Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas 2014

You know what? My Christmas 2014, is almost similar to my Christmas 2013. Are we boring or are we boring? =X

Same same number 1: We both had half day.
Same same number 2: We had sushi for lunch.
Same same number 3: We slacked at Starbucks.
Same same number 4: We booked a movie for the evening.
Same same number 5: Then went home to sleep.
Same same number 6: Spent the next day sleeping too.

Let's see how interesting the countdown next week will be. =P

By the way, we went to watch Night at the Museum. Pretty funny! Quite sad it's the last installment already.

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Directions for use: Just drink lah! Lol. Recommended to chill first and drink at night. I never chill though. Still taste very nice! Very fruity and yummy! Bet it'll taste even better when chilled.

Each box contains 8 bottles so that's 8 days. But results are usually seen in 2-3 weeks so I won't pretend that my skin is miraculously better after only 8 days. Although I do *think* that it looks slightly better. Hahaha okay never mind. You try for yourself okay?

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Expensive dinner at Coffee Club

On the rare occasion (nowadays) that I get to meet SSD at town, I also get to eat good food. Today's was exceptionally good. Also exceptionally expensive. 

Was craving badly for pasta, so we searched high and low and finally settled on Coffee Club, hidden in a quieter area of Marina Square. Was a little disappointed in their menu, cos I was also craving for truffle fries, which they surprisingly don't have.

But luckily, my pasta made up for it. Love the yummy, oily, garlic-ky sauce, fresh crunchy prawns (6 of them!), and portion size was big enough for my hungry tummy. SSD's laksa was nice too! Although not something I would order in an "ang mo" restaurant. Mud pie was normal, but the ice chocolate was a little too bland. 

And bill came up to a whopping $64! A little shocked actually. To think we could have paid a little more for a few more dishes at Watami. *shrugs*

Any suggestions for Christmas? Don't have plans yet. =(

Monday, December 15, 2014

Day trip to JB!

Okay this sounds like a really fun road trip but actually, we just crossed the causeway for shopping. Lol! SSD goes over quite frequently but it was more or less a first for me. (I know I suaku but I wasn't really keen on public transport. I still ain't keen.)

So the day started with a 1 hour plus queue at Kranji mrt. It was horrendous. The crowd at the Singapore customs was just as bad, but thankfully there were lots of counters so we crossed quite fast. The Malaysian customs was quite bad too. Everything was manual and there were lesser counters open. Quite pissed I would say. #igotnopatience.

Headed straight for KSL City. Cab fare was just RM5! Main purpose was lunch at the famous Soon Soon Heng Bak Kut Teh opposite, as recommended by SSD. No pictures cos I was super duper hot and sweaty and hungry, and we had to share a table. =( 

The food was...... okay lor. Lol. We ordered the usual BKT (it was unfortunately the herbal type, not the peppery type I like), topped with additional button and enoki mushrooms, beancurd skin, and fish maw. Also got a bowl of salted veggies and fried you tiao. Bill came up to RM41. To be honest, I probably wouldn't come all the way to KSL just for the BKT. (P/s. Chopped chilli was the usual big tasteless chillies instead of padi. #petpeeve.)

Walked around KSL City. It was just like any other mall in Singapore, just a lot more carts selling handphone cases and cables. Quite...boring. =X

Cabbed back to City Square. This time we had to bargain for RM10 fare. Still cheap, but double our initial one. #nothappy. Browsed CS first and then the newly-opened Komtar Mall (with Angry Birds themepark). Quite boring too! The Angry Birds is just a larger (and more expensive) playground for kids. Not all shops were open at Komtar, and the floors shook. =X

Had dessert at Hui Lau Shan.

RM12 for this small bowl. And much too sweet. Definitely overrated. Tried HLS once in Hong Kong many years ago and never had it again. Now I know why.

Settled for early dinner at Arashi Shabu Shabu. Other than the RM5 dish of pickles which I never should have eaten, it was my best meal of the day. We got the seafood (RM29.90) and seafood/meat (RM32.90) sets, which came with rice. And topped up RM2 each for tomyum and herbal soup bases. Ordered additional cheese fish balls (RM4.90) too.

My herbal soup was absolutely yummy! The dang gui taste was pretty strong. I super likes! To be honest, the ingredients were mostly veggies and not exactly very filling (or worth it). But seriously, the herbal soup made up for it. And the cheese fish balls! Filled with yummy mozzarella (I think) cheese which melted when cooked. Careful when biting into it or it'll squirt all out! XD

There's 10% service charge and 6% gov tax, so total bill came up to RM90. Not as cheap as we initially thought, but...... the herbal soup makes up for it! Lmao.

And my loots! Okay lah I admit, my main purpose was just to get the contact lens solution. RM35 for a pack (3 bottles). That's barely SGD5 per bottle! Would have gotten more if they weren't so heavy. Or if we drove. =( Oh and my Westlife final tour DVD. Quite surprised I actually found it there. Don't really like the "西城男孩" though.

