Monday, March 30, 2009

australian grand prix

alright, back to english cos i cannot tahan spending so much time to think and type in chinese. traditional chinese somemore! ._.

missed the opening australian grand prix. well, not exactly missed, since i knew what time it was starting. i simply didn't bother watching. results were very surprising. in a good way. hamilton came in 3rd, despite him missing the qualifying because of a gearbox problem and had to start 18th on the grid. massa retired too, for some reason. not bad for a start. should have watched it. never mind; i'll just continue watching the malaysian grand prix next weekend. =)

almost finishing E.U. 4 more episodes! can't wait to know the ending.

can't wait to get the twilight dvd next week. can't wait to go shopping. can't wait for buffet next weekend. life would be even more perfect, 若你在我身邊。

Sunday, March 29, 2009



之後就去了royal sporting house 的 warehouse sale。比光明山更多人,更加熱,弄得我幾乎喘不過氣,得在外頭等。好恐怖。下一站就是 soo kee 的 warehouse sale。還以為可以買到便宜的磚石首飾,可惜還是很貴。但我的收穫也不少:戒指,手鍊,項鍊都有,只是沒有磚石。=( 肚子餓了,就到旧機場路的熟食中心。


我們去看了 『狗狗旅館』 (hotel for dogs)。好好看!好笑,感人,有趣,有意義。故事是說一對姐弟,剛開始只是偷偷地養了隻狗。後來他們找到一間被遺棄許久的旧旅館,便開始收養流浪狗。途中認識了幾位好朋友,除了一起照顧狗,也一起面對想逮捕他們的警察和兇狠的抓狗師。最終,他們說服了公眾,而那狗狗旅館也正式地開幕。對愛狗者來說,這部電影非看不可!

晚餐就是 ajisen 拉麵。

spicy miso ramen
spicy miso ramen

california maki
california maki


總覺得用華文來 blog 有點怪怪。忍著點吧,等我受不了就會用回英文了。

Saturday, March 28, 2009


suddenly feel like brushing up my pathetic traditional chinese, so here goes...



最近除了打game,也在追看香港連續劇 『學警狙擊』。這是 『學警雄心』 和 『學警出更』 的續劇,是學警系列的第三辑。新的喔!我覺得這部比之前兩部更好看,有意想不到的情節。除了原班人馬,這次苗僑偉以黑社會老大的身份出現(他在『學警雄心』里已經死掉了)。而且吳卓羲也越看越帥。哈哈!


E.U. 的片尾曲:

Friday, March 27, 2009

new leaf city

new leaf city! very disappointing. mobs are quite...unique - yellow slime, elephants and killer bees. -__- good for lower levels though. quests are very stupid. collecting items and killing mobs only. the big ben thingy is even worse. it's a complete maze down there. by the time i reached the bottom, i was already too sian to explore. only nice thing is the cherry pie. might get some of that. lol.

i'll probably have more fun playing restaurant empire, which LP so kindly lent me to install. the full game! =)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

no title again.

muacks my boyboy!!

went shopping again yesterday. but for once i didn't buy anything for myself. mostly bought treats for the silly boy up there. HL bought beds for her doggies. seeing all those doggie treats and accessories tempt me so much to keep doggie again. too bad dad won't allow. =(

not enough sleep since sunday, when i woke up early to go pray my paternal ah ma. super sleepy at work this week. drinking 3-4 cups of coffee also cannot stay awake. can't wait for the weekend to sleep in.

new leaf city's coming out in the maple patch tomorrow. new quests! new mobs! new places! please don't let me have OT tomorrow.

very random i am. starting to lose interest in blogging. right. bye.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

honjin japanese restaurant

today is probably one of the very few good days at the office. for once, i actually had nothing to do! in fact, i already had alot of free time yesterday, despite the mad scramble for documents in the late evening. i did the whole humongous stack of backlog filing, cleared up the mess in my in/out trays and around my table, and cleaned up my workdesk. nice! today was even better. su and HL kept asking me to give the new girl something to do, cos she kept complaining she was bored. but i myself had nothing to do either.

and i have successfully stolen the new girl from HL to help me with my projects. i have an assistant! kewl. and i predict i'm gonna have a hell lot to do when lak comes back from Myanmar on Monday. oh the horror of progress claims! =(


went for dinner at honjin jap restaurant, at chow house along robinson road. it's ala-carte buffet, only for dinners. was rather a last minute thingy, and i didn't bring my cam, so no pics. can't show how small and cute and yummilicious the food were. they have this paper steamboat, one portion is enough for 2 people. they actually put the soup and veggies and stuff in this sheet of paper, put it in a wire mesh, and have it boiling over a flame. the paper doesn't burn nor leak. sugoi~

i especially loved the chawan mushi and shitake tempura. the ebi tempura was kinda small, but very fresh. and they didn't have cha soba; they had the normal, buckwheat soba instead, which was kinda disappointing, even though i had 2 helpings of it. =\

they're having another promotion next month - 2 buffet dinners for $48. anybody wanna go? lols.

reading #2

Qn: I want to know more about Yang.

