Saturday, November 29, 2008

work, steamboat & fr3b

i remember once in secondary school, we were asked how we cope with stress and pressure. i said, "i cry", and my classmate remarked, "really meh? you don't look like someone who cries easily."

but i do.


shall i rant about work again? shall i complain about why i have to do everything? shall i complain about why i don't see my bosses doing work? shall i complain about how i hate ot? i guess not. :P

i think jw got a shock when my black face unknowingly surfaced because of hel's unreasonable order for all of us to stay back. i don't mind if it's for our projects, but it isn't! when i take RT's pay, i do RT's work. i'm not gonna be happy if i have to stay back to do work for SS, can't claim ot, and no extra pay from SS. but i love it when all four of us kept cursing openly and mumbling to ourselves because of the ot.


was out with zhu and cher yesterday at bugis. had 麻辣火锅! it's the one i had with colleagues, called zengfucai. first time having steamboat with the gals. very nice feeling. i likes!

i think zhu's so gonna murder me when she sees this candid shot of her. and that cher! this is the 2nd time we've both gotten the same phone coincidentally. hehx.

as for the steamboat, we got the yuanyang, which was one side 麻辣 and the other side some sort of tasty broth. we already ordered 小辣 and less oil, but it's still super hot and oily. tsk. got loads of veggies and meat slices. i love those slices. yums! at the end, me and zhu couldn't take it and transferred the food from the spicy to the non-spicy soup base. cher kept complaining. lolx.

no more pics cos i was busy eating. it was hilarious when cher kept 'digging' for her quail egg. had quite a lot of fun that night. thanks gals! hearts you two. (zhu, friends forever too!)


my christmas shopping from fr3b arrived last night too. yay!

size was a lil disappointing, though it shan't prevent me from patronizing fr3b. i love how it appears on my table, nicely packed. hassle-free!

p/s. happy belated birthday gary! :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


在 RT 上班,千万不能生病。要病就得病死,要不然病假过后就做到累死!什么大小事都是我做。谢谢老板对我的赏识,可我真的快疯掉了!>.<

(p/s. anyone has problems with headsets like this? no matter how much i stick it into my ear, it just keeps dropping out! i don't wanna use my old one cos it's ugly. so now i have a nice walkman phone and no earpiece to listen from. nice.)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


[maple] finally got my dragon pulse skillbook over the weekend. thanks Everlast guild for specially helping me to get that darn book. thank god for them. silly of me to think i could survive with just the warrior and myself. tsk. didn't have any points to put into dp, so i chionged level.

yay dp! now i'm just gonna work on upgrading my cute hog into the uglier but faster monster piggy, and then it's zakum!! 8)


realize i haven't been listening to my westlife recently, so i popped one cd in. was suddenly reminded that i still haven't gotten my westlife story vcd. it was released in 1999/2000, so it's kinda hard to find in stores now. anyone who has it and willing to let go, or have seen it anywhere in sg, please please let me know. arigato!


shopping online is fun! just bought loads of stuff from fr3b's special private christmas sale. can't wait for the products to arrive! :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

i like 坤达!

i've just added one more artiste into my i-like-him-cos-he's-so-shuai list. he's 坤达 (penny) from taiwanese boyband ENERGY.

i know they've been around for like, 6 years? but i wasn't really into them since ballads weren't their priority. i heard they dance well too, but never really saw their videos. until today...i saw


all thanks to sony ericsson's music monster festival.


happened to get 2 free tickets to this mini concert. din really want to go since i wasn't into them, but din want to waste them either. we reached expo at 6.15pm and joined the queue around 6.30. there was already about 100+ people in front. guess what time it started? 8.30pm. how nice.