Overall, I'm definitely not keen to cross the causeway again! Lol. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fun at East Coast Park

It's been ages since I last bought the silly girl out (besides going to the vet). So 2 weeks ago, I decided to bring her to East Coast Park! And a grooming session after that, so I was all prepared to get her wet and dirty. 

East Coast Park

Look at that face! She must have known we're not going to the vet. XD

We wanted to go to Tanjong Beach at Sentosa actually. But SSD complained it was too far, so we had to settle for ECP. Didn't dare to let her off leash so I suppose she couldn't have a lot of fun running around. Still, it's her second time on grass (sorry I have tick-phobia) so I guess that's a compromise? Lol.

Brought her down to the beach and tried to lead her into the water. She wanted to follow me but was freaked out by the waves. So sad. I'm hoping she can one day learn to play and enjoy herself in water but judging by the frequency I can bring her out, I guess I can only hope for it. *sigh*

We rented a double bike too! It was surprisingly affordable at $15 for 2 hours. Got an additional big basket ($2) for the silly girl. It fit quite snugly but it was tilted at an angle so she was clinging on for dear life in an awkward position. Looked pretty uncomfortable I must say. She's probably traumatized for life lol. No more cycling then!

Her face when we stopped for a rest.

Not very pleased eh? =X Here we are waiting for SSD to return the bike. It was so cooling and comfortable with the sea breeze; she almost fell asleep. ^^ (You can see she only got her paws wet lmao.)

Grooming @ Furbabies

Dropped her off for a basic grooming and milk spa session at Furbabies! One, because it was nearby. Two, because it was more affordable. And three, because I wanted to see Max the standard poodle! =D Still as cute as ever.

Went off to Nex for dinner and went back to pick her up. Only took about an hour! Nice. And she smelt absolutely wonderful. I don't know what magic Laureen used, but it's been 2 weeks and her fur is still as lovely. Still smells so nice too! Almost didn't feel like bathing her. =X

Hopefully we'll get another outing and/or spa session before CNY. *cross paws*

Overdue updates

It's been 2 weeks since I started at my new job. I'm still alive! Lol. But earlier working hours means I have to get out of bed almost an hour earlier than before. Seriously lack of sleep these 2 weeks. =(

Anyway, SSD and I celebrated our 5th year anniversary 2 weeks ago too. On the very day of my first day at work. Lol. So it was just a simple dinner at Manhattan's.

Wish we could have gone somewhere else though. We've had Manhattan's so often, it isn't really special anymore.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Staycation - Rendezvous Weekend Getaway

So one month after we came back from Bangkok, we had a staycation again! Right in the middle of my 2-week break before I start my new job next week. I love being on 'holiday-mood'. Lol. And this time we got to try out a different hotel other than SSD's Riverview. 

Saw this promotion off Nadnut. Was super looking forward to the massage and food! 

The Room

Check-in counter for club rooms are at the 11th floor. We got one at the corner. Was a tiny bit disappointed with the room though, cos I was expecting a nice new 'refurbished' room. FCUK toiletries and the butt-warming toilet bowl were nice lol. 

Daily comfort food at Club Lounge

Was actually kinda looking forward to this as well cos I heard about the pasta, burgers and sandwiches. Quite disappointed to see this instead.

Yeah, comfort food of bee hoon, cheese sausages, popcorn chicken, and porridge. =_= It was buffet-style instead, and the club lounge was pretty packed, so the food ran out quite fast. Tsk.

1-hr Thai Aroma Oil Body Massage

Went for our Thai massage next! The only slot left was 3.30pm in the middle of the afternoon. And we reached there to find out some dumbass couple (whose slot was at 9pm) had taken our slot! Eat shit please. Thankfully someone called to cancel their booking. But no couple room for us. =(

One of the bestest massages I've ever had! ^^ I really needed that. And it was usually priced at $148 per pax.

Evening cocktail at Club Lounge

Sadly they don't have my favorite Long Island. =( So Bloody Mary and Salty Dog for me, red wine and Heineken for SSD. I thought my Bloody Mary was bad (too much tabasco), but the red wine was even worse. The rest were so-so only. Got some finger food. Cheese was quite nice though. And the lounge was pretty packed too. =(


Overslept till almost 8.30am (breakfast was till 10am only) lol. We chose to have it downstairs at Straits instead of the lounge since there would be more variety there.

I love love love international breakfast buffets! <3 All were quite nice, except maybe the carbs. And overdosed on the eggs.

Late check-out

Then went back and continued sleeping cos we had late checkout at 4pm!

The end! We paid about $363 after taxes. Still quite worth it I suppose. =) Aiming for a Conrad staycation next so my silly girl can join us. Please please please have a promotion!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dad's birthday dinner at Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant

Celebrated Dad's birthday at Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant, Furama Riverfront. Mum has been wanting to come for weeks. There's 1-for-1 now (U.P. $50++ per pax); not sure how though. But personally I feel that even after the half-price, it's still not worth it.

