Friday, November 30, 2012

breaking dawn part 2

i've been waiting so long for this!! a year to be exact. watched this last week with SSD and later again with zhu. can't get enough yet although the show was almost 2 hours lol!

while this is definitely my favorite installment of the twilight saga because it's so action-packed, i felt they should have followed the book more and focus on more important aspects. like how bella adjusts to her vampire life, seeing herself for the first time, learning to hunt, learning to manage her thirst etc. the beginning was so rushed! it's like, 10 minutes into the movie and bella meets her daughter liao. cut the sex scene by 2 minutes and you can include all the above in. =\

the final battle scene also gave me quite a shock because i was trying to figure out why on earth would the director change the storyline completely. i mean, how can jasper and carlisle die?! luckily it was just a vision. but it still took up quite a bit of time. there was a scene i was hoping to see - alec's mist creeping in and benjamin trying to blow it away. it would have been so cool if they filmed this.

oh wells. so the entire twilight series is over and done with. back to vampire diaries for my vampire fix. anybody can relate to this too? XD

looking forward to a normal, non-riding-or-exercising date with edward jacob zhu later. ^^

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

[sponsored review] pore putty bb cream (smooth)

some time ago, we were at marina square for the "ah boys to men" movie and i had randomly picked up this bb cream at john little. i tried a little and liked it so much! it made that area (on my hand) feel so smooth and i kept telling SSD that if i use this cream, my face will be as smooth as my hand. LMAO! i didn't buy it cos i haven't finished using my current one and i didn't want to spend so much money.

a week later, SANA decided to sponsor me a tube! i asked for the smooth one since it's recommended for oily skin. there's another version - enrich, which is more for dry skin. it appears to have more beneficial ingredients (such as shea butter) than the smooth one, but oh wells, who call me got oily skin. =(

should you not know what a putty is, here's an example. if you have holes in your wall, you use a wall putty to fill in the holes. lol so a pore putty does the same thing; it fills in your pores. and i'm pretty sure everyone knows what bb creams are, but still, an obligatory introduction.

i received the product pretty late, so i didn't actually use the product on my face. (no point putting make up at home right?) but as you can see, the cream blends very easily into my hand and that area feels so so so smooth! it doesn't look like it's got good coverage though. it's also not fragrance-free but the smell disappears after you apply it.

it retails for $24.90, which may seem a little pricey for such a small tube, but i really like how my skin feels so smooth after application! lol.

update 30/11:
tried it on my face today and while it makes it feel nice and smooth, the coverage is definitely so not enough to cover my blemishes. pretty disappointed. anyone uses double bb cream? =\

Monday, November 26, 2012

[sponsored review] breaking dawn @ GV city square!

you must have heard the latest news about golden village (GV). their newest multiplex (costing S$6 million to build) is located at farrer park's city square mall, and features cutting-edge technologies that enhances the film going experience. 

it has 6 auditoriums, one of which is the unique and intimate "couple's cinema". all the 6 cinemas will have stadium seating (i like), ample leg room (important for long-legged people like me), wall-to-wall digital screens with crystal clear 2K digital projection, 7.1 dolby digital sound and premium-grade EAW speakers.

this state-of-the-art cinema also boasts several features to enhance the cinema experience. look at this: singapore's first auto-gate system via a confirmed booking code sent to moviegoer's phone. so high-tech! :P the next feature probably won't affect us moviegoers but GV city square has adopted this theatre management system that apparently can control all the digital equipment in the multiplex. honestly, i don't need to know as long as the movie doesn't get disrupted and starts more on time! lol.

GV city square also aims to stand out with the launch of their "i run the cinema" campaign, which includes:
  • book early & pay less - enjoy ticket price as low as $5 when you book early
  • create my snack pack - choose any 2 items for just $8.50
  • premiere my own production - screen your home-made videos on the big screen
  • pick a movie to be screened - decide which movie to be played

thanks to GV/OMY, i was one of the 25 lucky bloggers to get a pair of tickets to watch breaking dawn part 2 at this new cinema! mega awesome cos i get free ticket, for a movie i've been waiting a year for, and get to watch it on nice comfy NEW seats! last row seats somemore, even though we weren't the first few in.

