Sunday, March 28, 2010

"thank you for nothing, you useless reptile"

watched it this afternoon. between avatar and this, i'll most probably go for the latter. toothless, the nightfury dragon, is super super super cute!

not convinced yet?

and my fave!

argh! i like the last part where toothless wraps hiccup in its arms and wings to protect him. so touching! i nearly teared lor. visuals were very nice too. i kinda regret not watching 3D. bah. =|

walked from marina to esplanade to funan for dinner...

...and back to esplanade for the earth hour. 5...4...3...2...

lights out!

i was expecting it to be much darker; i guess a lot of buildings didn't participate. but luckily we found a dark enough spot for me to enjoy just slacking by the river.

lol. i wish we could stay longer. but uber tired. :(

... ...

came back and checked f1 qualifying results - disappointing. hais. hamilton's gonna start 11th. i know he'll push to the top, but i sure hope the driving incident doesn't affect him too much. >_<


Saturday, March 27, 2010

yet another food post

seafood pasta. soup. something.

mango soda. cherry! lol.

spicy squid something pasta. but not spicy AT ALL.

prawn something pasta.

and then we were already so close to the deck @ clarke quay, but itchy-backside me said i wanted harry's instead. so we walked all the way to esplanade, only to find out harry's was full. so sad lor!

so went rooftop for a while and then home sweet home. i think we've taken 960 from esplanade thrice this week already. and we're going there again tomorrow later. lols.

can't wait for dragons. *excited*


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

10 telltale traits of a perfectionist

  • all-or-nothing thinking - perfectionists will accept nothing less than perfection. 'almost-perfect' is seen as failure. check.

  • critical eye - perfectionists tend to spot tiny mistakes and imperfections in their work and in themselves, and hone in on these imperfections. they have trouble seeing anything else, and they’re more judgmental and hard on themselves and on others when ‘failure’ does occur. double check.

  • push vs pull - perfectionists tend to be pushed toward their goals by a fear of not reaching them, and see anything less than a perfectly met goal as a failure. check.

  • unrealistic standards - perfectionists often set their initial goals out of reach.

  • focus on results - perfectionists see the goal and nothing else. they’re so concerned about meeting the goal and avoiding the dreaded failure that they can’t enjoy the process of growing and striving. check.

  • depressed by unmet goals - perfectionists tend to beat themselves up much more and wallow in negative feelings when their high expectations go unmet. triple check.

  • fear of failure - because they place so much stock in results and become so disappointed by anything less than perfection, failure becomes a very scary prospect. check.

  • procrastination - fearing failure as they do, perfectionists will sometimes worry so much about doing something imperfectly that they become immobilized and fail to do anything at all.

  • defensiveness - because a less-than-perfect performance is so painful and scary to perfectionists, they tend to take constructive criticism defensively. check.

  • low self-esteem - they tend to be very self-critical and unhappy, and suffer from low self-esteem. check.

wah 8/10 leh! also took a short perfectionist test [77/100], and here's what it says:

According to this test, you have some perfectionist tendencies that may be making you unnecessarily unhappy. You sometimes set high standards that are difficult to meet; either you impose those expectations on yourself, others, or a combination of the two. You may even think that others expect you to be perfect. While a desire to do your very best and strive to reach your full potential can bring you personal fulfillment, you have to learn when good is 'good enough'. It's important that you strengthen your ability to distinguish between reasonable aspirations and unrealistic demands. When you set unattainable objectives, you are being cruel to yourself and denying yourself the rewards and self-acceptance that you deserve.

scary lor. i've always known i was somewhat of a perfectionist, but i never really realized the impact it had on others. until recently when i had to work on our catalogue with LP and PL.

i had my own standards and gave myself so much pressure to achieve it, that it was obvious both of them were feeling it too. although i feel very bad to stress them out, i also cannot bring myself to accept theirs when it cannot meet my expectations. so they each did a part and i practically did everything else. tsk.

it didn't help that i was also in the accelerated transition period of moving from project coordination to sales and marketing. so many things to clear and so many new things to learn. work-stress is superbly ruining my mood and system. grrrrr~!

i miss desaru. =|

... ...