The buffet spread was disappointing. Some mentioned that the quality made up for it, but I think it's so-so only. They have simple fare like papaya salad, satay, beef (or lamb) rendang, white/yellow rice, veggies, fried (but soggy) dory fish, beefball noodles, tomyum soup, tauhu, and desserts like cakes, fruits (watermelon and jackfruit only), cendol, durian penyat, and ice cream. The only nice dish was the fresh cold prawns. And I had so much carbs. T_T

Never. Coming. Back.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

[sponsored review] Bling up with Totally Jewel

Received my batch of jewellery some time ago.

Courtesy of Totally Jewel. It's a local online shop originating from Australia (I think), offering a wide selection of jewellery at extremely affordable prices! Since rings and bracelets are my favorite accessories, I chose 2 each.

01 / Crystal Ribbon Ring (SGD7.00)

This was the first one I picked out cos it looked so sweet. Pretty bling too. But I didn't wear it that often because I was more drawn to the second ring below.

02 / Double Loop Ring (SGD4.00)

I picked this last, just to 'make up the amount'. But surprisingly it has become my favorite of the four. I find myself reaching for this everyday. It was my first time wearing a double ring so I found it kinda uncomfortable and inconvenient initially. But quickly grew used to it. It's a snake I think. Super love the simple design and little blings. Got quite some compliments too. =)

03 / Eye of the Sea Bracelet (SGD5.00)

Image from Totally Jewel

I wear this for work every day. I like that it isn't too elaborate, yet offers a little extra bling. This 'magical ocean's eye' charm is supposed to bring me luck and fortune too. Let's see how it goes. ;)

04 / Underworld Bracelet (SGD5.00)

Quite an elaborate piece which I've only worn once. Definitely not for work lol. Besides the charms you see above, there are larger-than-normal pearls on the other side. The whole bracelet actually looks very heavy and chunky, but it's surprisingly light.

Totally Jewel has both more expensive and elaborate pieces, as well as cheaper, simpler pieces for daily wear. Do check them out. I'm sure you can find one that suits you. =)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tampopo guestblogs!

Just kidding. Just wanna see how it's like blogging from someone else. Lol. Here goes.

So if you've been following me (and Mama) on Instagram, you would have known we have been battling my diarrhea / soft poop / loose stool for 4 months now. Mama has brought me to 3 different vets, 5 times already. And still nobody knows exactly what's wrong with me. Poor Mama and her wallet.

Let's start from the beginning. Everyone knows I'm on a raw diet right? Mama started me on it in April last year, and I have done nothing but thrive on it. Better balanced energy, less doggy odour, eyes bright and alert, coat soft and shiny. Teeth isn't better but it could be a small-dog problem. *shrugs* Up till July this year, I had a good rotation of chicken, pork, beef, lamb, fish and venison, along with necks, feet, liver and kidney. It's much more expensive than the TOTW kibbles she can get at cost price, but Mama feels that raw is the best diet. She also gives me other stuff like coconut oil, ACV (major yucks), B-complex, eggs, and fish oil. 

And then suddenly, shit happened. One night I gave her perfect poop, and the next morning, diarrhea. The first couple of days were the worst, but still the soft stools lasted a week before Mama brought me to the vet. She gave probiotics and a dewormer because Mama didn't like antibiotics. Mama also didn't like the canned food the vet made us try. I rejected it too! 

Anyway, it didn't get better. Mama brought me back again and was given antibiotics this time. I got better, but then it came back again when we stopped the meds. So Mama brought me back for the third time. We did 2 blood tests and a fecal test. Apparently I had a bacteria overload. I had to be on another round of antibiotics, as well as another dewormer. I think Mama was really mad at the vet for asking us to stop the raw diet, and saying it was the bacteria in the raw meat that caused the problem. 

So when I still didn't get better after the antibiotics, Mama brought me to another vet for a fourth visit. She didn't ask Mama to stop the raw diet, but to try the elimination diet instead. She also did another fecal test and gave us antibiotics again. By then I was already getting super sick of Mama squirting the meds into my mouth. Tasted yucky!

I still didn't get better! Mama had to take leave from work cos I was messing myself and the house up all the time. =( And then Mama remembered that the second vet mentioned something about inflammation. So she started to include more anti-inflammatory foods like fish, fish oil, and turmeric. After about a week, I got better overnight. Lol me is weird. Poop schedule returned to normal and poops were quite firm too. It gave Mama a peace of mind to leave for her Bangkok trip.

Unfortunately, Mama became too impatient and started adding more variety into my diet again. Initially my poops were still okay, but now it's on and off firm/soft/loose/watery. Bad Mama.

