Wednesday, February 28, 2007

it's been ages since i went swimming, and the feeling of returning to the pool just now was just...WOW! lols. okay lah, i can't really swim well lah, but can float, can move forward, can le right? just to jian fei and relax abit ma. and anyway i only swim at night, so nobody can see me swim. even if can, also can't see clearly. lol! i wonder if i should eat. cos, what's the point of burning those calories only to eat them back right? but i'm hungry. hmmm.

=\ actually i see no meaning in the above paragraph, but heck lah. i don't know what i'm saying man. haha!

cut my nails just now. heartpain sia. but i have to admit they were getting kinda long. too long for me to perfect audition. so now that they're shorter, i can go rape npc liao. (just an audi term. relax.) ^^v

lalala~ oh yeah, watch this video. this guy is pro man. 8k freestyle. woohoo~ notice how each move connects to the other (if you get what i mean). i think he memorized those steps. makes me feel so noob man. =(

to sasa, if you're here. paiseh leh. for yesterday and friday. yesterday i really really don't feel like going out. i think you understand why right? and friday, erms, i see after going to the fair i still got time anot ba. see first, but not confirm hor. sowie!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

been sleeping so little lately, and at weird times too. slept at 6 this morning and woke at 9.30. haish. downloaded this 2d s2s maple-like game, ghostonline. the graphics are so cute, but it's so freaking hard to play! zzZz. gave up after a while. blehz. =\

so many things happened within these few days .
i feel so stressed and fucked up .
keep crying myself to sleep ,
but i still don't know what to do .
how should i think ?
what should i do ?
who should i choose ?
i know i can't have both ,
and i'm trying not to hurt either .
i shouldn't let this drag on .
but i'm really really really lost .
follow my heart they say .
my heart's just as confused .
probably the only option left ..
is to have neither .
tired tired~ slept at 5am and kana pulled up at 7. zzZz. accompanied my ah ma go temple to 'bai tai sui'. so many people sia. first time i was sitting in an ocean of 'ah mas'. scary. lols. on the way back, i spied one of those toy machines. my dad automatically gave me 2 bucks to play. hahas. played the piggy machine. got 2 keychains. one pair de wor. black and white de. kawaii~ ^^

came back, changed, and went out again to one of the relatives' place. boring lor. eat and eat nia. the red wine there weird weird de. machiam extra strong. gulp down half a cup nia giddy le. haish. =P

oh wells, later playing cards. must 'yang zu jing shen' then can tong sha! wish me luck. =D pics before i go..

Thursday, February 22, 2007

i keep saying sorry to those who care, even though i know that it's not gonna lessen the hurt one bit. indecisiveness and 'soft-heartedness' on my part has caused many problems and pain which would not be present now if i had made my stand more clearly at the start. instead, i let myself be swayed by emotions, dragging on and on, and letting these problems snowball to the way they are now. it's not that i don't feel regret and remorse, but adding to those, i also feel confused, unsure, insecure, and having mixed feelings. i don't seem to know myself and what i really want anymore. if only i could, i'd wish to turn back time and not bring so much hurt upon you. but there aren't any what-ifs and if-onlys in this world. all i can do is apologize.

i'm sorry.
caught 'just follow law' with my aunt just now. not bad, quite nice. but not as funny as people made it sound like. i find it more to touching ba. the songs that were played in it also quite nice. :)

just to share a touching vid.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

lalala~ nothing much to blog. i feel waaaaayyyyy happier today. cos so many people say i pwettier and pwettier. whahaha! maybe fake lah, but beats having people say you look fat right..?

spent the afternoon at my ah ma's house. played blackjack and lost 3 bucks. -_-'' but quite fun lah. got shuai ge(s) to see. lols. went my godma's house also. they encouraged me to work at the zoo instead of going overseas. finally, someone to support my animal fetish! hahas.

pics again! hope you people don't freak out with so many of my ugly pics. =P

oh wells. my ah ma and aunts are coming over for mahjong later. i need to win back my 3 bucks. LOL.

