Monday, April 30, 2007

wind howling outside.
rain against the window.
is cold.
class95's playing a whole load of love songs.
is watching the rain.
feeling sad and depressed.
and sorry.

*goes to sleep*
tomorrow will be a better day.

i got that graduation letter already. at first i was thinking, if my friends were going, i would too. after reading that letter, i changed my mind. i'm not going. i don't think my friends will be going either. at least, i don't think this is yean's cup of tea. hmmm. first, need to wear formal. second, need to reserve the darn robe. third, i have to pay for that thing? so what if we're the first batch ever to don it. bleh. fourth, the whole procedure of receiving that certificate is something which i do not like. so overall, why go when i'm not gonna enjoy myself there?

had a sudden urge to play my priest last night. did the new perion quests. fun! so now i'm stuck between my priest and hunter. i like shooting arrows, but my priest's of a decent level already. argh! *blur*

today's newspapers made me feel that the world might just be a better place without men. to those 2 rapists (and many more out there), i hope you burn in hell. =)

p/s. nice song here. (pause my song if you wanna listen to this.)

Sunday, April 29, 2007

i asked my dad, mum and bro the same question.

"got one submarine, max capacity is 4 people. got 3 guys, and 1 pregnant woman got on. then the thing sank. why ah?"

dad/mum/bro : cos the pregnant woman inside got another person ma.
me : cos submarines are supposed to sink.
they : -_-'''

asked gary and mingkai the same question. both of them knew the answer. not fun de. bleh.

then gary asked me one.

"got 3 mice, standing in a row. the first one said, 'behind me got 2 mice'. the second one said, 'in front and behind me got 1 mouse'. the third one said, 'behind and in front of me got 2 mice'. how is it possible?"

gary said it was easy. but i couldn't guess it. then he told me, "cos the third mouse is lying".

wth. =)

p/s. i think a few of my friends have already received ngee ann's graduation letter. how come i haven't yet ah? don't tell me i cannot grad? zzZz. i heard got graduation ceremony, and need to wear gown somemore? oooh.

Friday, April 27, 2007

saxophone craze. lols. forever in love by kenny g. classic!! fave song so far. i'm resisting the urge to add a whole playlist of kenny g's songs here. =P

anybody watched fly me to polaris? it's a very old film. 1999 movie. lols. i watched it at the cinema back then, and my aunt was tearing. in fact, everyone was, 'cept me. =X that was the first time i came across the saxophone. the sound of it immediately got me hooked. lols. and can you imagine the silhouette of richie ren, playing the saxophone, by the poolside, under the stars? aaaahhhh~

i wonder if i've ever mentioned this. there was once when i went to the esplanade with yean, sa and a couple of guys, and there was this 'ah beng' band getting ready to perform. 'ah beng' as in, blonde hair and stuff, very 'ah beng' type. but i admit they were rather shuai, which was why we stayed and watched. =P we got a shock when they started to play. cos they performed classical jazz. -_-'' the lead singer's voice was just, wow! but the saxophonist was the one that caught my attention. dunno why too. LOL. if i didn't remember wrongly, i had goosebumps that night. not from the seabreeze, but from the overload of romanticness. i think it's amazing how just a saxophone can bring out the romanticness in any kind of situation. lols.

i called ann to reject the bukit merah job. i feel so bad. cos i've actually accepted it already. haish. she sounded pissed. i guess i shouldn't be depending on them anymore. sure won't find job for me le. oh wells. should i just slack at home until i get my dip cert in june? XD

in the meantime, shall carry on with my obsession with kenny g and saxophones. ^^

p/s. wows slept at 4plus and woke up at 8.30. alarm was ringing from 8-8.30. i must be deaf. LOL.
p/p/s. dinner with winny postponed to thurs. i mish her. =P

was browsing through songs when i came across this one. true by ryan cabrera. the singing part is okay lah, gets better as you listen more. but the music is nice. is that guitar or something? ahh whatever. it's nice. i like. ^^