So she brought me to another vet, for the fifth time! This one was recommended on Instagram as a holistic/homeopathic vet. Mama had high hopes even though it looked expensive. I was examined by 2 vets and a vet assistant, all looking younger than Mama. (Maybe Mama's just old lah.) Mama doesn't really trust them though, especially when they said Mama's diet for me was imbalanced. 

They said Mama should have given me more rice, fruits and veggies, and stick to one protein instead of having a variety. She made Mama buy this Addiction prescription diet, and some meds to stop the loose poop. Mama wasn't pleased I think. But still she started me on the prescription diet. Stupid la Mama. 

They also made me undergo this ultrascan thingy. Flipped me belly up and applied this cold cold liquid. Was done by an older ang mo vet, and Mama seems quite happy talking to her. I think it's because she said that I don't have any tumors, infection, or inflammation inside. Got nothing wrong with me leh! So the vet asked Mama to make appointment for don't know what bio-resonance allergy test. I heard Mama complaining to Papa that this vet visit cost her $400, so I don't think I'll be doing that allergy test anytime soon.

When Mama came home, she starting posting about my problem online, and someone said I might have Giardia (a parasite not caused by raw food) instead of it being food-related. So now Mama is confused. She don't know who to believe! Anyway I think she contacted a fourth vet who is confirmed homeopathic. Let's see what he says. I think both Mama and me also hope that it's Giardia. At least it can then be cured by special dewormers. But if it's really food-related then Mama will be so disappointed and demoralized.

I don't think it's Mama's fault though. I really do enjoy raw meat better than anything else and it's a fact that I have improved on the raw diet. I don't like kibbles, canned food or mashed potato prescription diets either!

Please can anyone help us? T_T

Update 18/11: The potato-based prescription diet made me sick and bloated. Mama stayed up the whole night watching me throw up water, burp and fart. We only manage to get some sleep at 7am. Mama's pretty pissed with the vet. >_<

Monday, November 17, 2014


I guess I'm growing complacent about being a pescetarian. OR, it could be too much K-drama growing on me. After saying I wouldn't be having Korean BBQ anymore, I had another craving last Friday. And we ended up at Daessiksin (大食神), Nex. Despite me trying to find one with more seafood. =X

No pictures cos I wasn't intending to blog it. 

We tried chicken bulgogi (spicy and non-spicy), bacon, pork neck slices, prawns, sotong, beef bulgogi, beef belly (I think), and mushrooms. I actually only enjoyed the chicken bulgogi, bacon and mushrooms. The pork neck slices were too tough and sotong rings were tasteless. Prawns were a hassle to peel. SSD liked the beef bulgogi, though I felt they had a weird taste to it. Beef belly slices were a little disappointing considering how I enjoyed them the first time.  Veggies were nice and fresh though lol.

I saw some cooked food as well but we didn't exactly try them. I only took some pancakes, which weren't nice at all. Wish I tried the soups though. Kimchi was very disappointing. So were the sauces. I think I didn't eat as much this time. And it was more expensive, at $24.90++ per pax. Don't think I'll be returning. I...might...go back to Korean BBQ World next time. LMAO!

Super looking forward to our staycation next week. I love breakfast buffets. ^^

Friday, November 14, 2014

[sponsored review] Reduze PRO slimming pills

Another life-saving sponsor! Especially with all the Bangkok food and buffet dinners. XD Reduze is back with a Reduze PRO version, which helps to detox, burn fat, and lose weight with the new triple action detox formula which is faster, stronger, and more effective! 

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2. Improve digestive function
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3. Sustainable weight loss
The synbiotics (prebiotics+probiotics) help to increase fat metabolism and satiety.

Direction of use: Simply take 2 pills, once a day, before your meal. I take it before dinner, cos that's the one I tend to eat the heaviest. For faster effect, you can take 3 pills, and when desired effect is achieved, go back to 2. 

Personal experience: My brother has taken the older version of Reduze, which has worked rather well for him. So I had no doubts that this enhanced version would work too. I didn't weigh myself before (weighing scale is my mortal enemy), nor after taking. But I definitely feel lighter and cleaner. Tummy feels flatter too! Guess I need to finish up at least one month to see more results.

Where to buy: Guardians, John Little, Metro, NTUC, Robinson, SaSa, Unity and Watsons
How much: $128 / box (60 capsules)

Get it from Rakuten instead and get $10 off (with minimum purchase 1 box of Reduze PRO)! Use this code: REDUZEPRO10 (all uppercase). Coupon can only be used once per member, and is not valid with other discounts. Valid from 17 Nov to 31 Dec 2014.

Sunday, November 9, 2014


By far the cheem-est sci-fi movie I've ever watched. A whopping 2 hour 49 minute movie which left me bewildered and confused at the end of it. The time difference certainly didn't make sense at all. I guess people who like astronauts and spaceships would enjoy understand this better. And honestly speaking, I'd rather die than sit in a rocket and migrate to another planet. =)

We watched it at the newly-opened GV at Suntec City, which by the way, was disappointing after renovation. It was confusing, directions were unclear, and the navigational map was slow to respond. Majority of shops were changed and boring. My favorite place is probably the fountain of wealth, where the food area was. 