Past - Temperance (Two opposite camps (choices, belief systems, families, friends) and no way to unite them. But sometimes the only reason the two won't blend is that we're not taking the time, not measuring out the right amounts.)

this probably refers to yang trying to cope with his depression as well as being a normal person??

Present - Death (Being brought low, but only so that they can then go higher than they have ever been. Time for something to end, but also time for something new to begin.)

freaked me out when i first saw this card. most fitting of all. judging from yang's blog, he's really at a low now. something new to begin? this and the next card indicates that yang will get over this. yay!

Future - Queen of Pentacles (Making real a business, altering a work situation, or developing an exercise or health plan.)

hopefully this means yang will get well and be happy.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

- untitled again -

second consecutive time this week i've actually cried at work. well not in the office but in the toilet, but's horrible to be feeling so fucked up. every single thing passed to me is urgent, it so happens that i'm in charge of practically everything, and boss is giving new instructions to follow all the time. i only have one pair of hands; there's just so much i can do at a time. (don't give me the multitask crap, it really isn't helpful.) i think i'm making more and more mistakes at work and they're getting more and more serious (i actually have to answer to the CEO of the other company), though i think they could have been avoided if i could do it MY way. tsk.


cabbed back home again today. taxi-uncle was pretty nice. he charged me a cheaper fare cos he realized i wasn't going to claim from the company. probably my half-dead look freaked him out.

hopefully tomorrow's gonna be a nice quiet day. half the company's going to KL, and another 2 going to Myanmar. woo-hoo! peace from irritating lazy bum bosses! ^_^

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

all in 40 mins...

i blasted $700, all within an hour. well, 40 mins to be exact. sibei heartpain. and that's with my dad topping up an additional $400. >_< yesterday i made the most impulsive decision ever in my life so far. to buy a new desktop, just because the salesperson said it was the second last piece (display set was last piece) and very worth it. haish.

went for dinner last night at ang mo kio jack's place. i actually ordered french fries and baked salmon, which i forgot already had a potato. omg all that carbos!! by the way, their vodka lime is absolutely yummy! anyway, we went courts after that. initially got attracted to the 20" wide screen and 3gb ram (lag-free mapling!), but when the guy said there was only one more piece left in the store, i had to have it. impulsive right?! =(

dad offered $400, which was to make up for him buying a new laptop and handphone for bro, so i only paid $700. that's still like, 3 months of refraining from shopping? torture!! okay i know i'm very stingy. lols!

only drawback is that i have to use vista. let's hope my maple can run, otherwise... -__-'''

UPDATE: okay i made maple run on vista (after some 'research'), but it's all squashed up. i guess wide screen isn't very nice after all. besides, i totally forgot that my keyboard layout has changed completely, so i have to get used to the new layout. BUT!! the clear graphics and lag-free gaming is so cool!!!! =D

p/s. vista still sucks.

Monday, March 16, 2009

reading #1

Qn: What will my love life be like?

Past - Nine of Cups (What you have an appetite for you will be given, your wish will come true. Creativity at a high, friendships and emotions are good.)

quite true. enjoying school life, having fun with friends and classmates, having mk, gary, and somewhat yang. best time of my life so far.

Present - Two of Pentacles (The instinctive knowledge of how to juggle finances, a check book, or jobs. As with the swords, you can't keep at it forever, but it is a good use to put your money or hard work to until your ship comes in. Which is what the background waves are all about - keep juggling, relief in on its way.)

uh huh. work, family, friends; hard time trying to strike a balance. can't make up my mind whether to carry on thinking about yang or not. but hey, my heart will still keep missing him no matter what my brain chooses. relief is near? great! i'll just try to hang on till then..

Future - Seven of Pentacles (With waiting for a job offer or raise, waiting for work to pay off, or a new diet, waiting for lottery numbers to be read. Sometimes you have to realize that you've done all you can do. It is out of your hands now. All you can do is wait.)

it fits! this might just be the relief that two of pentacles speaks of. right. so i just have to wait?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

-i hate thinking of titles-

wanted to blog yesterday, but was so tired and sleepy when i reached home after midnight. so......

went bugis again with HL and JW. 饭团 gets nicer and nicer now that i've learnt to choose my own ingredients. healthy, filling, and guilt-free! lol. the gals got a top each, whereas i got 2. so sad (even though i love the pink princessy off-shoulder), cos i'm officially b-r-o-k-e this month. hais. and we haven't even finished shopping. HL still wanted her denim overall while i wanted my shorts. too bad the shops closed at 10 and we only reached at 9 despite cabbing down. -__-

my fault lah, cos they were waiting for me to finish work. speaking of which, i feel really lucky for colleagues like HL and JW, otherwise i'll probably quit already. at first i really couldn't tahan LM's last minute stuff. i'll always show him a black face. but now that the draftsperson's in, i've started to understand him better. cos they're both from the same country.

