Sunday, April 13, 2014

First visit to VivoCity

Yesterday we brought Popo to VivoCity for the first time! Have been procrastinating for several months. For those of you wanting to bring your pets there too, it is allowed! I had in fact emailed the management some time back, and was told that pets are allowed in VivoCity as long as they do not touch the floor. Here's their official response:

Although however, during our conversation she did mention that the pet has to be in a bag and not hand-carried. And I would have to "try to hide it". Defeated the purpose of being pet-friendly, but since it wasn't in the official reply, I didn't bother trying to hide her. 

I also brought up the topic of a friend getting chased out by the security guard, and she mentioned that sometimes the guards have to "do something" if a non-dog lover complains about seeing a dog there. I think it's really unfair. Since it's pet-friendly, we have a right to be there too. So to all non dog lovers, keep your ass out of VivoCity.

Anyway, we did enter via Lobby G (just because we found a lot outside the lobby) and went straight up to Pet Safari. Popo's head was sticking out of her bag and many people saw her. I would say I saw more smiles than frowns. =)

Explored Pet Safari with ease. And got super tempted to get a stroller. No I didn't, but I WILL have one. Someday.

Daiso isn't pet-friendly (got sign at the entrance). Just so you know. So we headed downstairs. Her head was still out by the way. We went into Challenger. The staff saw her. No problem. Went into this shop with small boxes. Also no problem. Samsung and Apple too. We did make it a point to look for 'No Pets' signs before entering though.

We didn't explore much cos first, the crowd was giving me a headache. Second, Popo was heavy. Third, it was dinnertime and we were hungry. I had also forgotten to bring water out for her. So guess where we went? GIANT! Yes the supermarket!

Was quite apprehensive although we couldn't see a 'No Pets' sign. But the staff saw her and didn't say anything. People saw her and didn't complain. We even went to the food sections! Wish we went earlier so we could have more time to shop around. Boo.

I don't expect the restaurants to be pet-friendly, so we just dabao-ed out to the Boardwalk. There was a bazaar there, and very crowded. Let Popo out to walk and I would say she got quite some attention. All positive the way I see it. Lol. She saw the sunset for the first time (I think) too.

Singapore needs to be more pet-friendly. Having a pet is already so expensive, it would certainly help if we weren't restricted to expensive pet cafes and pet taxis. It means a lot to have our pets out spending the day with us you know? Tsk.

Friday, April 4, 2014

BBQ World Korean Restaurant

My first and last time at a korean bbq. :|

I was craving for steamboat bbq one Friday, and happened to come across this offer on Deals - $22.90 nett for korean bbq and hotpot. It came with free flow sushi, sashimi and drinks. A brief search showed pretty positive reviews, so we went for it.

It was quite authentic, with korean-speaking staff and customers. The food was pretty authentic too. There were some cooked side dishes, of which I only took the appetizers. The kimchi was really good! Managed to take some sashimi too, although the quality was very disappointing.

And authentic korean bbq would mean that, majority of the food were MEAT! Fml. I got a shock when I went there expecting fish slices. Unfortunately, the only seafood were the squid and prawns, with the former being horrendously spicy for me. (It actually stated fish on the deals voucher; no idea where the fish went to.) So, I ate meat. =(

I ate mainly the beef belly slices, which to be fair, were not bad. Paired that with the veggies. There were other kinds of meat, like pork and chicken, though we didn't really try them. Meat lovers would definitely enjoy it more than us lol. The hotpot was not too bad too. I'm guessing it was chicken stock they poured in. We added lots of mushrooms (several different types available) and at the end of it the soup was delicious! There was also watermelon fruit punch and some vinegar drink. Super nice the vinegar drink!

So, while I doubt I'll be returning, I suppose it would be a good place worth coming if you enjoy your meats. =)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hong Kong Day 5 - Golden Computer, Australian Dairy Co. & home sweet home

Sorry for the hiatus. Almost forgot I haven't blogged the last day yet. =X

And so, day 5 starts with breakfast! Back at the nearby cha chan teng for macaroni. I really miss breakfasts like this. *sad*

After that we rushed off the the nearest Koi Kei to get some souvenirs. Like I said, please get them in Macau if you go there. They are MUCH CHEAPER there! Left with 2 huge bags of goodies which set us back by HKD 761. That's a freaking $125! I didn't buy a lot since they were so expensive and we just realized they have a branch in Chinatown here. -_-

Rushed back to hotel to pack since we had to checkout by 12pm. Left our stuff at the reception and off we went again. Took the MTR to Sham Shui Po Station and within walking distance is SSD's paradise - Golden Computer Arcade

It's like our Sim Lim Square, with 2 levels of electronic shops. We went up and down quite a lot of times, finding stuff and comparing prices. And I was pretty surprised at the how cheap some a lot of the items were. Probably even cheaper than the pasar malams outside. But I guess most of them come from China, so I was pretty skeptical of their quality. Ironically, I still bought more stuff than SSD here. LOL.

When SSD was finally done, we made our way to the famous Australian Dairy Company, a 5-minute walk from Jordan Station. There was a short queue, but I guess table for 2 was easier to get so we only had to wait for a little while. 

Ordered a tea-time set to share and 2 steamed eggs. I still prefer the steamed egg white with milk (white bowl) over the steamed egg with almond (yellow bowl). Much nicer. And unfortunately, goondu me forgot about their scrambled eggs, which are supposedly labeled as 'legendary'. So we got normal fried eggs. T_T

Personally, as much as I like their egg puddings, I really didn't like the noisy, cramped and fast-paced environment. And definitely not the table-sharing. How to eat in peace?! :(

Oh wells. It was back to the hotel to collect our staff and head to the airport. Took the free airport shuttle and express again.

Last meal in Hong Kong.

And home sweet home. Sad for the holiday to end but happy to see my girl again. 

So, where to next? :P

~ * ~

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