Lunch at Bibigo. Seen this several times and finally got the chance to try. All tasted nice! No prizes for guessing which is mine. But I want to visit Korea soooo much I don't even care if I have to eat meat everyday for all 3 meals.

Dinner at Sushi Express. Spammed so many plates of salmon sashimi. We had dinner at Buffettown last week, and the salmon sashimi there was horrible. Definitely not sashimi quality. So disappointing.

Back to work tomorrow. Cleared 4 days of leave last week. So not looking forward to going back. Hai.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bangkok day 5 - Going back home =(

Why do skies look prettier everywhere else except Singapore?

P/s. Cab journey to the airport was slightly more expensive but much much faster. It's the tolls I think.
P/p/s. There's a Naraya inside the departure hall too so I shopped again! Lol.

Anyway that's the end of my short 5-day holiday to Bangkok. And then it's back to reality. Truckload of shit at work dealing with a super unprofessional backstabbing asshole managing director. Shall I plan for a short nearby getaway or save for my 안녕하세요?

 ~ * ~
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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Bangkok day 4 - Chatuchak & Central World

Day 4 was a Saturday, so off we went to Chatuchak!

Had wanted to take a cab but SSD insisted on taking the BTS. Sad. It was probably cheaper by cab too. The nearest BTS station from our hotel was Chit Lom Station, a 10-15 min walk away. Chatuchak is at Mo Chit Station, 8 stops away. No need to change trains. Fare was 42B (SGD1.70) each, one way. Now you see why it was probably cheaper going by cab. =.= And I can't help but compare every country's trains to ours. Yep, ours still suck.

Breakfast at one of the roadside stalls! Shrimp fried rice and tomyum maggi. Normal lor. Lol.

Chatuchak is a super duper messy place to shop. We had a map and it was divided into sections and everything, but we still had no idea where we were and how to start shopping. In the end we just walked. And walked. And walked. Pretty sure we were going around in circles lol. 

Got street food too! Overheard someone saying that the stall we bought the coconut ice cream from wasn't the "real" one. I think the "real" one has a flag? But seriously, isn't it just coconut ice cream? Got real and fake ice cream? -_- Overdosed on quail eggs too. Too hard to resist. And then we got some honey grilled pork from one of the stalls inside. It was the bestest pork I've ever tasted! Really! (Man I ate so much meat this few days.) We only bought 100g. Wish we bought more. =(

There were lots of different stuff at Chatuchak. From clothing to souvenirs to bags and hardware, pottery, fake flowers, and even soap, which I was really really tempted to get. Lol. But my main goal was actually the pet section. By some luck we managed to find it. And I was so so disappointed.

To be fair, I was only looking to get toys and a carrier. But the toys were horribly old and disgusting, while the carriers were either too small, or not ventilated enough. People who dress their dogs up would go crazy there though. TONS of doggie clothes. I bought a CNY dress for Popo for fun. Less than 100B (SGD4). There were lots of leashes/collars too, and some beds. Oh I did get a small little bag for Popo at 200B (SGD8), and saw the same one selling at Central World that night for 390B (SGD15.60)!

Anyway, what really irked me were the treats. There were lots of rawhides for sale (and everyone knows rawhides aren't good for dogs), all displayed out in the open. The kibbles and biscuits were in huge bins with a scoop in them. Oh my how can anyone feed those?! I wouldn't even buy those sealed packaged ones, much less those in bulk bins. Ewwwww! Still, we walked through the pet section twice, hoping there were some we missed. But no. So yep, disappointed me. 

I was also looking to get a fake branded bag but you know what? They cost like, 2500B (SGD100) each. Like go to hell lah. If I can pay so much for a fake I might as well get the real one. >.<

I think we spent like, 5 hours inside? Took the BTS back to the hotel for a short rest again while SSD headed opposite to collect his tailored clothes. (Is it weird that we actually have afternoon naps?) Slight problem as they accidentally packed one of his shirts to someone else and had to rush out another one for him. It came the next day. 

Dinner was at the nearby food stalls again. We chose the first stall, the one nearest to the hotel. Ordered lesser this time. The salt-grilled fish wasn't as nice as the one we had before, but the soup and omelet were nicer. I think this stall was more worth it though.

Bill came up to 605B (SGD24). I miss salt-grilled fish now. =(

Continued on to the nearby Central World for Naraya shopping! I don't really like the designs but I have to agree they're pretty cheap and good as souvenirs. No wonder the store is packed. 

I wished we walked here earlier. There were lots of restaurants, especially jap and steamboat. Argh! Other than that, the shops were more on the high-end.  

