Tuesday, September 29, 2009


an eventful race yesterday. pretty nice to watch the ups and downs. hamilton gave a flawless start-to-finish race. yay! 2 more races and then it's the much-awaited twilight race at abu dhabi. :)

work today was not too bad...until the late evening. was already sibei pissed that su asked me to do her ISO stuff at bloody 5pm, even though i already said i wasn't free. and she wants it by tml. she looked like she'd been preparing for the ISO since last week and as seen today, nothing's been done at all.

so while i'm preparing the backlog minutes, CH pops by for drawings, which again, is for the bloody ISO. and everything i ask the bloody draftsperson, she gives me a bloody "i don't know". super super super pissed; i can practically feel it radiating. wan vomit blood liao!

haish. thank god i have the gals to keep me sane.

HL had to rush off. payday today! :D so me and JW went to reward ourselves. both of us had sushi craving over the weekend, but there wasn't any sushi restaurant there (except sakae, which totally sucks), so we settled for ajisen ramen. 還記得第一次和她逛街,也是吃 ajisen. 那時候一點都不熟,感覺怪怪的。今天,我們邊吃邊聊邊笑,太爽了!

when i first saw the huge chunk of butter on my hokkaido butter corn ramen, i debated whether or not to mix it in. after i mixed it in and the butter melted, and the layer of oil started appearing, i felt so guilty! but it was absolutely yummilicious!! 牛油味好香喔!and there were 2 slices of pork, which i guiltily wolfed down as well. not too bad, but i feel so so so horrible. that's probably how i'll feel each time i eat meat, so i'm prolly never gonna touch it again.

random note: i think i'm getting more and more used to my bangs!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

up a little notch

had a great time yesterday, even though the games part was a tad little disappointing. blame the ktv for distracting everyone. boo~

we set off in the early evening to johor for hel's birthday dinner. i went with JW, CH and him! lol. abit weird in the car but thankfully the journey wasn't too long and JW spoke most of the time.

CH couldn't find the place so we went about in circles, before finally consulting ST and reached the restaurant. and we were still earlier than the rest! lol. we were given a private room and a personal waiter. nicee. while we were messing around before dinner, JW gave me a playful but resounding smack on my bare back, to which both of us burst out laughing. it didn't hurt, but i super love the exasperated look he gave when i happened to look his way. cute!! (that's just the beginning of what the night has to offer.)

nearing the end, JW felt 'unwell' so PL asked CH to send her home. i offered to tag along. BUT! that was just our surprise plan. after that, we rushed madly to the ktv room to prepare.

when hel arrived, we popped balloons and sang birthday songs and presented cakes and gave presents, and hel looked just about ready to cry. later in the night PL revealed that after we left, hel teared cos she was so disappointed. nice acting JW!

gonna skip the games part.

LP's singing was hilarious. D is a super extremely wonderfully bloody good singer. i almost thought it was 張學友 singing. CH can sing, though abit emotionless. lol. but the duet he sang with JW sounds not too bad. ST is also a superb singer. even though i've never heard before the old songs he sang. and him! his rendition of 'hey jude' was......nice lor. haha!

and and! i chose carpenter's yesterday once more cos i super like to listen to that song, but nobody wanted to sing. after PL said "eh she like to listen this song. somebody sing for her leh." guess who sang? him! *happy*

ahem. anyway, when we left at 3am, most of us were practically half dead, especially us girls. tsk tsk. old liao cannot stay up late. tsk!

親愛的 JW @ dinner

Friday, September 25, 2009


i never realized the importance of water heaters until my heater broke down yesterday. after one freaking cold shower at freaking 10.30pm, i decided to pop over to my grandma's house opposite to bathe today instead. i sure hope it gets fixed by tomorrow. *cross fingers*

a pretty lovely day at work today. haven't felt this good for ages. majority of the time was spent planning and finalizing the details for tomorrow's surprise party over at msia. moi is the organizer again. so fun! but tiring though, having spent hours shopping in heels for game prizes.

rest of the day was merely some purchasing and printing of drawings. it actually feels good to be able to discuss the drawing details with my engineers instead of simply listening and not understanding what they have to say. i may just take up part time engineering courses soon. lols.

after lunch, i happened to see on my table, this photo of a sleeping shih tzu puppy hugging its bolster. since he was around and nobody else admitted it was theirs, i asked him and it was really him who left it on my table. he said that it was his friend's puppy and he gave me the photo for me to 'admire' it. -_- abit lame, but his paiseh look is so cute la. haha!

right. i should get to bed. can't wait for the party tml. alcohol baby!! :)



Monday, September 21, 2009


so. i rebonded the roots of my hair. and cut bangs. which i am so totally regretting. i should have gotten paul to do it for me, at least. this gal did an absolutely horrible job (even though she was rather nice).

i look weird. very very weird. am debating whether i should pop down PS and have william rectify it. but that's gonna cost me another 100 bucks at least. sheesh. now i fully understand the meaning of paying for quality. william's price may be a tad higher, but at least the bangs he does looks nice and natural!!!