saw many people armed with cameras pardon the crappy phone photos. =X

the thing i like most about this cinema is probably the leg space. i can almost stretch my legs all the way out. definitely can keep criss-crossing without hitting the person in front. glad that the stadium-seating also includes the last row, because many times we have booked the last row only to realize the second-last row is just a few inches shorter. i hate seeing people's head. tsk.

overall, it was a lovely movie experience. of cos made better by the awesome movie (but i shall leave that for another post after i watch it again this week). so if you're in the area, why not drop by GV city square for a movie? =D

Thursday, November 22, 2012

pariss buffet & banquet restaurant

celebrated dad's birthday yesterday at pariss buffet (marina square). been many years since we last ate here since we heard that the food quality has decreased substantially. but we decided to give it a go again. 

was rather pleased initially as i could eat many of the appetizers and they were quite yummy. especially the smoked salmon and pasta. there were also interesting stuff like cheesy potato and cheese/tomato combination, which i liked and took several servings of. from the seafood section i only tried the purple scallop and boiled prawns, and both were yummy. oysters have to be ordered and only one per pax each time. kinda inconvenient but i suppose it is to ensure the freshness? amongst the other ordered foods, we tried the teppan salmon and codfish and they were quite deli too.

hmm let's see. salmon sashimi is nice and fresh, although they replenish such a small amount at a time (to ensure freshness i suppose). chilli and black pepper crabs almost always get wiped out as soon as they're replenished. for desserts, the lime icecream is good, and so is the choc lava cake. and that's pretty much about it. lol.

there were other foods that made us scrunch up our faces in horror. and the variety isn't impressive. but the quality of the oysters and salmon sashimi were not too bad so if you can stuff yourself silly with these, you can make your $47.80 (weekday dinner) worth it.

don't think i'll be returning soon. =\

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

i'm a cascadian!

here's a short update!

if you're wondering what a cascadian is...well, we just selected our flat at punggol's waterway cascadia! it was our second time and although both times our queue numbers exceeded the number of flats, a lot of people gave theirs up so we got ours! of course the unit wasn't the most ideal; facing the LRT instead of the waterway. but considering how H88 evaluates it as one of the best premium BTOs in 2012 (part 1 | part 2), i guess we're pretty lucky to have secured a not-the-shittiest unit there lol.

having waited so many months for the results and then for our selection appointment, i suppose it's taking a bit longer to sink in. though i am beginning to feel more and more excited about it. been spending a few hours daily on pininterest gathering bits and pieces and i almost have the whole design in my head already! in 4 years time, let's hope my design gets finetuned and the reno prices drop. boo.

having my own place is like my childhood dream come true. that's...kinda weird eh? =|

Sunday, November 18, 2012

fruit tart shop / fruit paradise @ raffles city

(warning: expletives ahead.)

if you know me long enough, you should know that i'm very particular about the customer service standards and this shop pissed me off so much that they deserve an entire blogpost. yep. 

fruit tart shop / fruit paradise at raffles city (beside buffetown)

to cut the long story short, we were there yesterday afternoon having a hard time thinking of where to have lunch. i spied the omurice on display and asked if SSD wanted to eat there. he said okay. by the way, they have like 5-7 types of omurice and a similar amount of curry rice. the rest are fruit tarts and teas. 

the waitress took our orders with a black face. we had to ask for water, which was tap water (something i really hate). SSD's fork wasn't washed properly (see photo below). i decided to change my blueberry tart to the mango tart and the waitress' face was seriously damn fucking black. not sick or weak or going-to-faint, but black. like i killed her whole family and stole her boyfriend or something. for once, SSD appeared even more dulan than me (but actually i was freaking boiling inside already). 

look bitch(es), i don't care if you're in a bad mood or you have some personal problem or whatever shit. don't take it out on your customers. i don't always expect excellent service of course, but come on, basic courtesy you have or not?! i really hope the person-in-charge reads this and fires that bitch and she can go back to wherever she come from and black face all she want. foreign talent my ass. this kind of people should not be allowed to serve!!