Loots! You can see I didn't shop much these few days and SSD bought way lesser. So I have no idea why our luggage got so full. *shrugs*

 ~ * ~

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Bangkok day 3 - SabX2, Pratunam Market, Pantip Plaza & Chinatown

Today we finally got to try the famous SabX2 wanton noodles! SSD was pretty excited about it it seems to me. We reached there about 9+ in the morning, and there was already a long queue. In which judging by the conversations, 95% of it were Singaporeans lol. We had to wait about 20 minutes before it was our turn. Guess table for 2 is always easier. Shared a table with a Singaporean couple who simple ate a bowl of noodles each and left. Kinda waste all the time queuing right? =X

It certainly doesn't look very hygienic, but who cares right? We got a bowl of noodles each with a plate of intestines. The noodles were 50B (SGD2) while the intestines were 200B (SGD8). *faints* To be honest, they tasted good. (Yes I ate meat fml.) Good but not THAT good to make me queue up again for it. And you can see the portion isn't very big. Side note, the second Singaporean couple who shared our table were obviously also first-timers. Cos when their noodles came, the girl started grumbling on how little it was. Come on lah, if you can find your way there, you obviously read about it and know how small the portion would be. Don't be such a bitch. =\ Anyway, it's overrated. I wouldn't recommend wasting time queuing for this.

Next up is shopping again! At the nearby Pratunam Market. Actually I have no idea if it was Pratunam Market. I mean, it's the correct area and it looks like a market, I assume it IS Pratunam Market. Lol.

It's supposedly for wholesalers so you probably could bargain for more discount if you bought more pieces. I realize the prices stated are also for bulk purchases. Maybe it's just me, but the styles were just as weird as those in Platinum Mall and the prices not exactly that cheap too. So yeah, I bought like, 3 pieces, in the 2 hours we were there. Oh by the way, when the shop owners take a new piece for you, do check. Cos I didn't and came back to realize one of the tops wasn't what I wanted. No idea what to do with that now, since I can't fit in. =(

Headed opposite to Pantip Plaza. It's just like our Sim Lim Square. SSD's heaven lol. But first, we stopped for A&W! Been like 10+ years since I last had these. Please come back to Singapore!

Spent a couple of hours here. There were about 7 levels of electronic gadgets and accessories. And here we splurged 1600B (SGD64) on a Beats by Dre wireless headphone. Each. Don't tell me it's fake; I know that. But even for a fake piece it's not cheap you know. How can people bring themselves to spend $400+ on a headphone?! Mad.

Went back for a short rest and headed out again to Chinatown. Took a cab from Platinum Mall. (I believe you can get the hotel concierge to get one for you. They don't charge extra.) Cab fare was less than 100B (SGD4) if I'm not wrong.

Came across this Lin Zhen Xiang store selling snacks and tidbits, and we decided to get some stuff back for the colleagues. Got some pork floss, crackers, coconut chips etc. I think we spent over 1100B (SGD44) and they had it sent to our hotel the next morning.

We were feeling quite full (from I don't know what), so our main goal was just the shark's fin and bird nest. That 50B (SGD2) shark's fin soup is fake, so don't bother with it. Lol. Came across this bird nest shop and got ourselves a bowl of 200B (SGD8) bird nest each. Apparently you also have to add the egg, ginko nuts and some honey to it. I......wouldn't say it's worth it. I'd rather go for the seafood anytime. Pity we didn't get to try any. =(

Tried some other street food like fried spring rolls and fried dough fritters, which came with a kaya dip. We tried to ask what it was, cos I heard sweet potato balls were a must-try. But sadly he didn't understand us.

Decided to make our way back and hopped on a cab, only to find out he wasn't going by meter. We were charged 200B (SGD8) for the journey back. To be honest, it's not expensive. But considering we paid less than half of that on the way there, we......weren't too pleased.

Dropped at Big C instead and walked the supermarket again. Had more time so we explored the other sections too. And I totally love the fresh food section. They have salmon sashimi! Super tempted to get some, but SSD said we had to 'preserve cash'. =( And the fresh meat section! Everything looked so fresh and yummy. (Sorry, I go crazy at meat sections nowadays due to Popo.)

My loots. I actually got the CHO.2 cap on Day 2 but forgot to include it in lol.

~ * ~

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bangkok day 2 - MBK Center, Siam & Platinum Fashion Mall (B)

Day 1 here if you haven't read it. =)

The next day, we headed nearby to the famous SabX2 wanton mee for breakfast. Got lost and asked around, before we found out it was closed that day! Quite sad but still, managed to get 2 bags and 2 pairs of shoes nearby. LOL!

Dropped off my loots in the room before heading to MBK Center. It was a 20-25 mins walk away. We reached slightly after 10am and the shops were slowly starting to open. Had breakfast at their foodcourt. You have to purchase this card at the counter and use it to buy the food. 

