Wednesday, July 20, 2011

what's wrong with bus drivers nowadays?

I know i've blogged about this plenty of times before, but i'm still going to blog to get it off my chest.

whoever said bus services have improved must be sleeping. or dreaming. or plain lying. because it hasn't! i think it got worse. -_-

they (bus drivers) seem to have this penchant for abrupt braking or jam braking. don't they undergo training? don't they still train with a cup of water on the dashboard and try not to spill it? well based on the horrible standards of today, their cups must be empty at the end of it!

just today, on my way home from school, i was unlucky enough to not get a seat. with one arm hugging my heavy book and the other one at an awkward angle trying to hold on to the handle. the fker chose to jam brake, hard, for nothing. and i was sent crashing into the guy beside me. who looked at me as if i've done it on purpose.

does this look like intentional?

wtf. :evil:

(thankfully i've seen enough of people stumbling on buses to feel paiseh about my loss of balance. it's not our fault!) and at the end of the journey, my calves and arms were aching from the constant need to grip tight and keep my balance.

shall i even touch on bus punctuality and arrivals? or rather, the lack of. i waited a freaking 30 minutes for 855 to arrive. crap!

AND after all this shit they put us through, they still have the bloody cheek to raise fares. *shows finger* (damn hope the approving body rejects their application for fare increase.)

how to fail: first, you piss people off by increasing ERP, COE and oil prices to reduce number of cars and encourage people to take public transport. second, piss even more people off by reducing service standard and increase fare prices of public transport. there! receipe for perfect failure.

but SBS has something to be happy about. maybe it's just me, but i feel that SMRT sucks way more in terms of driving stability and bus arrivals. too bad both 859 and 855 are from SMRT. =(

... ...

i thought school would make me happier than work. it did. just that everything else didn't.


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