新旺 with SSD today. beef horfun for him, seafood horfun for me, and 鴛鴦 for both. :)


Thursday, March 18, 2010

man is by nature a political animal

BANGKOK - THAI protesters poured blood they had donated outside the front gate of the government headquarters on Tuesday in a symbolic sacrifice to press their demands for new elections.

Thousands of red-shirted demonstrators formed long lines to have their blood drawn by nurses, a day after their leaders vowed to collect 1 million cubic centimeters of blood - 264 gallons (1,000 litres) - to spill at Government House.

A few teaspoons of blood were drawn from the veins of each volunteer and then transferred into dozens of large plastic water jugs that were passed overhead through the crowd of cheering protesters before being delivered to Government House, the prime minister's office. Police allowed protest leaders to approach the white iron front gate and pour out the blood, which oozed under the gate as national television broadcast the images live.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has not entered his office at Government House since the protests started on Friday. 'The blood of the common people is mixing together to fight for democracy,' Nattawut Saikua, one of the protest leaders, told cheering supporters. 'When Abhisit works in his office, he will be reminded that he is sitting on the people's blood.'

A protest leader, Weng Tochirakarn, said by mid-afternoon they had collected 500,000 cubic centimeters of blood - half of their goal - from 50,000 protesters. Each donor is being asked to give only a small amount of blood. Not all the blood was spilled immediately. Protest leaders said the rest would be poured outside the headquarters of the ruling Democrat Party and the prime minister's house if the protest demands were not met.

Government spokesman Panitan Watanayagorn said authorities will allow the protest as long as it remains peaceful. 'If they want to throw it and have a photo op and have us clean it up later, I think it's fine,' Panitan told a briefing of foreign media. He said health authorities were looking into whether 'throwing blood on the streets violates health measures.' -- AP

you know, it doesn't take a genius to realize how many lives that amount of blood could save. i know it doesn't really concern me; i'm just amazed at how the people think these kind of brainless acts can actually work. super not practical lor.

... ...

anyway, on the way to dinner just now, i saw a housefly buzzing against the bus window and it reminded me of this funny quote:


-_- lols.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

OT for a stupid reason

super not happy at being asked to stay back today. i wouldn't mind that much if it were for something important like tenders or stuff. but i was asked to stay back today to help the engineers move/swop their computers. just because they complained that they don't know how to do it and got some problem with the plugs.


they're just plain lazy lor. plug out from where, just plug back in lah! even i also know how to do. and they're supposed to be engineers leh. zzZz.

it didn't help that my back was already aching from hunching over the binding machine the whole morning binding the tenders. not only do we have to move our own computers when me and 媽 swopped places (they bloody hell saw but didn't even offer to help), i even have to stay back to carry their CPUs here and there, and also crawl under the table to untangle the wires. damn not fair lor!

RT's men - hopeless. -_-


Monday, March 15, 2010

why is a raven like a writing desk?

there is a place. like no place on earth. a land full of wonder, mystery, and danger! some say to survive it: you need to be as mad as a hatter.

lol. watched tim burton's alice in wonderland today. actually i only watched it cos PL said it was worth watching. i don't even remember reading this story when i was young. but even though i had no idea what the mad hatter and grinning cheshire cat was about, i enjoyed the movie all the same.

despite the fact that story was a tiny bit slow and draggy, the stunning visuals and dramatic set pieces made up for it. plus some dry humor. ("will you stop doing that?") lol. the animals are sooo cute too! baby hedgehog! awwwww.