during the guild chat about musical instruments just now, i was wondering why nobody mentioned the saxophone. not very common i guess. i love the sound of it. and the look of it. i don't know why, but there's something about a guy playing the saxophone that just turns me on. *blush*

lols. anyway, ann called this morning. woke me up. for the umpteenth time. =.= she said i got the bukit merah hr assistant job. damn! the job i wanted so badly, i didn't get. instead i got one which i didn't want at all. it's not about the job. it's about the freaking long long distance. in case you don't know, bukit merah is on the OPPOSITE side of the island from where i stay. wth. my aunt told me it's approximately 2hrs by bus, and 1hr plus by train. after deducting the transport cost, i realized i don't earn much from that $6/hr paycheck. i prolly won't stay long there, even though it's only a 3mth temp job. unless i have very nice colleagues, which is unlikely, considering it's in the government sector. =(

suddenly my life feels emptier than before. going there for an interview is pretty different from going there knowing you've already got the job. by the way, there wasn't even an interview for this. either it's urgent, or they know i confirm can do what i'm expected to. this is risky. cos if there's an interview, i can still tell them, "you never screen properly ma", when anything goes wrong. but when there isn't, oh wells, i prolly get all the blame. wish me luck. hope i don't do anything wrong and get fired on the first day. lol.

argh! i'm gone. *disappears*

Thursday, April 26, 2007

raining heavily again. reminds me of the recent drowning of that 13 yr old girl. if you don't know what i'm talking about, click here. it doesn't tell this, but it started raining, and the 4 people stayed under the ledge to avoid the rain.

i can't believe how dumb some people are. no offense to anyone, but who would seek shelter from the rain IN A CANAL? =.= even my friend's primary school sister can say "wah so stupid! raining the big drain (she means the canal) will got alot of water one ma. she dunno how to swim. of cos will drown lah!" it's something like, during an earthquake, you run into the house for safety. it makes no sense right? tsk tsk.

there seems to be a lot of drownings recently. 13 yr old debra, the two indian teenagers, and the couple of coastal police. hmms. as the saying goes, 水能载舟, 亦能覆舟 (shui neng zai zhou, yi neng fu zhou). how true. i hate to say this, but debra's case was.. oh wells. as for the others, sad case. life and talent wasted.

i've never really experienced any deaths in my family (touchwood!) that have made a huge impact on me. but i sure have come across several deaths of my beloved animals - bobby, ginger, russbabe, r&j, rabbit.

i think we shouldn't take life for granted. i've always felt that, people shouldn't be wasting time doing things that they don't like. you never know when you're gonna leave this world. who knows, i may cross the road tomorrow and get knocked down by a car(touchwood), and i have spent 20 years of my life doing nothing that i liked. what a waste. who would wanna leave with regrets?

but true, we have restrictions. family, friends, and other commitments. i envy those who have the chance and courage to let go of everything and pursue their dreams. because that is something i don't think i can do. i see myself in future, working in an office, doing boring mundane tasks day after day, bringing home a stable income for my family. i may have a job, a monthly pay, and stability, but will i be happy? at the end of everything, can i say, i lived for myself?

same goes with the people. one day you see them, the other you may not see them anymore. i loved my dog, ALOT. but i never actually said it to him. i don't have the chance anymore. if you love someone, do tell him/her/it before it's too late.

to you-know-who-you-are, i suppose this is the reason for my 'outburst' the other day. lols. but, i still have to see your results first. blehs.

wows emo post today. lols. i guess, thinking about bobby always makes me a little emo. i'm warning all of you, DO NOT mock me about my love for him. you do not understand what we have gone through. so there!

p/s. winny's back! looking forward to monday. ^^

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

i'm bored. goodness knows why i woke up at 8.45am this morning. no calls, no smses, no nothing. and i just woke up like that. zzZz.

