Friday, February 27, 2009

prestigious? yeah right!

super super pissed at work today. (when am i not?) it was so maddening that i came so close to swearing out loud at them.

singapore's most 'pretigious' country club (go google it yourself) is very dumb. number one, project team gave me 3 different answers when i asked them a very simple question. first one said 9.30pm, second one 9pm, and after i had arranged everything for 9pm, yet another one said 11pm. fine!

number two, no electricity? never mind. at least have the courtesy to inform earlier. 5pm is NOT considerate. luckily i managed to get one supplier last minute, otherwise...dunno how i'll die.

number three, i find it absolutely, terribly, amazingly S-T-U-P-I-D to have to work in the middle of the night. i don't exactly give a damn about those rich stuckup members and their ferraris or lambos. we have a whole 3 tennis courts and their shelter to build for god's sake! how can they expect us to do everything at night? if those members are dumb enough to leave their cars near the worksite, serve them right if it gets damaged! what crap is this 11pm-6am shift? zzZz.

it's not helping that no one is there to help. worse still, manager's so fucking lazy; he waited half an hour for me to finish lunch and then said, "michelle can you print that email? very very urgent." like omg, printing an email is SO TOUGH and TIRING! ._.

china suppliers aren't any better either. if i ask for A, just give me the damned A. don't ask for the rest of the alphabets. i'm not as free as you! don't give me attitude just because you're an ang mo working in china; I CAN SPEAK/WRITE/READ ENGLISH AND CHINESE TOO! i hope you don't call. i'll probably slang just to spite you. tsk.

i need to be like HL - first week 2 days MC, second week 3 days leave, third week half day leave.



i wanna go genting! having the urge to wear boots recently. URS's having 50% sale for boots! so tempting.. =(

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

retail therapy again

hate it when i depend so much on retail therapy to 'relieve stress'. went shopping at hougang mall after work with hl. bought some clothes and a wallet! we're currently looking out for pasar malams so if anyone knows where in the east there is any, please tell me! lols. it didn't really help that we were both in heels and dead tired from work already.

before leaving, i dabao-ed pepper lunch for dinner (i honestly didn't know you could takeaway pepper lunch). by the time i reached home, it was almost 10.30pm. X_X

right. i have no idea what i'm typing. i guess that's the lack-of-sleep effect. i can't believe i stayed up till 2+am this morning just to watch something as boring as the academy awards. all because robert pattinson was presenting. tsk me.

don't like end-of-months when i feel rich. then i'll start to spend spend spend. can't wait for suspect x and marley. =)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

singaporean couples.

lols got this in my mail. quite true; i see it happening to my parents all the time. X)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

randoms 123

1. i love how munchkins would stare at me every day when i get back from work.


2. yay for DIY french manicure sets! muacks sally hansens.


3. don't understand why i 'happen' to see artistes i'm not interested in. what's with free Energy/Lollipop tickets and Rainie/Jiro 签唱 sessions? why can't i 'happen' to come across Westlife instead? =(


Thursday, February 19, 2009

no like being ruled by emotions.

as much as i complain about my director Hel, i can't help but feel sorry when she broke down in tears in front of me. i hate getting tangled into this P&C top management dispute. i hate knowing all that goes 'behind the scenes'. ignorance is bliss, in this case. but when she looked at me with those red eyes, i couldn't say anything.

which sucks.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

arigato gozaimasu~!

this is one of the rare moments i'm blogging about actually having fun at work. 2 persons made my day today.

first, my darling HL. she's probably one of the most boliao people in the office, apart from me. that's why we click! i must have declared my undying love for her countless times today. =) she's also the only one who can understand and handle my sarcasm. lols. not to mention we always share stuff, so i have different kinds of foods and drinks everyday. -__-'' she's also the only one in the office to chat on msn with me. so, yay for HL~

second, my engineer D. he's also very lame, sarcastic, and boliao, though not as much as me. he was hilarious today! twice my manager tried to talk to him and he ignored him! first time, he thought the manager was talking to me. second time he was excitedly trying to ask me to go back to my seat and read what he typed on msn (he just installed it today), while my manager was beside, talking about some project stuff. they were both talking at the same time and their reactions were totally comical; kept me and HL in fits of laughter. xD

it's also comforting to realize hel isn't bothering me, su isn't pestering me, and st's depending on me.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

i'm getting pissed. really.

i think i'm having this really weird bout of bad luck. after the very distasteful housefly episode at sakura the other day, guess what i found in my fish soup today?

big. fat. black. COOKED. w-o-r-m.

yep. cooked worm. it probably came with the veggies. utterly grossed out! lucky i just started. so there goes my lunch and appetite. can you imagine how starved i was when i reached home at 8.30pm? hais.

so now i have phobia of durians, salmon sashimi slices, and fish soup! if this carries on i'll soon have nothing to eat! what luck.


halfway through this jap drama attention please. pretty interesting. :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

probably my worst valentines.

