Monday, July 25, 2011

welcome, elters!

i know i should be working on the events report but i'm just so hooked up to this new game that i've just started on sat: aikaSEA~!

if you don't already know, i play mapleSEA and rappelz, and aikaSEA is like a combination between these two. it has rappelz' 3D and pvp gameplay but cuter graphics, like mapleSEA! and guess what? aika online is by gpotato (rappelz) and aikaSEA is by asiasoft (mapleSEA). i wish i had starting playing earlier.

there are six classes - warrior, crusader, sniper (rifle), dualgunner, night magician and priest. NO ARCHER! :( so i chose a smexy dualgunner instead.

(click to enlarge)

elters (as players are called) can also have prans, which are little...things that follow you and give you extra help. fire prans are offensive, water prans defensive, and air prans aid in mp/hp regeneration. you can see from the red wisp there that i got myself a fire pran. =)

(this is one of the reasons i started playing this.) once the wisps fairies reach level 5, they can transform into child-prans! here's mine straight after transformation...

(click to enlarge)

...and after some makeover.

(click to enlarge)

she's like a human child so you have to feed and talk to her. but she has passive and active skills that aid in battle, so bo bian!

gameplay is more quest-based instead of grinding, which i prefer. only thing i don't quite like is the travelling here and there to return quests. also, it takes SUPER LONG to level up. i've had like, 10 hours of gameplay, and i'm only at level 14. i could probably go higher in maple or rappelz. boo!

file size is barely 500mb, so you can download and try. it's free! lols. and once i tire of this, i'm trying out rohan! :D


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