[lollipops that they gave out | music monster chops]

at first we thought it was free seating. that wasn't too bad. alas! there weren't even seats available. we had to stand throughout the whole 2 hours. sad. and all i got was this small and blur photo. my  phone cam sucks. but still, i enjoyed very much the first part of it. maybe it's cos i haven't been to any concerts before. =x felt pretty excited, can't imagine what it would be like for westlife. lol.

energy started off with a couple of fast songs, then the host (yes933 jiahui) came out to interact with them. shuwei's so cute. he said he was jealous that kunda got the loudest screams. can see why though. lols.

there was also 2 segments of games - dancing and singing, where fans come up and compete to see who can get a signed copy of their latest book. during the dance segment, shuwei tried to demonstrate a sexy move and his pants ripped!! haha. he asked xiaogang to try and his ripped a little too! hilarious. the other 2 got scared but were asked to try as well. lucky theirs didn't.

as for their music, i could hardly hear what they were singing in their fast songs, but their dance moves are impressive. i dunno why but i found kunda really attractive. i think i was staring at only him. LOL. i prefer their slow songs more. i realize kunda doesn't really have much solo parts. he's more of the rapper i think. ah di's the one with the strong deep voice. lovely! 8)

energy's part only lasted an hour, then followed by new band lollipop. i don't think i've heard of them before, but their fan base was apparently much bigger than energy's. don't really understand why, cos personally i didn't quite like them.

they were more or less good-looking, especially wangzi, who looks abit like jiro and wuzun. however, i simply cannot stand how they like to use the ^^v sign. i mean, a boyband, with a girly name like lollipop, and keep using ^^v. omg bth!

their dance moves were good though, especially their breakdancing, but most of their songs were weird. i dunno how to describe; it was quite different from energy's or 5566's or f4's even. i think they act-cute abit too much. very un-man. very......eeeeeeeeeeeee~!

this is one of their not-too-bad songs. i kinda like their dance moves here.

that's all for the concert. besides the waiting time, i really don't mind more free tickets. i even more don't mind if it's westlife's. XD it's 4am now. nitex!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


dad's birthday today! happy birthday~! ^^ celebrated for him yesterday with dinner at sakura and cakee at home.

i think sakura sucks. it was already at quite an ulu place and yet the place was packed. tables were sooo close to each other and we had to squeeeze our way through each time we went to take food. it felt like there was no aircon. all we saw were a couple of miserable wall fans. quite hot and suffocating. food variety was okay, but taste was below average. waiters also obviously saw our empty plates but pretended not to see. tsk. that's gonna be my first and last time at sakura (admiralty park).

although we were all full after the buffet dinner, we managed a slice of cake each. lychee martini cake!! zhu kept blogging about it, i felt so tempted to try it. went all the way to to amk and spent more than 30 mins trying to find the block. lol.

see! it's baby PINK and sho PWEETY~! me likes. :P


dsc010301 dsc010311

taste was pretty light, despite the cream. we all could taste the martini only on the first bite though; milder than what i would have liked it to be. the lychee taste, however, was strong enough. very nice indeed. 8)


got my 3rd piercing on the left ear. dunno why this one was more painful than before. i had gone back to the same shop and that guy (who previously sniggered while i cringed) was there again. (-_-) i told the girl i wanted my 3rd piercing and guess what? HE SNIGGERED AGAIN!! foook.

i honestly have no idea what is so funny about getting your ears pierced. or is there a joke about ear piercings that i should know but don't know of? zzZz.

anyways. i hate how my earlobe turns red and swells up after piercing. and that hot tingling sensation. eewwww. 2 more weeks before i can change the 2nd stud to something nicer. yay!

[caption id="attachment_1409" align="aligncenter" width="180" caption="^^v"][/caption]

i think i sound over-excited about these piercings. i just find it amazing that my yearn for rebellion is greater than my fear of pain, and i have a LOW threshold for pain. hahas. a navel piercing used to be tempting, until my cousin got a horrible yucky infection. that put me off. i don't suppose i'll get addicted to piercings, will i?

but i still wants my tattoos. i shall continue praying everyday that one day my parents will wake up to realize that tattooing is now a form of body art and self expression, and NOT a trademark of gangsters. and that very day, all tattoo shops shall decide to have 50% discount for first timers! 阿米驼佛!


i love friday nights. shopping tml! yay.

