Monday, March 1, 2010

魚生 no. 4

brought family back to seafood international for 元宵節 dinner. abit skeptical since they're pretty fussy eaters, but i'm glad it turned out not too bad. and i have fat-die-you photos to tempt!

1. salmon yu sheng

2. shark's fin with crabmeat (i refused to eat this also.)

3. steamed sea bass with ginseng and red dates (VERY nice. i ate quite a lot of this. =P)

4. roasted chicken with hot garlic and sesame seeds (ah ma said even the breastmeat was tender.)

5. jade abalone with black moss and bean sheet

6. drunken live prawn in herbal soup (the soup is damn nice and prawns are so fresh! i like!)

7. signature singapore chilli crab...

...served with bun

8. meefen with mixed seafood in fish gravy & chicken stock (nice.)

i forgot to take the dessert (thai red ruby with coconut cream) cos i was busy haolian-ing my JTM penguins. lol.

dinner burned a big big hole in my pocket. :( would have been sb heartpain if not for the fact that everyone seemed pleased about the food and everything. that kinda made the money spent worthwhile.

oh wells. guess i'll have to graze on grass for the next month. cheers.

lol candid.


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