Sunday, July 31, 2011

i love weekends~!

why do i? because after all the food scrimping throughout the week, i get good food on weekends! :D

our second time here at vivo's outlet. made an early reservation and we finally got a corner window seat this time. can see sentosa! =\

tempted to order tenzaru again, but spotted this dish - spicy prawn pasta, with the chef's recommendation icon. so i got this instead! the pasta looked plain but it was abit spicy and so so 'prawny'. i like! the prawns tasted slightly bbq-ed/grilled too. nice~

SSD had this tori udon thingy. udon was normal, but i like the soup! faint taste of chicken and onions.

ordered the salmon handroll again (even though i STILL prefer riverview hotel's), cos i wanted some salmon. pretty normal, except they stuck the veggie in so deep that i had to eat it. and it had this weird taste so it kinda spoiled the whole handroll. sobs.

SSD went to order this salmon sashimi. mad expensive! but got 幸福的感觉~! :P

burned a rather big hole in SSD's pocket. i hope he doesn't mind. lols. /muacks.

... ...

guess where we went after dinner?

yep! we visited the sentosa boardwalk! a very romantic and dimly lit 'bridge' leading to sentosa. nice and windy with lots of seats around too. a pity sotongball sucks at night shots.

... ...

and before dinner, we went to watch bridesmaids! (yes i know the events don't flow but food makes me excited. rofl.)

it stated M18 with sexual references and some coarse language. well, some is an understatement. not that i minded. lols. though i have to admit the opening scene kinda...surprised me. -__-'''

anyway, it was a funny and heartwarming movie about friendship. and i nearly teared at the end. sometimes i wish in reality, people were that quick to forgive and forget. too bad it doesn't.

... ...

gonna love next week cos i've only got 2 days of class. plus the massage. and meeting my girls! happy!! ^o^


Saturday, July 30, 2011

the truth is rarely pure and never simple.

in between juggling school assignments and newly-found-again obsession gaming, i also managed to complete the whole series (25 episodes) of the other truth (真相).

i think it's like, one of the best drama serials i've watched this year.

it revolves around a bunch of young (and good-looking!) lawyers and the different methods they have to use to solve cases. i hate how almost every episode ends with a cliffhanger and it sucks that while i was watching, HK was also still airing it concurrently. so i have to wait patiently every day for each episode to be uploaded.

but still, every bit worth the time and effort! and of cos, main reason for watching - ruco chan is hot! :D this is one of his very few 好人roles and it's nice to be supporting him for a change.

kenneth ma also appears in the last few episodes, playing a bad-guy role this time. at first i thought he was fake and ruthless (and good looking!), but at the end it turns out that despite all the bad things he did, he really did love his girlfriend. kinda sad that both of them died.

(i'm such a sucker for bad notorious guys who have a soft spot for their true love. so sweet!)

... ...

i should start to work on my report. and paktor day tomorrow! nites peeps!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

santa monica

had a sudden urge to play on repeat. one of my favorite songs. did a brief search on them and up came stuff i never actually knew.

  • it's a duo. i always thought it was a boyband of 4 or 5 members.

  • they've been around for 7 years as a duo...

  • ...and only released 2 albums and 1 greatest hits.

  • but some of their songs are still popular even almost 20 years later.

  • truly madly deeply? i knew i loved you? classics.

i wish bands like these didn't die out. they produce music i like. please let westlife go on and on and on.

some other classics that i never get tired of listening.

i miss SSD so much. =(


Monday, July 25, 2011

welcome, elters!

i know i should be working on the events report but i'm just so hooked up to this new game that i've just started on sat: aikaSEA~!

if you don't already know, i play mapleSEA and rappelz, and aikaSEA is like a combination between these two. it has rappelz' 3D and pvp gameplay but cuter graphics, like mapleSEA! and guess what? aika online is by gpotato (rappelz) and aikaSEA is by asiasoft (mapleSEA). i wish i had starting playing earlier.

there are six classes - warrior, crusader, sniper (rifle), dualgunner, night magician and priest. NO ARCHER! :( so i chose a smexy dualgunner instead.