Friday, November 21, 2008

verge of breakdown?

it's thursday, and i'm expecting tomorrow to be as hectic as it has been for the past week. really scary. i've been moving around, discussing stuff with random people and searching for random information and calling up random suppliers; i barely have time to sit down at my desk. hais.

it doesn't help that the water dispenser at my office has broken down (since last week), and being ever-so niao, my boss has refused to pay the 'hefty' repair fee, prefering to search for a cheaper supplier. so i also have to cope with either dying of thirst, drinking tap water, or forking out $ to buy mineral water. (-_-)

going crazy soon with the 2 major projects, 4 minor projects, and a hell lot of trivial things which quite obviously shouldn't be passed to me. like the day before yesterday, i had to donate a few hours doing accounts work. which was passed to me because she's afraid she cannot finish. like, wth? cannot finish then stay back and do lor! that's your problem right?! go through the boss mouth to ask me do; what can i say? in the end, i finished HER work and stayed back to finish MINE while she left before me. w-t-f.

and yesterday, i stayed till 7 plus just to do a draftsman's work. those of you who know what's autocad, you should know how sickening it is when you're working on the drawing and the fucking slow comp decides to crash on you.

i went haywire today. been so engrossed and busy and pissed off with one of the major projects that i accidentally mixed up the names with the other major project when i was sending emails. so paiseh when my manager pointed it out to me. although he said it was not a problem, i still feel so guilty! i shall call and apologize tomorrow. lolx.

i think i wanna take up some engineering courses. it sucks when my sri-lankan manager is depending on me to communicate with sub-contractors in china, and yet i can't explain properly cos i don't know any engineering terminology. tsk.

i'm pretty interested to see what would be on my namecard. "project coordinator cum admin assistant cum accounts assistant cum sales/marketing assistant cum secretary cum assistant draftsperson."

yep. :)

if you're on a 3G phone and you find your battery life draining like shit, try this:

switch your network from GSM/3G to GSM ONLY. it reduces a hell lot of battery consumption. it really works!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


don't like being over-worked. don't like being under-paid. don't like doing OT. don't like being relied on for everything. don't like being in charge of everything. don't like having to do everything. don't like how the ringing phone is sitting in front of her and yet she pretends not to hear it. don't like being pissed off by idiots. don't like being rushed. don't like being stressed. don't like paper-cuts. don't like work.

there's just how much two hands and one brain can handle at a time. totally mentally exhausted.

but i guess that's work. *shrugs*

p/s. work are like gobies. they seem to be everywhere and aim to attack you, but once you kill them, you get your experience (and $$).


Sunday, November 16, 2008

a malamute story

I wish I could've stayed small and cute forever ... but I grew up. They say Malamute puppies are the cutest and I'M a Malamute. I am so proud, mom says I'm the King of Dogs!!! My people did everything right too. They went to a well-known breeder, looked at my 5 brothers and sisters, but took ME home. They live in a beautiful house and like to show me off to their friends. I've even learned a trick! I get fancy treats and have lots of toys. Only thing is they yell at me because I get muddy feet on the carpet and sometimes have accidents when they forget to let me out. But at least they brush my fur so I look pretty and I get to sleep on my kid's bed.

I wish they'd tell me what the rules are. I mostly have to guess. Someone said I'm a "status symbol" whatever that is. They wanted a King of Dogs because I'm "pretty"- well, I know that!! My dog friend down the street goes to school! I wish I could go, but only my kids get to go. Sometimes they take me for walks - and I pull hard just like I my ancestors were bred to do. I don't know why we don't go for walks anymore, I am so good at pulling I know they are proud of me! Yesterday I was gardening and digging a big hole, just like they do, but they got mad at me. Then I ate a sandwich off the counter - I was hungry and thought they made it for me - but I guess not. Then they were really mad when I chewed up something that must've been important and had to go to the vet because it got stuck in my stomach. Then the baby poked my eye HARD and I told her "stop that".

