Thursday, November 28, 2013

Taiwan day 7 - Jiufen & Miaokou Night Market

Aegean Sea provides breakfast too. Which had meat. @_@ But very delish I must say. Comes with free-flow (I think) coffee, milk tea, or orange juice. Again, don't take the coffee. =P

After breakfast, we explored 九份老街 again. We thought we were early (about 11-ish), but it was semi-crowded already. Sad. AND STILL DRIZZLING! Still, we managed to explore majority of it. And had our early lunch there.

And went back to the room to nua. See we keep nua-ing I don’t know why I’m still so tired lol. Then took the 788 bus down to Keelung for 廟口夜市! I have no idea where it stopped but the driver called out the night market, so we alighted. It was about a 10min walk away.

I was quite excited about this because since Keelung is a port, there should be lots of seafood to eat. But as they say, the greater the expectations, the bigger the disappointment. Perhaps due to the rain, there wasn’t many things to see and eat.

We had a little trouble finding the bus stop back up to Jiufen. In case you wanna know, it’s in front of a 7-11. =)

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