Friday, December 27, 2013

[sponsored review] MyGenLife Beauty Collagen Nectar Drink

Here's the other Collagen product, similarly sponsored by the very nice Sample Store lol. They actually have 5 different kinds of drinks - Collagen, Slimming, Detox, Whitening, and Bustful. I had hoped to get the Slimming or Bustful one but oh wells. =X

It comes in a box of 6 glass bottles. This beauty collagen nectar drink uses an intensive formula to improve the water binder that helps to keep your skin supple, radiant and firm. Main ingredients include fish-derived collagen (with the highest concentration of 12,000mg), green tea, mangoesteen, and optiberry (a unique blend of blueberry, strawberry, cranberry, elderberry and raspberry). 

My take on it: So convenient. I pop a bottle in the fridge and it becomes nice and refreshing to take before I go to bed. With so many berries, it's no wonder it tastes so sweet, though a teeny weeny too sweet for me. The texture is also slightly thicker than I would have preferred, but overall still very nice to drink. And as with all supplements, long-term intake is needed before seeing results.

MyGenLife drinks are available at Guardians or Hannah Holdings at $49.90 per box.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas is important to me. As are all public holidays. Because, IT'S A PUBLIC HOLIDAY! Lol.

But it was a quiet affair this year. On the eve, we had a mini 'celebration' at the office. They ordered KFC and Canadian pizza. ALL MEAT FML. Then the gift 'lucky draw'. With a measly $10 budget, unlucky me picked a dumbass cup that's probably worth $2. Don't give me the 'it's the thought that counts' crap. =)

Best part of the celebration - half day! I was expecting to wait for SSD but turns out he had half day too! Unfortunately, we had booked the movie for 6.30pm. -_- 

Lunch was at Sushi Express. Satisfied craving for torched salmon belly. Definitely easier to get plates of them during lunch. Had 5-6 plates of sashimi too. They seem to be of a better quality than the buffet I had last Saturday. (We had buffet at Rendezvous Hotel to celebrate both my aunts' birthday. It was rather expensive, very few selections, majority meat dishes, and sashimi quality was bad bad bad. On par with Irodori.) 

Then slacked the afternoon away at Starbucks. Tried the white chocolate mocha and it was sweet like hell. Shall stick to my recent discovery, camomile tea instead. ^^

We watched Police Story 2013. I was mad sleepy and was expecting to struggle to stay awake. But it was surprisingly interesting to watch. I hated the ah tiong accents everywhere though. Oh ya, if you've read the storyline, don't be fooled by it. It looks complicated, but it's actually very simple and easy to follow. =)

Then went home to sleep. And slept the next day away too. So that sums up my Christmas this year. I'm hoping the countdown next week will be more interesting but knowing myself, I suppose we'll go for dinner and then slack at home. =X

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

[sponsored review] ITOH Collagen Powder

Did you know that our body's collagen level decreases rapidly after the age of 25? Well unfortunately I'm past that age and it's been awhile since my collagen powder supply ran out. So I was absolutely delighted when Sample Store sponsored me a box of it. 

Each box contains 14 sachets and each sachet has 3000mg of collagen powder. It's color-less, tasteless, non-sugar, and non-fat, and can easily be dissolved into any drink or soup.

Some Q&A...

Where is the collagen extracted from?
Our low molecular collagen powder is extracted from healthy pigskin and cartilage, which are tested by Japan SPF standard. Besides, fat and gelatin are removed through high purification technology. Hence ITOH collagen is safe and tasteless. 

How to apply in daily life?
ITOH collagen can be added directly to hot soup, food or drinks such as coffee, juice, milk or water.

Is there any suggested dosage / intake per day?
Take 1 - 3 sachets per day. This collagen is approved by FAO and WHO, making it very safe to consume.

When is the best time to consume collagen?
Take it on an empty stomach any time. The best time to consume is before sleeping or with an empty stomach. 

How long will one see results from consuming ITOH collagen?
As ITOH collagen is formulated  through high purification, it can be easily assimilated by our body system. Hence, result is usually visible after 1-2 weeks. But it may vary with individual. 

Who needs collagen? 
ITOH collagen is natural and free of chemical compositions. It's suitable for anyone except vegetarians.