After that, they made me live outside. I still get to come in to watch TV with the kids sometimes but they forget to brush me and say I stink. Nobody wants to hug and pet me like they used to. I miss that. My kennel is ok. I have a nice dog house and all, and have made friends with a dumb squirrel, but it sure is lonely out here and it's not like sleeping on a bed. But hey, I'm a Malamute and we Malamutes are strong and hardy. I don't NEED to sleep on a bed (but it sure was nice). Sometimes when the kids forget, nobody picks up the poop and I have to smell it all day. The flies bite my ears and that hurts! They don't teach me anything anymore and I am so happy when someone will throw my ball. I overheard mom on the phone yesterday talking to someone about "finding a home for a dog". I wonder if they are getting me a friend so I won't be so lonely? But I heard her say there are no homes. She seems so sad.

Sometimes I sing to keep myself company, I know lots of songs - but they don't like that either. What's a nuisance? If I didn't sing I think mostly they'd forget I'm out here. Yeah, they feed me but nobody brushes me anymore. I'm a Malamute and they say I'm too big to be in the house, and besides they say I'd rather be outside. If they only knew! I don't have as many toys as I used to, so I play with whatever blows into my pen. My fur used to look pretty but now it's dirty and clumps are coming out all over because I'm shedding. I can't help it. I want to look nice, but need help and everyone is too busy. And the only car ride I get any more is to the vet once a year. I never have any dog friends or kids to play with. My ears hurt in the summer from the flies, and I used to like winter, but now it's just a lonely time because the kids come out to play with me even less. They say it's ok for me to be outside because I have lots of fur, but it sure looks fun in there - people laughing and talking. Wish I could hear what they are saying. Wish they would talk to me. Sometimes they even forget to bring my dinner until really late - Soccer practice or something! But I'm ok, I'm the "King of Dogs".

Today they are taking me for a car ride! Hurray! I don't care if it's to the vet - it's exciting. Hey wait, you forgot me here. The floor is cold and I don't like all these other dogs. They aren't Kings like I am! I'll just ignore them, or maybe growl a little.... I wonder when my people will come for me. It's lonely here, and scary. I want to go home. I heard a person here say my family thinks I'll get a new home and he laughed. But I don't WANT a new home. I love them. Why won't they come for me? Why aren't they holding me on this cold table? I want to feel THEIR hug, not a stranger, but I'm so sleepy...maybe when I wake up they'll be here for me. Can't I at least go to my breeders' house? I sort of remember it, I was very little, but they loved me once. Maybe they still do...can we ask?...maybe I can be clean and loved and play with kids again.........

This story is based on many real life rescues. The dog that inspired it was saved from the pound within minutes of being euthanized by some real angels. If you have a big heart, patience and some Malamute experience - please consider a rescue dog. The shelters are full of Malamutes who rarely get adopted. There were 771 give ups in just Michigan in 1997-98 (the last year we "officially" did Rescue). Very few were placed... most were euthanized.

by Cindy O'Malley
Permission to reprint is given if reprinted in it's entirety and credit is given - All rights reserved.
©Copyright Cindy O'Malley August 1999


after reading this story, i gave munchkins a kiss. lol. speaking of which, he outgrew his yellow wheel. russbabe used to run without problems on it, but now when he tries to run, it topples over. (-_-) so i got him a new kind of wheel. looks kinda like a satellite dish. hope he likes it.