(click to enlarge)

elters (as players are called) can also have prans, which are little...things that follow you and give you extra help. fire prans are offensive, water prans defensive, and air prans aid in mp/hp regeneration. you can see from the red wisp there that i got myself a fire pran. =)

(this is one of the reasons i started playing this.) once the wisps fairies reach level 5, they can transform into child-prans! here's mine straight after transformation...

(click to enlarge)

...and after some makeover.

(click to enlarge)

she's like a human child so you have to feed and talk to her. but she has passive and active skills that aid in battle, so bo bian!

gameplay is more quest-based instead of grinding, which i prefer. only thing i don't quite like is the travelling here and there to return quests. also, it takes SUPER LONG to level up. i've had like, 10 hours of gameplay, and i'm only at level 14. i could probably go higher in maple or rappelz. boo!

file size is barely 500mb, so you can download and try. it's free! lols. and once i tire of this, i'm trying out rohan! :D


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

what's wrong with bus drivers nowadays?

I know i've blogged about this plenty of times before, but i'm still going to blog to get it off my chest.

whoever said bus services have improved must be sleeping. or dreaming. or plain lying. because it hasn't! i think it got worse. -_-

they (bus drivers) seem to have this penchant for abrupt braking or jam braking. don't they undergo training? don't they still train with a cup of water on the dashboard and try not to spill it? well based on the horrible standards of today, their cups must be empty at the end of it!

just today, on my way home from school, i was unlucky enough to not get a seat. with one arm hugging my heavy book and the other one at an awkward angle trying to hold on to the handle. the fker chose to jam brake, hard, for nothing. and i was sent crashing into the guy beside me. who looked at me as if i've done it on purpose.

does this look like intentional?

wtf. :evil:

(thankfully i've seen enough of people stumbling on buses to feel paiseh about my loss of balance. it's not our fault!) and at the end of the journey, my calves and arms were aching from the constant need to grip tight and keep my balance.

shall i even touch on bus punctuality and arrivals? or rather, the lack of. i waited a freaking 30 minutes for 855 to arrive. crap!

AND after all this shit they put us through, they still have the bloody cheek to raise fares. *shows finger* (damn hope the approving body rejects their application for fare increase.)

how to fail: first, you piss people off by increasing ERP, COE and oil prices to reduce number of cars and encourage people to take public transport. second, piss even more people off by reducing service standard and increase fare prices of public transport. there! receipe for perfect failure.

but SBS has something to be happy about. maybe it's just me, but i feel that SMRT sucks way more in terms of driving stability and bus arrivals. too bad both 859 and 855 are from SMRT. =(

... ...

i thought school would make me happier than work. it did. just that everything else didn't.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

just to share

we got back our DISC results today, from the test done 2 weeks ago. here's mine:

S's are stable and shy types. they do not like changes. they enjoy pleasing people and can consistently do the same job. secure, non-threatening surroundings are important to them. they make the best friends because they are so forgiving. other people sometimes take advantage of them.

they need to be stronger and learn how to stay 'no' to a friend who wants them to do wrong. talking in front of large crowds is difficult for them. they are motivated by sweet and sincere opportunities to help others.

so NOW you know. if you need my help, just act sweet and sincere! rofl. :P

we did the MBTI test before that so here's mine:

protectors (ISFJ) are patient, modest and diligent. they show great compassion and support for others - often by taking care of the day-to-day practical details. they are not particularly interested in logical or technical things, preferring a more personal touch and they enjoy being helpful, persistent, organized and thorough.

this is just the summary so it doesn't seem very true. but the breakdown is like, damn accurate lor. in fact, i think both tests are. what do you think? true??

... ...

how i decide on dinner/supper: if someone presses the bell for the kopitiam stop, then i'll buy food. otherwise i'll just head straight home. problem is, that stop is where majority of the passengers get off. so i suppose i'm stuck with fatty dinner/supper for the rest of school life. sobs.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

my new CPU has a name: shit

i take back what i mentioned in my previous post. about the new CPU. i'm writing this in a fit of anger so it'll probably be biased. but i don't give a damn. :evil:

have just spent an utterly pissed and unhappy week, mainly due to this huge piece of shit. i don't care if it has great specs; it can't even fulfil my basic needs for a computer.

so on wednesday night after class, i turned on shit (yes it shall be called shit from now on), sent my draft sales report to classmate, and guess what? the CPU exploded on me. well not exactly exploded, but there was a huge 'pop' and the computer died. seconds later, another huge pop, and the whole house blackout-ed. we tested the plugs one by one and confirmed it was shit causing the problem.