All for 280B (SGD11.20). I remember quite clearly because we had deposited 300B into the card and there was 20B left after buying the milk tea. And we forgot to return the card lol. Food was quite normal. Except for the oyster omelet; too starchy for my liking.

Then we began shopping! The top levels were more of clothes and souvenirs, whereas the lower levels were more of electronic stuff and bags. Quite a boring place I must say. =X

'Lunch' was at Dunkin' Donuts. I am officially a fan of Iced Americano now. ^_^ And dabao-ed a pack of papaya salad, where we had it in one of the Siam shopping centres.

On our way back, we passed through the various Siam shopping centres, like Siam Paragon, Siam Centre and Siam Discovery Centre. Don't know which was which too. It was mainly branded stuff which were more expensive, so we actually just passed through it.

Went over to finish up Platinum Fashion Mall Building B. I think this is slightly smaller than Building A, but I felt it was more interesting. It was mainly shoes and bags. Side note: it is always very difficult for me to buy shoes because I have big feet. But in Bangkok, it seems so easy. A lot of places not only have my shoe size (41 or 42) but also go way up to 46. It sure feels good to be able to buy shoes according to the design I like rather than which designs have my size.

Anyway, we finished up shopping pretty fast and I went back for a short nap while SSD headed over for his clothes fitting. Didn't help that I had a headache and had to take painkillers for it. =(

Dinner was at the nearby roadside stalls. It was always crowded so we went early about 6+. I think this stretch of stalls is famous for their salt-grilled fish, which could be seen on almost every table. We chose the last stall, the one nearest to Central World. It wasn't expensive too; only 180B (SGD7.20) for such a huge fish. Ordered some extra sides (too much actually) which were all pretty good! The mixed veggies were a little weird but still not that bad. And the tom yum soup had lots of ingredients.

Total bill came up to 980B (SGD39.20). Not very expensive right?

My loots. I suppose it's really very very little, considering we had MBK and Platinum Mall. SSD bought even lesser stuff lmao.

~ * ~

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Bangkok day 1 - Arrival, Alex's Fashion, Platinum Fashion Mall (A) & Big C

Yo. I'm back. From my much-needed Bangkok trip. It has been (and still is) such a stressful period at work and I was really glad to go away and not think about it. At least for a few days. Anyway.

I hate flying. I mean, I love traveling, but I absolutely HATE flying. Especially takeoffs, landings, and turbulence. Thankfully it was just a 2.5 hour flight. I may just have to pop sleeping pills if ever I have a long flight. =\

So, we arrived on Thai AirAsia around mid-noon at Don Mueang Airport. I had wanted Suvarnabhumi since it was connected by trains. But DM turned out to be quite convenient cos the cab fare to our hotel was less than 250B (SGD10). For a close to an hour journey. Almost fell asleep though lol. Also got a 'Happy Tourist' SIM card at the airport, with 7-days unlimited data, for 290B (SGD11.50). Speed was a little slow at times.

We decided to book Novotel Platinum, since it was conveniently connected to Platinum Fashion Mall. Booked both the air tickets and hotel through Expedia for about SGD900. Not cheap, but it was our cheapest option as we wanted to stay at Novotel. No regrets though. Not sure about SSD but I super liked the room! We got the corner room. It was nice and clean, just big enough for both of us, and have separate pooping and shower stalls. I also liked that we could leave the curtains open as we weren't facing any other rooms. Staff were wonderfully helpful too. Only sad part was we didn't have any hotel breakfast buffet. =(

For the benefit of those (like us) who isn't familiar with this hotel, I did a simple map below.

Upon alighting at the taxi stand (it was raining btw), we walked all the way towards the left, asking at the information counters at both buildings. We were told to look for a Starbucks right at the end. It was connected to the Novotel lift lobby, where we took the lift to the 6th floor, where the hotel lobby is. After check-in, there were another set of lifts to get to the rooms.

After a short rest, we headed out to Amari Watergate Hotel just opposite. SSD wanted to get some tailor-made work clothes. At first we went to Paul's Fashion; apparently it was the more famous one. But the prices seem a little expensive (1000B for a shirt) so we headed opposite to Alex's Fashion. They have packages for Singaporeans (seems like this is more popular), and after much consideration, SSD decided to get the SGD196 package of 4 shirts and a pant. After adding 100B ($4) each for the special shirt cuff, we realized it was only slightly cheaper than Paul's. Lol.

Then we headed back to Platinum Mall Building A (I think). For super late lunch! At Fuji Japanese Restaurant. Lol I know I know, why jap food again right? But I heard it was cheap and good, so... =X

All for about 900B (SGD36) I think. Barely managed to finish everything lol. And it WAS good.

And then we started to shop! Building A was mainly clothes. I know many people could spend the whole day here and come out with bags and bags of stuff. But 95% of the clothes weren't my type at all. And definitely not as cheap as what many people claim. >_< There were quite a lot of guy stuff but SSD wasn't looking to buy anything either. So we finished the 6-storey building in a few hours with only a few bags. It was around closing time too so we kinda sped up.