My take on it:  The individual sachets make it very easy and convenient. Most of the time I mix it together with my tea at night but if I forget, I can always take one along to work and mix it with my morning coffee. I wouldn't really recommend adding it to water though. I tried that once and although it's stated tasteless, it wasn't. =X I also like that it's non-fat, very important since I've very unfortunately put on a couple of kgs since my ROM. T_T No visible results yet since I've only been taking it for a few times (rotating with another collagen product; review coming up soon too).

ITOH Collagen Powder is available at Guardians for $49.90 per box.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Staycation at Riverview Hotel

SSD and I celebrated our 4th year anniversary last weekend. We had a staycation at Riverview Hotel plus Japanese buffet dinner. Personally I find that hotel pretty inconvenient but no choice since SSD can have free upgrades there. Boo.

Here’s the Executive Club Room. Quite alright, except the TV was horrible. We were stuck with channel 8 most of the time. But lucky we brought lots of Running Man on the ipad! Lol.

Dinner was at Irodori. Seated smack in the middle (something I don’t like) so no photos. It used to be my favorite Japanese buffet place. Read, USED TO. I was really disappointed this time. Food either took ages to arrive, or was served wrongly. Sure it was packed full, but that’s no excuse eh?

And the food quality! Oh my, the salmon sashimi was terrible. Okay to be fair it was edible. BUT. NOT. NICE! Coming from a Japanese restaurant, the sashimi looked pretty ugly. Some of it weren’t even sashimi quality I think. Greedy me ordered too much and in the end we had to play 中及密碼 for it. Quite spoil appetite.

To be fair let’s see what was nice. The complimentary shrimps were okay. So were the zaru soba and salmon handroll. And the salads. And some mushrooms. Oh and the teapot soup. We got a few pots even though the taste isn’t as good as before. The rest were just meh. =(

So Irodori, we’ve had some great times together, but I guess it’s over. It’s not me, it’s you. You’re just not worth the effort (and money) anymore.

Then enjoyed 4pm late checkout the next day. ^^v

Monday, December 2, 2013

Taiwan day 11 - Xi Men Ding & Home Sweet Home

Last day in Taiwan! Damn sad. Our plan was just Xi Men Ding, so went searching for breakfast nearby first. Settled for this uninteresting noodle shop, but it was quite good! And cheap too. Sorry my 炸醬麵 looks very unappetizing. =\

Xi Men Ding is just one metro stop away, at Ximen Station. Had lots of people shopping there considering it’s a Friday morning. These people no need to work? =| Then shopped around lol. Quite boring IMO since the stuff there is considerably much more expensive than elsewhere.

Headed straight for Ah Zong's. I kept hinting SSD to have another bowl before we left, but he don't want. So sad. And finally had him try the famous 嚎大大雞排. We didn’t have that the other time cos the queue was too long. And yes I ate that. Quite a lot even. =| And my last 炸蛋蔥油餅. I know it’s just roti prata with egg but somehow it tastes so much nicer.

Went to get braised duck wings before heading back to the hotel. Side note: it was my second time getting these since my family seemed to like them. Quite expensive but they’re rather big. And they have the frozen ones which can last for about 8 hours thereafter. But if you get them, do make sure to check. My MIL got a box too and subsequently found out they had packed chicken gizzards by mistake. Oops.

Did some last minute packing at the hotel lobby (they have a rather big seating area at the back) and off we went to the airport! Took a cab this time since we had so much to carry. And checked in!

Last meal of Taiwan trip – airplane food! Personally I really don’t think it’s worth getting the food. Freaking expensive for such a small portion. Furthermore I saw people eating food they brought up (like Macs -_-).

Arrived back in Singapore after midnight and guess what we found!? My luggage was missing its ‘legs’, SSD’s zip was dented, and MIL’s had a huge crack. Well, silly us didn’t think of reporting it at once, since it was so late already. The next day when we called, we were told that once we left the airport, we cannot make the claim anymore. Like WTF lah. *Pui* So if you happen to kena (touchwood), make sure you report immediately!