nostalgia. yep.


today was probably my worst valentines day so far. accompanied my aunt to her church appreciation dinner @ orchid country club. reached there about 5pm, and the place was already swarming with people. at the reception, they gave out roses for gals and chocs for guys.

i love roses! ^^ we were soon seated. it was exactly like a wedding dinner. almost a hundred tables. the emcees spoke for awhile, then dinner began.

the 8 courses were mainly seafood and veggies, which suited me, since i could easily pick out the veggies only. (but so not worth the sixty bucks.) the only real meat was the herbal emperor chicken, which i only ate a tiny portion. it initially tasted weird to me, so i drowned the rest in vinegar. lol. later i confirmed with my aunt that the chicken didn't taste bad, so i guess it's just me then. i honestly hope i'm beginning to dislike the taste of meat. *shrugs*

but i gave in to the sharks fin. argh! =((

there were a few games and lucky draws in between the courses. the games were really lame i tell you. one of them was that each table had to select 10 items related to love and have a representative explain them on stage. but they forgot they had 90+ tables. so what resulted was a massive crowd at the bottom of the stage stairs. i was like, -__-''.

there's another one, where 10 gals sat on stage barefooted while their shoes would be mixed up in the middle of the stage. their spouses were then blindfolded, and the gals would have to guide their other half to find their shoes and put it on for them. can anyone tell me is there any meaning to this game? sheesh.

then came the worst part after dinner. first pastor preached 20 mins, followed by 30 mins of songs, and then another pastor preached 30 mins. first 20 mins i was bored. next 30 mins i was pissed. last 30 mins, fuming.

i feel cheated, cos my aunt told me there would be no preaching. no offence to christians, but i simply hate preaching. and the more i listen about the bible, the more i feel offended because it contradicts with my belief. (i'm not gonna talk about my belief. out of bounds.) and that pastor lawrence or something, if you can believe in something as stupid as giants, why do you disregard martial arts? just because the latter isn't in the bible? what crap!!

i felt so so uncomfortable standing there amidst all the singing, trying to resist the urge of frowning or showing my displeasure. ugh! i swear i'm not gonna attend any event related to christianity ever again. zzz.

only good thing about this dinner is that i get to dress up! i love mini skirts and boots! xD

and lastly,

[caption id="attachment_1749" align="alignnone" width="416" caption="happy valentines day."]happy valentines day.[/caption]


hope you guys love this song as much as i do.

there's a canto version too.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

i took leave for shopping!

just kidding.

i'm surprised my leave even got approved, since it was submitted only yesterday morning. but i have a valid reason. went TTS early this morning cos dad was having a day surgery. i guess it wasn't major, but dad honestly looked worried, so i thought i'd take a day to accompany him. mum and bro were there too.

his original 9.30am timeslot was postponed to 11 plus, and while he was in, we went shopping. lol. finally got my essential oils. bloody expensive!! got a couple of books too. i spent like, 200 bucks in 2 days. =(

received lots of smses from my boss in china, so i guess he doesn't know i'm on leave. i'm surprised i didn't receive anything from office. either i've managed to prepare everything last night, or they just didn't want to bother me. either way, i've earned a very nice day away from office.

btw, dad's fine. and, happy friday the 13th! ^^

(i wish i could apologize for that msg. i didn't know ANYTHING, though i know it isn't good enough reason. now that i know, i feel horrible. i wish there was something i could do to help, but it's not my choice anymore. still, i'm sorry. that is, if you still remember who i am.)

Monday, February 9, 2009

ah ma's birthday dinner

my laptop's getting slower and slower every day. i wonder when it'll die on me. i should probably start backing up files now, but i'm too lazy. lols.

ah ma's birthday yesterday. wanted to go tao's restaurant, but mum complained that the portions were too small for them. it's a SEVEN course dinner for goodness sake! instead, we went to this apparently quite famous coffeeshop around sembawang park area.

we had this 9-course dinner which started with lou yu sheng, which is like my fifth time this new year season. i only remembered to snap the cold dish and assam fish, cos after that i started wondering which of the other dishes i could eat.

in the end, i merely picked the veggies off each course. the sharks' fin looked tempting. so were the roasted chicken and peanut butter prawns. thankfully the pork ribs didn't look quite yummy. there were also fried rice and mushrooms+veggies, so i had those too, finishing off with fruit platter.

vegs have so little choices! i'm glad i'm not strict veg though. that would probably make people around me go mad. lols.

anyway, price and portion were reasonable. only drawback would be the amount of houseflies and accessibility. only 1 miserable bus (882 i think) goes there. :0)

after dinner, we went to the nearby jetty to have a walk. there was a surprisingly large amount of people camping or bbq-ing there. the wind was lovely, though i prefer the salty sea smell at east coast.


