Thursday, March 4, 2010


so this was what happened this morning:

Wild deer hits car on highway, put to sleep by Wildlife Reserves

SINGAPORE: A wild deer was injured along an expressway after it dashed onto oncoming traffic and hit a car Wednesday morning. Police said they received a call at about 5.30am, saying that an injured deer was lying along the Seletar Expressway, near Mandai Zoo. Eyewitnesses told MediaCorp that the deer was so big that it blocked an entire lane, causing a traffic jam.

A caller to the MediaCorp Hotline, Teo Ah Chong, said he stopped his car when he saw the deer on the expressway. Mr Teo said the deer appeared to be "panicking" and ran into his car. The Wildlife Reserves Singapore was alerted and it picked up the animal. It told MediaCorp that the deer was badly injured and had to be put to sleep. It had a deep gash on its hip and was bleeding from the nose. Its antlers were also broken.

The Wildlife Reserves Singapore said the deer was a wild animal, aged between three and four.

so sad! singapore's wildlife is already so limited and one had to die just like this! :( but when i saw it this morning it didn't appear to have any injuries; just a cloth covering its head. hais.

... ...

anyway, aunt gave me chocolates!

apparently, they're (hand) brought in from japan. i haven't tried them yet though. lol.


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