Saturday, May 30, 2009

scarlion boss hat?

the zakum helm used to be my goal because of its wonderful stats. then came the malaysian bosses, dropping a hat whose average stats were more than a zak helm's. but if i couldn't obtain a zak, what are the chances of getting the scarlion?

but noooo.........


early this week, my guildmate starry offered to help me get a scarlion hat. it was easier than zakum, considering i didn't have to do annoying treasure hunts and jump quests. she made it sound so easy; i went along with it.

first and second forms were easy, since their damage didn't go beyond 4 digits. the last form was the dangerous one. normal damage was about 2.5k, while touch damage meant a OHKO. there are platforms which starry said i could afk.

but the death of the rushing warrior meant that scarlion could move freely to the left, where a couple of us were afk-ing. his damage kept bumping us off the platform, and not long after, i died.


we went for a second run. rushing warrior changed player, and he could tahan till scarlion was almost two thirds down. after he died, the last part was freaking heart-thumping. i kept praying for my computer not to lag and my pots not to run out. around 40mins later, scarlion was finally down.

and the above was the hat i took. overall my pots cost almost 600k, which would probably be cheaper than a VIP run. so yeah, thanks starry and everlast! ^^

- - - - - - - - -

mum's birthday. wanted to go bottletree to eat, but mum insisted on eating at home. bought her a bouquet of roses and a mango cake. hmmm. yep that's it.

dead tired. =X


Friday, May 29, 2009

why oh why??

why does my heartbeat increase when he stands close to me?




Thursday, May 28, 2009


michael: PL?
me: michelle.
michael: huh, PL啊?
me: no, michelle.
michael: 啊? 你是PL嗎?
me: 不是! 我是MICHELLE!


finally got myself to begin on my trip. let's hope i can finish.

went genting again last thursday night. my dad has been there since monday, cos of his malaysian work permit. anyway, the bus drove so slow; we only reached around 5am. dad had a room, so we could go and freshen up. after that, it was the casinos! (lost RM250 in total so let's not talk about that.)

dad had to go down to his KL head office to collect back his passport, so we went down with him. went bukit bintang, to this lot 10 mall. it's like far east and bugis village. loads of shops but sadly, i didn't manage to buy anything. dim sum lunch was not bad. but blardy expensive.

yes one's missing from each cos i ate them! lols. din bother taking anymore. who never see dim sum before right? =P

after shopping and everything, we wanted to be adventurous and not take a cab directly up. so we took this cute monorail to KL sentral, walked all the way to the bus interchange, only to find out the next bus up to skyway station was 2 hours later. in the end, we took a cab up from there after all. -_-

saturday, nothing to do during the day. went casino.

boy i'm so glad i did!

cos i met karl. totally irresistable. totally adorable. so i went up and gave him a little hug! =)

i took a photo with him too.

meet karl......









.........the 5-month old WHITE LION CUB~!!!
(he's as big as an adult golden retriever but i swear he's just a cub!)

who could resist such a wonderful chance to get up close and personal with a lion cub, all for just RM20! rare white lion somemore! it didn't matter that i had to go up on stage and there were like, a hundred peeps down there staring. all i could see was that playful cub trying to avoid the photo session.

once he settled down beside me, i managed to give him a quick little hug. so excited can?! the other guy next to him is his trainer/handler, and also one of the lead performers of dreamz. not bad eh? ^^

right. rest of the elated feelings i shall keep to myself cos i don't know how to put them in words. yep!

not bad. but part 1 was funnier.

went back on sunday. slacking while waiting for the bus.

and i just found out there are monkeys there!!

the end!

yay i managed to finish despite being half dead. lols. pretty much a fruitful trip this time. well worth the leave that i had to take.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


i want to blog about my very interesting trip. while it's still fresh. before i start forgetting details. but maplestory episode 2 is sucking too much of my time and attention.