Friday, November 14, 2008

dreams.....*poof* gone.

super pissed off now at genting highlands management and the crap 'birthday treat' they give.

dad got this 'birthday treat' from them last week. they gave him a free room, two free tickets to Dreamz, and some gift worth RM20. i can heck care about the room and the gift, but i've been dying to watch dreamz for dunno how long. circus animals aside, they're showing my favorite white tiger and the super princessy white lion! can you imagine how excited i was to see 2 free tickets floating in front of me?!

reading further on, apparently the free rooms are only limited to sundays - thursdays. abit lame, but that i can understand (i study tourism one hor!), even though it means i can't enjoy the rooms without taking leave.

then came the dulan part. the dreamz tickets can only be redeemed on the day you book the rooms. which means, unless i take leave, which i don't see why i should, i cannot see the darn show! i can use my one day's salary, buy two back row tickets (which is what they gave free), and still have excess to eat supper! not worth right?

rooms are understandable, but show tickets? not as if the shows are packed super full every day. so unwilling to give, might as well don't give at all lah! tsk. i'm not gonna buy the tickets cos i'm very niao and nobody wants to pei me watch unless it's free, lah. so near yet so far. knn genting highlands.

i think a simple birthday card or letter would make me happier than these kinda shit.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


boss told me yesterday that my desk's fengshui isn't very good; apparently the previous gal had gotten into an accident before. she wants me to carry a buddha pendant in my bag always to 当刹. when i told my dad, he told me to quit. hmmmm. not that i'm freaked out, nor do i really believe it, but still, if ever anything happens to me, you'd know who to look for. lol.

gonna get my 3rd ear piercing on the left soon. 2 piercings on each side apparently means i'm lesbian, according to hl. (-_-) i certainly hope that guy who uhm-chio-ed at me won't be there when i go back. hrmph. and mum wasn't mad when she found out. i wonder when i can get my tattoos. ;)

rants again!

work sucks. no wait, work doesn't suck. the client sucks. she's super super niao and impatient, as if her work is the most important of all and everyone else is just doing HER work only. tsk. maybe it's also my fault for letting my boss handle it even though everyone knows she will sit on it for months without doing anything. haiz.

i think RT is desperately in need of employees, which is why poor us are all working OT everyday. argh~

i wish november and december would hurry up fly past. i wants my one week break!

Monday, November 10, 2008

back to maple??

logged in maple for the fun of it. i wished i hadn't. went into cash shop, browsed through the sales items, and for the fun of it again, bought the below set.

a pretty cheap set; everything cost around 4+ bucks in total. but it got me motivated to play back maple again. (-_-) aphro's soo cute! it also didn't help that my guildmate kay, who used to be a few levels behind me when we last trained, is now a whopping 20 levels above!

i'm not gonna go back into hardcore mapling, cos it would just reduce whatever life i have now, but i am rather tempted to get back my pig and his equipments. it's gonna cost me at least 20 bucks for everything. can someone please reassure me it's okay to spend it? =\

lol. i is weird.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

what a week!

so hectic at work this week. new project roster came out. 6 local projects and half of an overseas project to cover. ho-ho-ho. can die lor. problematic ones somemore. boss is taking her own sweet time to drag, and when deadline is up, she pushes all the undone work to me. bank isn't cooperative (even though that manager's quite cute), and client is chasing me. argh~!

maybe i set too high expectations of myself. maybe i give myself too much pressure. maybe i'm too perfectionistic. i wonder if it's good or bad. whenever an issue pops up, i push myself to solve it asap, and push even harder to prevent such issues from occuring again. for someone who has absolutely zero experience in the construction industry, the amount of new things to learn every minute is overwhelming. ><

i can see my boss/colleagues being stressed out by all my questions. i think they used to be pretty laid back before i came. but it isn't a bad thing either. i guess.