Monday, February 19, 2007

just a quick post. i'm beat. GONG XI FA CAI everyone~! may all of you get lots and lots of hong baos. let the coming year be way better than the last. =D

nothing much actually, except that my dad said i looked pregnant in this dress i wore today. (-_-'') so sad can. this was the dress i said i looked fat in, but my girls said it was nice, so i trusted them. girls...erm...*bangs wall*

and upon reaching my paternal ah gong house, my aunt susie hugged me and said, "you look so sweet and pretty dear. so long never see you, you put on weight le hor? what happened to you? don't eat so much fatty food laahh." *bangs wall again* T.T

i spent the whole afternoon there sitting at the same spot on the sofa watching tv, seeing the rest gamble, and dozing off. super sianz. what a waste of time. =(

oh wells, tomorrow will be a better day. hopefully i don't look fat tomorrow. zzZz. pics, before i end. click on it if can't see the text.

p.s. hope you're feeling better. get well soon. win more in cards. =)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

whoa! hmm. it was still drizzling but my aunt insisted on having the steamboat downstairs instead of at home. lucky got shelter de. on the way down, i casually brought up the subject of alcohol, and to my amazement, my dad simply picked up a bottle of xo from his 'bar counter'. i was like, wah! lols. upon reaching downstairs, we then realized we didn't bring water to mix the xo with. so we had to drink it straight. my dad was ok, but i found it a little bit too strong, so i mixed it with ice. lalala~ niceeee. my aunt brought some red wine down after that, but it tasted weird. lols. and i still miss vodka. =\

steamboat was horrendous. the spread of food in front of me was way too big. felt full after staring at it. LOL. i saw alot of abalone, but come to think of it, i din manage to eat any at all. zzZz.

my goduncle brought cooper along. yays for me. he looked the same, but his strength has grown man. i can't pull him anymore lor. managed to take a pic with him looking directly at the cam and tongue lolling to one side! yippee~ but i had to greyscale it cos i wasn't having makeup on. haish. actually my goduncle wanted to leave cooper at my place for a couple of days. but too bad it was cny.

we also played with sparklers after dinner. been ages since i played that. soo fun! =) after the 'lou yu sheng', i downed a cup of red wine in one gulp. bad mistake. felt groggy afterwards, but thank god for hot water baths. lol. oh wells, pics pics~

my aunt gave me this for valentine's. lols. it may be only a cheap chocolate, but actually i've noticed this one for quite some time liao. i found it kinda cute, but abit waste of money to buy and eat myself. but neverminds, i got it now. ^^

random pics! cos meiying just sent this to me. it was more or less the last day of lectures for me, so i went in t-shirt and shorts. and suddenly everything's happening on tat day. (take pics/go town walk walk) zzZz.

need help spring cleaning? call the doggy-maids!

will you look at those heels? omg cute can?!
well that's all for today. maple or audi eh? =P
wah wah! raining so heavily outside. it had better stop in time for our steamboat reunion dinner. lols. i hope there's lots of alcohol tonight. i miss vodka!

anyways, first day of rotting at home. woke up at 9am. my life feels kinda empty. with all the time on my hands now, i suddenly don't know what to do anymore. hmms? oh wells. after 4+6+4+3=17 freaking years(!) of school, i can finally take a break. lols. i'll probably start by rotting a few weeks at home first, before looking for a decent job.

sighz. i'm missing my girls (and guys) already. i wonder how often we'll be able to meet in future. cannot, bu ke yi, buay sai, kirenai forget me hor! looking forward to the class gathering sasa. and the dress outing with yean and the gals as well. eh maybe i try persuade my dad lemme drink outside, then we'll go pubbing! lols. crap, i think i'm missing school already. T.T

to gary, even though your answer was better than what i had expected, i do hope you have seriously, carefully, and truthfully thought it over. hmm. and i still can't help feeling bad. =\ but heys, if you stick by your decision, i'll TRY to make you not regret it. just need some time though. =)

Friday, February 16, 2007

AT LAST! it's over. lols. exams, school, poly life..over and done with. hopefully no stay-backs. *touchwood* =P

fabm was surprisingly rather easy. never knew april ng was this nice. i actually managed to do all the questions, despite my mere 2-hr sleep last night. hmms. i seriously hope to score either a B or a near-A. i really need this paper to help pull my overall grades up, cos i ended up with a very sad and demoralizing D for my project. haiz.

