Monday, January 28, 2013

[sponsored review] bio-essence miracle bio water

if you've been watching the local television recently, you must have seen linda chung saying "你說神奇嗎?" lol. that phrase was stuck in my head for so long.

anyway, she was advertising for this new product from bio essence (one of my favorite brands) - the miracle-bio water. it's a spray that apparently has up to 20 benefits! i was pretty interested in it actually, and then they decided to sponsor me some!

as you can see, they gave me one 100ml bottle ($12.90) and 3 travel bottles ($5.90). i'm supposed to have a giveaway for the travel sprays but obviously i don't have readers for that, so i brought one to office and have 2 left. if anyone wants to try one, please let me know!! =)

sooooooo, here are the 20 benefits!
  1. controls oil 
  2. refines pores
  3. whitens and brightens skin
  4. firms skin
  5. lifts skin
  6. reduce dark circles
  7. reduce eye bags
  8. relieves sensitive skin
  9. relieves pimples and redness
  10. use after makeup for longer lasting and natural look
  11. moisturize and nourish skin
  12. sooths skin after treatment
  13. relieve tiredness, energizing
  14. moisturize for lustrous hair
  15. relieve dryness and split ends
  16. refreshes and soothes skin after exercise
  17. sooth and calm damaged skin
  18. under hot sun to moisturize and refresh skin
  19. ideal for babies
  20. sooth diaper rash
its 20 benefits is a little misleading actually. and so far it only does no.13 for me, especially in the office. it guarantees instant results after initial use, though i didn't exactly notice any. but i will continue using it because it is indeed, very refreshing. =)

Monday, January 21, 2013

[sponsored review] skin caring cleanser from biore!

i wonder why i always get sponsored skincare. my third cleanser and this time, it's from biore! if you've never heard of kao biore, i don't know where you've been living at LOL. their latest product is a range of skin caring facial foams, and i was sponsored a scrub as well as another one from the series. i chose acne.

so what's so special about this new cleanser series? if you didn't know, inefficient cleansing or harsh cleansing agents can interrupt our skin's 28-day natural renewal process, causing dryness, clogged pores and pimples. biore's skin caring facial foam is the first cleanser that supports and boosts the skin's natural ability to self-renew! say hi to flawless and well-balanced skin!

as compared to competitors, biore's facial foam series has:
- a higher cleansing ability
- lower irritation as the cleansing agent doesn't penetrate the skin
- an ability to rebalance skin (reduce oil at t-zone) and replenish moisture at u-zone

apparently, with long-term usage (14 to 28 days), skin is more hydrated, pores less clogged, sebum reduced, and marks/blemishes reduced! here's the entire range so you can choose the one that best fits you!

i've been using them daily for about 2 weeks; the scrub at night and acne in the morning. honestly speaking, the acne cleanser is pretty normal. just take care not to use too much or it'll be very difficult to wash off. i like the scrub though! i use it everyday and my skin feels so nice and smooth after that. and it's quite gentle so it doesn't hurt my skin.

however i do realize the cap is a little hard to close back. and not too sure about the rebalancing part though, cos my face is still as oily as ever. guess i do need to use it for a longer period of time. :(

Sunday, January 20, 2013

ala carte buffet @ suan thai

last week or so i bought these 2 vouchers on deals. it was for a thai buffet at suanthai, and we made the cold wet trip down killiney road yesterday. i think we were the first patrons in when they opened for lunch at 11.30am. lol. probably so we got a big table meant for 4 instead. i like!

the service was quite good, and the decor/ambience was nice! pretty comfortable i must say. =)

there was an appetizer and dessert table where we could help ourselves. the rest we had to order. can't say for the chicken, but almost all of the dishes i could try were nice! especially the tomyum soup, green curry, and fish fillet! and i ordered double helpings of the spring rolls and fish cake.

i actually wouldn't mind dropping by again, even without the deals voucher, considering we only saved $6 total on it. one thing i didn't like though - they don't provide water. so we had to take the $2.50/pax lemon tea. didn't taste too bad, but seriously, i should have taken the ice from the dessert table and waited for it to melt. -_-

still not used to wall-e's zoom; photos turned out pretty horrible. is sad.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

incanto @ resorts world sentosa

i've been to a couple of shows like this and honestly, they were more or less the same. floating stuff, flying people, impale rods and sawing people into pieces, plus acrobats hanging here and there. i wouldn't pay to watch one. so when zhu had 2 tickets to incanto and invited me, i took it as more of a girly night out than to watch a magic show. and furthermore the tickets were supposed to be a whopping $98 each. 不看白不看! but i'm so glad i went!