BUT BUT BUT! i must say she was rather chirpy and politely thanked us while we were leaving. if you're that happy for customers to leave, why not put a sign in front that says "IN A BAD MOOD. DO NOT ENTER!" then you don't need to serve liao lor!

honestly, if you had chosen to be in the service line, it is UNDERSTOOD that basic courtesy is expected isn't it? who cares whether your boyfriend break up with you or whatever shit you go through, you have no right to take it out on your customers. it's not like we were being unreasonable. ask for water wrong meh? cannot change my order meh? your fork never clean properly i also never make noise. nb.

sian. actually i okay already but typing all that out make me dulan again. lol. let's talk about the food then. i had prawn omurice (YES AGAIN!!) while SSD had chicken. the rice itself pretty much sucked but the egg on top was nice. they also had salad and the mashed egg which i super liked! mango tart was yummy, albeit a little too much cream. but the mangoes weren't sour and the crust was so nice! (the plate was dirty but i diam diam lor. this shop has hygiene issues. tsk.)

31 bucks and i could have had a happier and cheaper lunch at SE. =( i suppose i might visit other branches for their tart, but no more raffles city branch. I WILL NEVER EVER EVER VISIT THIS RAFFLES CITY BRANCH AGAIN! (no wonder they have so little customers on a weekend afternoon.)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


i wanted to blog about my dinner with the gals, but then i realize i had forgotten to take a single photo that night lol. so just a quick one. dinner was at kazokutei, and i had the same ebi omurice again. -_- i thought tofu omurice would be safe, but it had beef in it. they really need to increase the variety of seafood omurice. boo. then dessert at dessertstory. the end. XD

meeting them is always enjoyable because we talk a lot of crap and make fun of one another. and i think when you start insulting one another for fun, the friendship goes up a level. can't wait for next meetup!

... ...

finally watched ah boys to men! i've been looking forward to it a lot!

i don't quite remember ever paying to watch a local movie but i actually don't mind going to watch this again. besides the fact that i tend to drool over serious and responsible men in uniform (oops!), this movie is super duper hilarious. i laughed so hard i literally cried. no joke. can't wait to watch part 2 now!

then dinner at kuishinbo again. cos i had a free meal voucher and it was expiring soon.

definitely ate more (and more expensive stuff) this time cos it was only the two of us. come to think of it, the food variety kinda sucks but the quality is not too bad. missing the salmon sashimi and prawns and cha soba and snow crab legs...and everything!! =)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

alerte à paris!

know what it means? no? neither do i. but it was the title of a film i watched last night.

it's on the ipad version of funshion; not sure if it's on the windows version. and the film is entirely in french, with chinese subtitles. i can't seem to find much info on it online so lemme share a little bit.

the storyline. the film is set in paris, where the sanitation workers go on strike and rubbish is piled up for days. the rat population keeps increasing and they have gotten so vicious that they have killed and eaten cats. soon, people starting getting sick/dying after being bitten and the main female lead Laurence (a doctor) realizes it's an infection from the rats and there is no cure. 

in the midst of trying to get the governor to issue an official epidemic notice, she finds out that these rats have bred from the two escaped rats which were genetically modified by another doctor in the hospital. Laurence and Alex (whose father is a rat-catcher) go on a quest to find the rat nest to eliminate the entire brood. in the end, the army decides to lure the rats to a swimming complex and bomb them to pieces.

there was a scene before where rats starting filling up the swimming pool while people were in it. well i seriously hope they didn't use a lot of real rats for that scene. i don't think rats can swim that well. -_- anyway, they did manage to find the cure (from Laurence's daughter's pet rat), and while it seemed that the city was peaceful again, the film ends with two of the rats and their babies. 

overall, this movie isn't exactly very thrilling or scary or fast-paced, but i liked it. it's definitely family-friendly cos the rats actually look cute to me. no bloodshot eyes or razor-sharp, blood-dripping teeth or whatsoever. it gets a little disgusting in vast numbers though. =|

what is the point of modifying the genes of another living thing? going against mother nature is not good. no good at all...