went out to town with yean and jolin after the paper. lunched at pizza hut. haven't eaten that for quite some time. yums. =) walked around far east plaza, and guess what i finally found? my triangel! yippee~ i've been looking all over the place to no avail, but all thanks to yean who spotted it, i finally got one of my own. muacks yean. lols. if you don't know what a triangel is, or haven't read my long long ago post about it, click this. like, omg can?! i can't believe i actually found one, and it's sitting here right on my table! whoots~ hopefully it's gonna bring me some luck finding the right one. =)

accompanied yean to taka to get ingredients for sushi. was reminded of the last time i made them. they still looked like shit, but taste quite nice lor. hahas. cos i made them myself ok! blehz. by 5 plus i was already dead-tired, and very much gong gong liao. yean and jolin still wanted to go plaza sing, but i buay tahan le. lols. while walking to the mrt station, there was this couple who happened to be walking in front of me. when i walked fast, they also walked fast. when i walked slow, they followed. i couldn't seem to cut them at all. worse part is, they were acting all lovey-dovey right in front of me! zzZz. i was already feeling kinda lonely walking down the long stretch of orchard road alone, and they had to do this to me. T.T

oh wells. photoshop sucks. cos i don't know how to use it. lols. my macromedia fireworks trial expired some time ago and i've been trying to find alternatives for it. GIMP and Paint.Net sucks to the core. I just managed to get paint shop pro, and thank god it's working okay for me. but sadly, it's nevertheless a trial. so i guess i gotta pop down to school sometime and get my precious fireworks installed. i'm gonna try making a new blogskin image with psp, hopefully it turns out well. *crosses fingers*

pics pics. edited with psp. ^^

no the last pic is not what i took on the roads today. it's supposed to be a funny pic i got online. the pic's not that funny, until you read the caption..

"this is what you get when a towtruck towing a truck breaks down and needs to be towed." lol?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

happy valentine's day to all~! ^^

lalala~ so sianz. my 'date' is so boring. no mood to study, again. after browsing through my notes, i realized that pretty much everything was unfamiliar. haish. this is what happens when you haven't been to lectures all semester and not paying enough attention in tutorials. argh! i'm already beginning to think of where to go and what to eat after school tomorrow with the girls. sheesh~

really tempted to double-click that audition icon, but oh wells, back to fabm. (-_-'')

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

ooo last paper last paper! trmk was okay i guess. i think i can pass ba. hehe. =P dunno why but this paper was extra stressing. stayed up till 4plus this morning trying to memorize all i could, only to forget them when i woke up. zzZz. revised abit at school. some credit goes to kenneth i suppose, revising with me last nite. LOL. fabm on thurs. then i'll be free! whoots~ ('',)

heard this song on a blog. it's kinda old but i really liked it. unfortunately esnips wouldn't let me download it, for some shit reason. happened to notice kenneth had it, so yeah, thx for the song buddy! =) i uploaded it here in my playlist, among some 10 over songs, so if you wanna listen, have some patience. or you could check out the youtube alternative. anyway, here's the lyrics.

When There Was Me And You
It's funny when you find yourself
Looking from the outside
I'm standing here but all I want
Is to be over there
Why did I let myself believe
Miracles could happen
Cause now I have to pretend
That I don't really care

I thought you were my fairytale
A dream when I'm not sleeping
A wish upon a star
Thats coming true
But everybody else could tell
That I confused my feelings with the truth
When there was me and you

I swore I knew the melody
That I heard you singing
And when you smiled
You made me feel
Like I could sing along
But then you went and changed the words
Now my heart is empty
I'm only left with used-to-be's
And once upon a song

Now I know you're not a fairytale
And dreams were meant for sleeping
And wishes on a star
Just don't come true
Cause now even I can tell
That I confused my feelings with the truth
Because I liked the view
When there was me and you

I can't believe that
I could be so blind
It's like you were floating
While I was falling
And I didn't mind

Cause I liked the view
Thought you felt it too
When there was me and you

fabm sucks as well, though not as much as trmk. lols. lemme go audition abit first. =P

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

haiz. trmk sucks totally. there's sooo much to study, and 7 case studies to read through. wtf lor. how can he possibly cover all the points in those few questions? but yet we have to study everything? zzZz. eh kenneth, after analyzing my notes, i realized what you said was kinda true. those points might just come out. lols thanks man!