at least the day passed quicker. it also feels good to hear the client look for you directly, instead of "is your boss around? no? manager? no? i guess you will do then." haha. maybe i DO like responsibility. =\

hearing my development manager speak about his trip to myanmar made me miss the farm life in australia. how nice to wake up in the morning to the sounds and smells of mother nature, to spend the day riding horses, milking cows, shearing sheep, planting veggies and growing potatoes. *dreams*

ah wells. retail therapy again today! decided to 大扫除 my cupboard, so bought some cute boxes and holders. changed mascara too. can't wait to try it on monday. :P

oh oh guess what guess what? mee got my second ear piercing! on both ears! ^^ mum doesn't know yet, but i suppose it's okay...not ah lian right?! i used to want at least 3 on each ear, but i'm having second thoughts now. it bloody hurts lah! and the pain LINGERS. feel so paiseh seeing that the guy was uhm-chio-ing when i was cringing. (-_-)

can't wait to meet the gals again! miz my zhuuuuuuu.

Monday, November 3, 2008

sao paulo, brazil

this morning's race was by far the most exciting race i've seen. (even though i haven't seen alot!)

pole-sitter massa did a "hamilton-in-shanghai" and led the race throughout, coming home first. alonso came 13 seconds later, followed by kimi. i have to admit, it was no doubt an impressive race by massa. =\ but still, he lost the championship to hamilton by a single point.

hamilton started 4th on the grid and maintained that position before the first pit stops. after that, he stayed between 4th to 6th. he didn't take much risks; maybe one or two?

during the last 5 laps or so, vettel came soooo close to him, threatening his much-needed 5th position. hamilton's mistake of running wide in the second last lap saw vettel snatch 5th place from him.

i was pretty much disappointed, and panicking, as hamilton tried to regain his place. just seconds away from the flag, 4th place glock miraculously slowed down and hamilton caught up. he crossed the line 5th. that was so so so darn close!

phew~ and no, glock didn't slow down because of hamilton. (at first i thought it was. lol.) he was the only one in the top few that didn't change to wet tires when it started to drizzle, so he lost grip and had to slow down. i sound so 幸灾乐祸. =X

anyways, end of 2008 f1 season. yay for hamilton, the youngest world champ! 5 more months to the start of the 2009 season! :)


i'm pretty much ashamed to say i took urgent leave today. 2 hours of sleep was simply not enough to last the whole hectic monday. but even as i woke briefly to sms my boss, i couldn't sleep well as my mind was on work. it didn't help when hl smsed a number of times too.

haix. stressed stressed stressed. (rants) why is myanmar project handled by me all of a sudden? why give me all the big projects? why do they all happen together? why do they all depend on me for everything? i don likeeee!! (T_T)

nothing to look forward to in november. no public holidays, no special trips, no special occasions. nothing!



spent the weekend in 'seclusion', and finished watching my newly-bought hk drama - the four. originally bought because of the four main eye candies - raymond lam, ron ng, kenneth ma & sammul chan, but surprisingly the drama turned out pretty good. can't be bothered to explain the storyline, since i doubt anyone would understand if you haven't seen it.

the characters were interesting though. ron plays the cool and emotionless 冷血, while sammul becomes playboy 追命, as opposed to their characters in 'the academy'. kenneth's the usual 铁手, and raymond 无情. raymond's wellchair-bound. very interesting.

i love the action here. each of the four constables have their own unique strengths and skills. like all martial arts dramas, the fighting scenes are the best. lol. i also like the way how enemies from the start can actually work together to solve cases and prevent crimes.

overall, i'd prolly rate it 11/10. ^^


f1 final race later. i think i look even more nervous than hamilton himself. (-_-) he came in fourth at q3. i found it rather disappointing, but it looks as if he's satisfied with it. true though; he only needs to be in the top 5. hopefully he's gonna race more conservatively as he has claimed to, just enough to come in fifth or better. and hopefully the lack of supporters doesn't affect him much too. lolx. go hammie!! XD

the race starts at 1am and finishes at 3.30am. that's a 3-hour sleep for me before getting up for work.

super sian.

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