Friday, January 30, 2009

to study or not to

it has come to a point where i have to switch off my phone just to get a peaceful day away from work. even the vibration irritates me. irresponsible of me i know, but i'm not the one who insisted we all take a compulsary 3-day leave. neither am i particularly pleased at being blamed for something not within my responsibility. i think i get that alot. RT seems only too eager to push the blame to anyone whenever something goes wrong, and it happens way too many times.

instances like this convince me i should just quit, find a easier job with no OT, and focus on studying, and i'm so very close to hitting that enroll button. i've been battling with this idea and it's been bothering me for days. what should i do?!?!

do i have the discipline to sit down and study on my own? can i cope with no physical lecturers/tutorials? can i cope with work and studies at the same time and not go insane? can i cope monetarily? what about employment after that? i'm hoping to get answers from the related schools, but what if they don't come back? =(

twilight saga is not helping. over-indulgence in the vampire world is making me forget about reality. sometimes i half-wished a vampire from steph's world would drop by and make me one of them.

at least i'll become beautiful.
at least i don't have to work anymore.
at least i'll have reason to migrate.
at least i'll have more time on my hands.
at least i'll win at audition cos i'll be damn fast.

and a hell lot of other reasons. riiiggghhhtt. let's see how long it takes before RT drives me mad.

last day of my 3-day leave. dreading to go back to work on monday. i've been avoiding their calls for days now, and i'm sure a storm's gonna blow then. oh wells, 船到桥头自然直.

i really hope dinner can go smoothly next week. guess i kinda need a girly nights out. /loves.

(fine, ignore me then. i guess i know your answer now.)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

did you know?

The color black has always been synonymous with death and mourning. It is thus the color of sadness and farewell. So, many people consider black roses to symbolize bereavement, loss and mortality. Since black represents death, many interpret the black rose to mean vengeance that may lead to the death of a foe. The negative connotations here are far reaching, and make the black rose the least sought after among roses.

But, a more positive meaning does exist for the black rose. It is true that black is the color of death. But death does not always cause mourning. It can also be the beginning of new things, a journey into unexplored territory. The black rose, because it symbolizes death and passing away, also indicates a major change or upheaval in the future.

In that sense, the black rose also means the death of old habits and the old order. It inspires confidence and enthusiasm by signaling the birth of a new era of hope and joy.

This flower, tragic in its dark beauty, is not always symbolic of unhappiness. The Irish have used the lyrics of "the Little Black rose" during their ongoing battle with the British. Similarly, many anarchist and antiauthoritarian groups have also adopted the black rose as a symbol of mutiny and strength. Therefore, the meaning of the black rose also includes courage and resistance.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

zero weirdness??

every time i listen to kenny g, especially his forever in love, i get this weird indescribable feeling. neither sad nor happy. i wonder what it means.

finally finished eclipse last night. love the lovey dovey edward/bella interactions here. their love is so strong. sigh. i think i found my edward; just that this edward isn't in love with bella.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

last min shopping, anyone?

was planning to do my last minute shopping today, but as usual, had to do OT till 7. so i'm counting on the really last minute shopping tomorrow to get my clothes. haish. work was so terrible today. first time i felt my voice literally shaking and trembling with rage. RT is impossibly stingy and crappy!

it so nearly ruined my good mood, and i have quite a couple of things to be glad about. first, today's the last day before our one week break. i've been waiting so long for this! second and most importantly, my eclipse is finally ready for collection! yay!!! edward cullen...*swoons*

right. happy early valentines?

Friday, January 23, 2009

one more day..

wanted: RICH MAN to marry
reason: i wanna quit RT

lol. just kidding about the rich man part. was initially bursting to hurl abuse at RT, but after the very nice and long bitching session, i decided not to pollute my blog so much with disgusting RT stuff. so, yeah.

latest world out in maple: magatia, where the alchemists are. i wish alchemy exists. i would gladly turn RT bosses into ba gua. lols. anyway, more quests, more mobs, more exp, more fun! is there anyone as childish as me still playing maple? :\

p.s. loves the new ikarium version 3. wine cellars are c-o-o-l.

and this song is stuck in my head.

cause nobody wants to be the last one there
cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares
someone to love with my life in their hands
there's gotta be somebody for me like that

cause nobody wants to go it on their own
and everyone wants to know they're not alone
there's somebody else that feels the same somewhere
there's gotta be somebody for me out there

it could be the one, the one you're waiting on.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

fuck RT

super pissed with RT. so sick and disgusted by their company policies and employee 'benefits'; i can't even pen it down in words. but i shall stay on and persevere. bcos 君子报仇,十年不晚. *evil laugh*

time passed so slow today. an 11-hr workday, excluding a miserable 15 min lunch break. i have nothing to look forward to at all! boo. even dinner was cancelled on me, yet again. i know it's not your fault, but i'm practically giving up hope of meeting up. oh btw, i can't make it next week. :)

someone save me from this depression!!

Friday, January 16, 2009


haha not me. munchkins. the silly boy moved into my room to stay.


Saturday, January 10, 2009


hl: ehh michelle...your bolts and nuts cannot put there leh.
me: huh? why?
hl: dunno. pl say fengshui.
me: *eyes big big* serious ah?
hl: ya.
me: then? *sarcastic* put under my table lor.
hl: lol!

there's like, 5 TONS of bolts, nuts and washers there and if i can't keep my tools in the storeroom...i honestly don't know what to say. since they believe in this fengshui master so much, maybe i'll bribe him to say that it'll bring bad luck if we work after 6pm. hah!

(stupid ice chair's making me hooked on maple again. damn.)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

new year resolutions?

yeah well, they're a lil late i guess.

  1. to complete my set of twilight saga, plus midnight sun (when it comes out) and all their soundtracks and dvds.

  2. do NOT get hooked on rock music, even though they sound oh-so-lovely in twilight.

  3. try to stop my obsession with twilight and rob pattinson. ironic.

  4. lose weight. and i seem to have this one every year.

  5. try not to lose my temper at work. uh huh.

  6. don't spend randomly.

hmmm. i'll add on when i think of any more.

resolution number five is gonna be soooo hard to keep. i'll prolly break it tomorrow. lol. it's darn hard to keep smiling when i'm super pissed off by lazy bosses. and i hate working till after 8pm. i ALWAYS give in to temptation and cab home. bah.

aiyah. anyway, 5 more days till my new bed comes in! and no, i didn't break the old one. lol. mee is getting a double-decker, complete with bed upstairs and some free space downstairs. yes, very silly and childish i know, but i neeeeed a table. *whines* yes again, i don't have a table. hah!

i wanna see saaaaaaaa. ^^

Thursday, January 1, 2009

i is happy.

yes, quite.

even though i'm almost finishing breaking dawn and there's still no news of eclipse. sigh. (p/s. midnight sun looks good too.)

'lunch & party' at the office today was a great success! had excellent feedback from everyone about the food and games. i feel so proud. hahaha! it makes all the extra effort and ot i'd put in worth it.

i love events management! :)

oh, happy new year too. heex.

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