finished up my last 10% tnl, then slacked the afternoon away. should i head to ossy/ludi, or pia another level at gollems for the lvl 52 quest? haish.

in a rather good mood today, cos i managed to chase a couple of raiders away. the first one was a 4X ice lit who stubbornly refused to move. i cleared my platforms as fast as i could, hoping for the fast spawn down there to help me finish him off. true enough, i saw his tomb drop. whahaha. i'm evil. second one was also a 5X hunter, but dunno why his damage so low. oh wells.

no mood to maple. no mood to make blogskins. no mood to do anything.

ann called with a government job at bukit merah. after i agreed, i realized how freaking far it was. wth. i'm kinda hoping i don't get it. =X

p.s. was it just me, or did that voice over the phone not sound like yours? O.o

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

to 'michael',
if you are really a michael, i'm sorry you have really dialed the wrong number and i don't know you at all. i don't know how you called the wrong number and managed to get a michelle as well.

if you are NOT michael, but someone whom i know trying to play a fool, you jolly well freaked me out and when i find out who you are, you are so freaking dead. that's 4 minutes of my call time wasted. i hate these kind of impersonating jokes. fuck you.

either way, I AM PISSED. very.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

listening to one more moment by ronin, live version. lols. zi tan zi chang by gary. nice sia. hehes.

suddenly the lyrics of the chorus seem to fully describe what i'm feeling now. to no one in particular, i just wish someone, anyone, could be here with me.

cos, i'm feeling very VERY apprehensive about the SIA recruitment later. i so want that job, but i also know damn well i won't get it. i just know it. i wonder if i've made the wrong choice. oh wells.

don't say stuff like, 'i know you will get it' or 'you sure can de', especially from the both of you. you can say it a thousand times and my confidence level remains the same at zero. and when i really don't get it, what are you gonna say then?

but i'll go. 4d logic. )=

Saturday, April 21, 2007

hmm. no calls so far. i guess i didn't get the NUS job after all. oh wells. linda found another one for me at novena. it's nearer and more convenient. pray i get that one.

and i need passport photos for SIA. sianz. i hope my aunt's cam can get it done. otherwise i have to go out and get some tomorrow. i want that SIA job!! but i don't think i can get it. seriously. =(

argh so sianz! helped mingkai play his archer. sooooo boring. i can't stand melee. lols. oh ya, i lost that maro i was bidding for. lost the bid at the VERY LAST SECOND. haish. gary, go help me raid his map until he gives it back to me.

lols. just kidding.

i'm bored. no inspiration to make blogskin at all. and the motivation to train from looking at my char's hair is starting to fade already. tsk tsk.


Friday, April 20, 2007

tired today. my blistered feet hurt. =(

went down to the agency. at town. then went over to NUS BT campus for interview. that place is freaking hard to find. i followed the instructions linda gave me, but i ended up so far away from it. haish. walked and walked. in heels. wtf. i think it's pretty convenient from my place. have direct buses. but that darn building is so freaking far from the bus stop. must walk up the slope somemore. hmm. i hope i get the job though. so can jian fei! ^^

hmmms. i've seen quite some interviews when i was working in sono, but to officially be in one..never try before. lols. lucky the two ladies were quite friendly. i don't think i felt nervous ba. dunno why gary say i sounded nervous. maybe too hot and tired le. hehe.

oh wells. if i really get the job, means i can only chiong maple at night. so sad. and must wake up early somemore. arhhhhhh~!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

bad bad day today. (so far)

cleaned up my laptop this afternoon. took me like, 3hrs to defrag it and all. finally can maple le!

started to chiong, but had to switch channels a couple of times cos of raiders. they din do much lah, except start to kill mobs above/below mine. i saw how fast they were killing, so i bo bian must cc to train.

halfway through, my mood was tremendously improved by a pretty polite sin who told me he just wanted to pass through, and so kindly waited for me to clear the platforms before he advanced. nice hor? his brief presence also helped to increase spawn rate for awhile. haish. how nice if all maplers were like that. and because of my good mood, i gave out free gollem stones to someone. i think he was doing blackbull's quest. lols.

