Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tampopo guestblogs!

Just kidding. Just wanna see how it's like blogging from someone else. Lol. Here goes.

So if you've been following me (and Mama) on Instagram, you would have known we have been battling my diarrhea / soft poop / loose stool for 4 months now. Mama has brought me to 3 different vets, 5 times already. And still nobody knows exactly what's wrong with me. Poor Mama and her wallet.

Let's start from the beginning. Everyone knows I'm on a raw diet right? Mama started me on it in April last year, and I have done nothing but thrive on it. Better balanced energy, less doggy odour, eyes bright and alert, coat soft and shiny. Teeth isn't better but it could be a small-dog problem. *shrugs* Up till July this year, I had a good rotation of chicken, pork, beef, lamb, fish and venison, along with necks, feet, liver and kidney. It's much more expensive than the TOTW kibbles she can get at cost price, but Mama feels that raw is the best diet. She also gives me other stuff like coconut oil, ACV (major yucks), B-complex, eggs, and fish oil. 

And then suddenly, shit happened. One night I gave her perfect poop, and the next morning, diarrhea. The first couple of days were the worst, but still the soft stools lasted a week before Mama brought me to the vet. She gave probiotics and a dewormer because Mama didn't like antibiotics. Mama also didn't like the canned food the vet made us try. I rejected it too! 

Anyway, it didn't get better. Mama brought me back again and was given antibiotics this time. I got better, but then it came back again when we stopped the meds. So Mama brought me back for the third time. We did 2 blood tests and a fecal test. Apparently I had a bacteria overload. I had to be on another round of antibiotics, as well as another dewormer. I think Mama was really mad at the vet for asking us to stop the raw diet, and saying it was the bacteria in the raw meat that caused the problem. 

So when I still didn't get better after the antibiotics, Mama brought me to another vet for a fourth visit. She didn't ask Mama to stop the raw diet, but to try the elimination diet instead. She also did another fecal test and gave us antibiotics again. By then I was already getting super sick of Mama squirting the meds into my mouth. Tasted yucky!

I still didn't get better! Mama had to take leave from work cos I was messing myself and the house up all the time. =( And then Mama remembered that the second vet mentioned something about inflammation. So she started to include more anti-inflammatory foods like fish, fish oil, and turmeric. After about a week, I got better overnight. Lol me is weird. Poop schedule returned to normal and poops were quite firm too. It gave Mama a peace of mind to leave for her Bangkok trip.

Unfortunately, Mama became too impatient and started adding more variety into my diet again. Initially my poops were still okay, but now it's on and off firm/soft/loose/watery. Bad Mama.

So she brought me to another vet, for the fifth time! This one was recommended on Instagram as a holistic/homeopathic vet. Mama had high hopes even though it looked expensive. I was examined by 2 vets and a vet assistant, all looking younger than Mama. (Maybe Mama's just old lah.) Mama doesn't really trust them though, especially when they said Mama's diet for me was imbalanced. 

They said Mama should have given me more rice, fruits and veggies, and stick to one protein instead of having a variety. She made Mama buy this Addiction prescription diet, and some meds to stop the loose poop. Mama wasn't pleased I think. But still she started me on the prescription diet. Stupid la Mama. 

They also made me undergo this ultrascan thingy. Flipped me belly up and applied this cold cold liquid. Was done by an older ang mo vet, and Mama seems quite happy talking to her. I think it's because she said that I don't have any tumors, infection, or inflammation inside. Got nothing wrong with me leh! So the vet asked Mama to make appointment for don't know what bio-resonance allergy test. I heard Mama complaining to Papa that this vet visit cost her $400, so I don't think I'll be doing that allergy test anytime soon.

When Mama came home, she starting posting about my problem online, and someone said I might have Giardia (a parasite not caused by raw food) instead of it being food-related. So now Mama is confused. She don't know who to believe! Anyway I think she contacted a fourth vet who is confirmed homeopathic. Let's see what he says. I think both Mama and me also hope that it's Giardia. At least it can then be cured by special dewormers. But if it's really food-related then Mama will be so disappointed and demoralized.

I don't think it's Mama's fault though. I really do enjoy raw meat better than anything else and it's a fact that I have improved on the raw diet. I don't like kibbles, canned food or mashed potato prescription diets either!

Please can anyone help us? T_T

Update 18/11: The potato-based prescription diet made me sick and bloated. Mama stayed up the whole night watching me throw up water, burp and fart. We only manage to get some sleep at 7am. Mama's pretty pissed with the vet. >_<

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