valentines' day coming soon le. one year once nia, but so sway sway 'kiap' between 2 papers. want go out with my jie mei men also cannot. haish. =( i kinda miss last year's valentines'. lols sasa! *wink wink*

oh wells, 2 more 2 more! to those unlucky people like me, gambade ne!
"who knows it may be the last time we're taking an exam" - quoted kenneth. lols.

here's a pic just for laughs.
got diarrhea? better start running. =P

Monday, February 12, 2007

watch *this*. ASSHOLES man. =.=''

Saturday, February 10, 2007


the much-dreaded finals has officially started today, with a bad start. i kinda flunked today's paper. but, i think i might be able to pass. =| *prays* this is what happens if i get sick before exams. i totally have no mood to study. last night damn jialat lor, want study cannot go in, want sleep then start to headache. haish. woke up early this morning and die die chiong abit. zzZz.

the worst part was in the classroom. i was sniffing continuously for the whole 2 hours, coughing every now and then, and after an hour, my tummy started growling. -_- although i tried to minimize sound effect as much as possible, i still pity the people around me. the room was also freaking cold. overall, NOT a very nice environment for thinking. sianz 1/2.

went shoe-hunting after the paper. thx thx jolin for pei-ing me. bought 2 pairs of heels. i like the purple one. haha. ruilan, got wedges but design not that nice. lalala~ went abit mad on the way home with my aunt. i started laughing out, real loud. omg! XD

anyways, 1 paper down, 2 more to go. with so many good lucks, i sure hope i'm able to pass these 2 tough ones. lemme wish all you guys good luck too. GAMBADE NE~!! ^^

p.s. happy birthday dear cher. =)

Thursday, February 8, 2007

it's my ah ma's birthday today! went out to nobel house for dinner. i love that place. small, cozy, nice ambience, with personalized service. most important is the eat-all-you-can. other things aside, the salmon sashimi alone makes the price worth it. my fave! 8 of us ordered 4 plates of it! i ate the most. *grinz sheepishly*

we also had 'fo tiao qiang' and sharks fin, and i finished with 2 bowls of honeydew sago. yummy! i think i just gained a couple kgs.

before the dinner, we also surprised my ah ma with a small little cake, even though she begged us not to buy her one. lols. my ah gong kinda gave the game away when i asked him for his lighter and he openly passed it to me. tsk tsk. all the people looked at us when i carried the cake to her, and she was the star tonight. i could tell she was happy. lalala. wo ai si my ah ma le. MUACKS~ =)

*sighs* now that i'm back home, seeing all my notes reminds me that i have to start studying soon again. thank god i didn't drink today. haish. the wind outside is so strong, i can hear the 'woo woo' sounds. lols. best for sleeping. =(

okay pic pics. then i'm back to studying.

*muacks ah ma* ^^

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

felt really bored from all that studying, so i decided to change my blogskin, again. lols. used back an old base code and did the images from scratch. no sticky fingers. ^^

just a small note, my skins may look abit weird on internet explorer, BUT, it looks best on firefox. =)

that man is so freaking lucky! i want hug hug white tiger too. =(

Sunday, February 4, 2007

went malaysia today again. supposed to buy only the bag i wanted, but ended up buying another dress, a bottom, and 2 tubes as well. geez. but i really love this dress. =)

i finally got my coke/whisky, but it made me damn sleepy. lols.

taken at the arcade. hahas. bo liao nothing to do. okay i'm abit tired. guess it's gonna be hard for me to study today, but i'll try. ;)

Saturday, February 3, 2007

stole (okay borrowed!) this from ruilan's blog. it's in chinese. don't kill me? lols.




1. 忍住不讲自己吃闷亏
2. 狠狠瞪他、然后叫服务生转告
3. 泼他水把烟浇熄
4. 故意假装咳嗽柔性劝说暗示
5. 直接了当告诉他




泼他水把烟浇熄的朋友 你最无法抵抗.....【采用金钱攻势的大金主】:

故意假装咳嗽柔性劝说暗示的朋友 你最无法抵抗.....【用甜言蜜语打动你的多情种】:

直接了当告诉他的朋友 你最无法抵抗.....【越不理你,你越渴望得到的冰山情人】:

lols. true for you? well, extremely true for me. mine's number 4, if you wanna know. ;)

Thursday, February 1, 2007

happened to come across this story as i browsed through the forums. pretty sad story. (very long story)

Compassion Over Policy

It was with great disappointment that I am writing this article regarding my extremely unpleasant encounter with Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital.