Went back to drop off the stuff (see the convenience?) and headed back out again. I think we browsed the night bazaar diagonally opposite the hotel first, before dropping by Big C supermarket nearby.

Our supper! We bought 7 cups of noodles and some chips and actually managed to finish them in the 5 days! Love the green curry. ^^

And our loots! First from Platinum and then from the night bazaar. Am I the only girl who can leave Platinum with only 4 pieces of clothes? =P

~ * ~

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

[sponsored review] Nivea Body Intensive Moisture Serum

Did you know that exposure to the sun and harsh environmental influences results in the loss of moisture and essential oils that protects your skin, leaving it dry and damaged? Such skin can make you look older than you are. Lucky me received a tube of Nivea Body Intensive Moisture Serum! It is the first body serum that not only repairs 10 signs of accumulated dry and damaged skin within 24 hours, but it also has SPF 25 to protect it from the sun!

  • 100x concentrated Vitamin E & Grape Seed Oil - Has strong antioxidant properties, capable of defending skin cells from sun-induced problems and free radical damages.
  • Avocado Oil - Wonderful emollient and hydrating properties. It is most easily absorbed by the skin and aids in relieving dryness and itch, contributes to regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin, and repairs dry and damaged skin in the process.
  • Hydra IQ - Increases the number of water channels, restoring the skin's own moisture supply and regulates the balance of moisture within.
  • SPF 25 & PA++ - Both a moisturizer and a sunscreen!

My take on it: I don't have the habit of applying body lotion (slimming cream is more important hahaha) nor sunblock, and with my love for sleeveless clothes, needless to say my skin isn't in the best condition. This Nivea serum is like a lifesaver. However, I feel that it doesn't absorb very well (or takes very long), so I usually apply it at night just before bed. I certainly hope the SPF still works. The very next morning after I used it the first time, I could feel a slight difference in my skin. It feels more moisturized and smoother! Quite surprised actually. XD

And the best part, it's not expensive. Only $8.90 for 200ml~! Available at all leading personal care stores and supermarkets.

There's an Instagram contest going on right now. Redeem your free sample on SampleStore to receive the A5 brochure with the magnifying glass cut-out for the contest. 2 grand prize winners to be hand-picked by Sample Store editors, Holly Jean and Trixy based on the most creative submission. The 2 winners will receive $200 shopping vouchers and $100 Nivea hampers! It ends 30 Sept so hurry! =)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mookata at Charcoal Thai

I chanced upon this Charcoal Thai offer on Facebook and since we hadn't tried mookata before, I decided to have this for dinner yesterday! Went to the Kovan one. Quite empty still when we arrived at 6 plus, though it would be safer to reserve. *shrugs*

Tomyum soup base, with a set for 2. Was kinda craving for the mango salad but we forgot about it until about halfway through. =( It looked pretty little but I guess it was just right for both of us. You can see exactly what was in the set - nothing spectacular. Also came with an egg which we poured into the soup cos we didn't know what to do with it. And it was quite hard to get oil out from the lard lmao. =\

Definitely not returning for this. Besides the fact that the only thing I enjoyed was the tomyum soup, majority of the set was meat (chicken and pork) with only 2 pathetic prawns and a little bit of sotong. I don't normally eat meat, unless it's something 'special', and this is definitely not worth breaking my rule again for. 

At $14.90++ per pax I really don't think it was worth it. I guess the most value-for-money steamboat bbq would still be at Bayfront. When can we go again?! =(

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Happy Mooncake Festival

I think I've been pretty generous this year with silly girl's special treats. After her Valentine cookies from Pawlicious, Barkery pupcake/cake experience at our first Papillon gathering, I then got her her own birthday mini pupcakes from Feed My Paws. And this Mooncake Festival, I got her mooncakes too! Hehe.

So, I bought the mooncakes from Feed My Paws again. I got the 'snowskin' Pinky Tato, which has sweet potato filling, and the normal baked grain-free Beefy Cheese, which has...well, beef and cheese filling. Lol.

To be very honest, they were a little smaller than expected. But they were cute. Especially the Pinky Tato! Cutting it open, it looked absolutely like a real mooncake! Was so pretty I stole 1/4 of it. It didn't appeal much to me, being rather bland and tasteless, though I suppose it means there are no added flavorings or stuff. All natural! Silly girl loved it! Kept pawing for more. XD But the 'snowskin' kinda stuck to her teeth after that, so make sure to brush!

I gave her the beef one the next day. It was....more crumbly and messy. Not sure if I should have heated it up first. Had to feed it in her bowl. It didnt look like a mooncake, but silly girl definitely preferred this one more. She couldn't keep still at all, which explains why there's no photos of her for this. 

Can't wait for her to fully recover so I can buy more treats for her! =)
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