Sigh. It took me almost a month to finish blogging about the trip. Can’t say I felt very enthusiastic about it. Not exactly a waste of time but I didn’t exactly enjoy it either. Like seriously, who on earth goes on a honeymoon with the mother-in-law? Oh wells, guess I just have to look forward to Hong Kong next year. =(

~ * ~

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Taiwan day 10 - Windows On China & Shida Night Market

Today was a ‘free’ day which we initially planned for Wulai. But since we had special 1-for-1 vouchers for Windows on China from the Taiwan Tourism, we decided to head there instead. There is a direct bus there from Zhongxiao Dunhua station. Do note that upon coming up to street level, you have to cross opposite to the center bus stop. We didn’t know at first and waited at the one on the same side. 30-40 mins later, the bus came and we were told of our mistake by the driver. So we had to go opposite and wait another 30-40mins. Tsk.

Windows on China (小人國) is basically a theme park with some water slides. Its main attractions are the miniature buildings on display. Can't remember how much exactly the tickets cost, but I think the total was around NT1200 (SGD52). Quite expensive I would say, as we reached there shortly after 3pm and the park closes at 5. -_-

I’ll just post random photos of the place. The miniature stuff were so cute! And the boats and trains and vehicles could also move. Quite realistic I must say. After Taiwan and China section, you could also take the train to another part for the Europe and Asia section.

We finished exploring the park before 5pm, so it wasn’t very big. The restaurants inside close at like, 3pm? No wonder the tickets are so expensive. If not can’t survive. Boo.

Next, we moved on to Shida Night Market, via 5-10min walking distance from Taipower Building Station. I had heard of many positive reviews but it was a huge disappointment. There were very little food stalls; majority were shopping. And of the food we ate, only the mee sua and crepes were nice. Personally I wouldn’t waste time going there at all.

We left with hungry tummies and on the way back to the metro station, we dined at a random restaurant specializing in 鍋貼 and shrimp dumplings. Everything was nice, except the beef noodles.

We over-ordered 鍋貼/dumplings and had to dabao some back and when I ate them later, STILL VERY NICE! The filling was meat. Can you imagine how much meat I ate this trip?! And…I kinda miss the food there. =(

~ * ~

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Back to Jai Thai...again?

Following my previous visit to Jai Thai, I dropped by a couple of days ago for the green curry again, this time with SSD. We got the set for two ($19), with additional green curry ($5), mango salad ($5) and iced coffee/tea ($2.50 each). Their individual sets are really worth it but the ala carte seems a little….expensive?


The mango salad was especially spicy this time and so was the tomyum soup, although I wouldn’t really recommend ordering it on its own. Green curry was still as yummy as ever. Probably the best or one of the best I’ve ever eaten. ^^ The fish was a little unexpected. Not a lot of meat but it was nice and crispy. =)

Darn I kinda miss the Thai buffet we had. Boo.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Taiwan day 9 - Wu Fen Pu & Raohe Night Market

Had breakfast at the hotel before moving out back to CityInn II (NT2010, SGD 88) again for the last 2 nights.  Overdosed on scrambled eggs! <3

Today is shopping day! But first, we dropped by the main station to run some errands. First up – How Sweet Egg Pudding. I had the address, but it was as confusing as the place itself. Took us damn long. Some advice – it’s NOT in the underground malls. If you reach this square-ish train station with a huge open area in the middle, that’s the place. =)

It can’t be kept un-refrigerated for long and therefore we only bought the 4pc one. I had 2 myself!

Very nice! Not much eggy taste, more of vanilla. Is there anything like that in Singapore?

Then we moved on into the underground malls. Station Front Underground Mall in particular. We were looking for (and found) 李儀餅店. Recommended by SSD, three of us bought almost 20 boxes of biscuits back. You have have have to get the Sun Biscuits (太陽餅)! I love the milky taste! ^^

Next we headed to Wu Fen Pu. It’s about a 10-minute walking distance from Hou Shan Pi Station. Shopping haven! Rows after rows after rows of shops selling clothes, bag, shoes, accessories and more! And probably at a cheaper price than elsewhere since they’re more of a wholesaler.