it's no use rushing them, cos their work pace is very very slow. because of that, most of it becomes last minute stuff. AND because of that, we often have to rush ourselves or others. it doesn't help that he doesn't bother about other people's feelings, so often, i'm the one that kena scolding when i have to ask others to expedite. hais. not fair!

new project manager can be his good friend. it's so irritating when he speaks so slow and soft. his work pace isn't very fast either. he went through the drawings for the whole day and, knowing yesterday was the last day we had to order the cables, decided to come up with some cable problem. at freaking 5pm!! after wasting my precious time with a silly 30-min meeting, he then decided it was too late to redo the calculations and analysis, so we had to go ahead with the old order. f**king lame lor.

i probably sound rude. i don't really care. lol. but still, i've stayed at RT the longest so far. almost 8 months! so THAT'S saying something.

random pics - munchkins sleeping and shrimp mamas!

after recovering from stomach flu, i'm now down with a bout of FLU! grats me...

Friday, March 13, 2009

friday the 13th, again!

it's friday the 13th tomorrow. AGAIN. if you haven't noticed, there was a black friday last month too.


work was bad. super shag, even though i've only been working 2 days this week. i had to work till 8 plus yesterday and 7 plus today. lunch was my only rest time. sobs. updates at RT! at first it was "comforting" to learn that they employed an admin girl to assist me, only to have them tell me i have to teach her so that she can take on HL's projects. well, some help! i'm STILL stuck with all the big projects. and she went on MC on her 3rd day of work. ._.

the new project manager isn't of any help at all either. i'll be thankful if he doesn't come bother me with silly questions that even i can answer. haiz.

TGIF! i'm itching to rescape my tank this weekend. decided not to focus on shrimps only, since it's a waste when i'm only keeping cherries. so i'm getting angelfish! i love angels. (=

totally random. haven't been sleeping well cos of my stupid hair. *falls asleep*

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

my date with a vampire

on MC these 2 days because of stomach flu, so i re-watched my date with a vampire, first series. when 山本一夫 wanted to turn all human beings into vampires, i was thinking, "then what do they eat if there's no more blood left?" but if vampires really exist, and if that day were to come, i'd rather be one from stephanie's world. at least, in her world, vampires don't sleep. think of how much more stuff we could do at night! lol.

sprouting nonsense i am. sighz. bro managed to squeeze into NP, which made me miss school again. i kinda regret lots of stuff i didn't do back then. like studying harder. like attending lectures and tutorials more often. and not daring to speak to the person i'm missing so much now. sighz.

everyone's talking about the recession. economy bad, people losing jobs, more people committing suicide... even though this gloom hasn't reached me yet, maybe i should start reassessing my values. perhaps i should start pushing work up my list of priorities.

have been drinking more and more often, and depending more and more on anarex to fall asleep. this isn't healthy i know. i just need a spark to reignite the fire inside. where ARE you now??

Monday, March 9, 2009

i am bored.

so i went mapling. came across this cute mob while questing.

looks like the lion plushie in bleach, eh? :\

Saturday, March 7, 2009

a list of updates

it's playing on repeat.


have stuff to blog but for some reason, i can't put them down in proper paragraphs, so i'm just gonna list them down:

  • went shopping with HL early this week. that brings total stuff bought this fortnight to 6 - 2 tops, 2 bottoms, 2 dresses.

  • cut my hair. Going down again tomorrow.

  • work sucks. fucked up working environment i'm in.

  • kena pangseh-ed this weekend. TWICE.

  • watch this. my idol!

  • f1 starts end of march. hope i'll be in sportsbook watching the huge screen with lots of hammie supporters.

  • i can't seem to get it off my mind. =(

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

where are you now?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

random stuff again

can EVERYONE do me a favor and click on this link? (just click, don't have to do anything else!)

it's for this free browser game called bitefight. which is, apparently, war between werewolves and vampires. i chose to become a vampire, obviously. (one step closer to edward cullen!!) lols.

[caption id="attachment_1827" align="alignnone" width="540" caption="yes this is how i look like..."][/caption]

alright i'm gonna be honest about that link up there. if you click it, you'll be 'bitten' by me. so, click it click it!! =)


as i scrutinized my piece of quotation at work today, i was amazed it was attention-ed to 'michelled'. i showed it to JW and her first reaction was similar to mine - "PAST TENSED!" lols.

i so wanna visit the hairdresser. can't wait to snip off those super dry locks that would probably catch fire if i strolled in the sun. yep it's thaaaat bad.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

sleepy, headache, sleepy, headache..

my head has been throbbing the whole day. panadol only provides short term relief. probably due to the restless night i had. slept at 1, woke up at 3am, 4am, 6am, and 10am. didn't exactly sleep peacefully in between either. all because of the overnight unloading of steel at sicc, which kept me on tenterhooks till almost 7am, when they called to say all was finally done.

haiz. i've got a good mind to drown in chivas or bordeaux and wake up tomorrow afternoon.


it's march already. so fast.

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