In the afternoon of Sunday, the 21st of Jan 2007, my dog Mickey had a seizure, which cause him to collapse under the hot sun for a while. When I found him, he already had heat stroke and was not able to move. My partner and I immediately rushed him to Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital to his vet Dr. Dennis Choi, who did a great job in rescuing him. By the end of the day, his temperature was down and he was able to sit up. The only worries we have were his blood platelets; it had dropped from the norm of 120,000 to around 80,000. Dr. Choi told us that due to the heat stroke, he may suffer from loss of blood platelets and if dropped below 50,000, may cause internal bleeding that could possibly die from it. Him being eleven years old doesn’t help this situation.

On Monday morning at about 2.30am, as per my request, the on-call-vet called me to let me know about Mickey’s blood test result. His blood platelets had dropped further and it is not about 60,000. This is not a good sign at all. After speaking to Dr. Choi later on in the early morning, we have decided to bring my other dog in to donate plasma to Mickey, hoping that it will help in his condition. After they took out his blood, I went to the boarding ward to visit Mickey. This is when the horror begins:

When I walk in to the boarding ward, I was shocked to see them boarding all the dogs and cats together in the same room. Imagine how stressful it is for the animals, dogs and cats alike to be put next to each other. How can this help them relax and concentrate in fighting their illness? I left the place with a heavy heart.

In that same evening around 6:30pm, I received a call from Dr. Choi regarding Mickey’s latest blood test. As predicted, his blood platelets have dropped further to now only a little over 20,000. Dr. Choi told me that this evening is very CRITIAL for Mickey and that he may end up bleeding internally and that we should be prepared for that. I ask him what will happen if he starts to bleed and was told that he will die very soon following the bleeding.

After speaking to Dr. Choi, I decided to ask for permission to go spend the night with Mickey hoping that my presence would encourage him to fight this illness and recover, or to be there when he is dying so he won’t have to die alone and feel abandoned. I called the hospital and the receptionist answered the phone and told me only the vet-on-call can make the decision and that she would leave a message for him to call me back when he comes in at 8:30PM.

I waited and waited and by 9:15pm, the call still has not come in, so I decided to call the vet instead. The vet-on-call was Dr. Brian Lee. I explain to him about Mickey’s situation and ask for permission to be with him during this CRITICAL moment of his life, saying that I don’t want him to be alone. To my horror, his reply to me was :”NO! You have already visited him this afternoon; there is no need for you to see him. The hospital is now closed and this is hospital policy. If you really want to be with him, I can let you see him for FIVE MINUTES and you have to leave after that.”

I was totally shocked at what I heard. How could a person who is suppose to be an animal lover say such a thing to an owner who is facing the possibility of loosing his beloved family member. I implored him a few more times and he kept saying no. After trying so many times, sadness turned into anger and I finally hung up the phone and called Animal Recover Hospital at about 9:40PM. The on-call-nurse, Jonathan was very helpful. He called Dr. Jean Paul Ly on the phone and asks for advice and then got the vet-on-call to call me back. Dr Lau, the vet-on-call returned my call very quickly and we went through the whole medical history regarding Mickey and after weighing the pros and cons of transferring him to their clinic, I decided to make the transfer. I’d rather take some of the risk than to let him die alone and felt unwanted.

I called Dr. Brian Lee of Mt Pleasant to let him know that I wanted to transfer Mickey form their hospital to another because he refuse to let me spend time with Mickey during that CRITICAL moment in his life, fighting to live. I also asked for him to prepare his medical information so that the new vet will have all the required information to treat him when he arrives at the new Hospital. He said that he can only print out the blood test results and cannot release any other information. He then says that Dr. Choi is the vet in charge of Mickey and that he has no authority to release the report. I asked for him to contact Dr. Choi regarding this matter because it was very important that the new vet has all the information and the reply I got from him was:” Dr. Choi is off work already and we will not contact him.” I again ask him to please send him a message and again I got the same reply.

After arriving at Animal Recovery at Balestier, the first thing I noticed about their facilities is that the cats and dogs are separated into two different rooms. The rooms and individual compartments that are temperature controlled are very clean and there were no unpleasant smells at all, unlike Mt Pleasant. Dr. Lau, the vet-on-call tried to contact Dr Lee from Mt Pleasant to find out the medication and dosage Mickey has been given. She was put on hold for a long time and then told that he will call her back. We waited patiently and after about 30 minutes, no call from him yet. I got very upset and called there demanding that he return the call and he did eventually.