the shop where i bought it from, videopro, said only can bring down on thursday or friday, cos they're tied up on weekends. normally this would piss me off even more, but i needed it urgently, so we brought it down on friday. (had to borrow mum's ancient comp to submit my PDW report. a.k.a shit is worse than ancient.)

the guy couldn't figure out what was wrong, so we had to leave it there. they called me this afternoon, and said it was to do with some batch problem with the power supply. i switched to their recommended brand (but still not happy i have to top up) and tested it there. so far so good.

back home, also so far so good. after my bath, my internet showed no connection. thankfully i had already submitted my F&B report earlier. i gave up trying after restarting a few times and it still didn't work, thinking it'll go back to normal after some time. so i plugged in my external harddisk, prepared to start on my assignment, and you know what? CANNOT FREAKING READ the disk! *face palm*

can you imagine how super duper pissed i was? no internet, cannot do research, never mind. want to do report, inside harddisk, also cannot read! then what CAN i do? thankfully it's all settled now but i can't help but half expect some problem or other popping out any moment. and i'll probably go mad if it did. :?

anyway, on a lighter note, 2 reports down, 2 more to go! am not gonna think about the presentation next week, and 5 more assignments due by the time this term is over. and the 3 exam papers. and we booked our trip this afternoon! 8 days of fun to look forward to. muacks SSD!

(p.s. i'm not trying to defame videopro; just sharing my experience. but after this first-hand encounter with shitty sim lim square, i doubt i'll be returning.)

... ...

here's another one of my enemies. the tape just won't break when i need it to!

but i suppose this one is a bit 自找, cos i ignored my gut feeling to get the liquid ones instead. sobs.


edit: now speakers aren't working. GREAT! i seriously think technology hates me.

Monday, July 11, 2011

guilty pleasures

last week. in class. after dinner. (shared, thankfully.) boo.

... ...

so. my computer died on me last thursday night. like, finally. it either hanged, BSOD-ed, or just couldn't go past the startup screen no matter how many times i tried. so i popped down sim lim square and with the help of SSD (i'm still mad at you!), hoisted a spanking new CPU back on saturday.

it's horribly big and bulky and ugly and unable to conceal under the table. but apparently it has nice specifications. AND pretty blue LED lights! :D

maplestory (yes i'm back to mapling!) is now pretty much lag-free; can't wait to try out rappelz. but before that, i guess i should be working on my reports.

i'm hungry. =(


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the renowned 'wedding song'

it's on repeat.

ahh nostalgia.


Sunday, July 3, 2011


so, friday was my last day at RT. finally! slacked the morning away, then went out for lunch at feast @ east, grand mecure hotel. i think it's asian buffet. love the salmon sashimi. freshly cut! yums! oh the baked cheese scallop was nice too. other than that, variety of food (for me) was pretty pathetic - salad, fish & chips, yam rice, baby kailan, assam fish. nothing much really.

went back and slacked the rest of the afternoon away. unfortunately, i still had to stay back for more than 2 hours to do the official handover. which was dumb because i've had a month's notice period but boss only informed the new 'guy' early this week. so...yeah.

sighh. i'll miss them. especially 亲爱的. best colleagues i've ever had so far. it's such a pity boss is such a bitch. :(

pretty bag and sweet card from the girls. and eyeshadow palette from boss. (never worn eyeshadow to work for the past 3 years so i have no idea why she gave me this.)

i'm starting to miss work. boo.

... ...

class on a saturday is fun. i get free transport to school, and the afternoon weather is hot enough so that i don't have to wrap myself up in the aircon classroom. lol.

popped down white tangerine after that for dinner cum assignment. on a side note, F&B is probably my favorite module this semester. even though it's been the longest time since i last wrote a report. sobs.

(not gonna elaborate a lot because i'm gonna have to write the same for my report. lol.)

my seafood spaghetti was nice, mushroom soup was so-so, SSD's teriyaki chicken was not really good he says, and seafood basket was quite alright. we also had rootbeer and coffee. all these for $20. comparable to food court pricing but with better service and ambience. i'd definitely want to go back again. :D

the end!


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