Sunday, June 27, 2010

where can i get strawberry-scented teddies?

"Authority should derive from the consent of the governed, not from the threat of force!"

:) caught toy story 3 with SSD.

so cute and funny! i found the story quite interesting and easy to follow, despite not watching part 1 and 2. you know, this reminds me of how i used to imagine my soft toys coming alive at night. the very way enid blyton portrayed them to be.

the toys here are much cuter though - lotso the pink bear for looking so so hugable, bullseye the horse for being super dog-like, mr and mrs potato head for being hilarious (especially the last part when they were escaping sunnyside), ken for being uber lame, big baby for being so scary sitting on the swing at night, buzz and his spanish mode......and practically every toy i like!

i'm gonna go kiss my toys tonight. :P

lols. random photos during lunch. i never pass up any opportunity to hone my photography skills. =|

okay, obviously i don't have much skills. lols.

we always seem to have so much time to spare before our movie. so after wandering around, SSD decides to show off his racing skills. again. lols.

what's up with guys and speed. and gadgets. and beatboxing. O_o

... ...

dinner dinner! (tummy was actually growling during the movie. =x)

SSD's lobster bisque baked rice. scallops were very garlic-ky. in a nice way.

my skipper's delight. it's panfried fish on top of pasta in lobster bisque sauce. absolutely delicious!

i actually just wanted the potato platter cos firstly, i had some sort of craving for fries. secondly, it came with a cheese melt dipping sauce. and thirdly, i wanted to save some space for dessert. (but obviously i was convinced otherwise.)

decided on a muddy mud pie to share.

mad sinful! the top layer is coffee and the second layer, chocolate. there was also this thin layer of chocolaty crust at the very bottom. and with all the chocolate syrup, it sure gave me the 幸福感覺. :D

sighhh. it's prince of persia and f1 tomorrow later. *happy*


Saturday, June 26, 2010

tolerance is the greatest gift of the mind

it's been a horrible week.

every single day, i get so angry with a certain someone at work that i can't help but bang stuff here and there to vent. i don't usually show my dislike for people so obviously, but she's super 'tok-gong' to make me hate her to the extent that i don't really care what she or everyone else thinks. (i like to harp on the 1.5 days off she's supposed to give us but geh-siao don't want to give.) tsk.

either i quit when i really can't tolerate her lack-of-intelligence, or she sacks me when she can't stand my black face. whichever comes first. and i don't really care. >:|

... ...

so. dinner at central! extra lots of people at riverbank, which we found out why later.

salmon sashimi! (loving satio baby more and more.)

cold soba with fried prawn & veggies. i like this! although it would have been easier to eat if the veggies weren't fried in one big lump. the portion size was kinda big too. XD

SSD's miso ramen. soup was nice on first try, but subsequently turned salty. or so he says.

my SSD! *muacks* :D

ahem. turned out it was singapore river festival this weekend, so there were performances across the river. mainly acrobatics and stuff, i think. procrastinated for awhile and therefore only managed to snap this when it was finishing.

there were 'fireworks' (looked abit different from normal fireworks but sounded and smelt like them) too. and since we conveniently stood under a tree, we saw more tree branches instead. -_-'''

... ...

just to share the poker card chocolates that my ah ma got from RWS shareholder meeting. apparently you just have to buy some of their shares to become their 'shareholder'. white chocolate on top and dark below. yummy~

sighhh. toy story in the afternoon. yay!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

i love it when a plan comes together

am not normally drawn to these kind of movies, but PL kinda convinced me to watch it. i'm glad i did. it was a nice mixture of action and comedy. not to mention liam neeson ("hannibal") and bradley cooper ("face") are hot! lols. plot was interesting too!

we were at PS before the movie to attempt getting a present for fathers' day. looney tunes roadshow!! i can't make up my mind tweety or sylvester. both are so cute!

and no, i didn't manage to get anything. lols.

after the movie, we tried 家香麵 at MS. it was more or less almost empty everytime we passed by, and i always wondered why. i think i know now. despite the fact that the food was affordable and very nice, they only had like, 10 food items on the menu? tsk tsk.

SSD's 家香麵.

prawn & fish slice soup to share. nicee.

my fish fillet noodle. i tried to ask for an extra bowl of curry sauce and was surprised they obliged.

noodles were pretty normal and fish fillet was a little over-fried and hard. curry was kinda spicy, but very yummy! quite worth it i guess. :)

then headed off to the flyer to slack. there's this covered stage thingy that we settled for. quite a nice place i feel - low lights, less crowded, clean seats, a little wind every now and then...

lights from MBS (marina bay sands) skypark, shooting way up into the sky.


originally wanted to game tonight. but since it's already 130am and i have to get up early, i guess i should be heading to mask and bed soon. tata!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

just another random update

it seems like besides food, i don’t really have much to blog about anymore. i would love to blog about RT, but they’ll simply be full of expletives, harsh but never enough to fully express my frustrations at the management. sighhh. so let’s stick with the G-rated food posts shall we?

justacia again on monday. tried the fried dory this time.

er. i think the dory with melted cheese and mayo that i had previously was nicer. lol. SSD's cheese+tofu+noodle soup.

don't know why he likes spicy stuff all most of the time. =| then went esplanade rooftop for like, 20 mins? i didn't know they had this 'hidden' corner here. i need more of this!

photos that day taken with SSD's phone. cos satio baby was almost dying on me. since i had forgotten to recharge it after having it on wifi for 4 hours. amazing it could last the whole day. lol.

p/s. f1 session on sunday/monday midnight saw hamilton start pole and ended first after a very very exciting race. *happy*

... ...

bro's birthday, so we went out for dinner. abit rushed and last-minute since i thought we had already celebrated on sunday and he was supposed to go out today.

they ordered an extra sambal prawn with rice, which came first...

...and was finished even before our main courses arrived. -_-

my baked salmon. very nice!

mum and dad both had the same thing: mixed grill.

bro's fire steak. i used to love this. =X

dessert was sinful - tiramisu, banana split, chocolate sundae.

sighh. why is it only wednesday? can't wait for saturday. movie day with SSD! =)

... ...


it's on repeat now after SSD reminded me of it.


Monday, June 14, 2010

dimsum lunchie (again)

nothing much to blog today. and since this is becoming more and more of a food blog anyway, i shall simply post the photos for you to drool on. lols.

photos look pretty bad today. they seem to be cut off in some place or another. lols.


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