Wednesday, November 21, 2012

i'm a cascadian!

here's a short update!

if you're wondering what a cascadian is...well, we just selected our flat at punggol's waterway cascadia! it was our second time and although both times our queue numbers exceeded the number of flats, a lot of people gave theirs up so we got ours! of course the unit wasn't the most ideal; facing the LRT instead of the waterway. but considering how H88 evaluates it as one of the best premium BTOs in 2012 (part 1 | part 2), i guess we're pretty lucky to have secured a not-the-shittiest unit there lol.

having waited so many months for the results and then for our selection appointment, i suppose it's taking a bit longer to sink in. though i am beginning to feel more and more excited about it. been spending a few hours daily on pininterest gathering bits and pieces and i almost have the whole design in my head already! in 4 years time, let's hope my design gets finetuned and the reno prices drop. boo.

having my own place is like my childhood dream come true. that's...kinda weird eh? =|

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