came home early to watch F1. hamilton started 4th, dropped to 5th after the first turn, went back to 4th after the first pit stops, and overtook to finish in 3rd place. though i think it wouldn't have been possible without vettel's technical difficulties. oh wells. 2 more weeks to australian gp.  加油 mclaren!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

no more gel extensions!

headed down sweet summer to soak off my gel extensions which were becoming more and more unsightly cos my real nails were growing out. removing them was such a painful tiring process that i'm not gonna get them anymore! lol.

she first filed the nails thinner, before wrapping them individually with some weird remover. i did an express pedicure as well, so she went to work on my feet. besides painting my toenails, she also helped to file and shape them. i chose a glittery purple base and flowery nailart on the two big toenails.

cindy's nailart skills are damn good lor.

after which, they were left to dry while she started unwrapping my fingernails. after more filing and buffing (which made them very hot and uncomfortable), she gave me my 'hand spa' consisting of a special soak and massage. i chose royal purple for my fingernails. no nailart though.

the whole thing started at around 230pm, and by the time i walked out, it was plus minus 5pm. madness! but i feel so much more comfortable now with shorter nails. at least, i can type faster now. :P

then made my way down cathay with SSD for nihon mura. ginger ale is nicee! lol. ate too full, so we walked all the way to isetan to use up my vouchers. free earrings! ^_^

... ...

i missed the opening qualifiying race of this year's F1 season. sad. just checked the results. hamilton's gonna be starting on the second row in fourth place tomorrow. but he's got both ferrari cars in front of him. sian lor. i hope the new mclaren has enough power to give him the push he needs.



Wednesday, March 10, 2010

desaru trip - part 3

lol there's no part 3 actually. at least, not really. just a little aftermath of it.

so, i managed to drag myself home on sunday, half-dead and everything, and guess what i saw in MY room, sitting on MY chair, at MY table, looking at ME?!

EEYORE! and SSD. lols. apparently he had been waiting for me since afternoon. so 感動! and family played along with him somemore lor! tsk tsk.

eeyore is huge. and so so hug-able. i super loves! :D MUACKS~!


desaru trip - part 2

the next day, i had to wake up before 7am. but was instantly refreshed when i pulled apart the curtains to see the morning sky.

after buffet breakfast (again), the 3 of us headed down to the beach to prepare our version of team-building games. beach style! (not much photos despite bringing satio baby. was too busy!)

1) jigsaw puzzle. we buried the pieces in the sand. first team to find, complete the puzzle, and bring to the finishing line wins. as both teams finished around the same time, it was up to them to play dirty. we saw CH wrestle vict, who was holding the completed puzzle, to the ground. and Hel tried to snatch it out from 媽's hands. lol.

2) dog-and-bone. started off with the standard game, which soon became rugby, and ended up with a 疊羅漢. ROFL.

3) this game was just madness. we stuck colored flags on 2 sides, and each team had to snatch as many flags as possible from the opposite side, as well as defend against the other team doing the same. we planned to time the game 10 mins and see which team had more flags. guess what? all the flags were snatched up within 5 mins. can you imagine how rough they were?!

4) we made each team dig a hole in the sand, and have one member stand inside. then we gave them toilet paper, and had them wrap their mummies till they were fully covered.

they then had some time to decorate their mummies! super super funny and all of us were laughing so hard!

5) water guns were distributed. each team had to shoot the other team's mummy and protect their own from the other team. first mummy to have the paper all gone, loses.