i realize it's so much easier to find something veg to eat when you cook yourself. i'm probably the only one in the family who'd go through so much trouble. i'm kinda proud of myself today. cos i made veg japanese curry stew and tempura veggies. dad said they were not bad, for a first timer. if i can find more yummy veg recipes, perhaps they'll stop complaining about me going veg.


for my dear zhu who requested this:

this is how it looks like. it still looks messy, but there's a lot more space to move around than before. well at least, munchkins can move in. xD

i love that small emo corner where i dumped all the huge toys and big cushions. just last night, i sat there in the dark, waiting to get high from alcohol, and i fell asleep till morn. -__-''' that's how comfy it is. lols.

work tml; off to bed.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

i am loved! & nihon mura.

i think after su moved to the back with hl and stopped asking me to do her work, i've had more time and energy to concentrate on my own project work. i am rather pleased at my increased involvement cos now i'll be able to assist instead of looking all blur and confused and not knowing what they were talking about.

and i have VERY nice colleagues.

right after my meeting...
PL: eh michelle, michael looking for you. about the bankers guarantee.
me: *eyes big* HUH?! i thought done le? big issue ah??
PL: dunno leh.

after getting all my files and documents ready (while nearly having a heart attack from panicking), i called him back. turns out he merely wanted to do some customer service survey. (-_-)

me: eh that michael only want to do survey lor.
PL: haha! i know he only want to do survey, but i just wanted to scare you.
me: ...thanks leh!!

see?! so caring!

and it's interesting how a simple job of booking air tickets online can be passed from hel to su to pl to su to hl to su to hel and then at last to me. =)


dinner with the gals was nice. had sushi at nihon mura dhoby. i only ate like, 6 plates of sushi, a bowl of potato salad, and tiramisu. and i was so stuffed. there was like, so much yummy sushi around and i could only stare because my tummy was behaving selfish. grrr.

but still, that potato salad is super duper DELICIOUS! there's quite a considerable amount of potato salad, with roe on top, and veggies underneath. complete with baby tomato and cucumber. all for only 3 bucks! /loves.

din realize how much i missed them. (yes very mushy.) i think we should come out more often. lols. also cos i think me going out made my dad happier than it made me. weird...


i think munchkins snores. i hear cute little 'pop' sounds coming from his house. lol.

Friday, February 6, 2009

random me.

if you like scary detective stories, try watching remote. i've only watched the first episode, but still, so far so good! i had to hide behind my pillow for a couple of scenes cos they're scary. lols.


take a look at this (on speaker):

haha my first attempt at editing videos. pardon the poor quality. and yes, he loves sleeping on shredded tissue. =)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

my lovely ball of fur

i never took much photos of ginger, russbabe, or even bobby, so i'm not gonna make the same mistake with munchkins. and with the help of my dcam, i shall start to take lots and lots of photos of my current little ball of fur.

yep! :)


just 4 for now. i love x3 the last photo! his ears! his beady eyes! his whiskers! HIS MOUTH! omg photogenic right? his expression is darn cute lar! lols. lubs my munchkins.


most of the schools have reverted and none of the courses i'm interested in offer distance learning options. well done!! *cries*

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

sakura @ orchard

i have weird bosses.

we were supposed to have our company new year lunch today at sakura orchard shopping centre.  but the guys couldn't make it, so only our 2 bosses and 5 of us went. we thought they were joining us, but instead they dropped us there and went off. "enjoy your lunch" was all they said. we panicked for awhile, cos we weren't quite willing to fork out 20+ bucks for just lunch. luckily they offered to sponsor. lol.

pretty much enjoyed my appetizers. my mushroom soup, crabmeat salad, salmon sashimi, potato wedges, fresh lettuces, and black olives! yums! i couldn't resist the tempura and chicken nuggets, despite me trying to go veg atm. but i stayed away from the roasted chicken, pork chops, siew mai, har gao and stuff, so that lessened my guilt a little.

i was starting on my second helping of salmon sashimi when i saw this HUMONGOUS commando housefly stuck inbetween 2 slices. it even wriggled its feet to show me it was alive. THAT WAS LIKE, THE MOST DISGUSTING THING I'VE EVER SEEN!!! i pushed the plate as far as i could, spat out the slice i had, and rushed to the ladies to puke, all under a minute.

when i came out, my colleagues had already notified one of the staff. he merely took the plate away. when we questioned further, he said he already told the chef to replace the dish, and "sorry for the inconvenience."

like, wtf can?! shouldn't you at least get your manager to apologize and maybe have a refund? got phobia liao leh!! (-_-) and when we were leaving, we noticed the dish wasn't replaced at all.

i still feel like puking when i'm reminded of that scene. cannot imagine what i would have done if i had eaten or even put that thing in my mouth. omg gross man!! first and last time at sakura orchard. zzz.

and since we were dumped there, we dilly dallied and took 2 hours to get back to office by bus/mrt/cab.

sigh. back to work tomorrow. at least there's still the 'official' new year lunch buffet on wed.

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