early last night, about 1plus. slept through the journey to school, in between lessons, and during the journey home. i didn't dare to look at the tutors for fear they would notice my half-closed eyes. haish. why why why..

april ng siao siao one today. she locked the door after 9.15am and the latecomers missed the whole lesson. -_- maybe she really buay tahan le, but scare abit can le ma. do until so 绝. haiz. lucky last sem le. get everything over and done with, then no more! yay.

will i see you again?
i see you again?
cAn i see you again?
i... want... to see you again. =(

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

argh i dun like school reopens. not because i have to go to school, but because there's a drastic increase of students on board buses. it seems such a long long time ever since i saw a crowded bus. previously even at 4plus, there were seats available. around the same time today, i had to squeeze on board the bus. and students nowadays. tsk tsk~ kana sandwiched just now. the back people wouldn't move in nor let me move in, and the front keep pushing me. nice feeling eh? the darn aircon wasn't working too. sucked horribly since i had waited 20mins in the sun for the bus to arrive. argh! -_-'''

lalala~ should i continue training my blessless priest, or train my pathetic unfunded warrior? hmmm. i love warrior's damage, but i've spent so much time/money/effort on the priest, i dun really wanna give it up. especially since more and more people now are agreeing that bless sucks. haiz.

p.s. this is for mingkai, if you ever get to read this. lols. impressive. from 9am until now. thanks for sms-ing me the whole day. if not i really v sianz lor. nothing to do. i stoned throughout lunch break. LOL. but wasted your sms wor. but hor, you sentry duty oso nothing to do right? hahaha~ enjoy india ba. blehz. ^^

Monday, January 8, 2007

went shopping with my mum just now. bought a pink lacy blouse which is practically transparent at the back and front bottom. i wonder when should i wear it out. *evil grinz*

we were browsing the clothes when this shopkeeper came to make small talk. and she referred to me as my mum's sister. after my mum said i was the daughter, she so nicely complimented my mum for looking young. sheesh. why always me?! that time oso got one lady ask my aunt whether i'm her sister. i look so old meh? sobs. =(

Sunday, January 7, 2007

i need to rant. =X

haiz. i dunno why but i'm kinda dreading school now. i feel this dread increasing every minute. zzZz. the thought of going back to class depresses me, cos i can no longer see fun. i miss those 1.1, 1.2 and 2.1 days, where even though i'm not very close to my classmates, i never really felt very left out. lessons were pretty enjoyable and nice. 2.2 wasn't so bad too, even though i left my previous class. i think it's cos the people were nice.

3.1 was the worst class i ever had, and i mean it. i've never seen so much people i dislike gathered together before. sure i had a couple of friends with me, and i made new ones, but nevertheless, a certain group of people in that class piss me off soooo much, i seriously showed the evil side of me. thank god i don't have to see them this sem.

3.2 kinda sucks as well. i feel weird without yean, having gone through 5 sems with her. and thank god i still have jolin with me. i can't imagine being in 3.2 alone. i'm not saying the rest of the class are bad, but compared to my first class, i can't say i like 3.2 alot.

which probably explains my project attitude this sem. ask sa, ask yean, ask anyone who've done projects with me before. compare my previous attitudes and this recent one. really one sky one earth. lols. i don't wanna be like this as well, but i can't help it. i can't seem to concentrate nor participate much. i do feel guilty, but i can't bring myself to enjoy working on those projects. toooo sianz liao. sorry guys. =(

ah crap. i think i might be looking forward to the end of year exams, which means i don't have to go to class anymore. haiz.

okay end of rant. if i've offended you, sorry but this is the way you make me feel - pissed off. i don't give a damn. =\

Saturday, January 6, 2007

hmm. plenty to blog today. first thing - latest news. "a group of students and a teacher were attacked at labrador park by a swarm of bees." poor things. see lah. go there for wad? tunnels so nice meh? now free bee sting somemore. zzZz.

next thing. went polyclinic this afternoon. reached there at 12.45pm, and left at 4pm. nice. excellent time management. -_- everywhere i go oso must wait leh. from registration, to see doctor, to get medicine, and then to get referral letter. a whopping 3hrs man! i wouldn't have stepped in there if not for the price reduction. haiz.

while i was waiting to collect my medicine, i saw this weird auntie. she kept going to the counter, peer over, then go back and sit down. got queue number one wad. so kan chiong for wad sia. and not to be rude, but when she stood up, i happen to notice her.. tummy. erm, you know when you pour a glass of beer to the top and the foamy thing almost spills over the edge? that's what her tummy looked like, her fats were practically 'spilling over'. know why i can see it? cos she was wearing a short tummy-revealing top and tight shorts. lols. but still, kudos to her bravery and self-confidence. unfortunately, when she sat down, she kept digging her nose and erm, flicking off whatever she found inside. omg gross can!?! zzZz.