Was able to spend more time here as compared to the previous time, even though it was drizzling on and off and shopping with my MIL isn’t my kind of fun. =X Still, I managed to get a bag (which I absolutely love and am using now), and some tops and bottoms. Not really satisfied but still better than nothing. *shrugs*

Stopped for a quick refreshing bite before continuing.

Last destination – the nearby Raohe Night Market. Our dinner!

It kept drizzling on and off and even though there were umbrellas, it was quite a mood damper. Oh wells, I guess I really need go once during spring or summer. =X

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Taiwan day 8 - Xin Bei Tou, Ningxia Night Market & Shilin Night Market

I kinda miss the breakfast by Aegean Sea. Not so much of the meat, more on the salad. So fresh and crunchy and yummy! T_T And on the second day, both SSD and MIL gave me their portions of salad. Bliss! Lol.

It was STILL raining when we were leaving, so the nice owner very kindly drove us to Ruifang Station. There we took the train back to Taipei Main Station again. I think we got the correct train this time, and it was free seating. So not that bad. =/

Continued upwards to Xin Bei Tou. It’s a hot spring area and so the cute displays at the station.

Our hotel for tonight – Chyuan Du Spring Resort (NT2800, SGD122). It’s actually barely 5mins away from the metro station, but hidden around a corner so it’s not that visible. Booked 2 rooms despite the price because it had a huge tub for the hot spring! Brought along my bath bombs (which were apparently useless) and soaking in it that night was shiok max. ^^

But first, we went out for lunch, which was right across the road. Sushi Express! Each plate is NT30 (SGD1.30), slightly cheaper than our SGD1.50. Although the food was almost the same. I lubs you SE! <3<3<3

Went back room to…nua, then headed out to Ningxia Night Market. It's actually just a narrow food street, but with quite a lot of food stalls! A few are repeated though.

Went through the street a couple of times and since there was nothing else to do, we headed to Shilin Night Market again! If you don’t know, it’s opposite Jiantan Station. We started from the shopping area this time. And you know those fruit stalls selling cut fruit? I really don’t recommend you buying. They count by weight, and poor me bought 2 jambus for NT230 (SGD10)! Heartpain die me.

Managed to shop more this time. And got a peanut ice cream to share. I think you're supposed to eat it at Jiufen since the one there apparantly tastes better. But this one ain't too bad. I like!

Then went back hotel to soak hot spring. =P

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Taiwan day 7 - Jiufen & Miaokou Night Market

Aegean Sea provides breakfast too. Which had meat. @_@ But very delish I must say. Comes with free-flow (I think) coffee, milk tea, or orange juice. Again, don't take the coffee. =P

After breakfast, we explored 九份老街 again. We thought we were early (about 11-ish), but it was semi-crowded already. Sad. AND STILL DRIZZLING! Still, we managed to explore majority of it. And had our early lunch there.

And went back to the room to nua. See we keep nua-ing I don’t know why I’m still so tired lol. Then took the 788 bus down to Keelung for 廟口夜市! I have no idea where it stopped but the driver called out the night market, so we alighted. It was about a 10min walk away.

I was quite excited about this because since Keelung is a port, there should be lots of seafood to eat. But as they say, the greater the expectations, the bigger the disappointment. Perhaps due to the rain, there wasn’t many things to see and eat.

We had a little trouble finding the bus stop back up to Jiufen. In case you wanna know, it’s in front of a 7-11. =)

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Taiwan day 6 - Jiufen, Pingxi & Shifen

Today, we move again. LOL. Our destination, Jiufen. Now there are several ways to get up there. You can take a direct bus from Taipei Main or Zhongxiao Fuxing Stations, or a train to Ruifang and transfer to a bus up to Jiufen. I chose the former bus, but SSD insisted on the train since it was faster. And got me so pissed off.

The train ticketing machine and terminals were so freaking confusing. I had no idea the tickets we bought were for which train and the platform staff just ushered us up the one that was already there. It was the wrong one, with allocated seats. Ours didn’t. So we got chased from our seats. We also alighted at the wrong station and had to scramble back up. Not very fun when we each had a 10+kg luggage. And I had to stand outside the toilet for the last leg. Trust me, save yourself the trouble and take the damn direct bus. >.<

From Ruifang Station, we took the 788 bus up to Jiufen. Do note that the bus doesn’t stop opposite the station. We had to walk to the bus stop about 10mins away.