6) 2 containers of drinking water, mixed with rose syrup, and chilli padis floating inside each container. each team member had to take turns running up and picking out one padi using their mouth. first team to finish fishing all 20 padis wins. lucky i wasn't playing this game. pretty gross lah! hahas.

loser team forfeited by munching on the chilli padis. lols. you be the judge. which one more fun? ours right?! we can be professional game organizers leh! whahaha~! ^^

after which, we all went back to wash up and get ready for lunch. we had teppanyaki! but not nice one.

only these 3 dishes, complete with rice, miso soup and pickles. so not worth!

me, 媽 and 親愛的 went for our spa massage shortly after that. and we saw monkeys!

lols. spa was pretty relaxing. but i felt she didn't exactly massage properly. my shoulder hurt like mad while i felt she didn't press hard enough for the rest of my body. and my shoulder is still aching now. -_-

made our way to the jetty and home sweet home after that. 8)


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

desaru trip - part 1

as you probably know, i went for a 2D1N trip to desaru over the weekend as a company trip. pretty cheapo i know, but i had fun. it was very exhausting though. especially the first day, where i had to wake up at 520am in order to reach the jetty by 9am. tsk.

we set off from changi ferry terminal at 10am.

we all took the deck area as we didn't know the ferry had a lower airconditioned seating area. sun was scorching hot but the wind made it better. and all of us started slapping on sunblock once we were seated. lol.

40 mins later, we reached the malaysian side jetty. we were bused down to another jetty nearby. which looked like...

yeah. turned out we had to take a small boat out to this floating kelong restaurant for lunch.

the whole thing is made floating by barrels and barrels of compressed air, so every large movement actually made the whole thing rock. the wooden floorboards didn't exactly look very safe as well. by the time we were done with lunch, my head was kinda spinning already. the seafood lunch was also so-so nia. not very fresh imho.

after that, we returned to the jetty to find the hotel van waiting to pick us up. 25 mins later, we reached our hotel The Pulai Desaru Beach.

very 'beach resort' feel lor. hahas. i think it should be my first time at this kind of resorts, since i'm not really a fan of the sun. pretty relaxing i must admit. :D

upon checking in, i found out we managed to get the corner room, so it was slightly bigger than the rest. 親愛的 was supposed to join me and 媽 since it could accomodate 3 people, but su wasn't pleased at being left alone. so 親愛的 had to move back. tsk.

rested for awhile before assembling again for our games. these were planned by the hotel, so we 3 organizers had to play as well. it was something like the amazing race, with 2 groups racing to complete the 8 tasks first. (no photos cos i didn't dare to bring satio baby down.)

1. raft-building. i was initially pretty confident about our team since we had vict and he's an army commando. but...not much use i feel. lols! i tried to remember whatever i learnt back then in npcc and tried to put it to use. we were given 30 mins and at the end of it, ours looked so shipwrecked while the other team's looked so sturdy. -_- 2 members also had to paddle the 'raft' across the pool. obviously the other team won. lol. but this was hilarious.

2. we had to take turns running on the pebble path. PAINFUL~!

3. bowling - with bottles filled with sand as pins and a coconut as the bowling ball.

4. climbed a tree to retrieve a flag. i didn't know CH could climb trees. hmmmm.

5. search for a flag on a big tree. flag was hidden high up. CH climbed tree again.

6. we had to play some musical instruments until the gamemaster was satisfied.

7. find a particular person, which after some time, we realized was actually the organizer himself. tsk.

8. jigsaw puzzle.

due to the failure of our raft-building right at the beginning, the other team had a huge headstart and won in the end. but honestly, even though the hotel arranged so many games, they were all so lame, except for the raft-building perhaps. (you'll see why they're lame when you compare OUR games with theirs.) but i liked the running here and there. =]

we were given some time to rest and freshen up before dinner, but me and 媽 chose to walk down to the beach instead.

stood there for 15 mins just letting the waves crash against our legs. i love the feeling of sea breeze on my face and sand underneath my feet.

and had 'candlelight' buffet dinner.

so so tired and sleepy afterwards, but couldn't resist when D tempted me with a game of pool. i got 師父 liao! lol. at first it was only me and him. very fun. soon the other guys joined and i felt rather weird with so many guys and me the only gal. thus didn't play much after that. went back and settled for the night.

riiiighht. day 2 is much more interesting and funny i would say. but i'm beat. so i'll continue tomorrow probably. =]


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