just as i was about to go back town and take a rest, along came another sin who spammed 'cc pls' the moment she came in. she even had the nerve to tell me it was because she was lagging. she pissed me off, and after i replied 'so?', she started ksing me outright. if she had quietly started killing the mobs other than mine, i would have cc-ed. but since she wanted to ks MY mobs right in front of ME, i guess she deserved to be ks-ed back.

even if gary hadn't pm-ed me at that moment, i would have asked him to ks her sometime. the map wasn't important anymore; i just wanted to teach her a lesson. grrrrr! you guys always say i'm too kind, but seriously, i can be mean to the extreme when i'm really offended. woman+scorpio=deadly ^^

but anyway, big big thanks to gary and your guildmate (din catch the name. nightwings or smth?) for helping me snatch the map back. sorry for making you guys waste your pots though. arigato! xie xie! MUACKS~

oh wells. gonna create guild later at 9. hopefully after i take a bathe and go back to maple, i won't meet any rude maplers liao.

chanced upon a wallet filled with my used maple cards. i wonder why i even keep them in the first place. realized i'd spent so much money on maple and audition. tsk tsk. i feel guilty now.

i should get a job. hmm. linda found one for me. at NUS, as HR assistant. i haven't confirmed it yet, but most probably i'll call up tomorrow and confirm the job. got cpf one leh. lols. and i'm still thinking whether or not to go this weekend for the SIA thingy. hmmm. oh wells.

judy!! i mish you. as well as lyia, sherry..and those at sono. sia lah, i think i really miss working there. tsk tsk. meet up soon hor, busy xiao mei. hehes.

lalala~ bath time.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

changed my blogskin again. made solely out of brushes. don't know what theme, don't know what inspired me. lols. i think it looks a little messy. yeah? oh wells.

anyway, pandas are freaking cute can?! see?

hrmph. blehs.

there's a recruitment exercise by SIA this sat and sun. i wonder if i should go. anyone wanna go with me? =X

*prays there's no mahjong again later*

Sunday, April 15, 2007

saw this chinese story on someone's blog. freaking farni lor! erms, if you dunno how to read, get someone to read it out for you, cos i think the joke won't be there if it's translated. =P

lalala~ was supposed to wake at 7, but i got a discount and got called up only at 8. 1hr of extra sleep. but i only managed to fall asleep around 5. haish. i'm sho sleepy, yet i can't really sleep. the weather's too hot and stuffy. blehs.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

this post is meant for yesterday.

just realized yesterday was friday the 13th. black friday! lucky nothing unfortunate happened. blehs.

ann called in the morning. which means, i was woken up by a phone call AGAIN!!! how many times this week already? three? four? five? blehs. but anyways, at least i have someone on the lookout for admin/hr jobs for me. she said she'll call me soon. i sure hope i get a job or something. lols.


was supposed to meet mingkai. but then he said he'll be a little late, and that zai mian on the table is so tempting can. hahas. eating slow and chewing your food properly is a virtue ok?! how i know you so fast reach de. the freaking heavy rain is not my fault also hor. i had to walk through the muddy flooded path leh. give you enough face le gua. blehs.

accompanied him to see doctor. appointment at 2.20 and reach at 3. so punctual sia. ^^ spent the next 2hrs or so waiting. excellent time management. XD

went town. walked around plaza sing. also watched the reaping. freaking horror movie. zzZz. but the gal was pretty. so was the little girl. chios leh. haha. and i love that "what the fuck was that?" LOL.

after that walked from plaza sing to heeren then to taka. lucky i wasn't wearing heels. saw this dumbo thingy at action city. i just HAD TO get it. soooo freaking cute leh!! i cannot (and will not) resist soft toys. whahaha~! see see.

