Tuesday, March 9, 2010

desaru trip - part 1

as you probably know, i went for a 2D1N trip to desaru over the weekend as a company trip. pretty cheapo i know, but i had fun. it was very exhausting though. especially the first day, where i had to wake up at 520am in order to reach the jetty by 9am. tsk.

we set off from changi ferry terminal at 10am.

we all took the deck area as we didn't know the ferry had a lower airconditioned seating area. sun was scorching hot but the wind made it better. and all of us started slapping on sunblock once we were seated. lol.

40 mins later, we reached the malaysian side jetty. we were bused down to another jetty nearby. which looked like...

yeah. turned out we had to take a small boat out to this floating kelong restaurant for lunch.

the whole thing is made floating by barrels and barrels of compressed air, so every large movement actually made the whole thing rock. the wooden floorboards didn't exactly look very safe as well. by the time we were done with lunch, my head was kinda spinning already. the seafood lunch was also so-so nia. not very fresh imho.

after that, we returned to the jetty to find the hotel van waiting to pick us up. 25 mins later, we reached our hotel The Pulai Desaru Beach.

very 'beach resort' feel lor. hahas. i think it should be my first time at this kind of resorts, since i'm not really a fan of the sun. pretty relaxing i must admit. :D

upon checking in, i found out we managed to get the corner room, so it was slightly bigger than the rest. 親愛的 was supposed to join me and 媽 since it could accomodate 3 people, but su wasn't pleased at being left alone. so 親愛的 had to move back. tsk.

rested for awhile before assembling again for our games. these were planned by the hotel, so we 3 organizers had to play as well. it was something like the amazing race, with 2 groups racing to complete the 8 tasks first. (no photos cos i didn't dare to bring satio baby down.)

1. raft-building. i was initially pretty confident about our team since we had vict and he's an army commando. but...not much use i feel. lols! i tried to remember whatever i learnt back then in npcc and tried to put it to use. we were given 30 mins and at the end of it, ours looked so shipwrecked while the other team's looked so sturdy. -_- 2 members also had to paddle the 'raft' across the pool. obviously the other team won. lol. but this was hilarious.

2. we had to take turns running on the pebble path. PAINFUL~!

3. bowling - with bottles filled with sand as pins and a coconut as the bowling ball.

4. climbed a tree to retrieve a flag. i didn't know CH could climb trees. hmmmm.

5. search for a flag on a big tree. flag was hidden high up. CH climbed tree again.

6. we had to play some musical instruments until the gamemaster was satisfied.

7. find a particular person, which after some time, we realized was actually the organizer himself. tsk.

8. jigsaw puzzle.

due to the failure of our raft-building right at the beginning, the other team had a huge headstart and won in the end. but honestly, even though the hotel arranged so many games, they were all so lame, except for the raft-building perhaps. (you'll see why they're lame when you compare OUR games with theirs.) but i liked the running here and there. =]

we were given some time to rest and freshen up before dinner, but me and 媽 chose to walk down to the beach instead.

stood there for 15 mins just letting the waves crash against our legs. i love the feeling of sea breeze on my face and sand underneath my feet.

and had 'candlelight' buffet dinner.

so so tired and sleepy afterwards, but couldn't resist when D tempted me with a game of pool. i got 師父 liao! lol. at first it was only me and him. very fun. soon the other guys joined and i felt rather weird with so many guys and me the only gal. thus didn't play much after that. went back and settled for the night.

riiiighht. day 2 is much more interesting and funny i would say. but i'm beat. so i'll continue tomorrow probably. =]


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