had sakae sushi buffet dinner tonight with my ex-colleagues/boss from my attachment company. actually i was tired out from all that waiting and walking in the afternoon, but i still went for dinner for the sake of meeting them. i hadn't thought much of it before, but after seeing them, i realized how much i missed working there. i don't miss the boring stuff i did there, but it's the people i miss. i miss my friendly and helpful HR colleagues, that ah lian from KA (jk eve!), the couple of fun engineers upstairs, and the many people here and there that made my attachment so enjoyable. heard from them the company very messy now. sad lah. i seriously thought of sending in my resume, but if you guys are gone, no use me going in right? haiz. looking forward to the next outing after cny! ^^

lastly, cuteoverload presents!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

wow i can't believe i'm up so early today. whee~ i dunno why, but there's this song stuck in my head. its 下一站天后 by twins. those of you who watched 阿旺新转 might know that its the song 美丽 sang during her singing competition. really nice and meaningful. shall upload here once it stops lagging. ^^

been holed up at home since the sat date with sa. furthest i've been was downstairs. it may only be a few days, but weirdly it feels like a few months to me. i wonder if i still remember how to get to school. lols.

speaking of school, only 2 more months left! i know i should probably attend all lectures and tutorials from now on to make full use of my remaining time left in ngee ann, but.. raining season haven end leh. so shiok to sleep in. haiz.

this sem's projects were kinda less stressing, mainly because i'm not the one in charge. its nice to be 'taking orders' for a change, but i seriously pity my leaders. i just hope that what i've done is okay. well, sorry if it's not. =X i don't mean to be rude, but it kinda sucks doing projects with an unfamiliar group of people. where's my yean?! haiz. i guess its part of growing up, and i know i have to work with strangers in future, but, that's just me. blehz.

p.s. this last part is for gary and johnson, if by any chance you guys are here. lols. i'm sorry i wasn't able to help nor give any constructive comments about what you guys have told me. (you two got same problem. lols.) not that i don't want to help or anything, but i dunno how to. as you guys probably know, mine is messed up all the same, so i don't wanna say anything wrong. but i know my 'haha' and 'lols' can get pretty irritating at times, so.. gomenasai~!!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

oooh~ agoraphobia. that's the term i was looking for. or more simply known as crowd anxiety disorder. lols. i suppose i'm a little agoraphobic. i thought i was weird. now i know there are others out there like me as well. din know it could lead to depression. sounds so serious. lols.

heard in the news that a teenager was recently robbed while he fell asleep at the bus stop. erm, even though its 7.30am, is it even possible? and for 4 hours somemore! slept so soundly he didn't even notice he was robbed? bus stops so comfortable meh? hmmm..

anyway, been messing around with rss recently, but still can't really understand it. anyone expert at it? kindly explain? =X

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

hahaha~ my 3rd post of today. wow nice start to the year. anyway, just wanna share with you all a couple of pics. saw this lovely rainbow this evening. can't get a nicer shot cos using phone. this rainbow was really big and clear, the best i've seen so far. but unfortunately it didn't last very long. sad. enjoy ba~ ^^

Monday, January 1, 2007

just when i thought i could forget you, you remind me of you again. but still, whether intentionally or not, thanks for remembering me. =)
ehh, my first post of 2007. i feel high. hmmm. let's see if i can get through this post without making any silly mistakes. lols.

the countdown bbq was so fun. just the 8 of us, gathering for a small, quiet, 'reunion' dinner. halfway through the dinner, the drinks came. i suppose i drank quite a lot, for me to feel high. lols. my tummy now has a weird mixture of :
tiger beer
red wine1
red wine2
white wine
and other non-alcoholic beverages.

nice. i love gin&tonic. i love it more when i mix it myself. ahh~ the best concoction ever invented, i think. lols. i keep asking my dad to open his bottle of chivas regal, but he keep refusing. my granddad refused to share his bottle of whiskey as well. -_-'''

but still,
great(alcohol+food+music+weather) = get high. lols.

any new year resolutions? lols. here's a few of mine.
1. lose weight ^^v
2. pass all my modules and graduate safely
3. get the night safari job i want
4. 'pawn' all the noobs in audition and master 8k

lols. i'm dreadfully tired. alcohol-effect. off to bed. =X

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