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

love at first sight

so while revamping my tank last week, i had put some leftover plants into my empty filterless betta tank and had to get a betta to prevent mosquitoes. managed to get a cheap one ($1.50 only!) on saturday. definitely 一見鍾情 for me and him. you'll see why.

after 2 days of moping around, he finally flared! shot the first photo below in a darker place, which seemed to bring out his colors more. but i was struggling with the blur shots and moved it into a brighter place, resulting in paler colors. boo.

he may only be a veiltail (multicolored albeit) but isn't he so pretty?! =) though he still isn't eating. guess i need to get worms for him then. i hope he doesn't reignite my interest in bettas because i already have my eyes on a HMPK going for $70. *must 忍*

while we're at it, here's a clearer FTS and my growing salvinias. i wish i had gotten frogbits though. sal's roots are soooo tiny. -_-

Sunday, November 4, 2012

[sponsored review] give me a morning kiss

thank you sana for yet another sponsored item! this time, it's something which i've been wanting to try for a long time - a proper makeup primer. and it comes in this cute little bottle! =)

it's called skin care base because, well, that's what it is - a make up base as well as a skin care product! it contains the amazing vitamin B12, which not only brightens your complexion and covers discoloration (light diffusing pearl effect), but also relaxes your skin! good riddance to problems such as wrinkles and outbreaks caused by stressed skin.

besides that, it also has coffee and tomato extract to moisturize, and artichoke extract to firm. the spf 30+++ provides sufficient UV protection on normal days so i get to skip my sunblock. and to top it off, there's a sweet floral scent as well! 

i received the product on halloween (31st oct) and immediately started using it the next morning. when i pumped it out (slightly smaller than 5-cent coin), my first thought was, "WAH LOTION AR?!" because the texture looked thick. but it was actually pretty lightweight and quite easy to apply. the scent wasn't very distinct though; good for people who prefer their products unscented. also i choose to believe it has helped with oil control cos at the end of the day, my makeup remained more matt and smooth than before. lol.

after using it for 2 days (got deadline to post review), i have significant difference to my skin. =\ but of course i'll continue using it since it helps my makeup to look better. hopefully i'll see results soon!

i believe it retails at $29.90. worth getting! =)

... ...

Friday, November 2, 2012

crystal jade la mian

overdue post cos for some reason my sd card reader isn't doing what it's supposed to do. -_- 

anyway, SSD birthday was also a quiet affair since it was a work day. and he was still sick. so i just met him for dinner.  he had wanted to have porridge at suntec but we found out it was closed (due to renovations probably) already. wandered around before settling on crystal jade.

there was a lot of meat dishes, so i don't think i'll be dropping by in future. the service staff isn't very polite too, except maybe for the manager.

i decided on the 酸辣湯拉麵. it looked, smelt and tasted like spicy shark's fin soup. nothing special imo. the sick cat got the veggie and mushroom 拉麵. i like the soup base! also got some fried prawn thingy to share.

lol i don't know how to comment this time. it was pretty disappointing actually. definitely boycotting crystal jade. =\ hope SSD gets well soon so we can have good food again!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

woes of job-hunting

for the past month (or past several months), there has been only one thing on my mind, my job hunt. it's been especially miserable last month being stuck at home. i've been to many interviews; rejected some, and got rejected by some (no news means rejected right?). it's utterly disapponting and demoralizing. sometimes i get so stressed i'll curl up and cry at night. (embarrassing but yes i cry when i'm stressed.)

and i'll like to take this opportunity to brag how i completed my degree in just 8 months. *sarcasm* seriously do you really think i'll spend $18k on a degree for an industry where qualifications are not very important? no dumbass, i paid for the internship. so thank you MDIS, for graduating me without one.

this has been pissing me off for a very long time already. the modules i have taken are mostly useless beyond words (can't blame prospective employers for thinking that way cos i myself think so too) and without the internship (which i have fucking paid for), all that i'm left with is a useless piece of shit paper that won't get me anywhere. sigh. i don't regret quitting RT or taking time off to study, but i do really really regret wasting my time and money on MDIS/SCU. (only thing good is getting to know the gals.)

sigh. words can't express how desperate i am for good news. any type of good news. and yet there are inconsiderate people making insensitive remarks. like SSD. sheesh. luckily i have zhu and wan ting to encourage me back. argh.

anyway, if you really did read that chunk of rant up there, thank you. i feel slightly better now.

... ...

to make the hole in my pocket bigger, i decomm-ed my tank the other day and had it set up again last night. bought some new stuff, including a very expensive (and small) bottle of water stabilizer.

very dark and horrible instagram pic here. i still need to replace that light. sooooo, here's $60 gone without even a single fish or shrimp in the tank. p/s. bought too much taiwan moss; i now have 3/4 tub left. anyone wants them for free? =\
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