Tuesday, November 6, 2012

love at first sight

so while revamping my tank last week, i had put some leftover plants into my empty filterless betta tank and had to get a betta to prevent mosquitoes. managed to get a cheap one ($1.50 only!) on saturday. definitely 一見鍾情 for me and him. you'll see why.

after 2 days of moping around, he finally flared! shot the first photo below in a darker place, which seemed to bring out his colors more. but i was struggling with the blur shots and moved it into a brighter place, resulting in paler colors. boo.

he may only be a veiltail (multicolored albeit) but isn't he so pretty?! =) though he still isn't eating. guess i need to get worms for him then. i hope he doesn't reignite my interest in bettas because i already have my eyes on a HMPK going for $70. *must 忍*

while we're at it, here's a clearer FTS and my growing salvinias. i wish i had gotten frogbits though. sal's roots are soooo tiny. -_-

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