check out her little nails and pretty eyelashes. (it's a her because i said so. ^^) omg kawaii~! hahas. after that went taka coffee bean. din know they close at 10 de. hmmms.

but anyways, eh kai, was supposed to treat you something de leh. end up make you spend so much money. i feel guilty. LOL.

next time. gelare. my treat. hehes.

p.s. why is it that even at 11pm, there's still a freaking long queue at 7-11? can't get my maple card. can't change hair today. sads. =P

oh ya. 'promote' my this blogskin again. i think it's one of my best so far. lubs the response. i want to make more skins!! but no inspiration. argh!


last last. finally fixed! see how pretty now? =)

if you think this is alot of toys, you should see my whole room. does anyone wanna see how many of them i actually have? or how many doggie figurines? hehe. cher asked me the other day she came. i told her to count herself. she gave up. =D

p.s. new song playing. not very popular i guess, since i tried to search it but no one uploaded it. likes it.

hmmms. k bah, i need to chiong maple le. tatas~

Thursday, April 12, 2007

hmms. today i woke up again before 12. having slept at around 7am, i consider this quite an amazing feat already. =P this time it was cher who called, about a job. a customer service job. hmms. i don't like dealing with customers. or people, for that matter. seems kinda ironic that i've actually applied and is still applying for temp human resource and admin assistant positions. oh wells. i hate office jobs. but since i have experience in HR, maybe it makes it easier to find one? blehs.

in the middle of the very sleepy conversation, my princessy mosquito net fell on me. =.= the freaking fishing line snapped and i got a rude shock man. woke me up COMPLETELY! zzZz. look what it became. )= my dad had better fix it up when he gets home. and USE MORE LINES LAH! haish.

hmmms. feel like asking me how on earth do i sleep with so many toys? well, that's something you will never know. *evil laughter*

okays i'm lame.

found a nice new training spot in maple for my hunter. new as in, i haven't trained there before. hmm. stone gollems' exp rocks. but i don't like the sight of them. they make me go eeeeeeeeeeeeee. know why? see see.

see anything wrong? yeah. that stupid yellow flower on its head. -_-'''
at first glance, this stone thingy looks all strong and macho, and when you squint closer, you see that there's actually a small little cute yellow flower on top. wth? it just ruins the whole 'macho' image. i tried not to focus on the yellow thing when training, but it's just so hard you know.

i think it's like, you see this tall, dark and handsome guy and suddenly he whips out his (HIS!) baby pink and furry handphone pouch. k lah, it MAY have some sort of sentimental value, but please, if it's so precious, keep it at home lah! *pengz*

anyway, no offense to guys using baby pink and furry handphone pouches, whether with sentimental value or not. XD

last random pic!

realized i haven't been auditioning for some time. my skills must have de-proved alot. ooh and wedding party's coming up in the patch next week. lols. kinda curious to see if it's the same as those weddings in KAu anot. =P

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

came across a little pink notebook containing bittersweet memories of me and him. been some time since i last thought of him. haven't seen him for ages too. strangely, i don't seem to like him that way anymore, though, i have to admit i miss those times we shared. in the past, i would have wished to go back to the moments where there was only me and him. but he has moved on, and so will i.
to him:
heys. i read your blog. hope you're feeling better. much as i wish i could tell this to you straight, i guess i won't. take care. good luck. =D
oh wells. i've finally, finally made the first step in finding a job. i did up my resume today (or rather, yesterday). it's so short, considering the lack of experience i have. =.= part of me is dreading work, but the other part yearns to spend my own money. tsk tsk.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

lalala~made this blogskin last night. thanks to jojo's too little too late. lubs that song too. hehe.

this one was made completely out of brushes, except for that little emo guy at the corner. i kinda like the overall feel he gives to this skin. i think i need to improve my css/html. i can't seem to match the fonts with the skin. hrmph. and i'm addicted to these gray/black color schemes. lols.

