Monday, November 25, 2013

Taiwan day 5 - Yong He Dou Jiang, Taipei Zoo, Maokong, Tonghua Night Market & Taipei 101

Can’t believe we actually made the effort to go all the way to the famous 永和豆漿大王 for breakfast. It’s in the middle of Daan and Technology Building Stations, about a 10-15min walk from either one. Apparently this branch tastes better. Seats were quite limited but thankfully we got one as soon as we arrived. And we ended up with this.

Everything, okay maybe except my salty 豆漿, was yummy. Nice crispy dough fritters, eggy omelette, yummy carrot cake and that 小籠包! It’s meat and I had 2 of it! Yong He please come to Singapore! Lol.

After the very satisfying breakfast, we continued our journey towards…the Taipei Zoo, right at the end of the metro line. Came on a wrong day as it was a weekend and there was a carnival going on. I hate the crowd. But guess what, entrance fees can also be paid using the 悠遊卡, and costs only NT60 (SGD2.60)!

You can just scroll to the end of this collage if you’re not interested in animals. =P

To be honest I don't quite think the animals look happy. Furthermore, It was drizzling on and off and there were many times we couldn’t see the animals at all. Quite sian. First time I actually wanted to stop halfway. Took the tram to the nearest gondola station to continue our journey up Maokong! I think the tram was NT15 (SGD0.60)? Yep, cable car ride freaked me out. 

Had our late lunch early dinner there. The rice and tofu was so yummy! ^^ After that it was still drizzling so we didn’t venture very far out. If you walk further in, there are several tea houses where you could probably spend the whole afternoon there. For us, we had our tea directly opposite the gondola station. Got 2 tiny pots of tea and refilled both once, so that makes it 4 pots! Quite a nice place to spend time, if not for the rain and mozzies. =\ 

Next stop – Tonghua (Linjiang) Night Market. It’s within walking distance from Liu Zhang Li Station. My main purpose was actually the array of pet supplies there, but I only got 3 squeakies for my girl. Boo. The night market, on the other hand, wasn’t too bad.

And since we were so near Taipei 101, we decided to walk there to have a look. Then from there, it was another long walk to the metro station. >.< Hopefully I’ve walked off all the calories I ate.

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