Saturday, November 23, 2013

Villa Nabila

If you have been reading the news recently, you would probably have seen the one on how some teenagers got lost inside a haunted house (which later proved to be false), or the boy who was reported missing after he entered this place called Villa Nabila (which was a false alarm too). Apparently Expedia listed Villa Nabila as one of the top 5 haunted places in Malaysia. Some brief history – 

Version #1 - There were a rich family living a harmonious life in this villa. But, unfortunately, the parents died and left a daughter named Nabila. After the parents died, the daughter live with her maid. Nabila is said to be inherit a big fortune of inheritance from her parents. The maid killed Nabila and cement her body in one of the place in the villa.

Version #2 - Nabila has a very rich family. One day, her house was robbed and everyone in the household was cruelly killed. The bungalow were left unoccupied until now and have many shrubbery all over the bungalow.

Version #3 - Nabila's family had been robbed. Nabila was raped before she was killed cruelly by the robbers. Her body then was buried inside the wall of the villa.

Version #4 - Originally, Nabila had a very wonderful family. But one day, Nabila's father went rampage and killed everyone in the household and he commit suicide after killing everyone.

Version #5 - This villa was named Christine Palace after the name of a wife of a business man from the west. It was said that before building this villa, the husband promised the 6 siblings (that was in his native land) to divide the land accordingly. But, when this husband get the land, he renege his promise. The 6 siblings felt very angry. Later, the siblings who went mad send 2 representative to deal this matter with the husband. Don't know what happen, the 2 representatives that were sent by the siblings went rampage and threatened the husband to divide the land to the others after killing his daughter. But, the husband was still stubborn. The 2 representatives then killed his wife. But still, the husband do not want to follow the order due to his greed. At last, the husband was killed by the representatives too. The villa now still stayed unoccupied for almost 70 years.   

You may be wondering why I’m writing this bo liao post on a random haunted house in Malaysia. No no noooo! Cos guess what?! Villa Nabila was one of the places we visited for our photoshoot! ^^ 

Few people know I’m actually very chicken when watching horror movies. I cover my eyes more than half of the show. So no, I did not suddenly become as brave as to venture into a haunted house (one of the top 5 somemore). It was......our photographer’s fault. LOL. 

He showed us photos of a shoot he had done there previously. I liked the overall feel and effect and it definitely would set our photos apart from the conventional wedding photos. *whispers* So I insisted on going. =| BUT! He didn’t tell us it was a haunted house! I mean, he did say it was dark and creepy, but if I had known it was one of Malaysia’s top 5 haunted places, I would have reconsidered lol.

However I was quite surprised that it was so (supposedly) haunted, because it didn’t feel like a haunted house at all! We arrived in mid-afternoon, and there were a group of Malay kids running about. (I know what you’re thinking. They look human to me.) We parked the car in the driveway cos there was a fallen tree blocking our way. I googled some photos for you guys.


We headed down the steps to the pond/swimming pool first. There was water ponding and littered with fallen branches and leaves. Definitely wasn’t as creepy as what he showed in his photos (damn photoshop). I was much more worried about the mosquitoes and my gown getting dirty LOL.

Apart from the “pool-side”, we also shot at various locations like the front porch, the balcony, and even at the corridors. I wasn’t really tempted to head upstairs though, for fear of falling (yes it was a little dark since the overgrown trees kinda blocked out the sunlight).

And halfway through our shoot, another couple came in for their wedding shoot too (TMD I wanted to be different). After which, another group of people came in and walked around. There were so many people there that day it didn’t feel the slightest bit creepy at all! I felt quite at ease with the environment in fact!

Perhaps we all had more important things on our mind. Perhaps it was still day time. Perhaps there were too many people.’s not haunted at all? Lol. Honestly I feel abandoned places are such a waste. Especially if they have good locations or beautiful architectures. Sigh.

Anyway, I’ve decided not to post my photoshoot photos. LOL. I did play them at the ROM (which I’m still deciding if I should blog about) but I hope they don’t ‘leak’ onto the internet. Haha not to say I’m some big shot and everyone wants my photos, but these, I feel, are special and personal to both of us and I definitely don’t want copies readily available everywhere.

Unfortunately, here’s one that ‘leaked’. =(

It wasn’t the best photo taken that day nor was it this dark in actual fact. But the authorities have barricaded Villa Nabila so our photos are very precious now!! How many couples can actually take wedding photos inside a haunted house? =P

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