Monday, July 11, 2011

guilty pleasures

last week. in class. after dinner. (shared, thankfully.) boo.

... ...

so. my computer died on me last thursday night. like, finally. it either hanged, BSOD-ed, or just couldn't go past the startup screen no matter how many times i tried. so i popped down sim lim square and with the help of SSD (i'm still mad at you!), hoisted a spanking new CPU back on saturday.

it's horribly big and bulky and ugly and unable to conceal under the table. but apparently it has nice specifications. AND pretty blue LED lights! :D

maplestory (yes i'm back to mapling!) is now pretty much lag-free; can't wait to try out rappelz. but before that, i guess i should be working on my reports.

i'm hungry. =(


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