oh wells. i submitted it here. initial response was rather pleasing. let's just hope it lasts. =)

support support? i'm not asking you guys to go mass download it or something, but if it catches your eye, do go download it and use it, or rate it and fave it, or even green me if you can! hehes. ^^

ta da~!

hmmms. my ah gong suddenly called me last night at midnight. thank god he didn't call the house. i guess i forgot to switch off my room lights and he saw that i wasn't asleep. haish. he called and spoke alot to me about how i should sleep early and not waste my time chatting online. (i wanted to explain i was making a blogskin but i doubt he understands.) kinda reminded me of the times when i was little and still staying with him. he used to 'preach' to me every night. the effect of guinness stout, one can too many. tsk tsk.

i know pretty well where he's coming from, and i appreciate the concern. but seriously, i don't really like people running my life for me. *plays bon jovi's it's my life*

lols. last bit. hope i get the recept job. i'm running low on cash. blehs. girls, when meeting? confirm le ma? and sasa, really hope the friday esplanade date is on. i mish you leh. hehes.

i need food. tata!
did another blogskin after dinner. used the same grayish/black color scheme as the free hugs skin cos i think it appeals to guys as well. i saw a couple of guys using it (free hugs). =P

this time inspired by jason mraz's wordplay. hmm. played with slightly more brushes, though i may have overdid it a little. i don't know. but it looks not too bad to me.

constructive comments anyone?

if you don't like this, i guess i'll just have to submit it and do another one for you. just tell me the truth lah. blehs.

phews. tired tired~ sorry hafiez, i'll do your codings later. ^^

Sunday, April 8, 2007

bo0s. lols. been playing mahjong daily over the long weekend. i don't really like it, but can't help but play when there's one person short. zzZz. which is why i can only chiong maple at night after mahjong. so sad.

will be working on hafiez's blogskin these few days. hey hafiez, if you're reading this. i really hope i'm able to do what you requested, and that you'll like the design. because obviously this is the first time i'm supposed to make a blogskin that's to be professional-looking instead of cute and/or sweet. lols. do pardon me if the end product's not up to your expectations. =\

btw, i submitted the free hugs blogskin, as well as another pink one i made after it. i think the pink one's sho pweety. i think.

p.s. crazy peiwen. tagging is not flaming. &$)$#(#& (my necklace? =P)

Saturday, April 7, 2007

happy good friday to all~!

yay! another skin! hehes. inspired by free hugs and nickleback's if everyone cared. took me a whopping 2 hours just to get the blending right. oh and i added some 'brushes' as well. those arrows look so pixellated. (image packs suck.) haish. so sad. but i just love the gradient effect. lols. anyways, i do hope it looks okay to you. =X

i wonder if this skin appeals to guys. cos, i don't know how to make guys' blogskins. hahahaha~ (because i'm a girl. ^^) does anyone wanna use it? or should i submit it? hmm. oh wells. i'm leaving this till tonight. so if anyone wants it, do lemme know before i submit it later.

sneak preview~ lols.

oh wells. i guess it's mahjong and maple all the way tonight. tata~

Friday, April 6, 2007

lalala. i'm feeling refreshed suddenly. hahas. must be the swim+steambath just now. haven't been swimming for a couple of weeks already. missed the pool soo much. i forgot tomorrow was a public holiday; which meant there were much more people in the pool. haish. but still, managed to swim a couple of laps without bumping into anyone.

unfortunately, that couple of laps isn't making me tired enough to sleep early tonight. sad. and with the mahjong craze going on at home now, i'd probably be mapling into the night. blehs.

as i was swimming just now, a song suddenly came to mind. Not Pretty Enough by Kasey Chambers, from her 2002 Barracades & Brickwalls album. it's playing now as i write this. i first heard it some 4/5 years ago on the radio. it kinda fitted perfectly to what i was going through at that time. oh wells. over and done with. =X

nothing much to update actually. hmms. oh yeah. i thought centi boss was pretty easy for my priest. i din expect it to be chicken feet for my hunter as well. wasted so much time collecting all those stuff. @.@ and it didn't drop anything at all lor. blehs. u guys can go try it. it makes you feel strong. LOL.