Sunday, September 20, 2009

practice makes perfect!

my horrendous first attempt at drawing a ribbon.

thankfully it's on my toenail and not on my fingernail. =\


Monday, September 14, 2009

f**king unbelievable.

the italian grand prix. seething.

the race started with hamilton leading. he had built up a short 6-second lead before entering his first pit stop, and came out after the 2 brawns. so obviously his 2-stop strategy didn't quite work out against the brawns' 1-stop.

after his second pit stop, he came out in 3rd place. was abit annoyed, but i thought it was better than nothing. apparently he wasn't satisfied with that. he kept pushing his car even though it didn't seem possible to overtake button in the last few laps. he was soooooo aggressive!

and guess what? he ran over a kerb, spun, and crashed out. and where so? last sector of the last lap. way to go!

see lah! greedy lah! got 6 points plus podium don't want, now end up with nothing. sheesh. let's see how he comments on this.

i wonder if i should even bother to watch the remaining races.


Sunday, September 13, 2009




i had ala-carte buffet dinner at hoshi japanese restaurant today. felt it was pretty not worth it. food wasn't very fresh and it took quite some time to arrive too. totally not worth it!

but i enjoyed the shopping session. bought a lovely new dress and bag. brooookkkee!!

and and and! i missed the qualifying session for the italian grand prix. i thought it was next week. sheesh! hamilton with pole position!! woohoo! gonna be an interesting race tomorrow. :)


Saturday, September 12, 2009


him: can gif me the no. for e vehicle workshop?
me: xxxx-xxxx. urs spoil ah?
him: ya loh. gear nt gd.
me: u make spoil den say gear no gd..
him: u dunno i alwaz thot my lorry is f1 car. next time u sit den u know.
me: ... ...

little smses that brightened up my long cold boring afternoon. i wonder why even his "wad u doin tmr? slp whole day ha?" can actually crack me up. sighhhh.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009


him: 可以幫我印一份 drawing 嗎? A4 可以了。
me: A4 看得到 meh?
him: er...看不到。
me/him: 哈哈!

and the poor guy got locked out of his lorry this afternoon. freaking hilarious when he called and tried to explain it.

2 days down, 3 more to go. =)


Tuesday, September 8, 2009


had a pretty nice conversation with him this morning. (yes he's back!) apparently he's not only an avid canine lover, he also supports adoption instead of buying! he's yet another step closer to becoming my 理想情人. well, apart from the fact that he's a christian and probably has a girlfriend already.



Monday, September 7, 2009





Saturday, September 5, 2009

i had buffet again!!

guess where this time?

yep, finally tried the mushroom pot! a tiny bit disappointing cos i thought they would focus on mushrooms, but in the end, they had those usual stuff like hotdogs, chicken chunks, pork slices etc. nevertheless, they still had like, 5 or 6 types of mushrooms. and they have fresh fish slices. really those s-l-i-c-e and not like those pieces of bone i had at zengfucai.

the ala-carte buffet dinner came with 5 starters and this is one of them -

monkey head mushrooms in house dressing

(yes it's half eaten already.) this one is a MUST-TRY! very very nice i swear!

they also have the 鴛鴦, but we tried the wild mushroom soup base instead. it has this mild yet nice mushroomy herbal taste. there's also this healthy feel to it so i think it doesn't have MSG. lol.

a very nice place for healthy steamboat if you don't mind the price ($29.90++ for weekend dinners). :D

and when i reached home, baby boy was in one of his 'snap me!' positions, so i couldn't resist snapping some shots of him. *haolians her pretty boy*



Friday, September 4, 2009


as i was walking home just now, i absentmindedly drafted this short letter in my mind.

dear tummy,

i would appreciate it if you could so kindly hurt only during your allocated time slot, which is 8 hours after i drink the cup of slimming tea, and not before then, as i do not have continuous 24hrs access to the toilet to shit in.

yours gratefully,


don't ask me why i'm torturing myself; i ask myself the same question each time it hurts. but after that i'll always say, "that was well worth it." =x

anyways, a nice little song for you to enjoy:



Wednesday, September 2, 2009






Tuesday, September 1, 2009

so unexpected.

my manager came back from his external meeting today and brought back a huge box of chicken curry puffs and one lone sardine puff, which he said was specially for me since he knows i don't take chicken. so sweet right?!

haha no lah. abit surprising cos he doesn't look like those who will buy food back for the office staff. even more surprising that he remembers tiny little me and bothers to make the extra effort to make sure i'm not left out. awwwww. i may just switch target after all. :P

just kidding.

hamilton crashed out in the early sector of yesterday's SPA race. boo to the 2 rookies who caused the accident. tsk.

yes i'm just being random. ignore me.


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