Our 民宿 for the next 2 nights – Aegean Sea (NT2000, SGD87). It’s along the main road, nearer to the 派出所 stop rather than the old street stop. Not exactly very convenient, but the interior was alright. Big enough for 2 double beds, clean, with basic necessities. The owner was very nice and helpful too. Only complaint would be the inconsistent shower water temperature. On my second night, I had to wait 20mins for the scalding water to stop. Tsk.

We took the short cut via the back door to the famous 九份老街. It was STILL drizzling, and very crowded. Very mood-dampening. Only got a grilled mushroom in the streets before we headed out. Took a cab down to Ruifang Station. I think it’s fixed at NT180 (SGD7.80), much more convenient if you’re carrying bulky items. Anyway, we bought an all-day train ticket for NT50 (SGD2) each since we were going to both Pingxi and Shifen. Trains here have fixed timings, so perhaps you can check first. Or you’ll be like us, waiting for the next train for over 30mins.

Both Pingxi and Shifen are places to release sky lanterns. We got ours at Pingxi. It was one heck of a struggle. Too long never write Chinese characters. Oops. =| These are the 2 sides that I wrote. Please let it come true!

Got some street food too.

Last stop: Shifen. It wasn’t very late, maybe 6 or 7-ish, but the sky was dark already. A lot of the shops were closed or closing. I merely got a stinky tofu, and headed back. And it was still raining.

Would you consider this a day wasted? Seems like we didn’t get to explore or see much. We even planned to visit the Shifen waterfall, which is supposedly Taiwan’s Negara Falls. What a pity. T_T

~ * ~

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Celebrating dad's birthday + dinner with the girls

Last Thursday was my dad's birthday and we had dinner at Jack's Place (CWP)! It's probably the most common place in our family for birthdays, considering both my parents and my brother had celebrated their birthdays here before. I'm the lucky one because mine falls on the same day as my grandfather, so we always get to eat good food! Lol. 

The seafood salad was delivered wrongly and we thought it was part of the seafood basket. In the end we had to pay for it. Spoilmood! Also, the food standard has dropped quite considerably as compared to before. My grilled salmon was hard and overcooked and the cheesecake barely had any cheese in it. Definitely will try NOT to come back again. Lol.

Then on Friday, I met Zhu and Cher to pass them the Taiwan stuff. We headed to Robertson Quay for some ramen but unfortunately couldn't find any. After walking for almost an hour (I think), we settled for this yakitori (skewer) restaurant, Shunjuu. It was so crowded we had to be seated at the counter seats. I show you what we had first.

All these for $53. Although they tasted good, it came in such miserable portions. That salmon skewer is $7 alone, and I finished my cha soba in less than 10mins! Imagine if you came here in a big group and everyone has like, 3 or 4 sticks! And all they had to do was sprinkle some salt and grill! OMG maybe I should start a skewer shop too. -_-

Wandered around looking for a cafe or some sorts to continue talking, and we ended up at UE Shopping Mall's 7-11. So amazing that the 7-11 has a seating area. Reminds me of those in Taiwan. ^^

Sigh. Weekend has passed so fast. I kinda hate work. >.<

Monday, November 25, 2013

Taiwan day 5 - Yong He Dou Jiang, Taipei Zoo, Maokong, Tonghua Night Market & Taipei 101

Can’t believe we actually made the effort to go all the way to the famous 永和豆漿大王 for breakfast. It’s in the middle of Daan and Technology Building Stations, about a 10-15min walk from either one. Apparently this branch tastes better. Seats were quite limited but thankfully we got one as soon as we arrived. And we ended up with this.

Everything, okay maybe except my salty 豆漿, was yummy. Nice crispy dough fritters, eggy omelette, yummy carrot cake and that 小籠包! It’s meat and I had 2 of it! Yong He please come to Singapore! Lol.

After the very satisfying breakfast, we continued our journey towards…the Taipei Zoo, right at the end of the metro line. Came on a wrong day as it was a weekend and there was a carnival going on. I hate the crowd. But guess what, entrance fees can also be paid using the 悠遊卡, and costs only NT60 (SGD2.60)!

