Saturday, November 30, 2013

Taiwan day 9 - Wu Fen Pu & Raohe Night Market

Had breakfast at the hotel before moving out back to CityInn II (NT2010, SGD 88) again for the last 2 nights.  Overdosed on scrambled eggs! <3

Today is shopping day! But first, we dropped by the main station to run some errands. First up – How Sweet Egg Pudding. I had the address, but it was as confusing as the place itself. Took us damn long. Some advice – it’s NOT in the underground malls. If you reach this square-ish train station with a huge open area in the middle, that’s the place. =)

It can’t be kept un-refrigerated for long and therefore we only bought the 4pc one. I had 2 myself!

Very nice! Not much eggy taste, more of vanilla. Is there anything like that in Singapore?

Then we moved on into the underground malls. Station Front Underground Mall in particular. We were looking for (and found) 李儀餅店. Recommended by SSD, three of us bought almost 20 boxes of biscuits back. You have have have to get the Sun Biscuits (太陽餅)! I love the milky taste! ^^

Next we headed to Wu Fen Pu. It’s about a 10-minute walking distance from Hou Shan Pi Station. Shopping haven! Rows after rows after rows of shops selling clothes, bag, shoes, accessories and more! And probably at a cheaper price than elsewhere since they’re more of a wholesaler.

Was able to spend more time here as compared to the previous time, even though it was drizzling on and off and shopping with my MIL isn’t my kind of fun. =X Still, I managed to get a bag (which I absolutely love and am using now), and some tops and bottoms. Not really satisfied but still better than nothing. *shrugs*

Stopped for a quick refreshing bite before continuing.

Last destination – the nearby Raohe Night Market. Our dinner!

It kept drizzling on and off and even though there were umbrellas, it was quite a mood damper. Oh wells, I guess I really need go once during spring or summer. =X

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