Sunday, November 23, 2014

Staycation - Rendezvous Weekend Getaway

So one month after we came back from Bangkok, we had a staycation again! Right in the middle of my 2-week break before I start my new job next week. I love being on 'holiday-mood'. Lol. And this time we got to try out a different hotel other than SSD's Riverview. 

Saw this promotion off Nadnut. Was super looking forward to the massage and food! 

The Room

Check-in counter for club rooms are at the 11th floor. We got one at the corner. Was a tiny bit disappointed with the room though, cos I was expecting a nice new 'refurbished' room. FCUK toiletries and the butt-warming toilet bowl were nice lol. 

Daily comfort food at Club Lounge

Was actually kinda looking forward to this as well cos I heard about the pasta, burgers and sandwiches. Quite disappointed to see this instead.

Yeah, comfort food of bee hoon, cheese sausages, popcorn chicken, and porridge. =_= It was buffet-style instead, and the club lounge was pretty packed, so the food ran out quite fast. Tsk.

1-hr Thai Aroma Oil Body Massage

Went for our Thai massage next! The only slot left was 3.30pm in the middle of the afternoon. And we reached there to find out some dumbass couple (whose slot was at 9pm) had taken our slot! Eat shit please. Thankfully someone called to cancel their booking. But no couple room for us. =(

One of the bestest massages I've ever had! ^^ I really needed that. And it was usually priced at $148 per pax.

Evening cocktail at Club Lounge

Sadly they don't have my favorite Long Island. =( So Bloody Mary and Salty Dog for me, red wine and Heineken for SSD. I thought my Bloody Mary was bad (too much tabasco), but the red wine was even worse. The rest were so-so only. Got some finger food. Cheese was quite nice though. And the lounge was pretty packed too. =(


Overslept till almost 8.30am (breakfast was till 10am only) lol. We chose to have it downstairs at Straits instead of the lounge since there would be more variety there.

I love love love international breakfast buffets! <3 All were quite nice, except maybe the carbs. And overdosed on the eggs.

Late check-out

Then went back and continued sleeping cos we had late checkout at 4pm!

The end! We paid about $363 after taxes. Still quite worth it I suppose. =) Aiming for a Conrad staycation next so my silly girl can join us. Please please please have a promotion!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dad's birthday dinner at Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant

Celebrated Dad's birthday at Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant, Furama Riverfront. Mum has been wanting to come for weeks. There's 1-for-1 now (U.P. $50++ per pax); not sure how though. But personally I feel that even after the half-price, it's still not worth it.

The buffet spread was disappointing. Some mentioned that the quality made up for it, but I think it's so-so only. They have simple fare like papaya salad, satay, beef (or lamb) rendang, white/yellow rice, veggies, fried (but soggy) dory fish, beefball noodles, tomyum soup, tauhu, and desserts like cakes, fruits (watermelon and jackfruit only), cendol, durian penyat, and ice cream. The only nice dish was the fresh cold prawns. And I had so much carbs. T_T

Never. Coming. Back.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

[sponsored review] Bling up with Totally Jewel

Received my batch of jewellery some time ago.

Courtesy of Totally Jewel. It's a local online shop originating from Australia (I think), offering a wide selection of jewellery at extremely affordable prices! Since rings and bracelets are my favorite accessories, I chose 2 each.

01 / Crystal Ribbon Ring (SGD7.00)

This was the first one I picked out cos it looked so sweet. Pretty bling too. But I didn't wear it that often because I was more drawn to the second ring below.

02 / Double Loop Ring (SGD4.00)

I picked this last, just to 'make up the amount'. But surprisingly it has become my favorite of the four. I find myself reaching for this everyday. It was my first time wearing a double ring so I found it kinda uncomfortable and inconvenient initially. But quickly grew used to it. It's a snake I think. Super love the simple design and little blings. Got quite some compliments too. =)

03 / Eye of the Sea Bracelet (SGD5.00)

Image from Totally Jewel

I wear this for work every day. I like that it isn't too elaborate, yet offers a little extra bling. This 'magical ocean's eye' charm is supposed to bring me luck and fortune too. Let's see how it goes. ;)

04 / Underworld Bracelet (SGD5.00)

Quite an elaborate piece which I've only worn once. Definitely not for work lol. Besides the charms you see above, there are larger-than-normal pearls on the other side. The whole bracelet actually looks very heavy and chunky, but it's surprisingly light.

Totally Jewel has both more expensive and elaborate pieces, as well as cheaper, simpler pieces for daily wear. Do check them out. I'm sure you can find one that suits you. =)
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