You can just scroll to the end of this collage if you’re not interested in animals. =P

To be honest I don't quite think the animals look happy. Furthermore, It was drizzling on and off and there were many times we couldn’t see the animals at all. Quite sian. First time I actually wanted to stop halfway. Took the tram to the nearest gondola station to continue our journey up Maokong! I think the tram was NT15 (SGD0.60)? Yep, cable car ride freaked me out. 

Had our late lunch early dinner there. The rice and tofu was so yummy! ^^ After that it was still drizzling so we didn’t venture very far out. If you walk further in, there are several tea houses where you could probably spend the whole afternoon there. For us, we had our tea directly opposite the gondola station. Got 2 tiny pots of tea and refilled both once, so that makes it 4 pots! Quite a nice place to spend time, if not for the rain and mozzies. =\ 

Next stop – Tonghua (Linjiang) Night Market. It’s within walking distance from Liu Zhang Li Station. My main purpose was actually the array of pet supplies there, but I only got 3 squeakies for my girl. Boo. The night market, on the other hand, wasn’t too bad.

And since we were so near Taipei 101, we decided to walk there to have a look. Then from there, it was another long walk to the metro station. >.< Hopefully I’ve walked off all the calories I ate.

~ * ~

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Taiwan day 4 - Tamsui, Cat Rain Cafe & Fisherman's Wharf

A continuation from Day 3.

And we’re moving AGAIN! I think my energy went to lugging the heavy luggage around lol. Caught the bus back to the HSR station, and an hour (and NT700) later, hello Taipei! Bought yummy salmon bento from Sushi Express to eat on the train. I love the fact that SE is everywhere in Taiwan. We only have 3 miserable outlets here. Also ordered HSR coffee and it was probably one of the worst ones I’ve had in my life. In fact I haven’t had any nice coffee in Taiwan at all! 

We stayed at CityInn II (NT2590, SGD112) again for the next two nights. I’m starting to enjoy hotel stays after staying at 民宿s. Tsk. Rooms weren’t ready yet, so we popped right out and headed over to Tamsui. It’s about a 40-min metro ride away from Taipei Main Station. 

The streets look the same as when we last came. SSD said I could even reuse the photos lol. 

After we had explored enough, we started our search for my Cat Rain Café. It’s basically a café with cats roaming around. It was so freaking hard to find we went around in circles. Finally, after asking so many people, we found the back door. Now aren’t you glad you’re here? Do you know where the front entrance is? Right in the old street. -_- We probably passed it 3-4 times. I can’t remember what the shop front is selling, but it’s not cat-related. The café banner, on the other hand, is hung high up. So if you’re interested, pay attention to the top of the shops to locate the banner! =)

There’s an ‘entrance fee’ of NT100 (SGD4.30) per person, and can be offset to a certain amount if you purchase drinks. We ordered 2 drinks and still had to top up. Not very worth but I suppose it will go towards the animals' upkeep.

To be honest, I can’t say I love cats. But I don’t dislike them. It’s a love-hate feel. The cats here are rather…aloof. I had read that in other cat cafes, they offer toys to play with the cats, and the cats actually come and sit on your lap or something. Those in this café didn’t. =( They also have several dogs too.

After the furry afternoon tea, we headed for our last destination – Fisherman’s Wharf. SSD initially wanted to take the bus there cos it’s cheaper. But the café owner suan-ed him, so we got to take the ferry! Our round tickets cost NT120 (SGD5.20). That’s not the cheapest there. ;)

Lovely sights, lovely sky, lovely breeze, romantic atmosphere. No wonder it’s called 情人橋. Lingered for a while more and when it got too cold, we retreated into the warmth of a very family-style restaurant. Simple (and cheap) dinner!