Friday, May 15, 2009

cafe' cartel

was at cafe' cartel @ plaza sing earlier on, to celebrate an early birthday for LP. the seafood platter was yums! it stated for 5 people, but the 4 of us finished it clean. they even ordered extra ribs, though they said it wasn't very nice. another nice place for western food.

right. i would blog more, but i'm dead beat. tata!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

yesterday i sinned.

well not exactly, but it felt like that to me. cos i ate...MEAT!

met zhu and cher at zengfucai, shaw towers again. i took a direct bus from seranggoon and that's gonna be the last time i take it again. after waiting for almost 25 mins for the bus, i had to squeeze with lots of PRC and bangala people. i knew it would pass by geylang but i didn't expect it to be so crowded. didn't help either that i was in low cut, short skirt and heels. so many things to look out for! zzZz. jouney took so long too. -_-''

anyway, finally reached and was informed that the restaurant was full. -_-'' we had to wait like, 15 - 20 mins? service wasn't very nice either.

we got the 鴛鴦 again, because zhu wanted the 麻辣. (all your fault lah! =p) i tried just one piece and bth already. it was hotter than the previous time. and this time, they only served the meat; the veggies were all placed outside for us to take ourselves. not very clean and fresh IMHO.

i didn't really want to spend 20 bucks on veggies, and was kinda convinced that since there wasn't much veggies, i should just eat meat then. so i did. tsk. i felt so guilty lor! =( but i enjoyed myself lar. the mushrooms were nice. we took so much! lol. i liked the potatoes and lotus too.

still, let's find some other steamboat place shall we?

p/s. sorry sorry! i WILL remember to bring the stuffs next time! ;P

- - - - - - - - -

i thought after the extravagant dinner yesterday, i can finally go back to my veggie-eating days. guess what? i ate sotong at dinner today. argh!! ban meat!!

- - - - - - - - -

anyone wanna watch ramen girl? angels and demons? huh huh?

(sometimes i feel it's so silly changing blog addresses simply to avoid a particular group of people. seems that at the end, they'll find out about it anyway. sigh.)


Thursday, May 7, 2009

must. stop. eating.

7.30am, breakfast - fried bee tai mak with egg and tauhu.
12.30pm, lunch - beehoon with szechuan veggie and curry potatoes.
4.15pm, tea - blackforest and strawberry shortcake, 2 slices each.
10.30pm, dinner - 12 pieces of sushi.

all those calories. ughhh!! i miss those days where self-control allowed me to have just 2 slices of bread for breakfast and veggies (with no rice at all) for lunch and dinner. luckily the shopping session at town helped burn a tiny bit calories off. and i bought a dress. again. =(

- - - - - - - - -

got a rude shock at work today. PL mentioned that su was planning to retire soon and they want me to take over her HR position. sounds crazy, but actually it doesn't make alot of difference, since nowadays she asks me to do most of her work anyway. project co-ordination, accounts, sales, quantity surveying, drafting, and now HR! what else? (though i'm actually quite itching to take over her job so i can increase employee benefits! LOL.)

before today, i felt that, despite all negative remarks about vict from everyone, he's actually quite fun to work with. after today, no way man. (1) site situation is no excuse. if you guys have planned to finish on monday, make sure you push everyone to complete by then. stop making me change and change the bookings. i'm the one getting all the nagging and grumbling from suppliers. (2) just because the more expensive supplier is nearer and more convenient for you, doesn't mean you can ask me to go teh and por that supplier to reduce his price.



Tuesday, May 5, 2009

out of mind. back in 5 mins.

me: if i fax it over, he will receive it right?
her: er...ya.
me: er...okay.

how embarassing! @_@ eeks.


Friday, May 1, 2009

happy restaurant & clarke quay

thurs was quite a nice day at work cos su's on leave, st/hel/lak are all in malaysia. i would have been super happy if not for vict who kept asking me to order this and that. kinda sucks when i don't know what he wants and i know he feels frustrated talking to me. tsk. i hope everything goes well throughout the weekend. *crosses fingers*

we managed to leave pretty early today. headed down to lion city hotel to celebrate PL's birthday, which happens to be next week. =.= had buffet ala-carte. the place was pretty empty. we were the only patrons there when we reached, although later a few tables were taken up.

food was rather nice overall. only the sashimi was abit weird. they took frozen ones. not very fresh either. quite a lot of stuff to eat for semi vegs like me too. may consider for other dinners.

(thanks PL for the meal. hope you like the prezzie!)

HL asked me last night to go pubbing with her after dinner. we asked the rest and only PL wasn't able to make it. headed down clarke quay to my fav the deck. side track abit: i miss clarke quay! but i see an increase in human traffic, which i don't really like. thankfully we managed to get a seat. love the big big chairs that allow me to curl up and slack.

had my fav long island too. enjoyed myself even though i was pretty much dead tired. felt real nice to sit and chat with the gals. /loves. took some zilian pics too. i is getting uglier. sadded.

crazy girls. let's have more of these outings! :)


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