I spent the night with him at the hospital and that helped him perk up. I got a call from the vet in the next day after they did the blood test saying that his blood platelets have gone up and he is looking much better.

That morning, at around 9:00AM, I received a call from Dr. Choi asking me what had happened and I told him about my unpleasant incident with the vet-on-call. I then called looking for Dr. Tan Hwa Luck, founder of Mt Pleasant Hospital. He was not available so I ask for him to please return my call. I also mentioned that he should speak to Dr. Choi before returning my call so that he would have better understanding of Mickey’s situation.

A few hours later, Dr. Tan called me and instead of an apology from him, he said that it was up to the vet-on-call’s discretion whether to let me stay with my dog or not. He also said that Dr. Lee had reviewed the case before rejecting my request. How was that suppose to happen when he didn’t even call me like he was supposed to and when I called him, he didn’t even had time to review Mickey’s report while speaking to me. He then said to me that Mickey’s condition was serious but not CRITICAL! What is the difference? What was really an appalling remark he made to me was: “How is your dog now? He is better? Then he is not CRITICAL, just serious condition.” What was he trying to tell me? Must Mickey be dead before he would admit that Mickey was in a critical condition? How could he, as a vet said such a horrible thing to me? He also denied that Dr. Choi had mentioned to him that Mickey’s condition was CRITICAL but I later confirmed that Dr. Choi did say to him that Mickey’s condition was indeed CRITICAL! Dr. Choi said to me: “I did tell him that Mickey last night was very CRITICAL for Mickey and I stand by my prognosis!” He outright lied to me. Why can’t he just admit that they were wrong?

I am imploring everyone who cares about their pet’s welfare to consider carefully in the future where to send their pets to in case of emergency. If you do not want your pet to suffer or die alone during their cri
tical moments, you know where not to go.

I would like to thank all the doctors and staffs of Animal Recovery, especially Dr. Lau for an excellent job done. They are truly an establishment that cares for their animal’s welfare and wellbeing and not just concern about getting their job done and collecting payments from their clients.

btw, mickey still died in the end. =(


end of story. i never knew mount pleasant was THIS bad. this case happened only recently, and i seriously hope it wasn't so bad 3 years ago. some of you may know, but for those who don't, my dog suffered from fits and was put down at mount pleasant. it was a horrible experience for me and i don't wish to recount it now. all i have to say is, i sent my dog to mount pleasant because james tan vet hospital had a bad reputation, and i didn't know of any hospitals elsewhere. i was already a little pissed off with those people at MP who gave up on my dog and kept on encouraging euthanasia, despite me saying i don't want to. apparently i was the only one who didn't want him to go, so i had no choice. i thought the vet had his best interest at heart. after reading this story, i feel so bad. i wished i stayed with him till the end. i don't even know what happened to him after i left. sorry my darling bobby. i miss my baby so much. =(

to those 'vets' mentioned, you call yourself a vet ah? *throws rotten eggs* so business-minded, go take business course lah! don't waste time and money on vet course. zzZz.

i dunno why, but a lot of people like to assume that i'll open a pet shop. hmmms. animal lover must open pet shop meh? to speak the truth, how many pet shop owners really like animals? most of them are merely tapping on the fact that people nowadays are more willing to spend on pets. maybe some of them at the start were animal lovers, but as time progressed, they eventually became profit-minded.

i'm scared. now that i'm almost graduating soon, i'm starting to think of my future. if i don't get into that vet course or the night safari, what can i do? i don't have any other goals. i hate office life. and if i'm so so so lucky to get into the course, will i become profit-minded next time as well? i dowan! can a non-profit-minded vet survive?

[dream] i can almost see myself staying at a quaint old cottage in the western countryside, with a black stallion in the backyard, a tabby cat sunning herself on the front porch, a few dogs playing or snoozing around, and chirpy little birds surrounding that birdbath and feeder in the garden. when help calls, i'll go assist a particular cow to give birth, or help someone's horse check the hooves. and their owners would pay me with a fortnight worth of fresh milk, or some lettuces grown out of their own small garden. life will be simple, but i guess i will love it like this. [/end of dream]
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