last bit. if you all don't like the taste of tiger/carlsberg or whatever, try asahi. it doesn't really have the bitter beer taste. i quite like it. heex.

yay. i wanna make another blogskin for the lyrics of not pretty enough, but no inspiration! argh.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

as i was listening to 'because i'm a girl' by kiss, the words "you should've just told me the truth, that i wasn't the girl for you" kept replaying in my mind. so i made a blogskin out of it. played around with some brushes. i think (hope) it looks okaayy. does it? hmmms.

ahh who cares. go have a look? LOL. click click here. =D

don't feel like mapling. maybe i'll go audi later. heex.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

didn't want to be reminded of aquila/bootes, so i busied myself with making a new blogskin. obviously i'm missing my hunter, cos i searched 'aphrodite' on deviantart. came across this aphrodite wallpaper which kinda gives me a nice feel. i had wanted to do a navigational skin for submission, but i didn't feel like messing with navigational codes, so..ta da~

the bad part about fireworks is that it doesn't have any brushes i can use, as compared to photoshop, paintshop pro, and gimp. which means, i can only download image pack brushes, which are like, damn hard to find and limited. but still, i quite like the way this skin turned out. especially since it's my first attempt at adding 'brushes' from the image packs i downloaded some time ago. although i think it's one of my nicer skins (hao lian), i think i still need to practise more. =(

oh wells. by the way, i think i really like my hunter, so...most probably gonna let that 12bucks fly off. haiz. sad sad. *needs pastamania to cheer her up* XD
miie ishh sho sads. )=

cher came in the afternoon. watched da vinci code again. but i kinda like that show. that story, rather. i prefer the book to the movie anytime. =x lols.

oh ya, she's going to help me make a necklace with those pearls my ah ma gave me. yay! thx dear. treat you to dinner next week? i insist. =D can't wait to see her design. lalala~

free advertisement for her (though i know not many people read my blog).
her accessories damn nice lor. girls, you'd love them, especially my friends who have seen me wearing her designs. guys, get some for your girlfriends/female friends/sisters/cousins/whatever. reeeeaaaaalllllyyy nice. hehes. there. click it.

oh wells. and it was pastamania's annual dinner and dance. so....NO PASTAMANIA TODAY!! haish. i wanted to eat that one lor. )=

that's not the bad part yet. i bought a couple of maple cards this afternoon. cashed them in. was so prepared to change my bootes hunter's hairstyle. after showing cher my aquila priest's hairstyle, i forgot to switch back to bootes. and i bought the vip coupon. at aquila. wtf lor. haiz. it's either 12bucks down the drain, or i'm playing my priest again. i's gonna be the latter. bye bye Aphroditee! sobs.

really. so. sad. =(

i think i shouldn't anyhow say things. they seem to be coming true. remember that time on the ship to ossy, i asked to u-turn? i really dc-ed and went back to vic. i jokingly threatened to play my priest, and now i really have to play priest. @.@

let me strike 4d, toto, mahjong, big sweep, whatever. *prays*

Monday, April 2, 2007

this post was meant for yesterday. oh wells.

submitted my old skin. made a new one. inspiration acquired after doing mingkai's one. this one cute? heex. i like the apple. =D

anyway, short post. after chionging brown/pink teddies for nearly 4hrs straight, i think i desperately need a chat with my beloved zhou gong. bleahs.


Sunday, April 1, 2007

(200th post btw)

wow it's april already. bu zhi bu jue i've been slacking at home for nearly one and a half months! most of my friends have already found jobs, either part-time or full-time. i think it's time i should too. but i still feel so lazy. i don't like working, unless of cos, it's at somewhere i like.

oh wells, i guess i'd better start doing up my resume and sending it out.

p.s. time, time, & a lil more time pls! )=
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