firstly of cos, is the girly night out. haven't felt like this in quite a while, and i actually wore heels out even when i know it would hurt like mad lol. wish it was a saturday though. i miss hanging out at night! anyway, brought zhu to my favorite restaurant in vivo - imperial! hope she enjoyed the food, cos i did! XD

then we headed into sentosa. spotted some of the performers at the entrance and i we spied one pretty good-looking eye-liner-ed angmoh. and i knew i was going to enjoy the show. MWAHAHAHAHA! there was also an optic illusion on display, the same one as the body-less exhibit at the science centre. but it ended before i got the chance to snap a pic.

see how close we were to the stage? 5th row only! kinda worried actually cos i had heard they would pick volunteers lol. but also maybe it was because of the distance that i enjoyed the show so much. like the tricks and acrobat performances were happening right in front!

although i knew these were explainable tricks, it still amazed me since i never figured out how they did it. my favorite was probably the sorcerer's entrance. i share share a bit ok? this mini-boomlift lookalike came out and instead of a basket at the top, there was this clear 'container' (can't think of another word for it). it was hovering above the first row of audience seats. the container started fogging up and when it cleared he was inside already! and one more one more! the same old impaling spikes trick but when the spikes came down, he disappeared from the stage and appeared in the midst of the audience. i was honestly wow-ing in my mind lol.

i was actually wondering why the acrobats were asian but the dancers were angmoh, then i read up and realized the acrobats are from this shenyang troupe instead. =\ anyway, their performance was quite normal except for the big spinning wheels thingy. quite heart-stopping to see them blindfolded and skipping on the revolving wheels, especially when they were stumbling (probably acted though). another moment which freaked me out was when they were jumping through these hoops and one big one came flying off the stage. it landed on the seat in front of me! tsk.

there were also super hilarious moments, as well as fireballs and fog and fireworks so it made the whole show pretty exciting! never thought i'd enjoy a magic show like this. and both of us (i realized) were also looking out for the good-looking eye-liner-ed angmoh. ROFL! and then after the show, there was this meet-and-greet session with the sorceror (joe labero), but we went to the ladies and missed the chance. he's pretty good looking (in person) actually. *sigh*

anyway i found this video. you can see a little of the performance at the back. so, thanks babe for the invite! and please pass me jeff chang's tickets if you get them. =)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

xin wang wee owls

hello. 2 weeks no see! short post today. =)

nuffnang gave me $20 xin wang vouchers some time ago, and yesterday we finally got to use them. invited parents for supper as well, so $20 no enough. sad.

anyway, xin wang is now open till 4am everyday! so glad i have a xin wang outlet within walking distance. it also has free wifi. so instead of unhealthy burger and fries, you now can opt for yummy horfun, all-day breakfast, hot macaroni or a big soothing bowl of papaya soup beehoon.*drools*

it would have been better if the aircon was cooler. =|

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

my horrible new year eve

i spent new year eve with a few friends. they usually visit me one at a time, but they decided to come together yesterday. they're called fever, headache, stomachache and backache. yep, i was sick. -_- can you believe i spent these two days sleeping at home? i didn't even watch the countdown on tv cos i ko-ed by 11pm. sheesh. 

anyway, happy new year! 2012 is over and done with. looking back, i can't really decide if it's been good or bad:

♥ graduated from mdis with a useless degree
♥ got a secretarial job which i absolutely hated, and tendered after 8 months
♥ went jobless for almost 2.5 months
♥ got an executive job which was unexpectedly political
♥ took up horse-riding and muay thai
♥ got engaged
♥ got our bto in punggol
♥ went on 3 overseas trips
♥ received a zoom lens for wall-e
SURVIVED DOOMSDAY hahahahahahahaha XD

well, i guess the good ones are more than the bad ones then. now for resolutions! i sure hope 2013 turns out far better than last year. *cross fingers*

♥ try to tong in this company for at least this year
♥ continue muay thai lessons and slim down / tone up in time
♥ plan for taiwan mini-moon and ROM in october

that's all! not very 過分 right?! so, to everyone who's nice to me, gambade and wish you all happy 2013! (those not nice to me can go eat poop LOL!)
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