And headed back to rest. Animal post for Day 5! =)

~ * ~

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Villa Nabila

If you have been reading the news recently, you would probably have seen the one on how some teenagers got lost inside a haunted house (which later proved to be false), or the boy who was reported missing after he entered this place called Villa Nabila (which was a false alarm too). Apparently Expedia listed Villa Nabila as one of the top 5 haunted places in Malaysia. Some brief history – 

Version #1 - There were a rich family living a harmonious life in this villa. But, unfortunately, the parents died and left a daughter named Nabila. After the parents died, the daughter live with her maid. Nabila is said to be inherit a big fortune of inheritance from her parents. The maid killed Nabila and cement her body in one of the place in the villa.

Version #2 - Nabila has a very rich family. One day, her house was robbed and everyone in the household was cruelly killed. The bungalow were left unoccupied until now and have many shrubbery all over the bungalow.

Version #3 - Nabila's family had been robbed. Nabila was raped before she was killed cruelly by the robbers. Her body then was buried inside the wall of the villa.

Version #4 - Originally, Nabila had a very wonderful family. But one day, Nabila's father went rampage and killed everyone in the household and he commit suicide after killing everyone.

Version #5 - This villa was named Christine Palace after the name of a wife of a business man from the west. It was said that before building this villa, the husband promised the 6 siblings (that was in his native land) to divide the land accordingly. But, when this husband get the land, he renege his promise. The 6 siblings felt very angry. Later, the siblings who went mad send 2 representative to deal this matter with the husband. Don't know what happen, the 2 representatives that were sent by the siblings went rampage and threatened the husband to divide the land to the others after killing his daughter. But, the husband was still stubborn. The 2 representatives then killed his wife. But still, the husband do not want to follow the order due to his greed. At last, the husband was killed by the representatives too. The villa now still stayed unoccupied for almost 70 years.   

You may be wondering why I’m writing this bo liao post on a random haunted house in Malaysia. No no noooo! Cos guess what?! Villa Nabila was one of the places we visited for our photoshoot! ^^ 

Few people know I’m actually very chicken when watching horror movies. I cover my eyes more than half of the show. So no, I did not suddenly become as brave as to venture into a haunted house (one of the top 5 somemore). It was......our photographer’s fault. LOL. 

He showed us photos of a shoot he had done there previously. I liked the overall feel and effect and it definitely would set our photos apart from the conventional wedding photos. *whispers* So I insisted on going. =| BUT! He didn’t tell us it was a haunted house! I mean, he did say it was dark and creepy, but if I had known it was one of Malaysia’s top 5 haunted places, I would have reconsidered lol.

However I was quite surprised that it was so (supposedly) haunted, because it didn’t feel like a haunted house at all! We arrived in mid-afternoon, and there were a group of Malay kids running about. (I know what you’re thinking. They look human to me.) We parked the car in the driveway cos there was a fallen tree blocking our way. I googled some photos for you guys.


We headed down the steps to the pond/swimming pool first. There was water ponding and littered with fallen branches and leaves. Definitely wasn’t as creepy as what he showed in his photos (damn photoshop). I was much more worried about the mosquitoes and my gown getting dirty LOL.

Apart from the “pool-side”, we also shot at various locations like the front porch, the balcony, and even at the corridors. I wasn’t really tempted to head upstairs though, for fear of falling (yes it was a little dark since the overgrown trees kinda blocked out the sunlight).

And halfway through our shoot, another couple came in for their wedding shoot too (TMD I wanted to be different). After which, another group of people came in and walked around. There were so many people there that day it didn’t feel the slightest bit creepy at all! I felt quite at ease with the environment in fact!

Perhaps we all had more important things on our mind. Perhaps it was still day time. Perhaps there were too many people.’s not haunted at all? Lol. Honestly I feel abandoned places are such a waste. Especially if they have good locations or beautiful architectures. Sigh.

Anyway, I’ve decided not to post my photoshoot photos. LOL. I did play them at the ROM (which I’m still deciding if I should blog about) but I hope they don’t ‘leak’ onto the internet. Haha not to say I’m some big shot and everyone wants my photos, but these, I feel, are special and personal to both of us and I definitely don’t want copies readily available everywhere.

Unfortunately, here’s one that ‘leaked’. =(

It wasn’t the best photo taken that day nor was it this dark in actual fact. But the authorities have barricaded Villa Nabila so our photos are very precious now!! How many couples can actually take wedding photos inside a haunted house? =P
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